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Incoming update on “Chez Schilling”

June 9, 2015

I’m raising chickens. Yep, that’s no typo, it’s for real, I’m a farmer… Well not a farmer but I have chickens. I am going to blog about it, and some life stuff I think. Will get the ‘story’ started here this week.

Quite possibly the most epic win in internet history.

March 4, 2015

My 15 year old son is on the spectrum of autism.

Can we just change that word from Autism to world changing brilliance?

I am unsure of any way I could be more proud of any of my kids, ever.

He just put this on his FB page…


I explored every social media site I possibly could to see if anyone could have any possible portrayal of what happened to my sister ( Gabriella Schilling ) that made her or my father ( Curt Schilling ) like the bad guy. Oh god how wrong i was, i wanted to see if anyone had the audacity to defend these trolls but no, for every single post about what happened with my father about stupid religious rants or his apparent “whining” ? About the hall of fame, there were so many posts that spoke about how he acted as though a father should.

If I ever saw a post that tried to defend them it was shut down almost IMMEDIATELY by those who clearly had more information and research about the topic rather than the air-headed kid acting like some higher authority and saying how wrong my father reacted. Never really have i seen so MANY people agree with my father and no matter who it was, White, Black, Jewish, Christian, Athiest, Yankee fan, Red Sox fan, 15 year old to 30 year old! I was so amazed with how much unity can amount when everyone realizes what really is important. Keeping family safe and sound when someone thinks they can just have their ‘fun’

I say this not just as a supporter of my father but a proud son and brother of both of them.

P.S : to those dudes who think that those ‘jokes’ were funny, have fun without a girlfriend, job and education because the lord knows you’ve learned more from my father than you have at school you illiterate monkeys. Threaten my sister, brothers, mom or dad and you can be well assured that I don’t just know my way around my computer but I’ll find a way into your’s to.
Love : The Autistic child who still knows how to act acceptably on social media and to other human beings ( Unlike yourselves ) and who dares you to come near my family with the same courage you had on twitter and say whatever you want to me because cowards have no place here, or anywhere for that matter.

Is it Twitters fault?

March 3, 2015

Hell no. For those of you saying “Just block it” or “get off twitter”, stop reading now.

I would bet 100% of you are either childless fathers or single.
Here’s the thing. You can do whatever you choose when someone tries to verbally or physically attack one of your children. Me? I don’t possess the ‘turn the other cheek’ gene when it gets there.

I’m not upset that people are talking trash to me, or at me. Sure as a human being you’d wish no one would say mean things but hey, that’s life and that’s the world we live in.

Given the sheer tonnage of quotes and comments I’ve made I was bound to create a ‘He’s a tool” list that was well stocked. I don’t have issue going back and forth with keyboard cowboys and tough guys because they’re small small people. I’m ok with that, that’s 100% on me.

I mentioned being a Republican, being a Red Sox and all that other stuff. I didn’t insert politics to make a point, I did so to make sure if you read it you knew that I KNEW people hate me for one or more reasons.

If you hate me because of my political stance that’s ok. If you hate me because you love the Yanks, that’s cool. Those differences are the very fabric of this country. We are ALLOWED to be, think, and act different. Men and women have died for over 239 years so you and I could debate and argue politics, religion, evolution, baseball, sports, whatever, without death as a potential argument finisher.

Check out the comments. So many start with “I don’t agree with your politics” or “I’m a Democrat” or something along those lines.

You don’t need to caveat your opinion with your political affiliation because I don’t care. I’m interested in your opinion (for most of you) for the discussion and/or argument.

You don’t like me because I talk too much? I have an insane passion for what I love and what I believe. I usually don’t have a Yes/No answer for anything (Just ask Karl Ravech). If that annoys you and/or makes you not like me? That’s cool, I get it. If that makes you hate me, while I can’t understand that even a little, that’s ok, again, that’s what we are allowed to do. Speak and think freely.

The boys that have gotten bad fallout from this. Do I feel bad? No. Do I sympathize? No. Whatever is their result is 100% on them. No one asked them to do it, no one forced them to do it, they made sexually aggressive and sexually explicit comments at and to my 17 year old daughter and even when given a chance (which I did in every instance) to back off and move on, they did not.

For all you tough guys out there who piss and moan with the “just turn it off” or “just block”. Why on earth would I allow someone with zero honor, zero integrity and zero morals to dictate even 1 minute of my life?

I look at it like this. If someone walked into your house and punched your daughter square in the face, what would your reaction be? You and I probably are thinking the very same thing. How is that different than what happened to my amazing Daughter?

Here’s how.

Those bruises on your daughters face? They’ll heal over time and go away. My daughter? She was bruised and battered every bit as bad as that punch. Her scars are there forever.

For you “men” trying to somehow side with these guys? Go for it. You don’t have far to go in life, in fact you may already be at your finish line.

Ladies? I don’t care if you’re 7 or 70. There is no time, no place, no reason in your lives ever that anyone, most especially a man, is allowed to talk to you, or treat you, this way.   99.9% of the tools that continue to rant didn’t even read the article, and they most assuredly didn’t click on the links.

Young women, and men, are KILLING themselves after being cyber-bullied.

You have a son, daughter, sister or brother? Niece, nephew, cousin? One that you would go to the ends of the earth for? Think about it for a second. Phone rings and that person has died, hung themselves because they were bullied. How are you doing? What’s your reaction?

Let me be very clear again. I have no issues with people ragging other people. It’s been a part of my life for 40 some years. Ask an athlete, soldier, fireman, policeman, locker rooms might be the most uncivil places on the planet. We say things to each other in there no one else is allowed to say to us. It’s how you express your love to your teammates/co-workers/brothers in arms. I am just about 100% sure no one, and nothing, in that environment brings that outside, and for good reason.

Get on me, rag me all you want. People from Rhode Island? Until everything comes out I can’t fault you one bit for saying the things you say and being angry about how that all ended. You have every right to be pissed, I am. When the full story is told I don’t think you’ll be any less angry, likely you’ll be more, but I do believe the direction of that anger will adjust itself. It doesn’t matter to you but that company was the biggest thing I’ve ever tried and had almost 300 people and their families that I cared deeply about. Ending the way it did could not have been farther from what and how it should have.

That’s mainly on me, I can’t walk away, and haven’t, from that. I’ve lost too many times to count in life, it’s what solidifies the love of winning and desire to be great. I’ve never failed, until 38. The only way to fail something is to quit, or have it taken away. I didn’t steal 1$. In fact I never ever took even a penny from that company, ever. Ya I did lose over 50 million dollars of my own and that’s on me. The state had a desire for us to move there and made an offer every single person reading this would have taken.

And please stop with the ‘small government conservative who takes gov’t handouts’. A bond is not a ‘handout’, never has been. It’s also not ‘stolen’ . It was a state issued investment tool to raise capital to incentivize 38 Studios to move to Providence. Be as mad as you need to be about how it happened, that’s totally understandable since so much remained out of sight and so much happened so oddly fast. Be as mad as you want about what you believe or perceive to be the truths. I can assure you that when this settles itself you will see and hear things A) You never thought possible and B) That will make you understand from the 1st day I never even hinted at doing anything illegal or underhanded.

I wouldn’t have risked my company, the employees or their families not to mention the 50m I had invested myself.

I would tell you this. The way you treated my employees was an embarrassment and a shame. What did they do but work their asses off and revive the local business community on a daily basis (oh and btw make a game the outsold its lifetime projections in 1 year) ?

That’s for another day but I wanted to make sure you know I have heard it, and always will. That one will go to my grave with me.

At the end of the day this is becoming a cesspool of cynicism that we live in. I can deal with my issues and my detractors and haters. But some people can’t and women shouldn’t ever have to.

I grew up in a world where women were treated with respect and dignity. When did that become out of date? Obsolete? How? Why?

You want to rag me? You want to MF me about RI, about things I said when I played, about my congressional testimony in 2001? Go for it.

But you want to say and post things attacking my family? I won’t say you can’t, because I cannot stop you. But I will tell you this. I can and will find you and if what you’ve done has harmed my children mentally/physically then it will not end well. That’s not me talking trash or acting tough, that’s me, and every single father on the planet explaining how this sort of stuff ends.

I promise you even the baddest and toughest, meanest and strongest man reading this sees zero honor in belittling a minor, zero. Zero honor in sexually harassing a women.

The world we live in, while it has changed, the rules honestly haven’t in many cases. Twitter? It’s here to stay, it’s here and is part of a social network this generation has grown up with, and will live with. You can “turn it off” you can “block everyone” or say “I don’t let my kids do it”. That will not make it go away. It’s part of their lives, and by relation, yours. Go ahead, those of you that are certain your kids don’t go on. Google their names. But before you do be VERY ready to see and hear things that will stun you. It’s not, to me anyway, an offense you punish them over, but it is an incredibly important discussion that needs to happen.

I can’t believe it’s true, but it is. Kids are KILLING THEMSELVES over cyber bullying. Regardless of the psychological reasoning or arguments, do we need any more reason than that to stand up and begin to push for an end and far far tougher laws? I don’t think we do.

Anonymous is the ONLY human being, and his cohorts, on this planet that truly is anonymous. I’d have solicited his/their help but I’m praying they’re the ones to finally destroy the infrastructure of the murders overseas.

We don’t need the FCC, it’s not Twitters, Facebook, Hulu, Youtube, Instagram, Vine or any other social networking services’ fault. Human beings are at fault and there is absolutely NO reason to not hold any and every one of them accountable.

You don’t need money, you don’t need celebrity to out these toolboxes. Just a desire to take a bully in front of the public. Nothing a phony tough guy is more scared of than being outed I bet. Let’s find out.

In the meantime God Bless, and to our Warfighters God Speed and thank you. Curt

P.S. Forgot to show you internet sleuths the latest studs..

tweets 14 tweets 15

The world we live in…Man has it changed. ADDENDUM!

March 1, 2015

I thank God every day that Facebook and Twitter, instagram, vine, Youtube, all of it, did not exist when I went to High School. I can’t imagine the dumb stuff I’d have been caught saying and doing.

If you are a dad this is something you well know already, if you are a dad with a daughter this is likely to get your blood going. If you are a boy, or young man, or husband, and you haven’t experienced children yet, or haven’t had a daughter, it’s next to impossible for you to understand.

My daughter, my one and only daughter, has worked her ass off playing sports the past 9-10 years. She’s loved it, and I’ve loved being able to both watch, and coach along the way.

Last week we were told she’d been accepted to college and will begin playing softball there next year.

Clearly an incredibly proud day.

tweet 1

And of course, like any dad in the modern world I said so.

Now I’ve been using computers since 1981. I was a professional baseball player for 22 years. I played 10+ years in Philadelphia. I played 5 in Boston. I shared a locker room with well over a thousand teammates and I played and lived at school a year before doing so.

That’s all to say I am absolutely aware of social media and how it works. As someone who’s said about 2.34 billion things he shouldn’t have, I get it.

With that tweet I expected a response. Some congrats for sure, but absolutely the smart ass college kid and likely many of them from RS to reply. And I was not disappointed.

After receiving the expected “I’ll take care of her” and “Can’t wait to date her!” and the “Looking forward to partying with her” I, like many dads, sent this one…

tweet 2

A little fun for sure (though I do and am proud of it btw!!).

If you’re a dad you know exactly what I meant by that tweet. I was also going to mention that there is little in life I’d ever go to jail for, but my daughter is one. Another nod to that father/daughter bond….

In between a fight with Kevin Millar, congratulating Juan Pierre on a wonderful career (just hated facing him) and praying Josh Hamilton gets right, I started to see this sort of tweet.

tweet 3

And tweets with the word rape, bloody underwear and pretty much every other vulgar and defiling word you could likely fathom began to follow.

Now let me emphasize again. I was a jock my whole life. I played sports my whole life. Baseball since I was 5 until I retired at 41. I know clubhouses. I lived in a dorm. I get it. Guys will be guys. Guys will say dumb crap, often. But I can’t ever remember, drunk, in a clubhouse, with best friends, with anyone, ever speaking like this to someone…

tweet 4 tweet 5 tweet 6 tweet 8

tweet 9

“The Sports Guru”? Ya he’s a DJ named Adam Nagel (DJ is a bit strong since he’s on the air for 1 hour a week) on Brookdale Student Radio at Brookdale Community College. How do you think that place feels about this stud representing their school? You don’t think this isn’t going to be a nice compilation that will show up every single time this idiot is googled the rest of his life? What happens when a potential woman he’s after googles and reads this?

The other clown? He’s VP of the Theta Xi fraternity at Montclair State University. I gotta believe if Theta Xi is cool with a VP of one of their chapters acting like this I’d prefer to have no one I know in it. Also, does anyone attending Montclair State University have a student handbook? If so can you pass it along because I am pretty sure there are about 90 violations in this idiots tweets.

I stopped because the rest was more of the same. And while these, to me as a dad, are just stupid and vile in ways you can’t fathom, they aren’t alone.

There have been personal tweets, texts and emails to more than one party in all this.

Now understand this.

I’m a Republican

I’m a former Red Sox

I have a nasty habit of talking, a lot, about anything anyone asks me and totally unconcerned about giving you my opinion. You will never question where I stand, right or wrong agree or disagree on anything.

I am completely unafraid to get into a ragging war with anyone. Win or lose I’ll give as good as I get:)

I have zero issues being made fun of. It’s part of living and playing sports your whole life and when you’re built like I am you need to develop a defensive strategy early in life.

So I look at it like this. Democrats, Yankee fans, people that don’t like the sound of my voice, that’s a pretty big group.

Those folks for the most part don’t like me even a little bit.

Democrats for their own reasons, Yankee fans for theirs and the rest of them hate me for who I am or what I say, and that’s not going to change.

The amount of vitriol I’ve heard is not an issue. I am sure I’ll hear more.

But I have to ask, is this even remotely ok? In ANY world? At ANY time?

Worse yet? No less than 7 of the clowns who sent vile or worse tweets are athletes playing college sports.

I knew every name and school, sport and position, of every one of them in less than an hour. The ones that didn’t play sports were just as easy to locate.

I’ve kept every tweet like the ones above.

Now again, I was 17, 18, all of those years when stupid was the operative word. But from the day I was born thru today the only time I may have ever uttered ANYTHING remotely close to this was on the field in the middle of a bench clearing brawl.

My daughter comes to me beyond upset. She didn’t do anything, she never said anything, yet she’s now receiving personal messages with guys saying things to her, well let’s just say I can’t repeat and I’m getting beyond angry thinking about it. Her boyfriend, a wicked good hockey player who has a fighting streak I absolutely love is going out of his mind to be let off his leash but unlike the athletes tweeting this stuff he understands the potential consequences of his actions and knows the time and place will hopefully come when he can make it right on his own terms.

These boys have yet to understand one of life’s most important lessons. In the real world you get held accountable for the things you say and if you are not careful that can mean some different things.

Anyone ever see this?

How on earth do you guys know who’s on the other end? What they’re thinking?

This is a generation of kids who have grown up behind the monitor and keyboard. The real world has consequences when you do and say things about others. We’re at a point now where you better be sure who you’re going after.

If I was a deranged protective dad I could have been face to face with any of these people in less than 4 hours. I know every one of their names, their parents, where they go to school, what they do, what team they are on, their positions, stats, all of it. I had to do almost nothing to get ANY of that information because it is all public.

What part of talking about a young woman, my daughter or not, makes you even consider the possibility that this is either funny or makes you tough?

I found it rather funny at how quickly tone changed when I heard via email from a few athletes who’d been suspended by their coaches. Gone was the tough guy tweeter, replaced by the “I’m so sorry apology used by those only sorry because they got caught.

It was EXACTLY like the Scared Straight episodes you watch where “tough” kids get brought to tears when they face the real world.

What these kids are failing to realize, what this generation fails to realize is this; Everything they’ve just said and done? That is out there now, forever. It can, and in some cases will, follow them for the rest of their lives.

This whole thing is interesting, but skip to page 17 for the pertinent part. 

We as a society have managed to get it to this point, and it’s absolutely because these idiots, at an age far past when they should know better, and have been taught better, are neither.

You want to know the scariest part? Some of their idiot friends, as I am sure some of you, are contacting me with “Dude lighten up, they’re just joking” and “Why are you saying things that might ruin someone’s life”?

Read this one

Or this one? 

How about this one? 


Or this? 

You pieces of garbage out there who are even starting to think “what’s the big deal?” or “I was just joking around” can stick it.

I want to date your daughter, I want to take your daughter to prom, I want to hit on your daughter etc., those? Those are guys being dopes and saying what guys say. This stuff? This is so far off the radar it’s pathetic.

The ignorance and pathetic lack of morals or of any integrity is astounding.

These aren’t thugs, tough guys or bad asses, these aren’t kids who’ve had it rough, they aren’t homeless or orphans, these are pretty much ALL white, affluent, college attending children, and I mean children.

A mistake is tweeting once and saying “damn, I’m an idiot” and taking it down. These guys? They’re making conscious choices to cyberbully an amazing and beautiful young woman on the internet, that none of them know by the way, because they don’t like her dad or they somehow think saying words you can teach a 5 year old is tough? Cool? Bad ass? Something I am missing? My right hand to God I promise all of you that tweeted this stuff, the friends around you saying “dude that’s hilarious” and “OMG that’s awesome”? Those people? Inside they’re actually thinking “what an ass#$!Q” and “holy crap what a piece of trash”, no matter what they say to your face.

Ladies? If any of these guys is your boyfriend you’re in for a real rude awakening.

Lastly? Not one of these gutless clowns would even think of saying a word of ANY of this in person.


P.S. Gabby I know you’re likely embarrassed and for that I apologize. But as we have talked about, there is no situation ever in your life, where it’s ok for any ‘man’ to talk about you, or any other woman this way (and truth be told no real man would ever talk this way anyway). It truly is time this stopped. I don’t know where it started because it sure as hell didn’t happen much when we were growing up. Like any dad reading this the only thing I need you to leave this home with when you head to college is the knowledge that I love you more than life itself and there is NOTHING I would not do to protect you. And while it may sound corny, it’s nothing I’d ever be shy about saying in public, ever.


I wanted to let you internet sleuths have a go. Here are two guys that, as you can see, thought they were somehow funny and tough at the same time.

tweets 10

These guys went to town. If you guys reading this that know how to find people on the ‘net want to have at it, please do.

An open letter to the men, women and families of those that served, are serving or ever will serve.

December 3, 2014

Can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was to read this article. 

First off I come from a military family, as does my wife. We have a sincere appreciation and love for the sacrifices our brave warfighters and their families have made. Those that have made the ultimate sacrifice I can only offer my families sincere thank you and prayers.

My father served almost 20 years in the Army, as a member of the 101st. My cousin was in the Navy, serving on the U.S.S. Carl Vinson. My brother in law served in the 1st Air Cavalry during Vietnam. My cousin was one of the members of the Delta team portrayed in Blackhawk Down and my Father in Law served in the Army during Vietnam as well. My Grandfather was on Omaha Beach on D-Day.

I say all that not to impress, because I never had the honor of serving. No I say that to make sure anyone reading this that currently serves, or has served, understands how much we admire and respect those who serve and the sacrifices their families have made.

But I wanted to make sure of one other thing.

I wanted to make sure every one of you, no matter the branch, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, knows the respect, admiration and pride with which all true Americans hold for you. I thank God every day I was born in a country that makes people like you. Your selfless sacrifice not just for your family and mine, but for people you have never met, halfway around the world is awe inspiring.

I had the honor of spending two lengthy USO tours in the Middle East, Germany, Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. I know what I saw on every occasion was not what I was reading about. I met hundreds of citizens who were in tears at their gratefulness to you and your brothers/sisters in arms for your sacrifice. I spent some time at Camp Bucca and was bowled over at the wall of letters from citizens who had learned to read and write under the tutelage of soldiers. Thousands of letters thank you for saving them, their families and giving them a possible future filled with freedom.

Sale Solata, Michael Donahue, Kelly Greene. Those three were part of my body detail along with my college roommate Ty Van Dyke. I am absolutely honored to call them friends for life. I was honored to be able to re-enlist Kelly, and be present for Sale’s promotion at Ft Bragg. I want them to know how much I respect the careers they chose.

When I think of the world today, as hard as some things may be, I remember them, and their comrades, and it’s not hard to smile.

I know you hate the word hero and all that, usually responding as Bill Guarnere and “Babe” Heffron did “We’re no heroes, the heroes are the ones that didn’t come home”.

But in this day and age so few give so much to so many with no expectation of a return. It’s “what you do”, and that somehow just doesn’t get across to many. Just know anyone in this nation that loves its heritage, the Flag and our proud history cannot begin to express our gratitude that you man your post every day for freedom loving people around the world.

So in closing, thank you, God Bless each and every one of you and your families.

From the Schillings

2013 Draft, a look at some of the top arms…

June 6, 2013

One of the things I enjoy most is talking with, and watching, pitchers. I had a look at some of the top arms in this years draft and put some stuff together for some people, and thought that with some redacting, it would be ok to share.

The only report I couldn’t get cleaned up in time to post was my look at a kid I really like, Braden Shipley. If I can I’ll post it later. I also had a pretty lengthy document explaining how I look at pitching, where I think the important stuff exists and what I think about projecting and going forward.

Mark Appel report 2013

Chris Anderson report 2013

Jon Gray Report

Kohl Stewart

Ryan Eades report 2013

Sean Manaea

Ryne Stanek

OOPS! Forgot this kid!

Trey Ball report 2013


Think I cleaned this one up enough, lots to like on this one.


Brade Shipley report 2013


February 19, 2013

Thats sure sounds like a performance enhancer cheating to me…

as you’ve been quoted as saying in the past that you believe records should be thrown out for people proven or who admit cheating, should all of your wins while under the influence and use of Toradol be thrown out?

seems like the answer has to be yes, unless…. it’s true and you are the loud-mouth hypocrite that many accuse you of being


That was the end of a ‘question’ posted by someone who didn’t want to use their real name, shocker.


I apologize that the facts don’t support your argument in any way, any possible way. Toradol is not a PED, it’s a pain killer, like marcaine, like aspirin, like vicodin and others. They are, and have been, used by about every player that’s ever suited up. Your earlier rant about me being a “Government hating Republican” sort of tips one off to the reasons behind the ‘anger’, but that’s not odd really. Most of the people saying what you say start their posts off that way.


It’s not a PED, never has been. What I did I did within the confines of the rules. Now whether you agree or not, or like it or not, isn’t relevant in any way. But thanks for the post I guess. I’ll pray you find some happiness somewhere in your life.


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