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The Switch that never happened.

July 26, 2018

There is an open-ended debate on Twitter in which I was trying to explain to some folks the oversold and untrue story around the “switch” liberals want you to believe happened in the 1960’s, in political parties. If you aren’t interested in history stop reading now. It’s important to understand the history to understand the present so let’s start there.

Reconstruction Era 1863-1877

This was the end of the Confederate Nationalism as well as the ‘end’ of slavery. Slaves were supposed to receive the same legal rights as everyone else through the 13th 14th, and 15th Amendments passed within a few years of the end of the war.

So the ¾ of a million deaths from the War was the “price” paid by White AND many blacks as well, to end the South secession movement and abolish slavery.

I think it is imperative to at least have a top-level understanding of what those 3 amendments were intended to do, not what they actually did.

  • The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. No gray area, no nebulous meanings or intentions, slavery was now against the law, no exceptions.
  • The 14th Amendment in a nutshell basically gave every person living in the US citizenship rights AND more importantly equal protection under the law. This was mainly to allow now freed slaves to ‘enjoy’ the same freedoms as non-slaves.
  • The 15th Amendment added voting rights for ALL citizens of the USA, regardless of race, color or previous enslavement. There were no caveats. If you were a legal citizen, you could vote.

Two things to mention here. It’s hard for anyone to understand in even the slightest capacity what blacks had to, were, and would continue to endure long after the civil war. I often times make the argument that “if these amendments were passed in the 1860’s, why on earth would we need a civil rights march over 100 years later? Why would people need to march for rights already afforded them in the Constitution?”

Unfortunately, the answer is simple, our government and law enforcement failed to uphold those amendments in both word and deed. The terrorist arm of the Democratic party, the KKK, was born out of all of this legislation as a way to suppress, oppress, terrorize and murder blacks, and jews for decades AFTER these amendments were put into “law.”

Also, remember this. The day the war ended, the day emancipation was declared, north of 3.95 MILLION slaves were freed. Almost 4 million people who’d spent their lives in conditions no animal should endure much less a human being was now “free.” Why is this a thing?

Very few of them had even a grade school education. The ones that did, Booker T Washington Up From Slavery and Frederick Douglass My Bondage By Freedom explain the chaos that resulted. Yes, they were all beyond ecstatic they had their freedom now, but what were they supposed to do? They had quite literally no possessions, no money, no savings of any kind. Many willfully remained “employed’ by their previous masters as a way to stay ’employed’ and earn a living. I don’t think I can come close to conveying the world they were now in. But if you are truly interested in this country, its history and how we got here, please read one if not both of these books. You cannot begin to imagine the horrors these men endured. I will add this. I don’t know how either of them came out of the war without a bitter hatred for white men and women, but they didn’t. Not only that but they came out self-educated and with a burning desire to make the world ‘right’ and for that, I think we owe them a level of gratitude reserved for few people.

So at this point, right around 1870, the war to end slavery and preserve the colonies as one was over. Laws were all in place to give blacks, whites, and women equal rights.

What happened?

It’s imperative to also note the following. Try google searching for the history of African American voting. You will notice one odd but now familiar trend. It is going to take you a rather long time to find ANY information about the black vote before 1936.

Why is that?

1936 was the seminal moment of the African American Voters relationship with the Democratic party. FDR’s “New Deal” would present the black voter a ‘welfare state’ in which you could not only receive gov’t assistance but you could in many cases do so without having to actually do anything. What’s not to like? Democrats knew exactly what they were doing and why they did it.

Before 1936, the votes of blacks leaned over 80% Republican and why wouldn’t they? The (R) party was the party of abolition and freedom.

Many Democrats like to present this shift as one of ideology, which is in fact completely untrue. Doctrines didn’t change, policies did.

For a group of people who had suffered unspeakable horrors for well over a century, there was a government that was going to ‘give them something’ for nothing. Just for being black and/or poor, the government would give you money. Now understand that was it. You got nothing else, you didn’t get business preference, or education preference, hell the country was still segregated, and that was still a deal breaker for Democrats. FDR actually appointed a member of the KKK to the supreme court as well as vetoing not one but TWO pieces of anti-lynching legislation. Democrats weren’t looking to help the black voter get ahead, they were just after the black vote, period. Nothing more, nothing less. Take a quick look ahead to 1944 and the GI Bill. This was legislation intended to help returning veterans get to college, buy their own homes and essentially ‘get on their feet.’

Well, that is unless you were a black GI. Veterans of color were not able to utilize the housing provisions of the GI bill because banks would not make mortgage loans to blacks and even worse was the fact that blacks were excluded from living in the suburbs by a lethal combination of racism and deed covenants that made that option a pipe dream and affected generations to come.

So yes, the New Deal ‘helped’ the black voter, it certainly bought their votes, and in many ways still does, but there was and never has been anything close to a serious effort from Democrats to allow those same voters to not just ‘survive’ but most importantly get up, dust off and get ahead.

Also, don’t forget this was the “peak” of the KKK’s influence and terror. A democratic creation of insatiable violence and terror to blacks and Jews in America. Many members of the party were actual MEMBERS and LEADERS of the KKK.

  1. Robert Byrd Senator and liberal “Icon” (Exalted Cyclops of his chapter) also known to Americans worldwide as Hillary Clinton’s “mentor.”
  2. Hugo Black joined the KKK in the early 20’s (to gain votes from Alabama voters who were staunchly anti-catholic)
  3. Bibb Graves (Exalted Cyclops of his Alabama Klan Chapter)
  4. Clifford Walker (Gov of Georgia) was a Klan member,
  5. George Gordon US house of reps was one of the Klan’s first members,
  6. John Tyler Morgan was the Grand Dragon of the KKK in Alabama,
  7. Edmund Pettus, a senator from Alabama, was also a Grand Dragon of the Alabama KKK,
  8. John Gordon Brown US Senator from Georgia was a member, and there was evidence he was actually the head of the Klan for Georgia as well,
  9. John Clinton Porter Mayor of LA was a member of the 1920s
  10. David Duke who began life as a Democrat and then when it became apparent he couldn’t get anywhere there, he switched parties and received even less recognition from Republicans, was the founder and grand wizard of the Knights of the KKK in the mid-1970’s. He ran for President in the 1988 Democratic primary.
  11. Benjamin Stapleton was the mayor of Denver and a klan member who used his position as mayor to appoint other members of the KKK to local govt positions.
  12. Harry S Truman paid the KKK’s 10$ membership fee in 1924

Now don’t be misled, there were men labeled Republicans who were members of the Klan. The main difference is they were nobodies who the party distanced themselves from when those affiliations became known. A quick look at their voting records shows you they were the first true RINO’s (Republicans in name only). Democrats LOVE these folks as they allow anyone not willing to look for themselves an opportunity to do what they always do, paint someone else in a horrific light that if you were to actually turn it on, would shine directly in their own faces.

Very much the same as the pedophiles, perverts and sexual deviants today. Both parties have them but don’t you find it disturbing that not only do Democrats merely destroy any other ‘party’ or ‘group’ in numbers of deviants, but their deviants aren’t “nobodies.” They are Presidents, Clinton, Kennedy, and world-changing power brokers like Harvey Weinstein and the Epstein clown and some of the biggest names Spacey, Gunn, Silverman and more. They have now started an effort to make pedophilia and rape “funny,” ‘uncomfortable” and “edgy” humor instead of being the tent pole for sexual deviance and repulsiveness that should be accompanied with life in prison or the death penalty.

But as usual, I digress.

We have the history of the black vote up through the second world war, and into the post-war period where segregation, racism, and Jim Crow Laws still ruled the day.

A quick note about Jim Crow laws.

They encompass any and all of the laws that enforced racial segregation in the south between the end of the reconstruction period, 1877, and the beginning of the civil rights movement of the 1950’s.

Minstrel shows were a theatrical form created in the early 1900’s to show and mock racial stereotypes. Think of “Blackface” and all that other crap. Jumpin’ Jim Crow was a particular “minstrel routine” which started in 1828 and was imitated for a lengthy period of time after. Jim Crow became a derogatory epithet for African Americans and has always remained just that.

But Jim Crow laws were the brainchild of the same Democrats that launched the KKK. These laws were passed to keep blacks and whites separated in every public forum from buses to schools, parks, cemeteries, restaurants, movie and show theaters. It was a concerted effort to keep blacks and whites from public contact. If you can believe this, it was actually codified into law by our very own US Supreme Court in 1896.

That lasted until the same supreme court reversed Plessy v Ferguson in 1954 in Brown v Board of Education Topeka. School segregation became unconstitutional. Sadly that lengthy period of time between 1896 and 1954 did not confine itself to our schools. Hell in 1898 Louisiana, soon followed by the democratic bastions of Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia passed “Grandfather clauses” to keep former slaves and their descendants from voting. The registered black vote fell from 44.8% to 4.0% in 1900.

How did that happen? How could these things happen when 70 some years before our Constitution was amended to stop this very thing from ever happening again?

How? Democrats and the KKK are how. Their coordinated campaign of violence and terror kept this nation from moving forward for decades. This wasn’t an “American issue’, this was a Democrat issue.

You don’t believe me? Ask someone about the “big switch” that supposedly happened in 1964. That switch? It involved precisely 4 members of the democratic party. Yes, 4.

And here is an enormous part of our history I will bet you never ever heard before. Every democrat that swapped to Republican in 1964 did so behind Barry Goldwater. Now liberals will tell you this is because these anti-segregation ‘racists’ were what republicans came to be.

That’s a lie. If you care about the truth check out the voting records in many cases. Goldwater voted against the act for a reason having  NOTHING to do with segregation or race. Like most every conservative his ONLY concern was the addition of power to the federal government and removal of states rights. That was the position of almost all Republicans in opposition to the bill. They didn’t want states rights to be jeopardized because they knew something about Democrats that we’ve learned the hard way. It’s never enough. Democrats have always been ‘give an inch take a mile,’ and we’re seeing that now in their approach to our border laws and 2nd Amendment. There is no situation ever where Democrats have rescinded even an ounce of power they’ve managed to steal from the people.

So no, there was no major ideology shift, it never happened.

The left is the party of ‘the people’?

Last presidential primary anyone?

Republicans? A Cuban, a world-class African American neurosurgeon, a woman who ran a fortune 500 company and some ‘old white guys.’

The Democrats?

The most corrupt repulsive and irrational old white women to ever run for any office north of dog catcher

“Two old white guys” one of whom allowed his OWN PARTY to rig the election so his opponent would win.

Who in the hell would want a man who won’t even fight for himself to get elected to a position that would force him to fight for others?

So a diverse group of candidates vs. three old wealthy whites. Party of the people my ass.

If you’ve stayed this long thanks. I hope you read something you might not have known before. You can absolutely hate my opinion, disagree with my opinion. It’s the same as Breitbart and CRTV. Our beliefs are conservative, and always up for debate. But? Facts are facts and always will be.

If you don’t believe me look for yourself.

I will warn you in advance though, be ready to have some things revealed to you that you never thought possible.

This “Walkaway” movement? That’s exactly who makes up that group, people who’ve listened to their whole lives to a message not a single one of their leaders or politicians lives.

The left has become the very thing they despise. They are the very thing they profess to hate.

Think “Antifa.” Antifa is a group of people acting EXACTLY like the brownshirts of the 1930’s, that is to say, fascists, all the while trying to convince the world they are AGAINST fascism.

And for the love of God would you liberals stop invoking Nazi history in ways that have nothing to do with actual history? Nazi’s were and still, today are a group of intolerant, hatred of anything and anyone that is not aligned with their ideology.

They launched their ‘movement’ shutting down stores and burning property of things and people they don’t like and disagreed with and/or were violent towards people for speaking out in opposition to their ideology. That’s EXACTLY what this ‘progressive’ movement is about.

Remember the photos of ISIS tearing down Christian statues in the middle east? They were statues of a religious ideology they oppose. Remember the images of Antifa tearing down statues of Confederate War Generals? Those statues weren’t erected to ‘support’ slavery, they were erected as monuments to our history. Our history is certainly not paved in gold and lined in platinum. We’ve made mistakes, horrible ones. But we still remain the only nation in existence that went to war, with ourselves, to end slavery. It’s imperative that we never forget the mistakes we made as we move forward. In the liberal world, it’s out of sight out of mind. Remember when they told us the way to the hearts of terrorists was jobs? Ya, those guys. Our liberal education system has stopped teaching our kids correct US and world history. Combine that with removal of public monuments and what are you going to get?

Think that’s insane? Why on earth is there a Holocaust museum? A museum to WWII? There are some ‘displays’ inside both you will never unsee. Why are they there? To remind us of true evil, laws, no laws, wishes, and dreams will never make true evil go away. You cannot ever forget where we’ve come and more importantly what we’ve done, both good and evil, to get here.

No borders? No one is consciously that stupid. You cannot even feign to be a sovereign nation without boundaries that you PROTECT.

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  1. Frank Broughton permalink
    July 27, 2018 9:51 am

    Excellent article Curt. Think I will grab those two books and give them a reading. There was no shift indeed, the Democratic party have been “evil” and that by “design” and “plan” for a long long time. RINO’s are part of their plan, liberals do not build anything, they just take over and destroy.

  2. July 27, 2018 10:18 am

    This is one of the best posts I have seen on this subject. You have a lot of passion, and you back it up with facts. It is a pity that the left never met a fact that they liked. It is also a pity that when they do trip over an unavoidable fact, they twist it and lie about it. Thank you for your voice. It adds a lot to the debate, although I’m not sure if we can ever have a true debate in this country when a third of the country has their fingers in their ears and starts shouting when they hear something they don’t like. I have been reading 38 pitches for awhile now, and I usually don’t comment, but this was so exceptional that I had to. I am forwarding it to a few people I know. A few of them will scream loud enough for me to hear two states away!

  3. August 3, 2018 5:22 pm

    Curt, thank you. As the comment above aptly stated: “thank you for your passion.”
    Your thought out and measured post should be required reading in Junior High (or earlier).
    As an aside, I’m familiar with your similar passion for WWII. You’d get a kick out of talking to my Dad. He just turned 93. Veteran on the Pacific Theatre. Retired Englis/Latin Teacher, Shakespeare scholar and still very vital (he still teaches a Shakespeare course at UMass Lowell to retirees). You’d love his story about how he almost ran over General MacArthur on a beach in the So. Pacific…
    Anyway, thanks for listening and keep up the good work. Thanks for 2004 too.
    Illegitimi non carborundum.

  4. Lily Sado permalink
    August 9, 2018 7:18 pm

    You can see the solid conservative south transition specifically by looking at the electoral map of the solid south over time:

    One can also appreciate the transition by comparing which congressional seats were controlled by which parties over time. Try comparing the 115th United States Congress under Trump to the 71st United States Congress under Hoover.

    The transition is also evident if you dig through through the historic party platforms. Any of these sources will give you a look at the basics of what did and didn’t change. While the details are complex, the FACT is clear in the statistics.

  5. August 10, 2018 6:37 am

    I followed BryanDeanWright at your suggestion – I will work on informing him he is a conservative PATRIOT. I urge anyone who sees this comment to read a piece by our friend Diane Richardson (an octogenarian, former MARINE, Engineer, MBA Program Manager AND FORMER DEMOCRAT) titled “Witness To Evil” She somewhat nails their evil. ❤️ – LJ

  6. August 10, 2018 7:05 am

    Curt you have nailed this subject many times (and you must keep on) but I would love for you to write a piece on the party of “eugenics” which will really wake more people up to the fact that everyone (hopefully) gets old! – LJ

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