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Update from the coop! Town coming along nicely, girls and boys growing up!

August 20, 2015

Here are some updates. First the ladies, then the new addition and finally some of my sunflowers….


IMG_3409 Animal IMG_3412 IMG_3413 IMG_3424 IMG_3430 IMG_3437 IMG_3438 IMG_3445 IMG_3447 IMG_3449 IMG_3452 IMG_3454 IMG_3457 IMG_3465 IMG_3468 IMG_3477 IMG_3482 IMG_3483 IMG_3490 IMG_3500 IMG_3501 IMG_3504

IMG_3517 IMG_3543 IMG_3545 IMG_3548 IMG_3549 IMG_3550 IMG_3551 IMG_3552 IMG_3553 IMG_3554 IMG_3557 IMG_3558 IMG_3559 IMG_3563 IMG_3565 IMG_3569 IMG_3572 IMG_3582 IMG_3584 IMG_3586 IMG_3589 IMG_3590 IMG_3593 IMG_3596

Now for some updates on the “Old West”

Here is the ‘concept’ of what we’re attempting.



Old west 2


And here’s a visual update! Assistants Steve and Toni hard at work!

IMG_3401 IMG_3402 IMG_3403 IMG_3405 IMG_3408 IMG_3411 IMG_3419 IMG_3420 IMG_3422 IMG_3442 IMG_3444 IMG_3505 IMG_3506 IMG_3507 IMG_3508 IMG_3511 IMG_3515

Finally. I tried my hand at huge sunflowers this year. Thought I was getting close to a worlds record with this big boy, gotta be close to 12-13′ right? That is up until I found out the record is like 31 feet…..

IMG_3637 IMG_3628 IMG_3629 IMG_3630 IMG_3631 IMG_3632 IMG_3633 IMG_3634 IMG_3635 IMG_3636

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Kathy, The Chicken Chick® permalink
    August 20, 2015 11:38 pm

    Holy. COW. I cannot WAIT to see the OK-Corral when it’s finished!! (btw: did you get the link I sent you of the show? Let me know if you didn’t and I’ll re-send it! )

    Keep the updates coming!

  2. Kathy, The Chicken Chick® permalink
    August 20, 2015 11:39 pm

    Good thing that hosta is on the sunflower side of the fence- your flockers would belly-up to it like a salad bar and level it in about 10 minutes! lol

  3. August 21, 2015 6:42 am

    Curt, thanks for sharing your pictures! Love the western town theme. Love Animal!

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