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Curt joins the Big Show to talk about free agency

November 19, 2009

Former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling appeared on The Big Show on Thursday afternoon to discuss Jason Bay, Adrian Gonzalez and Alex Gonzalez, among other topics. Schilling suggested that the Sox’ efforts should be focused on re-signing Bay and acquiring Roy Halladay in a trade from the Blue Jays. To listen to the interview, visit the Big Show audio on demand page.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

What do you do if you’re the Red Sox this offseason?

If I’m Boston and I have money to spend, I’m going to sign Bay and trade for Felix Hernandez or Halladay.

The beauty of [Halladay] is, from Boston’s angle, and I’m not as versed in this … If I’m Boston, I would end up at the trading deadline package, because I think that’s a slight dump for them now. And I don’t want to get into a bidding war with prospects. I would give them three foundational players to bring a Halladay in here, because I think that makes you a perennial 100-win team and a potential October lock with the three of those guys.

Halladay makes all the sense in the World. What would you give up for him?

I think it’s going to take three marquee, franchise prospect names. I think you’re looking at a Buchholz, a Kelly, somebody else. I don’t know how they feel about them. … I think what helps right now is [Jed Hoyer] being in San Diego. … I think it’s an advantage and a disadvantage for both sides, in that he understands the value that Boston has in its prospects. He knows exactly who to ask for in a potential deal for Adrian Gonzalez.

But I feel like you’re moving potential pieces around to make that happen, as opposed to a Bay and a Holliday filling in some holes. If you bring Gonzalez here, you’re looking at moving Mike [Lowell] or DHing him. I’m not sure you want to platoon Ortiz and Lowell at the DH spot, the third base spot, and all the things that go along with that.

If the Sox don’t re-sign Bay, Boras — the agent for Matt Holliday — will have the hammer.

This is [Boras’] Super Bowl. He milks it for everything, obviously to the benefit of his players. But the benefit of his players is not always to the benefit of the game.

Where will Bay end up?

It really depends. I will never in my life discount the Yankees from anything ever, again. The hard part, when they get into the bidding, is not necessarily the dollars, but it’s always the years. They always seem to be willing to go one more year than anyone else. I think Theo has made it very clear that they don’t mind paying market value for a player as long as they’re not paying for that player longer than he’s useful to the club. They feel the years are a much bigger piece of the pie than the whole dollars thing.

On Matt Holliday

I don’t agree that Matt can be the player in the American League that he was in the National League. I put a lot of weight in the fact that he didn’t perform as well [in Oakland].

A big ballpark, to me, couldn’t affect your batting average as much. Obviously, there’s more foul territory there and it does have some impact. But I don’t know that he’s the impact player with the numbers that he was in the National League over here in the American League.

The Sox know what they have with Bay. Holliday is unknown, and introduces the Boras factor.

If I’m going to go out and spend the years and the money that we’re talking about spending, I don’t want to have any questions. I would argue that the slump Jason went through last year was every bit an aberration. I’ve seen him. I’ve competed against him. It was an unusually long slump for many different seasons. I don’t think you can expect that, year-in, year-out. At the end of the day, I’m looking at a guy who I know is playing in this market, who can perform in October, who at the end of the season is going to be 30 and 110. I’m confident that offensively he’s going to be a better player next year than he was last year.

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