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Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning, coming out with a bang!

June 21, 2011

So our first major industry event was upon us a few weeks ago. Reckoning was ‘on the floor’ being shown behind closed doors to attendees and media at this years Electronic & Entertainment Expo (E3).

We could have picked an easier year to do this as some of the largest RPG and gaming franchises in history were there as well, most announcing their next releases and franchise updates.

But as is custom around here we generally don’t do things the easy way and rarely choose the path of least resistance.

Reckoning walked away from E3 with 7 Best In Show Nominations!

Now the place has been cleaned up, people have returned home and the awards are being handed out.

I couldn’t be prouder of the team!! Here’s where we stand today!

Adam Sessler of G4 picks us as his “Best in Show”

RipTen picks us as “Best RPG of E3” against heavyweights and multi-hundred million dollar franchises Skyrim and Mass Effect 3!!

And on Page 3 of this link you can see The Escapist picks Reckoning as one of its “Best games of E3”

The awards and recognition keep pouring in and if you are interested in our IP, MMO or RPG there are tons of links below to get the latest information!

Our Reckoning Website! Just for those interested!

Our Reckoning Facebook page!

Our Reckoning Twitter account!

And of course the 38 Studios home page, where we continue to look for awesome new people to hire on the world’s most talented and passionate team!


UPDATE! Reckoning is nominated by what is basically “The Academy” of award presenters, the E3 Critics Award, as Best RPG of E3…

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  1. February 16, 2012 10:23 pm

    Hi Curt, Congratulations on the new game release. I’m an aspiring venture capitalist with a focus in entertainment technology. I sent an email to your 38 studios & BGH email boxes. Please check with the moderators of those emails and make sure they forward it to you. I promise it will be worth the few minutes it takes you to read it. I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts, feedback, and an opportunity to present my ideas to you in person.

    – Jason Farmer

  2. February 12, 2013 3:08 pm

    I really love this game it was bar far my favourite of 2012 and way better than Mass effect 3 although obviously not the same type of game,but I pre ordered both ,but much prefer the kingdoms of Amalur,but feel it wasn’t marketed very well as I only heard about it whilst in Game enquiring about another game,they were no adverts on TV or magazine features nothing.

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