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Taken a breath…

October 8, 2016

Livid. That was my initial, emotional and first reaction to the release of the audio/video tape last night.

I’m out, no more. That was my second thought.

My third?

If I’m out on this man, I have no options.

I can’t vote for a criminal. A woman who willingly sat by and allowed 4 men to be murdered in what was known in very explicit terms, to be a terrorist attack on our embassy. HER embassy.


Email to Sec of State and others asking to release Deltas from Tripoli

Email to Sec of State and others asking to release Deltas from Tripoli


A woman who then said this

Patricia Smith, mother of information officer Sean Smith, told CNN on Oct. 10, 2012, that at the Joint Base Andrews meeting, National Security Adviser Susan Rice “talked to me personally, and she said this is the way it was. It was because of this film that came out.”


And then showed her true character by saying this.

“I feel a great deal of sympathy for the families of the four brave Americans we lost in Benghazi, and I certainly can’t even imagine the grief she has for losing her son. But she’s wrong. She’s absolutely wrong,” Clinton said Wednesday during the Univision/CNN Democratic presidential debate in Miami.

Let’s get this straight. She lied to the families whose sons and husbands were murdered in a terrorist attack she both knew about AND refused to send help.

If that’s not disgusting enough, she then called the families of the men who were murdered, liars to the American people??


And the news media wants us to ALL listen intently to disgusting, sexist, misogynistic and just plain ignorant comments made 11 years ago by Mr Trump?

Seriously. So his vulgar and wreckless mouth (pardon the pun) trumps her criminal and neglectful acts?

How? Why?


For all the liberals that need this, I’ll say it one time.

No, I am NOT making excuses, am not defending ANYTHING said on that video.


But I let the liberal media get me swept up, and I added my own quickfire emotional reaction to that.


Let’s see if I can catch everyone up on this “pedestal” you liberals scream from.



Just a SMALL sample of tweets from cowards on the left.

First off I got people fired and kicked out of school NOT because they talked ABOUT my daughter, they said it TO my daughter.

Very different situation AND given my daughter was a minor, a crime actually.

Not a second of regret for making them pay for their acts. But these are the same assclowns who are falsely enraged by what Mr Trump said. They’re just stupid enough to do it in public.


You’re honest to God going to preach from the Clinton pedestal?

The one in which she shouted

Hillary shrieked at his campaign manager, “you fucking Jew bastard.”

Hmm… but hey, that’s not who she is right?

The left-leaning Guardian then did its own reporting on the allegation. Paul Fray, the campaign manager, plus his wife and another campaign worker confirmed the incident in considerable detail to the British publication.

“I was a little defensive about it. I looked to the floor thinking ‘How do I respond?’ I didn’t mind being called a son-of-a-bitch, but when it came to attacking my culture, that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame,” Fray recalled.

“You’ve got to understand it was the heat of the moment. We knew we had lost. It was a case of people lashing out at one another and it just got to that point.”

But hey, that’s just a one off. She’s not a bad person. Hang on though, many good people have been overheard saying this right?

“When are they going to get those f—ing ree-tards out of here?!”

A comment overheard by more than one Arkansas State Trooper, and reported on from the Easter Egg hunt on the south lawn of the White House for disabled children.

I mean who hasn’t said that in their lives right?

And it’s likely easy to recall the last time you said

“Stupid Kikes”

When referring to your Jewish friends. You’re lying if you haven’t used that one you silly buggers. Hillary sure has, on more than one occasion.


So you want me to believe 10 minutes of audio of a back and forth between one man trying to brag about sexual exploits that never happened to a bunch of frauds laughing their asses off because 1) None had the balls to stand up to him or 2) they thought it was truly funny or (my likely choice) 3) They were intimidated by the man and were doing that uncomfortable “over laugh” you do when someone says something insanely inappropriate.


Guys will tell you, and most are absolutely true, that when ‘hanging out’ and in a ‘boys setting’ pretty much every heterosexual male has talked trash (99% of it lies) about sexual exploits or conquests. About how bad ass they are. Now I’ll be the first to admit I only really ever used that P word in public when addressing someone I was competing against on the baseball field. Much like the C and N word it’s a word that just feels wrong and always has. That doesn’t absolve me from any of the things I’ve said in the past but ANYONE living in a locker room environment above the level of High School, anyone that’s served in combat or anyone in the company of fellow first responders will tell you there’s a very sacred place you earn your way into, and in that place men AND women say things they’d never in their lives repeat in public. If you deny that you’re A) Lying your ass off or B) Lying your ass off or C) Have never been in a close knit group mentioned above.

That’s not to say all do it, far from it, and that’s not to say it’s ok. It just so happens to be the real world.

And that’s where I made the u-turn today.

I had the privilege of speaking with a few people on my show this morning  and by far the most powerful to me, and the one that started me breathing a bit more regular was this amazing woman.

Brunell Donald-Kyei, the vice-chair of Diversity Outreach at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump

Forward the audio to 56:50 if you want to hear her and I talk, and be ready because her and I appear to have the same blood pressure. She gets it, she’s a mother, with two daughters, a lifelong Democrat who voted Obama twice.


It dawned on me as this conversation was ongoing, “What are my options? There’s no situation where any American that loves our constitution, loves our way of life, loves what we were built on, that wants safety and security of Americans to come first could vote for this despicable woman on the Democratic ticket”.


Remember this woman is the one who perpetrated this…..


Not just this stuff


But this woman, and her scumbag of a husband,  STOLE from these people!


What kind of human being lies to dead soldiers families, uses racial slurs more than occasionally, STEALS from survivors of an earthquake in a third world country?


Oh and in case you doubt the voracity?

This is how she treated the agents tasked with standing in front of a bullet for her Husband, daughter AND herself.

This little beauty 


Who hasn’t thrown a Bible at a Secret Service agents colleague? 


I often wonder about men and women who serve in those details. The integrity and honor those that truly serve the cause have, and what goes through their minds when they must protect dirtbags, elitest who treat people like shit ONLY because they can.


So in closing I’ll say this. I get it. What he said was every possible negative adjective you could want to use. Disgusting, deplorable, filthy, crass, ignorant, immature, sexist, demeaning (though no one on the bus thought so) and gross.

But after those comments were completed, four men weren’t killed in Benghazi. 6 Billion dollars wasn’t “misplaced”, hundreds of millions of dollars wasn’t stolen from the poorest of the poor who’d just survived an earthquake. Uranium wasn’t handed over to the Russians. Iran wasn’t given 400 million in ransom money AND 150 billion in cash to propel their nuclear arms race.


No. After those comments were completed, no one, for 11 years, gave a shit. Does it reveal nasty things about the man? Absolutely. Is it criminal? Not yet but you bet your ass under a Clinton regime she’ll bust her ass to make anti-left wing rhetoric a crime.


And at the end of the day let that last part sink in.


You can HATE both. You can despise both. You can dislike everything you want about both.

If that describes you fine. But understand this. One of them will be our next President.


So do you want a President that in 26 years in office, the definition of an insider, who has never achieved ANYTHING for the poor and middle class she so lovingly courts.

Do you want a President who refused to release her speech transcripts? Until today we never knew, but now we do.

She doesn’t identify with the middle class due to her and Bill’s economic status. She believes you must have on persona in public and another in private. Isn’t that the EXACT thing we want to be rid of in Government?

She believes, and get this, ONLY INSIDERS can fix Wall Street. The very people her and Bernie Sanders railed against as killing this country, she believes THEY’RE the ones to fix it?


None of us with half a brain are even remotely surprised at the reveals.


But more important than that? Why don’t you, the undecided, the Sanders supporter, why don’t you care more?


Yes Donald Trump said despicable things, he owned it and apologized. No one died, no one got hurt. He didn’t say those things in the Oval Office, or in a Senate seat or the House of Representatives. He said those things on a bus with some guys who laughed their asses off at stuff that wasn’t actually all that funny.


But her? In 26 years she’s revealed every possible thing you could want or need to know she’s the epitome of a disgusting, morally bankrupt, despicable anti-semite with no moral boundaries who is so fraudulent Anderson Cooper was moved to ask her “will you say anything to get elected?”.


Why did he say that?


How about this list? 

Not all inclusive but certainly 22 good reasons to start with no?


A vote for this woman is a vote for 4 more years of this current disaster. A vote for this women is a vote acknowledging you want the Supreme Court to begin amending our Constitution per her desires.

A vote for this woman is to spit on the graves of 4 men who were murdered, who she was SWORN to protect. Check the Sec of State job description:

  • Serves as the President’s principal adviser on U.S. foreign policy;
  • Conducts negotiations relating to U.S. foreign affairs;
  • Grants and issues passports to American citizens and exequaturs to foreign consuls in the United States;
  • Advises the President on the appointment of U.S. ambassadors, ministers, consuls, and other diplomatic representatives;
  • Advises the President regarding the acceptance, recall, and dismissal of the representatives of foreign governments;
  • Personally participates in or directs U.S. representatives to international conferences, organizations, and agencies;
  • Negotiates, interprets, and terminates treaties and agreements;
  • Ensures the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries;
  • Supervises the administration of U.S. immigration laws abroad;
  • Provides information to American citizens regarding the political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian conditions in foreign countries;
  • Informs the Congress and American citizens on the conduct of U.S. foreign relations;
  • Promotes beneficial economic intercourse between the United States and other countries;
  • Administers the Department of State;
  • Supervises the Foreign Service of the United States.


Anything stand out? In addition to that, go back and read the list. She failed so miserably in every way possible.

Go back and check out bullet point 4.


Now read this.

Is that not the definition of pay to play? Her ties with the middle east, the very countries that despise, abuse, murder, stone and rape women she so valiantly claims to defend?


And I know, her husband is NOT running in this election. But should that matter when she says

“Today I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault,” Clinton said. “Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed and we’re with you.”


This is the woman who stated you should have a public and private persona to be a politician. That has to be the case right?

This same PUBLIC woman is the woman in this article? 


Which is it? They should be believed or they should be believed unless your husband assaults them. At that point given you are above the law you either shut up or the Clinton’s will destroy you?

Per the FBI she lied her ass off, she was allowed to use sheer ignorance as a defense when it’s explicit normal humans are not afforded that right.


So ya, in the end I am someone who jumped too fast and hard. I’m incredibly disappointed in every possible way that he said the things he did. That won’t change, nor should it. But that’s an impossible standard for every single human being reading this to live up to.

Every single one of us has had a conversation in our past that we would be mortified were it made public. We are not all running for President, so that does make it different.


But not so different I would abandon the future of my country because let me be very clear.

Voting for Hillary Clinton is a vote to abandon this nation in every possible way.

She’s stated, clearly, she wants a hemisphere of open trade and open borders, basically a “Western Europe”.


Go live there then. We live here, this is our country and our home. The blood spilled to make us who we are, with every single wart of slavery, segregation and all the other mistakes displayed as achievements we made by eliminating those things. Those things that today are still very prevalent in many countries around the world.

We left the grasp of a tyrannical gov’t by fighting the war of Independence. Citizen soldiers killed, and were killed to allow us to become who and what we wanted. Capitalism built everything this country is, not the government.


You want to end that vote for her. That’s what she’s been very open about wanting to change. There are so many things ‘wrong’ with this nation according to her. According to our President.

What they miss is they are part of the reason there are things so ‘wrong’ here.


Trump won the primary because he was NOT a politician, NOT an insider. He’s still not. If you vote for her you are voting to allow our government to expand physically as well as intrusively. They’ve already ceded control of the internet and I don’t think enough people realize the enormity of that mistake yet. We will soon enough.


A vote for her means you believe “Hands up don’t shoot” even though it was proven to be a complete and total lie. It was the foundation of another lie, disproportionate violence to blacks from our police. Those things built the Black Lives Matter movement.


The only possible way to stop this runaway trainwreck is to insure she is NOT our next President.

So just to let you know, yes, I am still voting for Donald Trump but recognizing tomorrow’s debate, at least in my opinion, is the cliff. Conservatives either pick ourselves off the ledge or fall.


It’s now about the 5-10% of undecideds and we need them to understand that Trump is not an option, he is the ONLY option if you want America to remain America.




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  1. October 8, 2016 6:51 pm

    I’m glad you came back to your senses, Curt. I listen to your show every Saturday morning and I must admit I turned you off 15 minutes into the program because you called for him to drop out. He must/will see this to election day and he has a real shot at winning this thing. The Republicans dropping support for Trump were the same shitheads that didn’t support him to begin with. Nothing has changed.

    Trump has already started hitting back at these disgusting liberals and the media that backs them. The liberals are expected to release more shit on Trump in the coming days that will continue make him look bad. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the crimes of Hillary. We must remain 100% behind Trump. He’s our only shot at retaking the White House.

    People are seeing through the media’s obsession for a Hillary Clinton presidency. We will not let them get away with it at the polls.

  2. empirelady permalink
    October 8, 2016 6:52 pm

    Two weeks ago I heard Ruth Bader Ginsberg speak in person(for those who do not know she is a justice of the Supreme Court). She was asked how she gets along with others on the Supreme Court who have views different from hers and she said that you can disagree without being disagreeable. Well,you and I do not agree on a lot of issues,as happens with others that I know,even related to, but i believe that you crossed the line and have become disagreeable. You are no longer just discussing the issues,you are outright insulting me. I have a problem,like many,because I am a Democrat and hate Hillary,always have. So I cannot vote for Trump yet I do not want to vote for Hillary. I may just write in a name.That said,how DARE you call those on the left who tweeted against Trump cowards! I could say the same about people who support Trump but I will not because that is not what it is all about. I have a cousin who is so conservative that there is nobody more conservative than he is-he works for Senator Ted Cruz-and even he cannot vote for Trump(he will probably write in a name,which I might do as well,although different names). You want to defend him,fine,as that is your right and freedom to do so,but do not stoop so low as to call people names because they do not support him and may support Hillary(which I do not). I would have thought that you were intelligent enough and sensitive enough to not say things like that. Perhaps all those times I said nice things about you,about your caring and compassion for others,which I thought were evident,was wrong thinking on my part. This whole election has shown an ugly side of you,one that I do not particularly like. As I said,we can disagree without being disagreeable but you have become most disagreeable. I would welcome a reply from you. Donna in New York City.

  3. October 9, 2016 4:21 am

    Well done, Schilling. Keep throwing 95 MPH 2-seamers at the chins of these progressives.

  4. October 9, 2016 6:52 pm

    Your boy is swimming in the toilet as I type. Whatever you think of Hillary–I get it–Trump has destroyed the Democratic process and the dignity of the office. Hate Hillary all you want, but she behaves like a president. He behaves in a way that embarrasses our country throughout the world. So sad.

  5. Chip Caray's Eyebrows permalink
    October 10, 2016 2:51 pm

    Fuck yourself.

  6. October 10, 2016 4:49 pm

    You’re a hopeless case, Big Con Curt. You believe every groundless, unattributed rumor you hear about Hillary, Obama, and anyone to your left, which is just about everyone on the planet. You have swallowed the ugliest nonsense about Benghazi whole. You’re a stupid, washed-up, uninformed whackjob who used to be one of the best in the world at something and is now basically no good for anything.

    This weird quest for right-wing purity is going to kill you, Big Con. It has cost you all the respect you built up during your career and now it’s going to take everything else you have. I pity you.

  7. October 11, 2016 11:20 am

    Reblogged this on Qui me amat, amet et canem meum ~St. Bernard of Clairvaux~ and commented:
    Talking trash and acting like trash are two very different things. One of these two will get your son, daughter, husband, brother, sister etc.. killed. Chose wisely on election day because this thing going on in the Middle East and the war Hillary Clinton wants to start with Russia will not go away any time soon. Defending our country is a must when we are being attacked. Starting a war just to prove your a bigger and more powerful is putting our children, spouses and other family members in harms way just so you can play war games. People are not the chess pieces for you to play God with.

  8. October 13, 2016 8:37 pm

    Schilling, you believe in all the bs crap you read about Clinton, but what you don’t understand is that it’s all BS crap. Trump is the single most gigantic POS in the world. He would willingly have fucked your daughter when she was 10. And yet you still support him. You are a pathetic little man. You don’t have a job. You lost all your money. Your sad little life fell apart and now you stupidly think that Donald Trump is the answer to all your problems. Get a clue Curt.

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