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You are, quite literally, killing us

June 12, 2016

Let me state right up front I cannot fathom the bottomless pit of terror and pain the families affected by this atrocity are enduring, and I pray I never have to.



What do we “know” right now.

1) Omar Mateen was a radical follower of Islam, and:

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Orlando gay club massacre and says the gunman that slaughtered at least 50 people was one of its fighters.

2) He was shouting “Allah Ahkbar” while in the shootout with police

3) He called 911 prior to this and pledged his allegiance to the current leader of ISIS

4) He beat the living hell out of his ex-wife, often

5) He was a ‘security guard’ of some sort

6) Someone has been stupid enough to report he obtained his guns ‘legally’


No he didn’t, that’s a lie, and anyone saying that is lying or uninformed.

Let me quote directly from the “Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm Application Instructions”

I’ve acquired a Florida license as a non-resident, the rules for both differ but the following are part of the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS to be eligible. Takes more than a few weeks to obtain btw.

A) Must be 21 unless a service member…

B) You must meet the CITIZENSHIP and RESIDENCY (caps theirs not mine) requirements set forth in the law.

C) You must be able to provide CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION (caps theirs not mine) from a firearms training class or other acceptable training document that evidences your competency with a firearm. (BAsically saying you must take a safety course from a certified firearms instructor that provides instructions on handling and firing, as well as safety.

D) You must not have a DISQUALIFYING CRIMINAL RECORD (caps theirs not mine) or other condition that would make you ineligible for licensure


Lying on this document is a felony, period. So no, more gun control laws would NOT have helped stop this atrocity. 


In medicine if you misdiagnose a sickness, you will not prescribe a cure to heal someone.

In life, misdiagnosing the problem presents the very same outcome. You cannot heal or fix a problem you refuse to acknowledge or don’t understand.

This isn’t a gun issue, or a crime issue.

This is a full fledged war on everyone on this planet NOT faithful to the Prophet Muhammed. This is a war of an ideology who’s “Bible” states 109 times that followers of the Prophet Muhammad are duty bound to kill, maim, rape, pillage, beat, torture and/or destroy anyone not of the Islamic faith, anyone.

They are taught to actively seek us out, and convert or kill. No other options. Oh and transgenders? Homosexuals, they’re allowed to just toss you from roofs in public, to a cheering audience.

If you don’t believe me….


You think it’s a coincidence a 2nd man was caught going to the LGBT parade in California loaded with firearms and explosives?


Laws aren’t going to stop terrorist, people are.  Americans are, Christians are. Why?

Because the rest of you live in a world that refuses to acknowledge reality.


I don’t care what color you are, what sex you are, who you have sex with, who you marry, what sex you want to be. I could care less about any of that complete and utter nonsense. And for many of you, please STOP MAKING ME WANT TO CARE. It’s your life, do what you want. As long as you don’t hurt people I don’t care what you do. That’s pretty much 99% of the population, that’s not liberal.


Liberals are out en force. I found it ironic that people on Twitter

A) Continue to tag me knowing full well I don’t care what you think

B) Tried to scream about me “politicizing’ an event that Democrats, before the shooting stopped, were on TV advocating more ‘gun control’.


Also, another thing. If you’re going to argue for gun control at least have insight into what the hell you’re talking about.

I  am going to dumb this down so there is no confusion.


Assault Rifle = An assault rifle, born in WWII, is a weapon wherein the firer pulls the trigger resulting in a never ending string of bullets until A) the magazine empties or B) You remove your finger from the trigger

Semi Automatic = A weapon in which one pull of the trigger = one bullet fired. Any rifle on the planet, and any handgun on the planet that does not require bolt action cocking or otherwise interacting between shots is by definition “semi automatic”


Someone’s made many of you believe you can walk into a Bass Pro Shop or K-Mart, show your drivers license and buy any gun you want. You can’t. And if you do one or both folks in the transaction are breaking the law. There are a few states where this is not true, but those states don’t generally make the news for mass shootings of ANY kind.


We are going to find out this psycho broke about 51423 federal laws before he killed at least 50 people.

We are going to find out SOMEONE knew about him before this, but either A) didn’t speak out of stupidity or as in the San Bernadino killings B) was scared to be called a racist, for profiling.


Real conservatives, honest to God Americans, don’t care who you are, who you sleep with who you marry or who you hate. We care about WHAT YOU DO to others.

Yes there are “Conservatives” who will talk about homosexuality as blasphemy and what not, but they’re as Christian as Ghengis Khan.

They are the folks who tend to judge others only because they sin differently than they do.


I thought our President was right on today, calling it terrorism at the outset of his speech. I thought he failed miserably afterwards in refusing to acknowledge what we knew about the affiliations even then.


So you folks spewing idiocy about gun control, stop.

Do yourselves a favor, even if you don’t want to own a gun, apply for a license, check out the process, and realize the Boxers, Feinsteins, Clintons and Reids are lying their liberal asses off when talking about guns. Those hypocrites are surrounded by armed details but don’t know the actual laws around firearms from their buttholes.


This has to stop, liberals have proven they don’t have the spine to do it, so what’s next?


I can think of no better comment than this, from a man who’s spent his life protecting innocent people.


Anyone pay attention to his state? Wonder if the body count is the same if 5-10 folks were armed there?

Oh and another thing.

It is a felony and a loss of your license to consume alcohol while legally carrying a firearm.

Florida passed a law negating law abiding citizens from carrying in the location this atrocity occurred.


Why the redundancy? Law abiding firearms owners aren’t allowed to drink, most don’t while carrying, why on earth would you add a barrier to a law abiding citizen to protect themselves?


Oh and one more thing. You people outside the real world?

This isn’t going away, and it is clearly not getting smaller.

Paris, Belgium, San Bernadino, Egypt, and now Orlando.


Taking firearms away from US Citizens in no way will reduce this occurrence, it will only increase in quantity of events and victims, when will you understand that?

The laws ALREADY EXIST, it’s not a law problem, it’s a people problem, period. That will NEVER change.


But now? Now we as Americans are being forced to think about actively “defending” ourselves in everyday situations. Why? Our leaders have failed us miserably.


If I was President, I think there is at least one simple step to begin affecting the frequency of these atrocities

A) Anyone, anywhere, on american soil or to american citizens, claiming affiliation, responsibility or incentive, to/from ANY terrorist organization that harms Americans.

B) Within 4-6 hours tops people in the middle east, in legion with this scum, will witness one or more of the following sights


images (5) images (8)


C) and given people with Cameras can see these clowns

images (3) images (6) images (7) isis-truck-convoy-anbar-province

I firmly believe our special forces could laser these buffoons, OR our billion dollar satellites might be able to find a 64 truck convoy of ISIS flag waving scum and turn the pictures above, into the pictures below


CABAA-CCBCA-DDBCH-BJ_thumb images (4)

As a devoted Christian who deals with his flaws daily it pains me to wish this on another human being. But I guess I am a sinner when it makes me honestly believe at some point you relinquish your rights as a human when you slaughter innocent men women and children on purpose. 

All you clowns who want to start screaming anti-american bullshit about death, save it. Our “Soldiers” don’t hide inside schools, or in communities with hospitals like the spineless scum in Hamas or these pigs.

We must redefine “proportional response” and we do that by getting the hell out of the way and letting our military do what they’re poorly paid to do, kill our enemies. Not some, not here, not there, but every single one they can find.

Give some Delta’s, Rangers, Seals or Marines a ‘weapons free’ and point them in the right direction, and get our asses out of the way. Support them and step back, this drone bullshit is nothing more than a pathetic ‘easy out’ for this administration. It’s not designed in any way to ‘win’, it’s designed to kick the can down the road while accomplishing little to nothing. I bet 4 weeks to 4 months later we’d see a marked downturn in this stuff on a global scale.

You want to debate, have at it and I love to do that. You want to be pissed, good, feel free.

If you want to talk shit save it, Mute is my friend now on twitter and if you add nothing you make it easy.

Tell me why I’m wrong or shut your mouth.



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  1. shutiggyupdotcom permalink
    June 12, 2016 5:05 pm

    Well said, sir. Not sure what I did to get blocked on Twitter, but my apologies for whatever it was. I’m a big fan of both your on field and post baseball careers.


  2. June 12, 2016 5:23 pm

    Curt, when will this country WAKE UP and stop listening to the BS that Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Hate America First spew. When will we realize that we will all be their victims, sooner or later?When will someone smack us in the head and make us see.

    Thank you for your astute commentary. I enjoy reading your well thought out views. Wish we had more like you.

  3. xycosox permalink
    June 12, 2016 8:16 pm

    Curt, you are simply wrong on the legality of his gun purchase. He bought it legally. You DO NOT need a license to purchase a gun in the state of Florida. Period. All you need is to be a Florida resident, which he was evidenced by the fact he owned a condo in St Lucie county. Have a valid Florida ID or DL and pass a background check.

    You are trying loophole your way out of your claim by citing the rules for getting Concealed Carry license, not a license to purchase. Admit you were wrong and move on. More people will respect you.

    And I am a gun dealer.

    • June 13, 2016 12:59 am

      For a “gun dealer” you are surprisingly ignorant. You have to be a US Citizen with no felony or domestic violence convictions, AND a Florida resident to buy a gun in Florida.

      The killer’s ex wife reported that he used to beat her regularly. that alone should have disqualified him from owning a gun, had the FBI done their damn jobs when this nut was under investigation by them for his terror ties.

  4. stinkfoot63 permalink
    June 12, 2016 11:09 pm

    Obama won’t acknowledge Islam having a role and the left is quite predictably pressing their perpetual campaign for more gun control but I do not believe they care about whether their proposed further erosion of the second amendment would actually stop such a tragedy.

    • June 13, 2016 7:27 am

      Barry was installed to do what he is doing and you can go watch the Robert Welch speech on youtube that he made at the John Birch society where he outlined the 10 steps they would use to destroy this country and for some odd reason its as though Barry is using it as a template Whats even more ironic is the speech was made almost 60 yrs ago!

  5. June 13, 2016 12:41 am

    Luke 22:36 Then said He unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    It’s not unChristian to defend yourself and your family. Anyone who says otherwise has not read their Bible. Or has not understood what they read.

    We band together in communities for protection, among other things, and our communities form states and nations to better achieve this goal

    A government that will not protect its citizens is not fit to govern.

    If we follow the band of braying jackasses that calls itself the democRat party, we can kiss America goodbye. It cannot survive the division they foster.

    Keep up the good fight. Love ya, man, even if you dd pitch for theRed Sox.

  6. June 13, 2016 9:02 am

    “I don’t care what color you are, what sex you are, who you have sex with, who you marry, what sex you want to be.”

    All evidence is to the contrary Curt. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have been canned from ESPN. The fact that you even mention this at all is proof you do.

    So for you to come out concern trolling about the victims and their families after this is laughable. The only reason this issue even matters to you and the band of barely literate troglodytes who follow you is because it confirms the hatred and xenophobia you all spew out on a daily basis. People die, you get to defend islamophobia and people owning assault weapons Bully for you, Curt.

  7. Frank Broughton permalink
    June 13, 2016 9:49 am

    Excellent thoughts Curt! Thank you for having the common sense and wit to post them!

  8. June 13, 2016 2:45 pm

    The ATF confirmed the shooter purchased every gun legally. Please update blog.

  9. orochi235 permalink
    June 13, 2016 2:48 pm

    “Laws aren’t going to stop terrorist, people are. Americans are, Christians are.”

    Well then where were you yesterday? Could really have used you in Orlando.


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