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Daily Hockey fundamentals

December 13, 2018

I’m setting this out there as a basis for all the things that will come after. I’ve spent quite literally over a thousand hours researching the past 2 hockey seasons.

Every single game, every single player, everything. I’ve put together hundreds of pages of data, compiled thousands and thousands of data points. Missed, hit, wasted my time, found some nuggets and everything in between.

Let me tell you how it happened, and where it started.

I will often reference my playing career because many of the lessons I learned carried over and do so in almost every aspect of my life.

First, any manager I ever played for would tell you I was eminently coachable. I followed rules, I did my job and I had zero problems with being a part of a team. I say this because in doing so I was open to anything. I listened, I sought out advice, I looked for and talked to the best of the best. In plain speak? I didn’t try to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

I did the exact same thing here.

How? My first task last year started sometime in mid-December. I was tired of losing. I had won a small pot here and there, I had lost far more. The frustration wasn’t just in the loss but rather in the fact that not only was I losing consistently, but day in and day out the same 4-6 names were winning. Every…..single…

One thing I know about winning, consistent winning, is that it is never an accident or a coincidence. So I did exactly the same thing I did when I played. I went back to opening day of the hockey season and researched every single tournament I played in.

By research I mean I went through each tournament and wrote down every single team these guys that were winning had submitted. Each team they entered that qualified for prize money I could see their rosters.

By mid-December, there were more than enough games, tournaments, and data to see exactly how and what they were doing.

I am going to give a plug for a product I use, and most if not all good to great daily players use called Fantasy Cruncher  . Get it, familiarize yourself with it and use it. It’s an absolute necessity no matter what DFS sport or site you play.

So back to the data. I had combed through thousands of individual lineups and games and it had become sparklingly clear exactly how the premier players created their daily lineups. Not the players they picked, but how they picked the players they picked.

Let me give you a small sample of data I am talking about.

As of about a week ago in the 2018-19 season there had been a total of 15239 man games played. Meaning 1 player playing 1 game is 1 man game. So 15239 players had played a game.

If you selected a center, forward or defenseman that was NOT on his team’s power play unit you had a 58.41% chance that player would score 1 POINT OR LESS!

To that date, there had been a total of 144 games in which a player had scored 10 or more points on Draft Kings in a single game. 93.06% of the 144 10+ point games were had by players ON their team’s power play units and of that 72.92 % were on their teams top PP unit.

You see where I’m going right? The data is infinite and it’s easy as hell to get paralyzed by it. What is relevant? What isn’t? That’s part of the learning curve.

One more? Centers and Forwards that were on their team’s top line AND their teams top PP unit were the ONLY positions that registered 3.5 pts per game or more 50+% of the time (C = 55.18% and F = 50.87%).

That’s the kind of data I have compiled, and keep compiling. That’s the data I will be giving folks access to on a daily basis as I move forward fleshing this site out as both a DFS and betting site.

I will start getting into more detail as we move along into how I now compile my lineups and I have to say quite honestly I don’t know how I am going to do tonight but tonight is the first night in two years I finally feel like I am doing it the way the best of the best do it. (as I write this Vasilevsky is 43 of 44 vs Toronto tonight, guess the foots all better!). I’m sitting in 5th and 6th in the GPP big pool and 12th in the 400$ team game with just 1 entry. I’ll post my results each night and anyone that plays will see them anyway.

BTW, 2 of my bets from last night are looking like poop salad. Carolina, coming into tonight, was #1 on the road in shots for and shots against on the road, and tonight they’re being outshot 35-21 and down 4-2 in the 3rd. Not exactly what I was hoping for going public with my first night’s bets!

So anyway I wanted to start giving anyone interested a little insight into DFS and how it works. Clearly, there is no one way, but there is a right way. There is a way that it is done and players like Awesemo, l800Eddie, Testosterown, DollarBillW, boggslite and a few others do it consistently and do it right. They win night in and night out and they do so because they’re disciplined and they work within a very specific system.

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