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Pass the Puck 12/14 edition

December 14, 2018

I was never a trash talker. I’d give and take in the clubhouse with teammates, and when I had the ball in my hand I had confidence, but I wasn’t a trash talker.

I did, however, lambaste trash talkers. Loved calling them out.

I say this because I deserve trash talking.

I was 55-22 before I started this blog, I gave 3 bets the 1st night, and went 0-3. I could list a litany of reasons why I lost but in betting, reasons are like buttholes, everyone has one and they all stink.

Tonight I went with Colorado -1.5 over St Louis and Pittsburgh -1.5 over Boston (Hate betting against the B’s!!!)

The Avalanche are as good as it gets and the Mackinnon line might be every bit as good as the Bergeron line when he’s healthy, if not better. They are on a roll and against a team that I have no clue about in the Blues who come into tonight a game below .500 at home and Jake Allen minding the net with his .899 save % and their league worst GA at home to boot.

Colorado is #2 in GF and the PP on the road.

I feel like the Pens are just starting to be the Pens. Crosby feels back and even with Hornqvist out they look better and better each night. Feels like DeSmith might be coming back to earth a bit but if they can get Murray right and get 2 goalies going things will get nasty.

I feel like the B’s are doing a yeoman’s job sans Bergy and Marchands 2 goals the other night might be a sign of things to come. 6-4 in their last 10 and given they have 38 pts with the massive number of injuries they’ve had to date should be a warning to the rest of the east to get while the getting is good on the B’s.

Normally Anthony Stolarz in net and the Flyers in town would mean the Oilers are a lock. But the back end of a back to back with West coast travel is a bitch on teams in baseball, can’t imagine what it’s like for guys skating. Philly could sneak one out and it could be a decent money line wager at +105.

The only other game I’d peek at to give 1.5 on would be Jets/Hawks in Chicago. Still getting a feel for hockey back to back games but this is an epic mistmatch.

For what it’s worth I went with the top line as one of my huge stacks tonight in DFS, the Hawks give up more shots than any team but one at home this year and the Jets are top 5 in the league in taking those shots. Expect 6-14 3.20 .930 Corey Crawford to need an IV between periods tonight.

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