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Veterans Care Act

November 11, 2016

The VCA.

Using recent numbers from 2015 onward to create the template.

There are 18.8 million vets in the US

There are 3.9 million with service-connected disabilities

There are 7.2 million 18-64 in the workforce

There are 405,235 veteran owned businesses (north of 5% of all US business)

2013 numbers were 54.2 billion in VA Spending. 64.8 billion in disability and 14.4 billion in education.

Per some recent figures US Businesses have ‘stored’ over 2.1 Trillion dollars in profits, overseas. These same companies talk about programs and helping others, and here’s how.


The Veterans care act will begin with a 210 billion dollar fund. 10% of the money repatriated from overseas as a “tax” will actually create the foundation for this legislation.


First some numbers and some ‘rules’ going forward.

Under the VCA the Veteran and spouse pay no taxes. None. Not a dime. While in active service. Robbing Peter to pay Paul if there ever was an example. No income, no state, no federal, nothing.

Veterans median income is 38,978 dollars.

Veterans will now be responsible for the first 2000 (number can be worked) dollars of their families health care in a calendar year.

Veterans will be required to “pay in” to the VCA at a rate of 150 dollars a month minimum, they can pay more if they choose. Believe it or not, I know veterans that absolutely WOULD pay more and/or do.

Now those would be minimums. You could offer to pay MORE of your initial health care, which would result in a lesser rate of monthly contribution.

This will be a minimum of 3800 dollars per the calendar year.

Also very important. Veterans and their families can choose where, when, who and why they receive health care. There should be absolutely no limits on our veterans ability to seek health care given the fact that they’re offering up their actual health itself, for our country.

Disabled, unemployed veterans will still receive the full privilege of remaining in this program. Once you become an FTE of another company offering healthcare you will move onto that program.

7.2 million 18-64 veterans x 3800 per year would be covering the first 27.26 billion per year of health care costs for each other.

This is very much the medi-share model but with a huge reserve to start with.

Truth be told I would also like to create this very same program for our first responders/police officers.


This is a rough draft and a template at best for what could potentially be a solution to health care and our military. They should NEVER have to worry about where and when their care is coming.



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  1. November 11, 2016 8:11 pm

    Amen. #preachit

  2. November 13, 2016 8:02 am

    Good points Curt, The issue for me and many others, the VA is so horrible I will never go back! I like the idea of seeing any doctor outside the VA, which after 8 months of ER visits, PCP visits without an answer I was finally put “Veteran’s Choice”. It was too late.

  3. November 15, 2016 11:28 am

    Curt, step up and run against Warren. She needs to go immediately, if you need a campaign manager, let me know! Drain the swamps of Massachusetts.

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