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Quick and easy electoral college lesson

August 25, 2017

If I have to hear one more uneducated, or overeducated liberal whine about the Electoral College as unfair and/or outdated I’m likely to roll my eyes out the back of my head. So in an effort to help spread education and awareness let me try to make this far simpler to understand. In all honesty, I think you all understand it, you just refuse to acknowledge its legitimacy when you lose.


Let’s take our electoral college for this example across the ‘pond’ to Europe. Our Europe is made up of 50 countries and ruled by a governing body of people we’ll never know and who are corrupt as all hell.

But something wild happens, like Soros, is removed from power, and the EU decides to create a constitution and democratically elect a President as well as a governing body.

Let’s also assume this population spread.

ecollageFor our example let’s take both approaches.

In our first example, we’ll go with 1 person 1 vote ALL votes count equally. Under that system using this data as the populations, who do you think picks the person to run Europe every single time?

So the 209+ million living in the “states’ of the former Soviet Union, where communism flourishes, their values, and their morals, their ethics, are now the foundation of the Constitution of the “new” EU.

Does the absurdity of that not become quickly apparent?

Under an electoral system, the countries up top would, like NY and California, have far more impact than most in the electoral college but their citizens alone would not and should never be the single deciding factor in every election. Why? Because they in no way represent anything beyond Russian interests. In the exact same manner, California has almost always been its own country with its own laws infringing on our constitutional rights. Always putting legal and illegal citizens, well ahead of the country’s well being. Take a peek at their voting history. The Russia/Eastern Europe California/New York comparison is actually far closer to reality than I think most would believe at first glance.

Do you want California and/or New York to pick our President every time? Me neither. The case could comfortably be made that the liberal voters in those two states represent pretty much the exact opposite of what the rest of the nation, common working men, and women, desire. If you don’t believe me look at this county by county map of the 2016 election:


The ‘right’ has always been about these:

  1. Defense of the country and constitution
  2. Less Gov’t intrusion
  3. Right to life
  4. More rights to each state
  5. Less ‘control’ for Gov’t
  6. Less power for Gov’t.

Think about this. Every single decision the left makes is based on one or more of the following factors:

Race, Sex, Sexual preference, religious preference, color and more.

Don’t believe me?

Check this out

clinton racism

Here’s a link to the email

Is this not racism in it’s simplest purest form? Is this also not a perfect method to build something guaranteed to fail? Nope, we don’t need to best and brightest, we need a Muslim, Hispanic, Asian, black and female.

Is this not the height of repulsiveness? Every one of these hires was built on anything but qualifications. Why wouldn’t the 12 positions be filled by the most qualified?

So basically if you read this the way it’s intended, no, your college degree didn’t get you this job, your skin color did. Your religious preference did, your God given sex did. No room on any of these teams for an insanely talented lesbian if you already have the 4 women (assuming COO is a white woman)? How about you being the most qualified person for “women” slots but you are transitioning to a male?

Does the putrid smell of elitism not emanate from every corner of this ideology?

The right? Every single decision true conservatives make is in the desperate attempt to CONSERVE American values. American values have absolutely nothing to do with your race, sex, sexual preference, religious preference, color and more.

They have everything to do with your desire to abide by the Constitution and the laws of the land and when it comes to jobs your ability, intelligence, and desire to be good.

We fought a civil war to make sure our constitution became fully color blind. We beat Democrats in that war, soundly. We passed 3 Amendments to give blacks the same rights as everyone else within the decade of that war ending.

If you are a young black man, or black women PLEASE read these three

Look at the dates they were passed. Then? Look at the dates of MLK and the march on Selma, Alabama. Why on earth would Mr. King OR Selma be necessary? You were given the same freedoms as I was almost 100 years earlier? There’s no logic there.

Here’s why it was a hundred years in the making.

Democrats introduced Jim Crowe, Segregation, lynching and the KKK. Terror and oppression that would last the next century and keep blacks from being able to prosper and fight for or earn their own place in society. Effort and desire remained irrelevant, for the next century it remained all about the color of your skin. Made even more repugnant by the fact blacks were allowed to fight in wars to defend the nation, defend the world and afterwards, Truman and Dems desperately tried to keep you from the GI Bill and other gov’t entitlements afforded every soldier who was not black.

We then fought another ‘civil war’ to end segregation. (Oh, by the way, Republicans tried TWICE to introduce anti-lynching amendments and BOTH times Democrats defeated them. You do know the 2nd time it was FDR leading the charge to keep your hands off the lynching laws?)

The switch? You were lied to, you were taught a complete and total lie. Don’t believe me? Work your ass off and look it up, using MANY actual sources and docs, and as it dawns on you that it was and always will be one of the largest hoaxes ever, get pissed.

Please take a look at this and there are MANY MANY more out there. Facts, not opinion, FACTS. 

When the black vote switched in the 1930s it did so behind a series of entitlement programs (many of which Democrats wished to exclude blacks from) bent on moving from the plantations of slavery to a new ‘plantation’ that would bypass ‘slavery’ and enter a new reality. The reality of ‘enslavement’. Before blacks were owned and forced to work for no pay. Now? Blacks were being given the chance to get paid for no work. Who wouldn’t change their vote?

I’m not going to go in depth about Margaret Sanger. If you want to know what Democrats through the modern ones of today have always thought read up on her and pay attention to her “Eugenics” plan and how people qualified to make her list of “Undesirables”. Hint: Being black qualified you for that list.

One more story. In the year XXXX at a college in this country a group of students have committed to protesting the speech of a conservative politician.

Their plan was to make the venue so loud through yelling it would drown out the speaker’s message and render the speech useless.

They were doing this in protest of War.

Not long before this event, a man approached these college students with a suggestion.

“Don’t go there and scream. Instead, dress up as KKK Members, full regalia, every single time the speaker says something you disagree with and want to yell and boo? You cheer.”

Students were like “what the hell?”

The man says “Ya, cheer him on. Because when that begins to happen you will garner 101% of the media attention. Not only that but the speaker, who is now supported by the Klan, is a white supremacist, even though everyone knew he was not.

Year = 1972

School = Tulane

Speaker = George H W Bush

Man =  Saul Alinsky

(Thanks, Dinesh!)

That sound anything like recent events?



Go back and look at pictures of the inner cities of Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and most other democratically led inner cities. First, check them out right around 1960 or so prior to MLK’s rise and victory in a Civil Rights movement (which without enthusiastic R support Dems would have never passed.) Now? Check out those same cities today.

Then ask yourself this very important, actually the most important question. What have almost 60 years of voting Democrat gotten you? How has it helped you rise up to be self-sufficient? Are you better or worse off 60 years after you went all in for Democrats? What did elite white Dems do that got you so hot to make sure the Maxine Waters of the world, Kwame Browns, Al Sharptons, Marion Berry’s, blacks who have risen to positions of power on the backs of corruption in YOUR states and in YOUR communities.

This is the greatest country in the world. Problem is the only thing that can bring us down is a division of our legal citizens to the point of anarchy and that’s happening before our very eyes.

If you do not educate yourself as to HOW we got here and how this will manifest itself then you are going to sit idly by and watch self-destruction being funded by globalist men of immense wealth and power who have one single goal: Control.

The same criminals who were apoplectic after Brexit are the same one’s bat shit crazy after last November.

Not a single ounce of concern about the future of this nation.

Why the hell do you think both Democrats AND Republicans are fighting this President? Their corrupt, felonious, scamming scummy evil system is being exposed and most all of them are in on it.

If WE THE PEOPLE do nothing we will end up getting exactly what we deserve.


P.S. Also know, unlike you’ve been taught in our liberal education system, there are NOT always two sides to every story and not every debate has a ‘middle ground’. Some things are just bad, good, terrible or amazing. When those ‘things’ are the opposite of what you have been ‘taught’ it can be very hard to break free of the BS.

You cannot “agree to disagree” on facts. Opinions fine, but not facts. That’s not how it works. Facts are provable. Opinions are malleable. If you care enough you can find out the facts about anything you doubt, anything you question. But if you go looking be very prepared to find things you will not want to find and facts you don’t want to believe.

Harper vs Strickland?

May 30, 2017

So I watched the replay of the brawl yesterday. Let me caveat this entire thing by saying I know neither of the guys involved. I’ve met Buster but it was never more than a handshake hello. Never heard a bad word about the guy and in some places, people see him as one of the faces of baseball. Most certainly in SF.

If you’re an athlete, fireman, police officer or soldier you’ll understand to some degree what I am about to say. When you earn that spot in the Lockerroom, clubhouse, office or barracks it’s a pretty sacred thing.

That’s your ‘home’ away from home and that ‘team’ is your 2nd family. You are one of the few that earned the right to be there, and that’s not a trivial thing.

Much like the real world, in your ‘house’ everything is on the table. For the most part, you are allowed and have to accept, being made fun of, making fun of, and ragging on everyone.

It’s like your family. You can say ANYTHING about your sister, but if someone outside your family does? They get a beating.

Many times you hear folks talk about retirement and what they miss and most of the time you hear ‘I miss being around my teammates’. 99% of what you say and hear is not publishable, but it is both hilarious and fun.

When you consider the cultural diversity inherent in the makeup of a team, squad, unit etc. it’s almost a necessity.

Why? First off as an athlete there’s the pressure to compete at a level people can’t fathom, every single game, and win. Some guys it eats up, some guys it does not. The city you play in can present challenges, like Boston, NY, Philly and some others.

It’s why the atmosphere is so ‘immature’ and high school like. It’s a way to relieve stress and a way to make EVERYONE feel they’re a part of something.

I won’t compare anything athletically to the others. A fire house, police station, or barracks on base. The difference is when athletes make mistakes we let our teammates, and our fans down. When the others make mistakes people die. No comparison in real world outcomes.

But that’s not to say all involved don’t have an extreme passion, and a skillset, to win.

Why am I going through all this? I want folks to understand how vital ‘belonging’ in that clubhouse is.

There were a few things I went into the game with and wanted to leave the game with. My teammate’s respect and loyalty were the two most important. Never in my career did I intentionally try to jeopardize either. I’ve talked ad nauseam about the ‘towel’ in 1993 and my reaction when told what it appeared to look like.

In my 22 years in sports, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Mitch was probably the teammate I liked the least, and I’m sure that was reciprocal. However, and this is the only part that really matters, there is not one situation ever when I wouldn’t have defended my teammate, any teammate, in a bench clearing brawl. my

Any issues we had were taken care of BEFORE 7:05 every night because when the bell rang it was about the name on the front of the jersey until the very last out.

Which leads me to the other day. In my life, starting around age 5 until I retired, I’ve never ever seen what I saw the other day. I’ve been in more than my share of bench clearers, but I never remember seeing a catcher stand still, and not protect his pitcher. It’s actually the catchers only job in that instance.

Now let me add this. Scott might have very well told them before the game he was going to do it. If he did that’s a chicken shit move. You don’t drill folks because you sucked. You drill guys to retaliate for your teammates and protect them during the game.

If he DID tell them, I would expect at least one person in the clubhouse to stand up and say “screw that. You want to fight on the playground take that shit outside.” It is and always will be about winning the game. You’ll get your chance if you were truly wronged. Pimping a home run has consequences. Being pissed you served it up can too.

Drilling someone for crushing you is both selfish and dangerous and not just for you.

Hell if someone drills a Giant player, that player should do whatever they do, and then confront the idiot that made it all possible.

I remember Darren Daulton telling a young pitcher “Listen if you can’t pitch inside don’t. Because if you fuck up and I get hit, after I beat the pitcher’s ass I’m coming in here to beat yours.”

I expected to hear that after the game Strickland had confronted Posey or something like that.

But the clubhouse, a good clubhouse, a winning clubhouse abides by the golden rule.

“What you see here, what you say here, what you do here, let it stay here when you leave here”.

So yes I was stunned when I watched the replay and saw Buster Posey standing with his hands on his hips. You don’t check medical history, or use any excuse other than “sorry I didn’t punch him hard enough’.

You live with these guys, you work and win, and lose, with these guys. Ask anyone, you want to be able to stand in that clubhouse, look around at the other guys and KNOW for a fact you have their backs and they have yours. There is no excuse, ever, for that not to be the case.

Hypocrite doesn’t do them justice. Dems are liars, frauds cheats and thieves.

April 3, 2017

Let’s take a look at who the Democratic party of 2017 is.

Let’s begin with some facts first. There is no 60 votes ‘standard’ for a Supreme Court Justice.

Here are the SC justices totals

  • Elena Kagan: 63 to 37 (2010)
  • Sonia Sotomayor: 68 to 31 (2009)
  • Samuel A. Alito Jr.: 58 to 42 (2006)
  • John G. Roberts Jr.: 78 to 22 (2005)
  • Stephen G. Breyer: 87 to 9 (1994)
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 96 to 3 (1993)
  • Clarence Thomas: 52 to 48 (1991)
  • Anthony M. Kennedy: 97 to 0 (1988)
  • Antonin Scalia: 98 to 0 in (1986)

As you can see two of our justices didn’t get 60 with Clarence Thomas barely nudging over 50.

So once again Chuck Shumer creates a lie and passes that on as news.


And lest we forget here’s a quote from the man himself.

“Look, when a nominee doesn’t get 60 votes, you shouldn’t change the rules,” Schumer said. “You should change the nominee,” he said. “Sit down and work with us, and we will produce a mainstream nominee,” he continued.


By the way, there has NEVER been a partisan filibuster over a Supreme Court nominee much less one of what is probably the most qualified judges in the courts’ history.

And also let us not forget the Messiah of the Democratic Party and his take on Filibusters.

We had a full year of hearing Joe Biden and Barack Obama and the rest of their liberal sheep screaming about the unfair tactic of holding up Merritt Garlands confirmation.

Yes, that Joe Biden.

Let’s take 1:44 seconds to remind ourselves how two faced and fraudulent these people are.

Oh and his boss? Ya, here he is playing both sides as well. They all do.


And finally some highlights.


You frauds. Here you are, recently, changing the very rules you’re bitching about now. You reap what you sow and you deserve every single thing you get.

I want you to Filibuster because every second you do a Conservative is born.


And then you have Nancy Pelosi. This video is who and what she is. Despicable, liar and screwing her party and the American people day in and day out.


Chuck Shumer? Here he is also playing both sides.


How did we get here? Hey, remember Harry Reid?  Even better? Watch him lie his ass off and stutter when presented with audio of him playing one side of the fence?

So yes, the Republicans are going to invoke the nuclear option and they’ll be both justified AND doing the will of LEGAL Americans everywhere.







97% of scientists agree on NOTHING.

March 25, 2017

In a 2009 American Geophysical Union (AGU) survey consisting of a brief two-minute, two question online survey sent to 10,257 earth scientists by two researchers at the University of Illinois liberals found their “holy grail” in a number. Regardless of the lies and omissions to get it, they got it and then the disseminated it around the world so that now you, and every other sheeple that can read, buy it.

Stay with me….

3,146 surveys were returned and responded to.

So let’s get the first two “facts” on your 97% in place.

  1. A 2 question survey was sent out BY?
  2. (a professional online survey site)

With me still? 31% of 10,257 scientists responded to a TWO question TWO minute survey.

What were the questions?

#1) “When compared with pre-1800s levels, do you think that mean global temperatures have generally risen, fallen, or remained relatively constant?”

#2) “Do you think human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperatures?”

They had to ask scientists two questions most every human with a degree from a non-liberal college, or a GED, could answer.

Still with me? Two questions, 10,257 folks surveyed, 3,146 answered. Where does the 97% come from?

Of the 3,146 “scientists” who responded, get this, 77, yes you read that right SEVENTY-SEVEN were “climate scientists” who had even half their ‘work’ peer-reviewed in “climate science journals”.

Still there? So that’s .02447% of the respondents who the left even considers ‘experts’ on the subject.

By the way, for those counting at home? Those 77 represent .0075% of all surveys sent out.

Ready for the big reveal?

The multi-trillion dollar ‘Climate Change, Global Warming, Ice Age” scam got its “97%” number, a number our last buffoon in chief quoted, because of the .0075% respondents of a survey, that’s 77, 75 of those 77 said yes to question 2.

THAT IS THE ENTIRE SUM OF THE CLIMATE CHANGE ARGUMENT. 75 of 77 scientists who HAD ALREADY PUBLISHED PAPERS on climate change agreed that human activity is a ‘significant’ factor in changing “MEAN GLOBAL TEMPERATURES”

So ya, you want to perpetuate the bullshit feel free, but you’re both a sheep and a mouthpiece for the white liberal elite scumbags trying to tear down this country.

Oh and also? You’re ass kissing people who ask you to bend over daily in both Liberals and Hollywood, neither of which adheres to ANYTHING relating to responsibility for this planet.

Here is the pretty pictures I know you need to understand the “sciency” stuff.




My response to Jerry and the BBWAA

December 23, 2016

Like every single profession on earth, baseball beat writers have diversity. All sexes, races, sexual preferences, religions and everything else you can imagine. It also has some amazing people, some horrible people and some in between. Nothing about that job makes it any different than the job you or anyone you know, goes to. The differences mainly begin, and end, with their positioning as it relates to career accomplishments in sports. For some reason many years ago people felt writers would be the perfect choice to decide who ‘gets in’ and who ‘doesn’t’ when it comes to pro sports hall of fame not to mention who wins and who loses on most every postseason award.

Before we go any further I want to make sure anyone reading this knows one thing. I’ve known Jerry Crasnick a long time. His article about me, the HoF and Twitter is the reason I write this. If you don’t like me, please stop reading or make sure you don’t respond in the comments. Chances are I don’t know you, you don’t know me and neither of us cares what the other thinks.

Anyway, as I was saying. Writers have been given this “power” to be judge and jury when it comes to many accolades in sports. Accolades many feel define a player and/or their careers, or should accompany them to the grave as their tombstone scrawlings.

None of this is meant to be condescending as I am unsure they are any more or less qualified than die hard sports fans in major sports hubs. However, I don’t think you could find many, if any, other options that would be better, worse, the same, as what we have. Players and coaches are often times either too close or don’t care. As a player, I always took the players choice awards deadly serious because I always felt that the opinions of my teammates and peers ruled over all else when it came to playing the game.

The only award I ever openly spoke about during my 22-year career was the Roberto Clemente Award. My wife and I spoke about that in 1992. Clemente was my dad’s idol, and by admiration mine too. I went to one MLB game in my lifetime as a fan, the final game of the 1972 season between the Mets and the Pirates and I watch Mr. Clemente get career hit #3000. He would die later that year in a tragic plane crash bringing aid to survivors of the Managua earthquake. He would be killed on my dad’s birthday 1/1/1973. It was one of two times in my life I saw my dad cry.

But that award, that man, represented everything right about the game and life and the award, to me anyway, was one you could not pitch for, you couldn’t play for, but you earned by espousing and representing the things Mr. Clemente did. I knew in 2001 that no matter how the World Series ended, my dad would be smiling down on my family.

So when the rants began this year, as they did last year, and people started directing comments my way and writing articles about me ‘losing support’ for the Hall of Fame, I sat back. Like I always do. I muted the idiots talking stank on Twitter, I just blocked FB trolls who had nothing to add to any conversation.

In my career, here is a list of things I did NOT do.

  1. Hit my wife, ever
  2. Hit a woman, ever
  3. Drive drunk, ever
  4. Do cocaine, smoke weed, or any of the other crap, ever
  5. molest a child, ever
  6. rape a woman, ever
  7. sexually assault someone, ever
  8. Say anything remotely racist to anyone, ever
  9. Bully a teammate
  10. Go after a fan
  11. Steal money
  12. Steal anything
  13. spit on an umpire
  14. Do steroids, ever
  15. Do HGH, ever
  16. bet on the game, ever
  17. Throw at a players head, ever
  18. disrespect the game in any way on the field, ever
  19. Never lied to ruin another person’s life to retain my ‘legacy’, ever
Now here’s the more important point. None of those things should be a reason to get into the Hall of Fame. That’s a list of things I hope most every player in the game can say they achieved as well. You can ask anyone that ever covered me, anyone, that ever played with me, anyone in any clubhouse I ever played in, or visited, any coach or manager I ever played for, any owner that paid me. You can ask any of them about anything on this list and not one can truthfully respond with anything other than “No, he didn’t”.
Now please don’t mistake that list as me saying I am clean or pure. That’s insanely far from the truth. I’ve always talked too much (why answer with 5 words when you can use 50?) and I’ve many many times said things I probably shouldn’t have. I’ve fought arguments I was woefully wrong about, but who hasn’t? I’m a Christian, and I recognize the very first and most important part of that in my life is the admission of just how deeply flawed I am. I don’t like it, I don’t TRY to be wrong. I despise bullies and I don’t say things to intentionally hurt people or to be malicious.
See the reason I don’t lose a minutes sleep at night, the reason I don’t and won’t give the HOF a second thought after this gets posted until I get asked about it again is this. I know exactly who and what I am. The people that know me know the very same.
You folks making fake news, lying, and pissing and moaning about me? Words matter.
I never compared Muslims to Nazis, I compared Muslim Extremist to Nazis. Which is 100% legitimate today, yesterday and will be tomorrow.
I never whined or complained about anyone or anything transgender. I reposted a picture of some horrific looking guy at Mardi Gras dressed as a woman and made the comment that in my opinion, we don’t need our Government to tell us who can pee in what bathroom. God did that when we were born.
I never said I was amenable to lynching anyone, ever. I remarked that a shirt mocking the death of modern journalism as we know it was all kinds of ‘awesome’. Like it or not the past 12 months the establishment media committed suicide right before our eyes.
I don’t have a past of attending lynchings, I don’t recall ever calling for the lynching of a reporter. Even one in the Hall of Fame who is a pedophile.
See I keep going back to this video when we talk about ‘offense’. 
I’m 50 years old. I lost my father at 21, in front of me, suddenly. I had cancer. I had a heart attack. I lost an enormous amount of money trying to create a company that would be different than anything before it.
If I had ANY of the crap in my past you haters dream of? It’d be out there.
I’ve lived too long, been through too much to have to think through every comment I want to make. If you aren’t racist, you aren’t violent, you aren’t ‘phobic’ then you generally don’t need to worry about ‘slipping up’ and using the “N” word or some other incredibly inappropriate thing. Those traits, those characteristics aren’t mistakes, they aren’t one-offs and they aren’t accidents. Those things are who people are.
Oh and I forgot one. For you idiots using the term “Nazi collection” please stop. You sound as stupid as you think you do. I have a WWII collection that is expansive. Much of it? Is here.
No, it’s not a ‘Nazi collection”. It’s a collection of items spanning the major adversaries involved in WWII and much of it is on display in a place that demands we never ever forget the tragedies of the past, so as never to repeat them in the future. Unlike the Confederate flag, you can’t pass a law to erase artifacts from public viewing, no matter how ignorant folks may be to their relevance. You folks who think you deserve to live in an ‘out of sight out of mind’ world should stop and think about that a minute.
Where is the rambling post going?
The writers Jerry cites in his article.
Dan Shaughnessey – A man who has hated life since the day I met him. A man who has never shied away from taking whatever shots he wants. A man who built his career on a fraud, the “Curse” and watched us kick its ass in 2004 all the while rooting his ass off for us to lose. CHB (ask Carl Everrett what this means) is what he is, he knows no more about the Red Sox, baseball, or life here than the most ardent of fans in Red Sox nation and that is NOT speculation. He interviewed me, often. When writers do that you know how much they know and understand about the game simply by the questions they ask. He has a vote, he doesn’t like me, I am not getting his vote. I can live with that.
Jon Heyman-Only thing you need to know is this guy created news out of lies and reported them. Once you do that how do you sleep at night and talk about anyone’s character? He took a fake conversation from Jason and me in 2004 and reported in the paper the next day Tek and I had a fight. I’m ok if he doesn’t like my ‘character’.
Evan Grant- How serious does this man take his job? Dustin Pedroia won the MVP, and just one writer in the game left him, not just out of 1st place, OFF HIS BALLOT.
Bill Conlin- Left Nolan Ryan OFF his HoF ballot to make a statement about Don Sutton. Oh and he was a pedophile who won the Ford C Frick award.
George King- NY Writer who refused to vote for Pedro for the MVP when he should have won, stating he didn’t vote for pitchers for the MVP, except he did, and does.
The point of the above stuff? To make people understand that when men like this call my character into question, you wonder why I don’t go crazy? Especially when the things they call into question are based on NOTHING but opinion. They’re human, as deeply flawed (some even more so) as anyone else. Oh, and many are as biased if not more, than anyone you know. You know how I know? I haven’t won a game or struck anyone out in 8 years, yet my vote total has changed every single year.
See this group of folks who question my character? They are the same ones that voted a pedophile into the writer’s wing of the Hall of Fame. They are the same ones who have no issues now, casting votes for men that cheated their asses off AND tried to ruin (or did) other people’s lives to protect their ‘legacy’. Men who cheated because they were jealous of the attention others got. Men who skewed the playing field but I still beat. Men who will never be able to look at their sons and say, with a straight face, I earned that.
If I don’t get into the Hall of Fame because of people like this questioning MY character? I’ll sleep ok. I will keep the rings, the trophies, and the memories.
Plus? The one thing I wanted and stated so when my career began. If the men I suited up with had to win a game, and their lives depended on it, what teammate would they want to have the ball on the mound? I think some of them would say me, and that my friends are all a player ever needs when they walk away.
I’m a conservative, I believe what I believe. I’m pro life, pro 2nd Amendment, I abhor some of this nation’s past mistakes but smile at the fact my country still makes heroes. I’m deeply flawed and I talk too much. If any one of those things is a reason a writer didn’t vote for me then that is never going to change.
I am not ashamed, nor embarrassed, by the things that I believe. It’s who I am, it’s what I know and all of that is out there. You don’t ever have to question where you stand with me, just ask. I’m incredibly honest. That doesn’t make me RIGHT, it makes me, me.
Jerry Crasnick, Jayson Stark, Rob Bradford, Tim Kurkijan, Karl Ravech, Sweeney Murti, Peter Gammons, Steve Buckley, John Gambadoro, Mark Asher and many more in the media are and always will be good people. Regardless of who they vote for (the ones with a vote), not one of them will tell you I am anything more than a smart ass, jokester and someone who loves to have fun.
And as far as Boston goes? I think true Sox fans will always know who and what I am.
I also understand I live in a town that banished Tim Thomas after he stood on his head and carried the B’s to a cup, and spent two weeks on air spewing about the fact Tom Brady had a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker. Disregard he’s the greatest regular season QB to ever lace them up. Or trashed the greatest head coach of all-time for supporting the President Elect.
If any or all of us had called President Bush a scumbag, or called Obama the greatest president ever, or lamented that Trump was things he actually is not? Not one of us would have lost an ounce of respect in this town from liberals.
Fans want you to shut your mouth when they don’t align with you off the field but those same fans will scream “It’s his constitutional right!” when a man kneels for the anthem by defending an outright and complete lie.
That’s not to claim good or bad, but to say I get it, I know how it works. My dad told me when you leave the house at 18 the word ‘fair’ no longer applies. The world isn’t looking to provide you with safe spaces or fair treatment. That’s not dark or brooding, that’s not angry, that’s just the world we live in.
Oh and one final thing. I am not angry, not by any stretch. Twitter has never conveyed emotion well.
Listen to my show every morning, 9-11 EST here, and you’ll be able to see that there is a marked difference between anger and passion. I have very little of the former, and I am overflowing with the latter.
So in closing. Thanks for trying to, I think, write a ‘nice’ article Jerry. Not many in my family thought it was but that’s ok, that’s why I love them and that’s what family is supposed to do.




Veterans Care Act

November 11, 2016

The VCA.

Using recent numbers from 2015 onward to create the template.

There are 18.8 million vets in the US

There are 3.9 million with service-connected disabilities

There are 7.2 million 18-64 in the workforce

There are 405,235 veteran owned businesses (north of 5% of all US business)

2013 numbers were 54.2 billion in VA Spending. 64.8 billion in disability and 14.4 billion in education.

Per some recent figures US Businesses have ‘stored’ over 2.1 Trillion dollars in profits, overseas. These same companies talk about programs and helping others, and here’s how.


The Veterans care act will begin with a 210 billion dollar fund. 10% of the money repatriated from overseas as a “tax” will actually create the foundation for this legislation.


First some numbers and some ‘rules’ going forward.

Under the VCA the Veteran and spouse pay no taxes. None. Not a dime. While in active service. Robbing Peter to pay Paul if there ever was an example. No income, no state, no federal, nothing.

Veterans median income is 38,978 dollars.

Veterans will now be responsible for the first 2000 (number can be worked) dollars of their families health care in a calendar year.

Veterans will be required to “pay in” to the VCA at a rate of 150 dollars a month minimum, they can pay more if they choose. Believe it or not, I know veterans that absolutely WOULD pay more and/or do.

Now those would be minimums. You could offer to pay MORE of your initial health care, which would result in a lesser rate of monthly contribution.

This will be a minimum of 3800 dollars per the calendar year.

Also very important. Veterans and their families can choose where, when, who and why they receive health care. There should be absolutely no limits on our veterans ability to seek health care given the fact that they’re offering up their actual health itself, for our country.

Disabled, unemployed veterans will still receive the full privilege of remaining in this program. Once you become an FTE of another company offering healthcare you will move onto that program.

7.2 million 18-64 veterans x 3800 per year would be covering the first 27.26 billion per year of health care costs for each other.

This is very much the medi-share model but with a huge reserve to start with.

Truth be told I would also like to create this very same program for our first responders/police officers.


This is a rough draft and a template at best for what could potentially be a solution to health care and our military. They should NEVER have to worry about where and when their care is coming.



Time to gloat? Nope.

November 9, 2016

Today in America children in California are crying, flags are being burnt in protest. People running around with “F Trump” signs.

Really? I mean really?

The group that’s railed on ‘fear mongering’ for months is once again that which they despise.

How about a reality check.

First off we now know the MSNBCs, CNN’s and most others in the mainstream media, as well as our political polling systems, are ‘part of the problem’. They conspired in every possible way to give Hillary Clinton this election, and they lost. They need to pay for that.

I honestly believe most of the polling companies committed some sort of flagrant fraud on their clients and the American people.

But let us get to the important stuff.

This was not a white man’s election.

This was not a black man’s election.

This was not a latino, Hispanic, Cuban or women’s election.

This was not a gay, trans, bi or pansexual election.

This was an election about the whites, blacks, Cubans, latinos, Hispanics, men, women, gays, trans, bi’s and everything else that make up THE MIDDLE CLASS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

If you’re poor, and you cannot provide for your family, the government will NOT stop taking care of you. Liberals have been saying since the 1930’s they are ‘your party’ while having never done a thing to lift those in poverty, out.

If you’re gay, and you’re married, the government is not going to nullify your marriage. part of the liberal rhetoric was aimed at some sort of false assault by Conservatives on gay rights? Where is that assault? Why on earth would ANYONE expect our government to insert itself into our bedroom, chapel or bathrooms?

Remember at the top of our founding document?


That’s who needs to be addressing the social issues we all argue about, we the people, not the people we elect to govern.

If you’re an illegal citizen of this country who wants to BECOME a legal citizen, this country will still provide you that path.

If you want free college? That’s likely not going to happen.

If you want to milk a system because you’re too lazy to make your own life? That’s likely going to be more challenging.

If you’re a member of the KKK? You’re still going to be the racist scum you were yesterday. Who is in the White House will never change that.

You won’t suddenly be subjected to cross burning or mosque destruction today because Donald Trump won the election. The racists that do those things will STILL go to jail under a Trump presidency.

There won’t be a sudden uptick in Klan marches and rallies with government backing. I know people like Van Jones would have you believe different, but freedom loving Americans yesterday that hated everything about the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church and the violent segments of the BLM movement haven’t suddenly donned cloaks or hoods. We still hate them.

If you’re a part of the movement that’s advocating and actively pushing for the execution of our police officers? Life is about to change for you too.

If you hate Jews, or you dislike Israel? My bet is you aren’t going to like our next administration much because they’ll work on behalf of both.

If you wanted more government intrusion into your everyday lives, or even worse, others? Don’t see that one coming to fruition.

If you’re a nation that supports or harbors terrorist it’s a better than average shot that we may “like you” under this current administration, but that’s about to change.

If you want to come here, if you are a refugee fleeing war, a woman, a child, a father with his family that is fleeing in terror, my bet is the Statue of Liberty and her promise will remain.

If you live here, and you wish harm on American’s, I’d bet your best course of action is to change objectives or leave.

My governments FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT priority is the health and well-being of my family and fellow Americans and for the first time in a good while there is someone in the white house who I trust cares about that just as much as I do.

I know you’ve been taught different, but I’ll say it in hopes it starts to gain the traction it deserves. Those racist events you experienced today, yesterday, the past few years? Those didn’t come up yesterday, those people didn’t become racist when Trump won.

Just like their counterparts in the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black Panthers, those people existed BEFORE this election, well BLM was created BY this administration but that’s another story, and they will unfortunately for us all exist long after this election.

As long as our Constitution remains in place, and unchanged, we’ll have to deal with scum like that for the rest of our lives. It is one of the “price you pay” tenants of truly being a free nation.

Donald Trump wants to repatriate TRILLIONS in US money stocked overseas. Why is that bad? Why not take the money and pour it into our 15-20 most poverty stricken cities? Help rebuild? Help keep our word to help those that cannot help themselves? Incentivize the Microsofts and IBMs, Googles and Facebooks who ‘say’ they want to help the poor, now make them prove it in a way that benefits EVERYONE.

Donald Trump wants to deny Iran a path to Nuclear weapons. Why is that bad? They have proven every single day of their 5213-year existence (which is how much I know of) that they never have, and never will live on a planet where Israel is allowed to exist and where “Zionist” (that’s you and I) are allowed to live. This administration lied its ass off when they presented the nuclear ‘deal’ and one only needs to look at Israel’s reaction to know.

A Donald Trump administration will stop in its tracks, any thought that we will ever again negotiate with Terrorists. This administration has and will cost us dearly in the past few years, as well as the coming ones.

But let me be clear, and this is obviously just MY opinion.

There is NO CHANCE any of this is going to happen without some ‘pain’. We’ve spent decades wanting to ‘help’ and to ‘aid’ but so few have ever been willing to pay the price. Well, it’s time. It’s time to rectify this runaway trainwreck, it’s time that we as Americans endured some pain after 40-50 years of ‘partying’.

We have debts, we have goals, we have heroes we have warriors and we have people who will travel around the world because their CiC says so, to defend people they don’t know. We have all of these things, but most importantly? We as a people now have full control over how we address them.

The Conservatives of America will now have a President, a Senate, a House and soon a Supreme Court. If we don’t come together to show minorities, to show the poverty stricken and the poor we are and have always been the party of the people we’ve always known ourselves to be then shame on us.

Yes I am a conservative, I am a VERY PROUD American. I love my Constitution, I love my country flaws and all, but at the end of the day I’ll be the first one to yell from ANY mountain if these next four years are not spent fixing the divisiveness this administration has foisted on us and if there is even the slightest hint of appeasing people that mean to kill us at home and abroad.

I would be remiss if I didn’t actually close by noting a few of my more memorable moments from last night’s election coverage.

  1. The sight of Juan Williams stumbling, time and time and time again, to find the words to explain away the stunning defeat of his candidate with anything and everything but the real reason. She lost because she does not represent what Americans want for our country. Oh, and the fact Obamacare is destroying our middle class.
  2. Van Jones on CNN. I wasn’t alive during the Cuban missile crisis.  But after seeing the black and white commercials of school kids hunkering under their desks (what was that actually going to do? Like a seat belt on an airplane?) in the case of nuclear war I could see him as the parent speaking to his kids the night before. He was talking in terrified tones “What do I tell them when they wake up in the morning?”.  “What are we supposed to tell our kids about the things a man like him says and does?”. Never mind his candidate is as despicable as any human ever. Oh, and what will become the new racist word for the left, “Whitelash”.

P.S. Last but most certainly not least. Our Government, before it’s “Crusade” for illegals, needs to address our veterans and their families. We need to create a system that provides free private health care to our veterans and their families. If the State Department can “misplace” 6 billion dollars with no repercussions, we sure as shit can find the money to take care of our men and women and their families who serve.

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