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A rare chance to give back

October 1, 2009

First Lt. Sale Solaita is a very dear friend. Sale (Pronounced “Solly”) is the big Samoan that escorted both my friend and I during our 10 day stay in Iraq in 2008. Sale is Samoan, and his family is from Samoa.

Anyone following the news knows there was a MASSIVE earthquake and an ensuing Tsunami that has taken an incredible toll in lives and homes.

Rarely in life do we get a chance to give back so meaningfully to the men and women who offer the ultimate sacrifice for us, in service of our nation and freedoms. I don’t need to, but I will anyway, tell you that Sale is about as fine a man as you could ever hope to meet. Decorated service in the War in Iraq with a new baby to come home to when he returned.

Sale has listed the two ways to help below, if you can please give in any amount possible.

From the bottom of my heart for any and all that can help!

God Bless,


You could do either one of the 2:

1)  Send a check to:

c/o George Malauulu


3133 San Francisco Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90806

2) Wait until the site puts up their paypal account on

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  1. October 3, 2009 10:30 am

    Hey Curt,
    Just wanted to pop by and say hello, it’s been ages since I’ve had the opportunity to blog surf. It looks like life post-baseball is treating you well. I haven’t yet read the entries regarding your choice in deciding not to run for a political office; but to me — it seems like you’ve spent so much time in the public eye, and to a certain extent you always will be and that’s great. But politics, while ideally meant to be for the good of the people – is a dirty sport and people frenzy on seeing others fall.

    So in MYHO (which means nothing, truly…)enjoy being able to voice your opinions in a public forum without the reprucussions of being on the political stage.

    In any event – be well and I hope you’re enjoying time with your family.

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