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Quick and easy electoral college lesson

August 25, 2017

If I have to hear one more uneducated, or overeducated liberal whine about the Electoral College as unfair and/or outdated I’m likely to roll my eyes out the back of my head. So in an effort to help spread education and awareness let me try to make this far simpler to understand. In all honesty, I think you all understand it, you just refuse to acknowledge its legitimacy when you lose.


Let’s take our electoral college for this example across the ‘pond’ to Europe. Our Europe is made up of 50 countries and ruled by a governing body of people we’ll never know and who are corrupt as all hell.

But something wild happens, like Soros, is removed from power, and the EU decides to create a constitution and democratically elect a President as well as a governing body.

Let’s also assume this population spread.

ecollageFor our example let’s take both approaches.

In our first example, we’ll go with 1 person 1 vote ALL votes count equally. Under that system using this data as the populations, who do you think picks the person to run Europe every single time?

So the 209+ million living in the “states’ of the former Soviet Union, where communism flourishes, their values, and their morals, their ethics, are now the foundation of the Constitution of the “new” EU.

Does the absurdity of that not become quickly apparent?

Under an electoral system, the countries up top would, like NY and California, have far more impact than most in the electoral college but their citizens alone would not and should never be the single deciding factor in every election. Why? Because they in no way represent anything beyond Russian interests. In the exact same manner, California has almost always been its own country with its own laws infringing on our constitutional rights. Always putting legal and illegal citizens, well ahead of the country’s well being. Take a peek at their voting history. The Russia/Eastern Europe California/New York comparison is actually far closer to reality than I think most would believe at first glance.

Do you want California and/or New York to pick our President every time? Me neither. The case could comfortably be made that the liberal voters in those two states represent pretty much the exact opposite of what the rest of the nation, common working men, and women, desire. If you don’t believe me look at this county by county map of the 2016 election:


The ‘right’ has always been about these:

  1. Defense of the country and constitution
  2. Less Gov’t intrusion
  3. Right to life
  4. More rights to each state
  5. Less ‘control’ for Gov’t
  6. Less power for Gov’t.

Think about this. Every single decision the left makes is based on one or more of the following factors:

Race, Sex, Sexual preference, religious preference, color and more.

Don’t believe me?

Check this out

clinton racism

Here’s a link to the email

Is this not racism in it’s simplest purest form? Is this also not a perfect method to build something guaranteed to fail? Nope, we don’t need to best and brightest, we need a Muslim, Hispanic, Asian, black and female.

Is this not the height of repulsiveness? Every one of these hires was built on anything but qualifications. Why wouldn’t the 12 positions be filled by the most qualified?

So basically if you read this the way it’s intended, no, your college degree didn’t get you this job, your skin color did. Your religious preference did, your God given sex did. No room on any of these teams for an insanely talented lesbian if you already have the 4 women (assuming COO is a white woman)? How about you being the most qualified person for “women” slots but you are transitioning to a male?

Does the putrid smell of elitism not emanate from every corner of this ideology?

The right? Every single decision true conservatives make is in the desperate attempt to CONSERVE American values. American values have absolutely nothing to do with your race, sex, sexual preference, religious preference, color and more.

They have everything to do with your desire to abide by the Constitution and the laws of the land and when it comes to jobs your ability, intelligence, and desire to be good.

We fought a civil war to make sure our constitution became fully color blind. We beat Democrats in that war, soundly. We passed 3 Amendments to give blacks the same rights as everyone else within the decade of that war ending.

If you are a young black man, or black women PLEASE read these three

Look at the dates they were passed. Then? Look at the dates of MLK and the march on Selma, Alabama. Why on earth would Mr. King OR Selma be necessary? You were given the same freedoms as I was almost 100 years earlier? There’s no logic there.

Here’s why it was a hundred years in the making.

Democrats introduced Jim Crowe, Segregation, lynching and the KKK. Terror and oppression that would last the next century and keep blacks from being able to prosper and fight for or earn their own place in society. Effort and desire remained irrelevant, for the next century it remained all about the color of your skin. Made even more repugnant by the fact blacks were allowed to fight in wars to defend the nation, defend the world and afterwards, Truman and Dems desperately tried to keep you from the GI Bill and other gov’t entitlements afforded every soldier who was not black.

We then fought another ‘civil war’ to end segregation. (Oh, by the way, Republicans tried TWICE to introduce anti-lynching amendments and BOTH times Democrats defeated them. You do know the 2nd time it was FDR leading the charge to keep your hands off the lynching laws?)

The switch? You were lied to, you were taught a complete and total lie. Don’t believe me? Work your ass off and look it up, using MANY actual sources and docs, and as it dawns on you that it was and always will be one of the largest hoaxes ever, get pissed.

Please take a look at this and there are MANY MANY more out there. Facts, not opinion, FACTS. 

When the black vote switched in the 1930s it did so behind a series of entitlement programs (many of which Democrats wished to exclude blacks from) bent on moving from the plantations of slavery to a new ‘plantation’ that would bypass ‘slavery’ and enter a new reality. The reality of ‘enslavement’. Before blacks were owned and forced to work for no pay. Now? Blacks were being given the chance to get paid for no work. Who wouldn’t change their vote?

I’m not going to go in depth about Margaret Sanger. If you want to know what Democrats through the modern ones of today have always thought read up on her and pay attention to her “Eugenics” plan and how people qualified to make her list of “Undesirables”. Hint: Being black qualified you for that list.

One more story. In the year XXXX at a college in this country a group of students have committed to protesting the speech of a conservative politician.

Their plan was to make the venue so loud through yelling it would drown out the speaker’s message and render the speech useless.

They were doing this in protest of War.

Not long before this event, a man approached these college students with a suggestion.

“Don’t go there and scream. Instead, dress up as KKK Members, full regalia, every single time the speaker says something you disagree with and want to yell and boo? You cheer.”

Students were like “what the hell?”

The man says “Ya, cheer him on. Because when that begins to happen you will garner 101% of the media attention. Not only that but the speaker, who is now supported by the Klan, is a white supremacist, even though everyone knew he was not.

Year = 1972

School = Tulane

Speaker = George H W Bush

Man =  Saul Alinsky

(Thanks, Dinesh!)

That sound anything like recent events?



Go back and look at pictures of the inner cities of Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and most other democratically led inner cities. First, check them out right around 1960 or so prior to MLK’s rise and victory in a Civil Rights movement (which without enthusiastic R support Dems would have never passed.) Now? Check out those same cities today.

Then ask yourself this very important, actually the most important question. What have almost 60 years of voting Democrat gotten you? How has it helped you rise up to be self-sufficient? Are you better or worse off 60 years after you went all in for Democrats? What did elite white Dems do that got you so hot to make sure the Maxine Waters of the world, Kwame Browns, Al Sharptons, Marion Berry’s, blacks who have risen to positions of power on the backs of corruption in YOUR states and in YOUR communities.

This is the greatest country in the world. Problem is the only thing that can bring us down is a division of our legal citizens to the point of anarchy and that’s happening before our very eyes.

If you do not educate yourself as to HOW we got here and how this will manifest itself then you are going to sit idly by and watch self-destruction being funded by globalist men of immense wealth and power who have one single goal: Control.

The same criminals who were apoplectic after Brexit are the same one’s bat shit crazy after last November.

Not a single ounce of concern about the future of this nation.

Why the hell do you think both Democrats AND Republicans are fighting this President? Their corrupt, felonious, scamming scummy evil system is being exposed and most all of them are in on it.

If WE THE PEOPLE do nothing we will end up getting exactly what we deserve.


P.S. Also know, unlike you’ve been taught in our liberal education system, there are NOT always two sides to every story and not every debate has a ‘middle ground’. Some things are just bad, good, terrible or amazing. When those ‘things’ are the opposite of what you have been ‘taught’ it can be very hard to break free of the BS.

You cannot “agree to disagree” on facts. Opinions fine, but not facts. That’s not how it works. Facts are provable. Opinions are malleable. If you care enough you can find out the facts about anything you doubt, anything you question. But if you go looking be very prepared to find things you will not want to find and facts you don’t want to believe.

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  1. August 25, 2017 2:05 am

    an indicator of just how far the Bay State has gone. Boston needs a Mayor, do you have to move for that?

  2. August 25, 2017 6:56 am

    Keep detoxifying – your brilliance is surging! 😀 Excellent piece!

  3. Tom Carey permalink
    August 25, 2017 1:16 pm

    loved you as a pitcher love you as a Consetvative.

    Tom Carey

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  4. lakeoconee Finefrock permalink
    August 25, 2017 1:45 pm


    we love the way you think…..

    hope all is good with you and your family

    the Finefrocks


  5. August 29, 2017 5:46 am

    Thanks for the reminder that it is our civic duty to arm ourselves with this type of information. It is amazing how so few care to look further than what is being flashed in front of them via the media and our corrupt politicians.

  6. January 13, 2018 12:28 am

    This post should have been posted many years ago. Why do you assume it’s only liberals that need this tutorial ? I was acquainted with your politics years ago. I fell off the radar when Trump was elected and am just testing the waters. Have great respect for you as an athlete. Loved your gutsy performance for the Red Sox. Read a blog you wrote that had to do with your daughter. I hope you are well. Are you a Trump supporter ? I am not.

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