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Time to gloat? Nope.

November 9, 2016

Today in America children in California are crying, flags are being burnt in protest. People running around with “F Trump” signs.

Really? I mean really?

The group that’s railed on ‘fear mongering’ for months is once again that which they despise.

How about a reality check.

First off we now know the MSNBCs, CNN’s and most others in the mainstream media, as well as our political polling systems, are ‘part of the problem’. They conspired in every possible way to give Hillary Clinton this election, and they lost. They need to pay for that.

I honestly believe most of the polling companies committed some sort of flagrant fraud on their clients and the American people.

But let us get to the important stuff.

This was not a white man’s election.

This was not a black man’s election.

This was not a latino, Hispanic, Cuban or women’s election.

This was not a gay, trans, bi or pansexual election.

This was an election about the whites, blacks, Cubans, latinos, Hispanics, men, women, gays, trans, bi’s and everything else that make up THE MIDDLE CLASS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

If you’re poor, and you cannot provide for your family, the government will NOT stop taking care of you. Liberals have been saying since the 1930’s they are ‘your party’ while having never done a thing to lift those in poverty, out.

If you’re gay, and you’re married, the government is not going to nullify your marriage. part of the liberal rhetoric was aimed at some sort of false assault by Conservatives on gay rights? Where is that assault? Why on earth would ANYONE expect our government to insert itself into our bedroom, chapel or bathrooms?

Remember at the top of our founding document?


That’s who needs to be addressing the social issues we all argue about, we the people, not the people we elect to govern.

If you’re an illegal citizen of this country who wants to BECOME a legal citizen, this country will still provide you that path.

If you want free college? That’s likely not going to happen.

If you want to milk a system because you’re too lazy to make your own life? That’s likely going to be more challenging.

If you’re a member of the KKK? You’re still going to be the racist scum you were yesterday. Who is in the White House will never change that.

You won’t suddenly be subjected to cross burning or mosque destruction today because Donald Trump won the election. The racists that do those things will STILL go to jail under a Trump presidency.

There won’t be a sudden uptick in Klan marches and rallies with government backing. I know people like Van Jones would have you believe different, but freedom loving Americans yesterday that hated everything about the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church and the violent segments of the BLM movement haven’t suddenly donned cloaks or hoods. We still hate them.

If you’re a part of the movement that’s advocating and actively pushing for the execution of our police officers? Life is about to change for you too.

If you hate Jews, or you dislike Israel? My bet is you aren’t going to like our next administration much because they’ll work on behalf of both.

If you wanted more government intrusion into your everyday lives, or even worse, others? Don’t see that one coming to fruition.

If you’re a nation that supports or harbors terrorist it’s a better than average shot that we may “like you” under this current administration, but that’s about to change.

If you want to come here, if you are a refugee fleeing war, a woman, a child, a father with his family that is fleeing in terror, my bet is the Statue of Liberty and her promise will remain.

If you live here, and you wish harm on American’s, I’d bet your best course of action is to change objectives or leave.

My governments FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT priority is the health and well-being of my family and fellow Americans and for the first time in a good while there is someone in the white house who I trust cares about that just as much as I do.

I know you’ve been taught different, but I’ll say it in hopes it starts to gain the traction it deserves. Those racist events you experienced today, yesterday, the past few years? Those didn’t come up yesterday, those people didn’t become racist when Trump won.

Just like their counterparts in the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black Panthers, those people existed BEFORE this election, well BLM was created BY this administration but that’s another story, and they will unfortunately for us all exist long after this election.

As long as our Constitution remains in place, and unchanged, we’ll have to deal with scum like that for the rest of our lives. It is one of the “price you pay” tenants of truly being a free nation.

Donald Trump wants to repatriate TRILLIONS in US money stocked overseas. Why is that bad? Why not take the money and pour it into our 15-20 most poverty stricken cities? Help rebuild? Help keep our word to help those that cannot help themselves? Incentivize the Microsofts and IBMs, Googles and Facebooks who ‘say’ they want to help the poor, now make them prove it in a way that benefits EVERYONE.

Donald Trump wants to deny Iran a path to Nuclear weapons. Why is that bad? They have proven every single day of their 5213-year existence (which is how much I know of) that they never have, and never will live on a planet where Israel is allowed to exist and where “Zionist” (that’s you and I) are allowed to live. This administration lied its ass off when they presented the nuclear ‘deal’ and one only needs to look at Israel’s reaction to know.

A Donald Trump administration will stop in its tracks, any thought that we will ever again negotiate with Terrorists. This administration has and will cost us dearly in the past few years, as well as the coming ones.

But let me be clear, and this is obviously just MY opinion.

There is NO CHANCE any of this is going to happen without some ‘pain’. We’ve spent decades wanting to ‘help’ and to ‘aid’ but so few have ever been willing to pay the price. Well, it’s time. It’s time to rectify this runaway trainwreck, it’s time that we as Americans endured some pain after 40-50 years of ‘partying’.

We have debts, we have goals, we have heroes we have warriors and we have people who will travel around the world because their CiC says so, to defend people they don’t know. We have all of these things, but most importantly? We as a people now have full control over how we address them.

The Conservatives of America will now have a President, a Senate, a House and soon a Supreme Court. If we don’t come together to show minorities, to show the poverty stricken and the poor we are and have always been the party of the people we’ve always known ourselves to be then shame on us.

Yes I am a conservative, I am a VERY PROUD American. I love my Constitution, I love my country flaws and all, but at the end of the day I’ll be the first one to yell from ANY mountain if these next four years are not spent fixing the divisiveness this administration has foisted on us and if there is even the slightest hint of appeasing people that mean to kill us at home and abroad.

I would be remiss if I didn’t actually close by noting a few of my more memorable moments from last night’s election coverage.

  1. The sight of Juan Williams stumbling, time and time and time again, to find the words to explain away the stunning defeat of his candidate with anything and everything but the real reason. She lost because she does not represent what Americans want for our country. Oh, and the fact Obamacare is destroying our middle class.
  2. Van Jones on CNN. I wasn’t alive during the Cuban missile crisis.  But after seeing the black and white commercials of school kids hunkering under their desks (what was that actually going to do? Like a seat belt on an airplane?) in the case of nuclear war I could see him as the parent speaking to his kids the night before. He was talking in terrified tones “What do I tell them when they wake up in the morning?”.  “What are we supposed to tell our kids about the things a man like him says and does?”. Never mind his candidate is as despicable as any human ever. Oh, and what will become the new racist word for the left, “Whitelash”.

P.S. Last but most certainly not least. Our Government, before it’s “Crusade” for illegals, needs to address our veterans and their families. We need to create a system that provides free private health care to our veterans and their families. If the State Department can “misplace” 6 billion dollars with no repercussions, we sure as shit can find the money to take care of our men and women and their families who serve.

Affordable? Not even close!

October 25, 2016

The Affordable Care act is now proving what ANYONE with common sense said would happen. It’s going to go to becoming the unaffordable care act, to the broke act, to the single payer Gov’t model, then blow up.

For anyone on the fence, for anyone that thinks “Everyone should have health care” which is EVERYONE by the way, for everyone voting for Hillary, here’s a small example of why the next 12 months will see the ACA DESTROY the middle class financially AND self destruct after milking them dry.

We’ll use simple population numbers to make it easier to both explain and understand.

1,000,000 citizens (Legal American Citizens)

Top 1% = 10,000

2-50% = 490,000

bottom 50% = 500,000


Per 2015 averages it costs 24,671 dollars a year for a family of 4 to pay for health care.

So that amounts to 24.67 billion dollars for these 1m people to pay for health care. However the bottom 50% are NOT paying for health care today so…..

Right now that top 50% pays ALL 24.67 billion, through a system of taxation that creates the revenue needed to cover the 12.38 billion the bottom 50% cannot afford.

We are seeing an AVERAGE increase of 25% in premium cost. (BTW Arizona is +116%).

So all 1,000,000 people will see an increase of 6167.00 per year in health care costs to bring the family of 4 total to 30,838. That’s now 30.838 billion for all 1 m people to receive health care. So what we now have is an increase of 6.167 billion a year for this group of 1m people.

However we must remember the cost to the bottom 50% is still 0, they don’t get ‘hit’ with a tax increase they already don’t pay. The top 50% will once again take on 100% of the burden to cover the original health care costs PLUS another 6.167 billion.

The top 1% could care less, that’s not a number that moves the needle. But after that? That’s where this falls apart faster than a Clinton deposition.

That’s right, you guessed it. That 3.083 Billion is ALSO paid by the top 50%. So not only does YOUR health care costs increase 6,167 dollars but you and your fellow middle class tax payers are going to be ponying up ANOTHER 6,167 dollars per family in taxes, either direct federal income, state or sales. Most likely ALL 3.

To the top 1%? Who cares, 6 k here 6 k there. But to the middle class, the very fiber that holds this nation together, the middle class blue collar hard working family? 12,000 dollars a year? Are you kidding me? No, that’s not a joke. I’m going to bet NO ONE in the middle class is looking for a place to spend an extra 12 grand a year in payroll tax, income tax or any other tax.

Hillary Clinton’s “tweaks’ will do NOTHING but add more $$ burden to those already paying the way for everyone else. You can’t ask for more money from someone NOT making enough to pay into the system today can you?

This is clearly a very watered down simplification, but start thinking about what this means on a nationwide scale not just for you and your family; but this is going to financially hammer businesses that require health care for FT employees OR, and this is what I think everyone expects, companies will move away from FT employees altogether when and where possible and also CUT JOBS because the hits to their margin will be staggering with no offsets. So it is either price product through the roof or find another way to cut costs.

I wasn’t being facetious or a smart ass above when I stated (Legal American Citizens). Because this is where the entire thing not only goes off the rails, but burns in a fiery death and takes the middle class with it.

If Hillary and Democrats get their amnesty initiatives passed, which is pretty much “Open Borders” as she’s stated more than once. We’ll go from 15-20 million illegals to how many? I say how many because when FAMILIES of illegals who do not live here yet are granted amnesty they will POUR into America. We’ll go from 15-20 million to 40+ million in a blink of an eye. Health care? You’ve seen absolutely NOTHING yet.

The system, and the middle class, self destruct under the weight of a system unable to pay for itself.

What happens then? Then the government steps in to ‘take care’ of the problem. And we all know how that ends.

Check the data, check the amount of companies pulling out of states. MANY americans now only have 1 option for health care and some are left with only the gov’t option.




Polls say what?

October 23, 2016

Here’s a poll I want someone better at numbers to tell me where the flaws are here.

By my counts:

50-38% of 874 likely voters means 437-332 with 105 undecided or Johnson/Stein voters

Polling body:

36% Dems = 314

31% Ind. = 270

27% Rep = 236

FWIW that leaves 5% of the polled folks not affiliated with anything….

Let’s assume both Dem and Rep ALL voted party lines (not a bad assumption but will have to suffice)

That would mean the following

For Hillary to be at 50% 123 of the 279 Ind voted Dem (46%)

Trump would need 96 of 270 Ind voters (41%).

Still leaves 13% (113 votes) either undecided or Johnson Stein.

So am I wrong in assuming what this says is a record Republican turnout and a national split of 46-41% of undecideds means Trump wins in Reagan fashion?


Tax the successful even more?

October 11, 2016

So for all you folks out there undecided, all you younger folks in college, striving to get into the ‘real world’ and make something of yourselves.

For all you people bitter at the fact that really successful people make a lot of money, or wealthy people inherit money from really successful people, I’d argue this point below.


Taking tax revenue from 2015, total taxpaying units (individuals or families) and % breakdowns from 2014.

In 2015 the federal government collected a record 3,248,723,000,000 dollars. That’s Trillion with a T.

Data states that taxes paid were broken down as follows:

Top 1% paid 45.7%

next 19% paid 39.3%

Bottom 80% paid 15%.

Now remember, this is not % of people, this is % of TAX PAYING CITIZENS.

Now total potential tax payers in 2013 was 171.3 million units. 44.3% of those people did NOT pay federal income tax. That means 77.5 million people paid 0$ in federal income tax. It also means 93,800,800 people paid the total sum of 3+ trillion dollars.

With me so far?

Based on this you have the following:

Top 1% = 938,000 people paid 1,484,666,411,000 in taxes. That’s TRILLION. Avg per unit = 1,582,800

Next 18% = 18,677,000 people paid 1,276,748,139,000 in taxes. Again, TRILLION. Avg per unit = 68,359. (my assumption is that is the “Middle Class” to our politicians)

Remaining 80% = 75,040,000 paid 487,308,450,000 in taxes. That’s Billion. Avg per unit = 6,493.


I rounded % off which is why you get 99% for taxpayer totals.


This system is clearly angled at far more taxes for successful wealthy people than the rest right? Those wealthy people that spend and create most of the millions of private sector jobs. That’s fine, it’s where we are, it’s what liberals believe is “just”. I disagree. I think taxing the successful creates disincentives to risk taking, entrepreneurs, the lifeblood of this nations rise to power and the heartbeat of capitalistic markets.


Pay attention now please.

Total appropriations for the 2016 budget for the state of New Jersey is 33,844,000,000 billion dollars.

New Jersey has the 3rd highest personal income tax in the country, now at 8.97%, up from 6.3% in 1996. Doesn’t sound like much huh?

58 year old David Tepper has a net worth of approximately 11 billion dollars (His firm Appaloosa Management). He WAS a resident of New Jersey around the time the NJ Budget was formulated.

Now? Now Mr Tepper is a Florida resident, where there is no personal nor state income tax. Why? Based on what I know of David and his financial IQ, why on earth would you pay hundreds of millions of tax dollars you legally do not have to?

Here’s where you younger folks need to pay attention. This whole “pay your fair share” crap has been a complete and total fabrication but also the very foundation (along with ‘picking up’ minorities from poverty (which they still have never done) of their plan to ‘grow’ prosperity and create a larger middle class.

See here’s what happens, and will happen.

The state of New Jersey now finds itself, according to Frank W Haines III, NJ legislative budget and finance officer, nearly 140 million dollars “short” of the 2016 budget allocations. Why? Because the 140 some million they assumed would be paid in personal income tax by Mr Tepper is money that no longer exists.

Guess who is left holding that bag? Yep, the rest of NJ tax payers.

He did nothing illegal, not in the least. He did what most every single financially successful person would, and will do (including every single one of you reading this).

You can go ahead and elect the felon on the democratic ticket. She and liberals might possibly get their shot at taxing the hell out of the ‘1%’ they both belong to while at the same time acting like they despise. Think that’s made up? Read this. 

If it does happen, big if, it will happen ONE time, just one time. You think these people are going to remain in a place to be taxed to hell for taking risks, creating companies, and jobs, and being successful? For using capitalism to create wealth and jobs? Not gonna happen.

Now play this out on a federal level. The government makes an annual budget in the trillions. They keep raising taxes and they are going to find themselves “Teppered”. What does that mean on a national level?

Anyone remember this? 

Now all of you people screaming “FEAR MONGER” and “WAKE UP THIS IS AMERICA” need to step back and remember a short little history lesson.

On March 6, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Proclamation 2039, which effectively stopped all bank transactions in the nation.

This nation is 20+ trillion dollars in debt. There’s literally no scenario in which a Democratic White House reduces that by even 1 dollar.

They are, and always have been the party of “Tax and Spend” and if you listen to her diatribe she has zero plans to change that.

She wants trillions for an “Infrastructure bank”…. What?

Ah, I see, that’s the new phrase replacing the bailout needed to create “Shovel Ready Jobs”. Seen those yet? How much was that?

(From the NYT July 2011)

Beyond the $700 billion bailout known as TARP, which has been used to prop up banks and car companies, the government has created an array of other programs to provide support to the struggling financial system. Through April 30, the government has made commitments of about $12.2 trillion and spent $2.5 trillion —

How’d that end up working out? Solyndra anyone? Oh and the auto industry? 10+ billion to bail one out, while the other saved itself.

The point is this. Government, at every point in history, that tried to ‘grow’ the economy through more gov’t programs and raising taxes has never, not once, succeeded. It hasn’t, won’t and never will.

The federal gov’t is required to do 2 things.

  1. Protect the citizens of this nation through secure borders and a strong military
  2. Provide for Americans that cannot provide for themselves
  3. Actually I’ll add this one. It MUST demand perfection in its treatment of our veterans and their families. So many in the VA are doing everything they can but there’s way too much left to do.

One last point. And this might be the most important.

You cannot, in any universe, have a welfare state AND open borders. Think about that a second. That’s not physically or financially possible but that’s exactly what the democratic nominee wants. She’s stated it VERY clearly to wall street, a “Hemisphere of open borders”.



Taken a breath…

October 8, 2016

Livid. That was my initial, emotional and first reaction to the release of the audio/video tape last night.

I’m out, no more. That was my second thought.

My third?

If I’m out on this man, I have no options.

I can’t vote for a criminal. A woman who willingly sat by and allowed 4 men to be murdered in what was known in very explicit terms, to be a terrorist attack on our embassy. HER embassy.


Email to Sec of State and others asking to release Deltas from Tripoli

Email to Sec of State and others asking to release Deltas from Tripoli


A woman who then said this

Patricia Smith, mother of information officer Sean Smith, told CNN on Oct. 10, 2012, that at the Joint Base Andrews meeting, National Security Adviser Susan Rice “talked to me personally, and she said this is the way it was. It was because of this film that came out.”


And then showed her true character by saying this.

“I feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans we lost in Benghazi, and I certainly can’t even imagine the grief she has for losing her son. But she’s wrong. She’s absolutely wrong,” Clinton said Wednesday during the Univision/CNN Democratic presidential debate in Miami.

Let’s get this straight. She lied to the families whose sons and husbands were murdered in a terrorist attack she both knew about AND refused to send help.

If that’s not disgusting enough, she then called the families of the men who were murdered, liars to the American people??


And the news media wants us to ALL listen intently to disgusting, sexist, misogynistic and just plain ignorant comments made 11 years ago by Mr Trump?

Seriously. So his vulgar and wreckless mouth (pardon the pun) trumps her criminal and neglectful acts?

How? Why?


For all the liberals that need this, I’ll say it one time.

No, I am NOT making excuses, am not defending ANYTHING said on that video.


But I let the liberal media get me swept up, and I added my own quickfire emotional reaction to that.


Let’s see if I can catch everyone up on this “pedestal” you liberals scream from.



Just a SMALL sample of tweets from cowards on the left.

First off I got people fired and kicked out of school NOT because they talked ABOUT my daughter, they said it TO my daughter.

Very different situation AND given my daughter was a minor, a crime actually.

Not a second of regret for making them pay for their acts. But these are the same assclowns who are falsely enraged by what Mr Trump said. They’re just stupid enough to do it in public.


You’re honest to God going to preach from the Clinton pedestal?

The one in which she shouted

Hillary shrieked at his campaign manager, “you fucking Jew bastard.”

Hmm… but hey, that’s not who she is right?

The left-leaning Guardian then did its own reporting on the allegation. Paul Fray, the campaign manager, plus his wife and another campaign worker confirmed the incident in considerable detail to the British publication.

“I was a little defensive about it. I looked to the floor thinking ‘How do I respond?’ I didn’t mind being called a son-of-a-bitch, but when it came to attacking my culture, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame,” Fray recalled.

“You’ve got to understand it was the heat of the moment. We knew we had lost. It was a case of people lashing out at one another and it just got to that point.”

But hey, that’s just a one off. She’s not a bad person. Hang on though, many good people have been overheard saying this right?

“When are they going to get those f—ing ree-tards out of here?!”

A comment overheard by more than one Arkansas State Trooper, and reported on from the Easter Egg hunt on the south lawn of the White House for disabled children.

I mean who hasn’t said that in their lives right?

And it’s likely easy to recall the last time you said

“Stupid Kikes”

When referring to your Jewish friends. You’re lying if you haven’t used that one you silly buggers. Hillary sure has, on more than one occasion.


So you want me to believe 10 minutes of audio of a back and forth between one man trying to brag about sexual exploits that never happened to a bunch of frauds laughing their asses off because 1) None had the balls to stand up to him or 2) they thought it was truly funny or (my likely choice) 3) They were intimidated by the man and were doing that uncomfortable “over laugh” you do when someone says something insanely inappropriate.


Guys will tell you, and most are absolutely true, that when ‘hanging out’ and in a ‘boys setting’ pretty much every heterosexual male has talked trash (99% of it lies) about sexual exploits or conquests. About how bad ass they are. Now I’ll be the first to admit I only really ever used that P word in public when addressing someone I was competing against on the baseball field. Much like the C and N word it’s a word that just feels wrong and always has. That doesn’t absolve me from any of the things I’ve said in the past but ANYONE living in a locker room environment above the level of High School, anyone that’s served in combat or anyone in the company of fellow first responders will tell you there’s a very sacred place you earn your way into, and in that place men AND women say things they’d never in their lives repeat in public. If you deny that you’re A) Lying your ass off or B) Lying your ass off or C) Have never been in a close knit group mentioned above.

That’s not to say all do it, far from it, and that’s not to say it’s ok. It just so happens to be the real world.

And that’s where I made the u-turn today.

I had the privilege of speaking with a few people on my show this morning  and by far the most powerful to me, and the one that started me breathing a bit more regular was this amazing woman.

Brunell Donald-Kyei, the vice-chair of Diversity Outreach at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump

Forward the audio to 56:50 if you want to hear her and I talk, and be ready because her and I appear to have the same blood pressure. She gets it, she’s a mother, with two daughters, a lifelong Democrat who voted Obama twice.


It dawned on me as this conversation was ongoing, “What are my options? There’s no situation where any American that loves our constitution, loves our way of life, loves what we were built on, that wants safety and security of Americans to come first could vote for this despicable woman on the Democratic ticket”.


Remember this woman is the one who perpetrated this…..


Not just this stuff


But this woman, and her scumbag of a husband,  STOLE from these people!


What kind of human being lies to dead soldiers families, uses racial slurs more than occasionally, STEALS from survivors of an earthquake in a third world country?


Oh and in case you doubt the voracity?

This is how she treated the agents tasked with standing in front of a bullet for her Husband, daughter AND herself.

This little beauty 


Who hasn’t thrown a Bible at a Secret Service agents colleague? 


I often wonder about men and women who serve in those details. The integrity and honor those that truly serve the cause have, and what goes through their minds when they must protect dirtbags, elitest who treat people like shit ONLY because they can.


So in closing I’ll say this. I get it. What he said was every possible negative adjective you could want to use. Disgusting, deplorable, filthy, crass, ignorant, immature, sexist, demeaning (though no one on the bus thought so) and gross.

But after those comments were completed, four men weren’t killed in Benghazi. 6 Billion dollars wasn’t “misplaced”, hundreds of millions of dollars wasn’t stolen from the poorest of the poor who’d just survived an earthquake. Uranium wasn’t handed over to the Russians. Iran wasn’t given 400 million in ransom money AND 150 billion in cash to propel their nuclear arms race.


No. After those comments were completed, no one, for 11 years, gave a shit. Does it reveal nasty things about the man? Absolutely. Is it criminal? Not yet but you bet your ass under a Clinton regime she’ll bust her ass to make anti-left wing rhetoric a crime.


And at the end of the day let that last part sink in.


You can HATE both. You can despise both. You can dislike everything you want about both.

If that describes you fine. But understand this. One of them will be our next President.


So do you want a President that in 26 years in office, the definition of an insider, who has never achieved ANYTHING for the poor and middle class she so lovingly courts.

Do you want a President who refused to release her speech transcripts? Until today we never knew, but now we do.

She doesn’t identify with the middle class due to her and Bill’s economic status. She believes you must have on persona in public and another in private. Isn’t that the EXACT thing we want to be rid of in Government?

She believes, and get this, ONLY INSIDERS can fix Wall Street. The very people her and Bernie Sanders railed against as killing this country, she believes THEY’RE the ones to fix it?


None of us with half a brain are even remotely surprised at the reveals.


But more important than that? Why don’t you, the undecided, the Sanders supporter, why don’t you care more?


Yes Donald Trump said despicable things, he owned it and apologized. No one died, no one got hurt. He didn’t say those things in the Oval Office, or in a Senate seat or the House of Representatives. He said those things on a bus with some guys who laughed their asses off at stuff that wasn’t actually all that funny.


But her? In 26 years she’s revealed every possible thing you could want or need to know she’s the epitome of a disgusting, morally bankrupt, despicable anti-semite with no moral boundaries who is so fraudulent Anderson Cooper was moved to ask her “will you say anything to get elected?”.


Why did he say that?


How about this list? 

Not all inclusive but certainly 22 good reasons to start with no?


A vote for this woman is a vote for 4 more years of this current disaster. A vote for this women is a vote acknowledging you want the Supreme Court to begin amending our Constitution per her desires.

A vote for this woman is to spit on the graves of 4 men who were murdered, who she was SWORN to protect. Check the Sec of State job description:

  • Serves as the President’s principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy;
  • Conducts negotiations relating to U.S. foreign affairs;
  • Grants and issues passports to American citizens and exequaturs to foreign consuls in the United States;
  • Advises the President on the appointment of U.S. ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and other diplomatic representatives;
  • Advises the President regarding the acceptance, recall, and dismissal of the representatives of foreign governments;
  • Personally participates in or directs U.S. representatives to international conferences, organizations, and agencies;
  • Negotiates, interprets, and terminates treaties and agreements;
  • Ensures the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries;
  • Supervises the administration of U.S. immigration laws abroad;
  • Provides information to American citizens regarding the political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian conditions in foreign countries;
  • Informs the Congress and American citizens on the conduct of U.S. foreign relations;
  • Promotes beneficial economic intercourse between the United States and other countries;
  • Administers the Department of State;
  • Supervises the Foreign Service of the United States.


Anything stand out? In addition to that, go back and read the list. She failed so miserably in every way possible.

Go back and check out bullet point 4.


Now read this.

Is that not the definition of pay to play? Her ties with the middle east, the very countries that despise, abuse, murder, stone and rape women she so valiantly claims to defend?


And I know, her husband is NOT running in this election. But should that matter when she says

“Today I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault,” Clinton said. “Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed and we’re with you.”


This is the woman who stated you should have a public and private persona to be a politician. That has to be the case right?

This same PUBLIC woman is the woman in this article? 


Which is it? They should be believed or they should be believed unless your husband assaults them. At that point given you are above the law you either shut up or the Clinton’s will destroy you?

Per the FBI she lied her ass off, she was allowed to use sheer ignorance as a defense when it’s explicit normal humans are not afforded that right.


So ya, in the end I am someone who jumped too fast and hard. I’m incredibly disappointed in every possible way that he said the things he did. That won’t change, nor should it. But that’s an impossible standard for every single human being reading this to live up to.

Every single one of us has had a conversation in our past that we would be mortified were it made public. We are not all running for President, so that does make it different.


But not so different I would abandon the future of my country because let me be very clear.

Voting for Hillary Clinton is a vote to abandon this nation in every possible way.

She’s stated, clearly, she wants a hemisphere of open trade and open borders, basically a “Western Europe”.


Go live there then. We live here, this is our country and our home. The blood spilled to make us who we are, with every single wart of slavery, segregation and all the other mistakes displayed as achievements we made by eliminating those things. Those things that today are still very prevalent in many countries around the world.

We left the grasp of a tyrannical gov’t by fighting the war of Independence. Citizen soldiers killed, and were killed to allow us to become who and what we wanted. Capitalism built everything this country is, not the government.


You want to end that vote for her. That’s what she’s been very open about wanting to change. There are so many things ‘wrong’ with this nation according to her. According to our President.

What they miss is they are part of the reason there are things so ‘wrong’ here.


Trump won the primary because he was NOT a politician, NOT an insider. He’s still not. If you vote for her you are voting to allow our government to expand physically as well as intrusively. They’ve already ceded control of the internet and I don’t think enough people realize the enormity of that mistake yet. We will soon enough.


A vote for her means you believe “Hands up don’t shoot” even though it was proven to be a complete and total lie. It was the foundation of another lie, disproportionate violence to blacks from our police. Those things built the Black Lives Matter movement.


The only possible way to stop this runaway trainwreck is to insure she is NOT our next President.

So just to let you know, yes, I am still voting for Donald Trump but recognizing tomorrow’s debate, at least in my opinion, is the cliff. Conservatives either pick ourselves off the ledge or fall.


It’s now about the 5-10% of undecideds and we need them to understand that Trump is not an option, he is the ONLY option if you want America to remain America.




You guys are a joke

October 4, 2016

As much involvement as I’d like to have in talk radio and other formats where rational humans can talk, disagree and debate I’ve come to understand something. I will never, ever, be mainstream media.

You’ve quit, you’ve given up all honor, morals, integrity and objectivity. You have made it clear your job is to get Hillary Clinton elected integrity and morals be damned.

Your latest beauty?

Our current Secretary of State was in Brussels today. This is lifted directly from the transcript of his speech and follow on Q&A.

I mean, look, I’m here in Brussels and I want to be completely respectful, but I also want to be honest. I hear my fellow foreign ministers from one country or another talk about, sort of, how difficult it is to sometimes get things through, move fast, get Brussels to make a decision, or they feel imposed upon. I mean, we have this fight in America too. We have 50 states. We’re still developing, somewhat, the relationship between states and federal government. And the Supreme Court frequently comes out with a decision realigning it or adjusting it one way or the other. It’s a living institution. The Constitution that we are living by first wrote slavery into the constitution before it wrote slavery out. I can remember as a young college student being involved in the Mississippi voter registration drive and the fights for civil rights in America, and we passed the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act. It wasn’t until 1975. We still are struggling with some things at the polls and so forth – in access to voting and other things. So everybody has to continue to fight, but what is – I’ve never heard the better idea from the other side about how they’re going to do things that actually works for everybody.

Why does no one question our “leaders” when they go abroad and lie, not only about our nation today, but about our past? Why do you in the media allow this? Is it because you yourself are ignorant of our past? Or do you just not care that truth be a part of speeches when our “leaders” speak around the world.

The word “Slave” and “Slavery”? Neither of those words appear ANYWHERE in our Constitution, nor our Bill of Rights. Nowhere, ever.

For all you fake history majors who want to allude to the “3/5ths clause”?

It had nothing to do with diminishing the accounting of slaves as “less than human” but recognizing a large portion of that population was in the south and would be used to gain a significant advantage in the House of Representatives as well as additional votes in the Electoral College.

During the period of 1865–1877, federal law provided civil rights protection in the southern US for blacks who had been slaves, as well as for free blacks. In the 1870s, Democrats (Dixiecrats) gradually regained control of southern legislatures through a myriad of ways, very few legal. Extensive voter fraud was also used (Wow, almost 150 years later and they’re still using voter fraud!). Adding that fraud to multiple local races that were close led to an increase in violence against blacks during campaigns starting in 1868. In 1877 the DNC compromised to gain Southern support in the presidential election which led to the government pulling the last of the federal soldiers out of the south. White Democrats regained political power in the south. These Southern, white, Democratic governments legislated Jim Crow laws, officially segregating black and white population.

Blacks continued to be elected well into the 1880’s all the while Democrats were passing laws to impede both blacks and poor whites ability to participate with changes to registration and in the electoral college. From 1890 to 1910, 10 of 11 former confederate states passed new constitutions or amendments that effectively ended the black and poor white voters participation. The lovely state of Mississippi led the way.

Voter turnout would dramatically decrease South. In Louisiana, by 1900, black voters were reduced to 5,320 on the rolls, although they comprised the majority of the state’s population. By 1910, only 730 blacks were registered, less than 0.5% of eligible black men. “In 27 of the state’s 60 parishes, not a single black voter was registered any longer; in 9 more parishes, only one black voter was.” The cumulative effect in North Carolina meant that black voters were completely eliminated from voter rolls during the period from 1896–1904. Just the first of many times a Democratic policy would stifle or destroy middle class growth. 

So to repeat. Our country was NOT founded with slavery as a part of the future vision. “All men are created equal” actually meant just that.

And for those that just flat out refuse to read a book or study their history, or care to learn, remember this. The liberals, the Democratic party was, has and always will be the party of Slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws and everything else they want people to believe about Republicans. Blacks voted overwhelmingly Republican into the 1930’s. Mainly because Lincoln was a Republican and also the Democratic Party didn’t welcome blacks then, and it wasn’t until 1924 that blacks were even permitted to attend Democratic conventions in any official capacity.

So as much as Killary and the gang want to rewrite our history, have at least an ounce of dignity and call them out when they lie… Oh wait, that ships sailed I guess. You keep doing what you do then, because it appears to me you clowns are slitting the throat of the mainstream media one lie at a time.

Just stop making stuff up

September 29, 2016

So I don’t feel the need to reply to the ignorance being displayed. Which unfortunately I feel like doing far too often.

If anyone took the tweet regarding my thoughts on the train wreck being a potential terrorist act as “cool if I’m wrong” in a way that trivializes pain and or suffering? You’re a douche.

Of course nothing is cool about what happened and you safe space needing liberal cowards who wet your pants to respond can go find a dark enclosure to hide in.

My first instinct upon hearing “Massive Train Wreck” and then seeing the station was “Holy #$@!$, did terrorists do it again?”

If you didn’t think that, at any point, you’re a liar. Ya, I want it to be terrorists to drive an agenda. Liberals are the only humans on this planet who use that logic, or make it up, to back an argument that exists only in their minds. Yet they blame everyone else for it.

Antarctica is melting!!! (despite the fact it’s actually just the opposite) Oh my lord save the planet!

You’ve done that in far more dangerous ways now too.

You’re backing of the liberal bullshit that created the BLM movement has created a violent and murderous attack on police officers. Despite the fact the media has lied its ass off in ‘proving it’ you still support a narrative “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” that is and has been debunked as a complete and total lie.

I said I thought it was terrorism the minute I heard about it, if it is not that’s “good” news as it relates to terrorism. Nothing is good about an event that sees innocent people die and any of you douchenozzles that try to make it appear as if that’s what was being said are idiots. I find it sad you go this route but when we watch Extremists toss homosexuals off 30 story buildings you get offended that someone posted the article.

Oh and for all of you that don’t agree with my politics or don’t care what I think (which you clearly do) or who I “Let down” because of 2004? Delete, block, mute or shut up. I stopped caring about what people I don’t know think of me a long time ago.

No need to tag me, though Twitter mute makes it easier to stop it. I don’t care. I care about good people and this country, seeing our Constitution being the law of the land AGAIN. If you don’t agree I don’t care, not sure I can put that any more plainly. The people I know, the people that know me? They know who I am, what I stand for and what I believe.

If I do run for office I’m not getting your vote, you’re voting for a senator who’s manipulated the system to her financial gain all the while milking the very system she derides. So champion all of her achievements or stick to things you want to debate (more laws will stop criminals from getting guns, federal gov’t must act on who can use what restroom, Donald Trump said mean stuff and “Hillary never lied” etc.).

So for those who are deeply troubled in understanding the written word, I’ll help ya out.

“My first thought when seeing the news of the train wreck, and pictures, was “Holy crap, did we just get hit with another terrorist incident? If I am wrong then (newly inserted ending) to all you cowards too scared to admit you thought the same thing and will lie to your grave about it I am saying COOL in a way that denotes COOL as in I am glad it’s not terrorism and not COOL as in “I don’t care about the injuries or fatalities”.

If you needed that last part to be spelled out your a first class dick.


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