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Time to gloat? Nope.

November 9, 2016

Today in America children in California are crying, flags are being burnt in protest. People running around with “F Trump” signs.

Really? I mean really?

The group that’s railed on ‘fear mongering’ for months is once again that which they despise.

How about a reality check.

First off we now know the MSNBCs, CNN’s and most others in the mainstream media, as well as our political polling systems, are ‘part of the problem’. They conspired in every possible way to give Hillary Clinton this election, and they lost. They need to pay for that.

I honestly believe most of the polling companies committed some sort of flagrant fraud on their clients and the American people.

But let us get to the important stuff.

This was not a white man’s election.

This was not a black man’s election.

This was not a latino, Hispanic, Cuban or women’s election.

This was not a gay, trans, bi or pansexual election.

This was an election about the whites, blacks, Cubans, latinos, Hispanics, men, women, gays, trans, bi’s and everything else that make up THE MIDDLE CLASS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

If you’re poor, and you cannot provide for your family, the government will NOT stop taking care of you. Liberals have been saying since the 1930’s they are ‘your party’ while having never done a thing to lift those in poverty, out.

If you’re gay, and you’re married, the government is not going to nullify your marriage. part of the liberal rhetoric was aimed at some sort of false assault by Conservatives on gay rights? Where is that assault? Why on earth would ANYONE expect our government to insert itself into our bedroom, chapel or bathrooms?

Remember at the top of our founding document?


That’s who needs to be addressing the social issues we all argue about, we the people, not the people we elect to govern.

If you’re an illegal citizen of this country who wants to BECOME a legal citizen, this country will still provide you that path.

If you want free college? That’s likely not going to happen.

If you want to milk a system because you’re too lazy to make your own life? That’s likely going to be more challenging.

If you’re a member of the KKK? You’re still going to be the racist scum you were yesterday. Who is in the White House will never change that.

You won’t suddenly be subjected to cross burning or mosque destruction today because Donald Trump won the election. The racists that do those things will STILL go to jail under a Trump presidency.

There won’t be a sudden uptick in Klan marches and rallies with government backing. I know people like Van Jones would have you believe different, but freedom loving Americans yesterday that hated everything about the KKK, Westboro Baptist Church and the violent segments of the BLM movement haven’t suddenly donned cloaks or hoods. We still hate them.

If you’re a part of the movement that’s advocating and actively pushing for the execution of our police officers? Life is about to change for you too.

If you hate Jews, or you dislike Israel? My bet is you aren’t going to like our next administration much because they’ll work on behalf of both.

If you wanted more government intrusion into your everyday lives, or even worse, others? Don’t see that one coming to fruition.

If you’re a nation that supports or harbors terrorist it’s a better than average shot that we may “like you” under this current administration, but that’s about to change.

If you want to come here, if you are a refugee fleeing war, a woman, a child, a father with his family that is fleeing in terror, my bet is the Statue of Liberty and her promise will remain.

If you live here, and you wish harm on American’s, I’d bet your best course of action is to change objectives or leave.

My governments FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT priority is the health and well-being of my family and fellow Americans and for the first time in a good while there is someone in the white house who I trust cares about that just as much as I do.

I know you’ve been taught different, but I’ll say it in hopes it starts to gain the traction it deserves. Those racist events you experienced today, yesterday, the past few years? Those didn’t come up yesterday, those people didn’t become racist when Trump won.

Just like their counterparts in the Black Lives Matter movement and the Black Panthers, those people existed BEFORE this election, well BLM was created BY this administration but that’s another story, and they will unfortunately for us all exist long after this election.

As long as our Constitution remains in place, and unchanged, we’ll have to deal with scum like that for the rest of our lives. It is one of the “price you pay” tenants of truly being a free nation.

Donald Trump wants to repatriate TRILLIONS in US money stocked overseas. Why is that bad? Why not take the money and pour it into our 15-20 most poverty stricken cities? Help rebuild? Help keep our word to help those that cannot help themselves? Incentivize the Microsofts and IBMs, Googles and Facebooks who ‘say’ they want to help the poor, now make them prove it in a way that benefits EVERYONE.

Donald Trump wants to deny Iran a path to Nuclear weapons. Why is that bad? They have proven every single day of their 5213-year existence (which is how much I know of) that they never have, and never will live on a planet where Israel is allowed to exist and where “Zionist” (that’s you and I) are allowed to live. This administration lied its ass off when they presented the nuclear ‘deal’ and one only needs to look at Israel’s reaction to know.

A Donald Trump administration will stop in its tracks, any thought that we will ever again negotiate with Terrorists. This administration has and will cost us dearly in the past few years, as well as the coming ones.

But let me be clear, and this is obviously just MY opinion.

There is NO CHANCE any of this is going to happen without some ‘pain’. We’ve spent decades wanting to ‘help’ and to ‘aid’ but so few have ever been willing to pay the price. Well, it’s time. It’s time to rectify this runaway trainwreck, it’s time that we as Americans endured some pain after 40-50 years of ‘partying’.

We have debts, we have goals, we have heroes we have warriors and we have people who will travel around the world because their CiC says so, to defend people they don’t know. We have all of these things, but most importantly? We as a people now have full control over how we address them.

The Conservatives of America will now have a President, a Senate, a House and soon a Supreme Court. If we don’t come together to show minorities, to show the poverty stricken and the poor we are and have always been the party of the people we’ve always known ourselves to be then shame on us.

Yes I am a conservative, I am a VERY PROUD American. I love my Constitution, I love my country flaws and all, but at the end of the day I’ll be the first one to yell from ANY mountain if these next four years are not spent fixing the divisiveness this administration has foisted on us and if there is even the slightest hint of appeasing people that mean to kill us at home and abroad.

I would be remiss if I didn’t actually close by noting a few of my more memorable moments from last night’s election coverage.

  1. The sight of Juan Williams stumbling, time and time and time again, to find the words to explain away the stunning defeat of his candidate with anything and everything but the real reason. She lost because she does not represent what Americans want for our country. Oh, and the fact Obamacare is destroying our middle class.
  2. Van Jones on CNN. I wasn’t alive during the Cuban missile crisis.  But after seeing the black and white commercials of school kids hunkering under their desks (what was that actually going to do? Like a seat belt on an airplane?) in the case of nuclear war I could see him as the parent speaking to his kids the night before. He was talking in terrified tones “What do I tell them when they wake up in the morning?”.  “What are we supposed to tell our kids about the things a man like him says and does?”. Never mind his candidate is as despicable as any human ever. Oh, and what will become the new racist word for the left, “Whitelash”.

P.S. Last but most certainly not least. Our Government, before it’s “Crusade” for illegals, needs to address our veterans and their families. We need to create a system that provides free private health care to our veterans and their families. If the State Department can “misplace” 6 billion dollars with no repercussions, we sure as shit can find the money to take care of our men and women and their families who serve.

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  1. Emmanuel Lewis permalink
    November 9, 2016 5:33 pm

    The conversations on closing wasteful public state universities are needed

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. November 9, 2016 6:11 pm


  3. November 9, 2016 6:51 pm

    Your thoughts and opinions are spot on. I have no issues with what you have discusssed. I pray that Mr. Trump will be given the opportunity to deliver. To be elected as our 45th President, Mr. Trump presented a message to our middle class that resonated strongly which prompted and compelled voters to elect him and Mr. Pence. Let’s move forward and make America better, safer and once again a leader in the world.

  4. November 9, 2016 7:15 pm

    What if I am a poor woman who needs an abortion, Curt? I know if one of your daughters, or one of your sons’ girlfriends, needs one, she will be able to fly to whatever country in the world she wants to get one, but what about those without platinum credit cards? And if it’s illegal, will you make sure the child I couldn’t afford gets a life as good as the one your kids have? Or will my daughter grow up in a ghetto without enough food or hope to get by?

    • November 10, 2016 12:27 pm

      How about a little responsible behavior on your part to avoid getting pregnant in the first place?

    • November 10, 2016 2:50 pm

      Mr. Essman, The question is: As a father, will you allow your daughter to grow up in a ghetto without enough food to get by? As for hope, that springs forth from faith and if you fail to instill that in your children what does that say about your parenting skills?

      Responsibility starts with the individual. I grew up in the ghetto. I put myself through college. I was homeless for a brief period. I’ve had it all financially and lost it all twice, but I’ll have it all again because I live in the greatest country in the world, the USA. I live in a country where I am not what I was born into but what I can make myself be. Will is everything. Winners have it, losers do not. Not everyone is a winner in life. Tough. Life is a contact sport, when you get knocked down, get up and get back in the game. No crying about how tough it is, no complaining, no asking for a handout, just make it happen. Or, be a loser.

      Life is tough. Get a helmet.

    • November 10, 2016 9:54 pm

      How about that woman not get pregnant? If you know you’re not going to be able to afford and take care of a child, then DO NOT get pregnant!

      • September 17, 2017 6:22 am

        Oh wait … that’s right because women who are RAPED never get pregnant. Right? How about you keep your peepee in your pant and don’t have sex?

  5. November 10, 2016 9:09 am

    Great great commentary Curt… could not agree more sir. Thank you for taking the time to craft this message!

    This paragraph being of utmost importance and a priority “bigly”:
    “The Conservatives of America will now have a President, a Senate, a House and soon a Supreme Court. If we don’t come together to show minorities, to show the poverty stricken and the poor we are and have always been the party of the people we’ve always known ourselves to be then shame on us.”

  6. November 10, 2016 3:56 pm

    Curt, I have come to enjoy your insight lately. I know some people in the baseball world think of you as a toolshed, but I have to say you do make some good points! And yes I agree that there is going to be some pain for the handout crowd, but I know that everyone worries about the cuts to public programs and I am here to tell you that my partner has DSHS and every year she gets a letter saying they are cutting her benefits – even under Barry. I did not vote for trump or hilldawg, I voted write ins. I am going to give Trump a chance to try and bail out this sinking ship. I am going to give him a chance to start working FOR the American People and I admit that I am enjoying the shitshow of these 20 somethings and SJW freaking out throwing names at people who support Trump or even just didn’t want Hilldawg.
    I also know that the sky wont fall, we wont turn into the USSR, and if things do get violent I know only conservatives will be the armed ones. Trump is not racist or sexist or a woman haters, Trump is a man and deserves the same ability to try his hand at this that Barry got.

  7. November 10, 2016 6:30 pm

    first…Mr Schilling
    i owe you an apology, after hearing your remarks on wpro, about 38 studio you reminded me of my friend in media, who has a creative mind and leaves the biz of appearances and contracts to others, he laser focuses on the vision of a project to its fulfilment vs the minutia of legal details and numbers crunching
    I realized you existed outside the politcally corrupt bubble surrounding Smith Hill PVD.
    …you blocked my twitter @littlerhody9, (I was trying to get your story, but i thought you were involved) ..I learned a big lesson, never assume anyone lives elsewhere like we experience in RI
    …so this is my only opp. to apologize.

    I live in Rhode Island, I want change in New England and can help you with your Senate Run…
    lol I can definitely tweet 🙂 but civilly and wisely.

    2nd…I am greatly looking fwd to Mr Trumps 1st budget…
    He needs a massive team of accountants and numbers crunchers, good lawyers to rebuild it from zero.

    I am looking fwd to having a business mind in the oval office and especially with Ivanka there.

  8. November 10, 2016 9:36 pm

    The hypocrisy is stunning…absolutely stunning

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