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Transcript of World Record live chat

June 5, 2009

In case you weren’t with us at 1 a.m. Friday morning, here is the transcript from the ‘World Record For Highest Altitude For a Baseball-Related Live Chat’


Question: What do you think of the way the Braves dealt with Tom Glavine?

Me: Incredibly sad to see someone who played his entire career in one place and do what he did, to have it end that way. But it’s another reminder for those fans who scream about player loyalty to remember clubs, pretty much 99% of the time, are about dollars and cents and results, like any other business

Question: What’s your opinion on Steven Strasburg?

Me:  What’s not to like? BIG kid, mechanics are a lot more refined that I expected, ridiculously live arm, polished with more than 1 pitch, unfortunately he’s going to Washington, or the Independant League this summer…

Question: How do you feel about Bob Watson handing out suspensions to both Beckett and Burnett for intentionally throwing at – but not hitting – the batter? Is this setting a good precedent for the future?

Me: Bob Watson was the GM in Houston when I was there, so I know and like him, but I have felt that he’s horribly mismanaged, HORRIBLY mismanaged the ‘policing’ of the game. As someone that played in the era he did, on the teams he did, there is a very popular opinion that the man forgot what the game was like as a player. THere is literally ZERO logic to fines and suspensions, horrid inconsistency as well. 

Question:  What do you think about Laird bunting in the sixth inning of a no-hitter last night, having had Ben Davis do the same thing to you a few years back?

Me:  Please remember, and refresh yourself if need be, I NEVER, EVER commented on Ben’s bunt other than to say I was surprised by it, never. It was a 2-0 game. The Tiger game was 4-0 and I don’t know Gerald Laird at all so I don’t know how or what his thinking was other than to think he felt he couldn’t do much to put the ball in play, so he took his best shot at getting something going.

Question: Curt, shed a little light if you could on how the Sox pitchers might feel right now w/ the less-than-stellar defensive play from the SS position to date this season…

Me: Totally meaningless, not something you ever think about when you are on the mound, at least I never did.

Question: What do you think of Randy Johnson’s 300th win?

Me:  Pretty impressive, and I think it’s going to be the last one we’ll ever see, unless the game and mentality on pitching and pitch counts, and conserving arms changes, which it likely will not.

Question: What’s the deal with Dontrelle Willis? The guy is a shell of his former self.

Me:  That delivery with that amount of effort is a major factor in losing ‘stuff’ quickly. Ken Hill was the same way, though he lasted longer. You put that much effort into throwing the ball that often, it’s very hard to keep your stuff IMO, but I thought that after I saw his first start in the ML.

Rob Bradford:  Producer Brett has been walking around the halls of Entercom Boston pretty confident about the wager regarding David Ortiz hitting 20 HRs this year. Are you still confident he’ll reach 20?

Me:  I keep expecting him to bust out, and it’s not happening. I think there is something else going on, something we don’t know or can’t see

Question: After missing out on Mark Teixeira this past offseason, do you see the Sox making a push for Joe Mauer with the timing of his contract expiring as well as V-teks?

Me: Yes, I thnk the Sox will be in the Mauer hunt but I see the Yanks grossly overpaying for him, pricing him above the Sox value point. But the bigger part to that is what kind of kid he is, if he’s a small town Minnesota boy neither may get him.

Question: How was E3?

Me: E3 was spectacular, it’s returning to its former self, which is cool.

Question: Do you think John Smoltz will be effective this season?

Me:  If he’s healthy, yes.

Question: Going back to Ortiz, did you know of any other hitters who identified vision as their problem and turned things around?

Me:  No.

Question: Who does Smoltz replace in the rotation if Penny doesn’t go?

Me: I don’t think anyone. I think they find a way to work in 6, or alternate starts with someone. But I also think they’ll need him

Question: What’s the thinking behind the Big Huge Games acquisition? Looking for a revenue stream?

Me:  Thats certianly part of it. The bigger piece was jumping ahead 3 years in dev and about 35m in cost of a PS3/X360/PC single player RPG based on the copernicus IP

Question: Do you think Theo will eat Lugo’s money once Lowrie comes back?

Me:  Hypotheticals work worse here than anywhere, and you all continue to think or believe status quo will be maintained, haven’t we all learned it never works out that way:)

Question: If you were Tito, how much longer would you give Papi to get things straightened out before you started platooning him or seriously looking for a viable Plan B for DH?

Me:  Whatever the result the Sox will be as perfectly positioned as possible come Aug 1

Question: What do you think about the new lineup?

Me:  I am not in that clubhouse, and thats a HUGE part to anything like that, any thoughts about what ‘you’ would do. You don’t know what’s going on, nor do I, but rest assured Tito will do whats best for the team. I remember you all hollering for blood in 04 when Millar was hitting like 076 with 4 Rbi’s in June, and Tito kept running him out there, how’d that work out? Trust that he knows better than you what’s going on and who its going on with. Did they win today? Ya? Then I like the new lineup…

Question: How do you believe the Josh Beckett contract situation will play out? Can you see him working out a long-term deal to finish his career in Boston?

Me: If the money is right yes. Tito and Jon F will be HUGE pieces to that IMO

Question: Who do you think would be a better fit in Boston, Matt Holliday or Jason Bay. Both good players, obviously

Me:  Bay Mon-Sat 2x on Sunday. He’s a star, plus Rob will draft him and trade him to me next year.

Question: Any thoughts on the criticism BC’s Mik Aoki & Texas’ Augie Garrido have taken for letting their pitchers go as long as they did in the NCAA game this past Sat? Are people like ESPN’s Keith Law going too far?

Me:  Nope, and yes. Keith Law has never stood on a mound trying to decide what’s best for his team and player while hearing the player demand to be kept in:) But he’s right, there are some serious long term issues that could present themselves after that. It’s a business now, all the way through to High school.

Question: Do you think Ellsbury will ever become a patient hitter? He is hitting .313/.351 obp but with a slump could be .280/.318 I think that is why the Sox dropped him in the order. Drew is only hitting .253 but with a .374 obp and they prefer that type of player.

Me: I never really knew what to believe before money ball, but in 23 years the one thing I have rarely, ever seen a hitter ‘learn’ is patience, because it’s a mindset to me, and not a skill

Question: Curt,do you pass on any of the info you have collected on hitters you have faced to other pitchers if they ask or are you opposed to doing that?

Me: I haven’t spoken to a player since January I don’t think, so no:)

Question: Do you think manny should play in the all star game?

Me: No. And you idiots shouldnt vote him in, those that voted for him.

Question: Youk learned patience, didn’t he?

Me: No, he was always that way.

Question: Why can’t managers/players pick the All Star team? Have the fans select the final 2 instead of 1 to each roster? Manny getting in is absurd.

Me: Because the game is for the fans, you vote on who you want to see, not who deserves it all the time, plus players put value to other players in ways fans/writers don’t and wouldn’t.

Question: Is the tribute to Gehrig coming up?

Me: It is, July 4th, every major and ML park in the country

Question: What did you think of MIT when you visited Sloan?

Me: Me and MIT? Felt like a whore in church….

Question: What are they doing for the Gehrig tribute, do you know?

Me:  Celebrity’s and Heroes reading his speech, uniform patches I think, lots of other stuff, local ALS chapters are all putting events together.

Question: Curt you seem to be someone who doesnt have to filter what the truth is, can you tell us why Orlando Cabrera didn’t work out here? We have all heard rumors but I dont understand why we never re-signed him.

Me: The Sox had ‘issues’ with his ‘lifestyle’ away from the park, and lost a stud. He was an AWESOME teammate who showed up and played his ass off every single day. I loved him to death, not to mention he was one of the best SS I ever threw in front of. Oh FWIW they had issues with someone who did far less away from the park than a butt load of others.

Question: With Remy out sick, and the fill in patrol helping D.O. out in the booth, what are the chances we will see you up there doing color for some games this year?

Me: I’ve been asked 6 times, and been 100% HAPPY to say no each one. I have ZERO ambition to do that, but I LOVE Orsillo, he’s awesome.

Question: Speaking of charity events, will we see you on the mound at the 100-inning baseball game this year? 

Me: I’ll come to the event, but probably not pitch

Question: Curt, your thoughts on Rodney Harrison retiring and him working in the media. I’m sure you’ve learned, a good media member can’t be afraid to criticize, meaning great things to come from Rodney. Also, thanks for 2004, it meant a lot to me and my father before he passed away!

Me: Thanks! Rodney should do well

Questionn: I know Wakefield has had some very good starts but also some very bad ones. And overall a below average year (4.50 era career 4.33) Do you see him being the odd man out at some point this season?

Me: Can’t see it, at his age, and with his body I can’t see him going to the pen and being able to pitch enough to warrant the move, not to mention who would you bump in the pen?

Question: What was your all time favorite team you played for? And by the way, Justin M thanked you for 2004 but I want to thank you for 2001. It couldn’t have been done without you.

Me: Favorite team? 1986 Yavapai Roughriders, 2001 DBacks, 04 Sox

Question: Curt, what are your thoughts on Brad Penny this year? He’s gotten a bad rep from the people in LA, but seems to fit in nice with Beckett, etc. and has pitched well. I think it’s foolish to simply trade him away to make room for unproven others.

Me: It will all work itself out. Brad is a great kid and Larry Bowa is good for 2-4 stupid quotes a half. I love pee wee but he’s another guy who forgot how hard it was to play the game sometimes, Love him to death and could play for him anytime, but he’s a red ass of the highest order and sometimes says stuff, but he didn’t feel Brad worked hard enough, and said it, I respect that he never holds back but not sure how true or untrue it was. Some players hate to be told the truth and Pee Wee isnt afraid to scream it.

8 Comments leave one →
  1. June 5, 2009 2:14 pm

    YES, thank you very much for answering the Cabrera issue.

    I gathered there had to be something, some reason as to why they let him go in the first place — and wouldn’t consider bringing him back when he would absolutely fill a void that is needed. I gathered it was some personality issue, and I personally suspected clubhouse, so thank you for at least suggesting that there was SOME issue. As a fan — it’s hard to understand why they’d skirt the option of a player who clearly has value and was attainable.

    I wish I’d been awake to participate. 🙂

  2. Rich permalink
    June 5, 2009 3:13 pm

    Hey Curt- Tom Glavine played for the Mets for 5 years. Doesn’t belittle what the Braves did to him, but he didn’t play his entire career in Atlanta as you said.

  3. June 5, 2009 4:09 pm

    I respect your thoughts about Glavine, but you will remember he did not spend his entire career as a Brave, bolting for the schweet caish and division rival Mets. Yes, it’s easy to forget that odd chapter, but the Braves didn’t behave any worse IMO by deciding that Tommy Hanson, who’s blazing hot in AAA, is more worthy of a roster spot right now.

    I’m a Braves fan who was spoiled by the Smoltz-Glavine-Maddux years. Those guys will always be tops in my book, but all good things come to an end, and each of those guys chose to go elsewhere as free agents…

  4. Cody Bye permalink
    June 5, 2009 8:11 pm

    Did you do this on one of the Virgin flights? I really need to hop on one of those, just to do something strange – like call somebody using my laptop. 🙂

    On a baseball topic, I had the chance to see Randy pitch while he was still with the Mariners – one of his amazing 20 K games. The man is outstanding, and I’m sad he ever had to leave – although I’m glad he was able to get the Series win he wanted.

  5. June 6, 2009 5:29 am

    I gathered it was some personality issue, and I personally suspected clubhouse, so thank you for at least suggesting that there was some issue.I knew it hard to understand why they skirt the option of a player who clearly has value and was attainable.

  6. June 7, 2009 1:45 am

    As the former president of the Tom Glavine fan club even I can sense that
    perhaps Los Bravos realize he would only embarass himself given the lack of starch on his cheese, if anyone picks him up we will find out, if no one picks him up we will know for sure

  7. Donna permalink
    June 7, 2009 3:11 am

    I have never corrected you in the past but I must do so now. Tom Glavine did not play his entire career in Atlanta. He was here in New York playing with the New York Mets for five years and we loved having him here. He chose to return to Atlanta so he could be close to his family(they live there)but we did not want to see him go. So please do not delete his time with the New York Mets,a team that he got his 300th win with…As for what Atlanta did,I understand that it is a matter of dollars and cents,and the reason for why they cut him. But to say that he could retire as an Atlanta Brave or else they would cut him is not only saying that they think he might want to retire,but is also saying that they think he is not good enough anymore to go somewhere else. From what I understand,he has had several offers and is mulling over what would be best for him. There is no reason for him to retire and I hope that when he goes to another team,he shows Atlanta that he still has what it takes to be the great player that he still is and has always been…Just promise me that you will remember the five years with the New York Mets!
    Donna,New York City.

  8. June 21, 2009 9:00 pm

    Asking question and take answer from your guest is the one of the simple way to communicate with the person.There is no reason for him to retire and I hope that when he goes to another team,he shows Atlanta that he still has what it takes to be the great player.

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