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Pass the Puck 12/17

December 17, 2018

Any of you DFS players it appears Letang IS playing tonight. Wanted to get that out of the way since we’re about an hour from puck drop.

So if you’ve been following along and have read about the ‘formulas’, there’s a few teams qualifying tonight.

Teams qualifying for F3 are 8-3 coming into tonight, the Pens qualify as do the Avalanche. Teams qualifying for F1 are the Ducks and Islanders, their qualifying has nothing to do with their opponents btw, just so happens to have worked out that way. Anyway, F1 teams are 4-18 coming into tonight.

So as you might guess I put my money on the Pens and the Avalanche moneylines tonight.

Just 5 games on the DK slate tonight. Nothing jumping out at ya but Colorado but their top line is so expensive you have to get the right matches with the other 2-3 lines around the schedule.

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