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Wasn't the rest of the world supposed to start loving us?

February 9, 2009

I found this an interesting take from someone living in another country. Agree or disagree it’s a different perspective on this nation and our new President.

The night we waved goodbye to America. . . our last best hope on Earth
London Daily Mail
Peter Hitchens
10 November 2008

Anyone would think we had just elected a hip, skinny and youthful replacement for God, with a plan to modernize Heaven and Hell – or that at the very least John Lennon had come back from the dead.

The swooning frenzy over the choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States must be one of the most absurd waves of self-deception and swirling fantasy ever to sweep through an advanced civilization. At least Mandela-worship – its nearest equivalent – is focused on a man who actually did something.

I really don’t see how the Obama devotees can ever in future mock the Moonies, the Scientologists or people who claim to have been abducted in flying saucers. This is a cult like the one which grew up around Princess Diana, bereft of reason and hostile to facts.

It already has all the signs of such a thing. The newspapers which recorded Obama’s victory have become valuable relics. You may buy Obama picture books and Obama calendars and if there isn’t yet a children’s picture version of his story, there soon will be.

Proper books, recording his sordid associates, his cowardly voting record, his astonishingly militant commitment to unrestricted abortion and his blundering trip to Africa, are little-read and hard to find.

If you can believe that this undistinguished and conventionally Left-wing machine politician is a sort of secular saviour, then you can believe anything. He plainly doesn’t believe it himself. His cliche-stuffed, PC clunker of an acceptance speech suffered badly from nerves. It was what you would expect from someone who knew he’d promised too much and that from now on the easy bit was over.

He needn’t worry too much. From now on, the rough boys and girls of America’s Democratic Party apparatus, many recycled from Bill Clinton’s stained and crumpled entourage, will crowd round him, to collect the rich spoils of his victory and also tell him what to do, which is what he is used to.

Just look at his sermon by the shores of Lake Michigan. He really did talk about a ‘new dawn’, and a ‘timeless creed’ (which was ‘yes, we can’). He proclaimed that ‘change has come’. He revealed that, despite having edited the Harvard Law Review, he doesn’t know what ‘enormity’ means. He reached depths of oratorical drivel never even plumbed by our own Mr Blair, burbling about putting our hands on the arc of history (or was it the ark of history?) and bending it once more toward the hope of a better day (Don’t try this at home).

I am not making this up. No wonder that awful old hack Jesse Jackson sobbed as he watched. How he must wish he, too, could get away with this sort of stuff.

And it was interesting how the President-elect failed to lift his admiring audience by repeated – but rather hesitant – invocations of the brainless slogan he was forced by his minders to adopt against his will – ‘Yes, we can’. They were supposed to thunder ‘Yes, we can!’ back at him, but they just wouldn’t join in. No wonder. Yes we can what exactly? Go home and keep a close eye on the tax rate, is my advice. He’d have been better off bursting into ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony’ which contains roughly the same message and might have attracted some valuable commercial sponsorship.

Perhaps, being a Chicago crowd, they knew some of the things that 52.5 per cent of America prefers not to know. They know Obama is the obedient servant of one of the most squalid and unshakeable political machines in America. They know that one of his alarmingly close associates, a state-subsidised slum landlord called Tony Rezko, has been convicted on fraud and corruption charges.

They also know the US is just as segregated as it was before Martin Luther King – in schools, streets, neighbourhoods, holidays, even in its TV-watching habits and its choice of fast-food joint. The difference is that it is now done by unspoken agreement rather than by law.

If Mr Obama’s election had threatened any of that, his feel-good white supporters would have scuttled off and voted for John McCain, or practically anyone. But it doesn’t. Mr Obama, thanks mainly to the now-departed grandmother he alternately praised as a saint and denounced as a racial bigot, has the huge advantages of an expensive private education. He did not have to grow up in the badlands of useless schools, shattered families and gangs which are the lot of so many young black men of his generation.

If the nonsensical claims made for this election were true, then every positive discrimination programme aimed at helping black people into jobs they otherwise wouldn’t get should be abandoned forthwith. Nothing of the kind will happen. On the contrary, there will probably be more of them.

And if those who voted for Obama were all proving their anti-racist nobility, that presumably means that those many millions who didn’t vote for him were proving themselves to be hopeless bigots. This is obviously untrue.
barack obama

Yes we can what?: Barack Obama ran on the ticket of change

I was in Washington DC the night of the election. America’s beautiful capital has a sad secret. It is perhaps the most racially divided city in the world, with 15th Street – which runs due north from the White House – the unofficial frontier between black and white. But, like so much of America, it also now has a new division, and one which is in many ways much more important. I had attended an election-night party in a smart and liberal white area, but was staying the night less than a mile away on the edge of a suburb where Spanish is spoken as much as English, plus a smattering of tongues from such places as Ethiopia, Somalia and Afghanistan.

As I walked, I crossed another of Washington’s secret frontiers. There had been a few white people blowing car horns and shouting, as the result became clear. But among the Mexicans, Salvadorans and the other Third World nationalities, there was something like ecstasy.

They grasped the real significance of this moment. They knew it meant that America had finally switched sides in a global cultural war. Forget the Cold War, or even the Iraq War. The United States, having for the most part a deeply conservative people, had until now just about stood out against many of the mistakes which have ruined so much of the rest of the world.

Suspicious of welfare addiction, feeble justice and high taxes, totally committed to preserving its own national sovereignty, unabashedly Christian in a world part secular and part Muslim, suspicious of the Great Global Warming panic, it was unique.

These strengths had been fading for some time, mainly due to poorly controlled mass immigration and to the march of political correctness. They had also been weakened by the failure of America’s conservative party – the Republicans – to fight on the cultural and moral fronts.

They preferred to posture on the world stage. Scared of confronting Left-wing teachers and sexual revolutionaries at home, they could order soldiers to be brave on their behalf in far-off deserts. And now the US, like Britain before it, has begun the long slow descent into the Third World. How sad. Where now is our last best hope on Earth?

I was also forwarded a quote I found a bit more than disturbing.

“Owners of capital will stimulate working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be nationalized, and State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to communism”

Karl Marx from “Das Kapital”

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  1. February 9, 2009 7:39 pm

    To be fair, Hitchens is pretty conservative even by our standards. You may as well try to use a Herald editorial to gauge Boston public opinion.

  2. tdmtown permalink
    February 9, 2009 7:44 pm

    Really though bubba,
    i KNOW you aren’t bright enough to understand the concepts of that article.
    I know you THINK you do, but really, if you had any sort of breadth of scope in your knowledge base, you’d take it for what it was.
    Picking out the words you can actually stumble through the definition of,
    doesn’t constitute actual understanding or context.
    It was nice to hear you stick with baseball for a while, but you’ve just proven what a tooljob idiot you really just deep down are.
    Let me guess, next week you’ll be be trolling the Al Jazeera website and posting the articles about why nobody in the middle east likes the US.

    It’s been 3 weeks since the inauguration, how bout you try and muster the objectivity to give it a year or so before you get all stupid????


    (and don’t try to BS us about how this isn’t partisanship. Grow up.)

    Let me guess who you voted for? Why is it that you are all riled up, attacking me, based on my republishing of an article someone else wrote? Can I lambaste you for articles written attacking Senator McCain? Why not? Seems you’re the one that needs to grow up, not to mention you’re awful defensive of the President after spending the last 8 years ripping and denouncing the man holding the seat before him.

  3. RBPoBoy permalink
    February 9, 2009 8:01 pm

    So let me get this straight. You think Sarah Palin was ready to step into the presidency at a moment’s notice.


    That decision of McCain’s will go down as one of the most idiotic and cynical campaign decisions in history.

    Oh, and it sure would be great to have Phil “Mental-Recession-Nation-of-Whiners” Gramm as treasury secretary, wouldn’t it?

  4. tdmtown permalink
    February 9, 2009 8:04 pm

    Like i said, don’t try and BS anybody that this isn’t YOU being the same childish
    partisan. Just like when you reprinted the incorrect/misinformation articles during the campaign.
    You admit you are a “big kid”/jock/athlete, yet expect people to treat you like an adult.
    Your kids must love you, because at their age, they are probably both emotionally and intellectually the same age, if not “older” than you are now.

    You are great at the baseball stuff(ok, and the Steeler stuff), but you are a tool at pretty much everything else. Now that you have some time on your hands, why not try to better yourself,
    intellectually and emotionally. Take some online classes, maybe go see a therapist?
    Expand your brutally small “zone of knowledge” and maybe expand your mind beyond the closed off little world you occupy.

    Again, maybe “grow up” a little. People will respect you more for it.
    You won’t be just a mouthy jock, you’ll actually have some substance.

  5. Elvis Elvisberg permalink
    February 9, 2009 8:21 pm

    Zero mention of any actual policy changes from this fellow; just a bunch of spleen and racial resentment. Well, OK, if that’s your thing, enjoy it.

    Note that despite Bush’s 8 years of deceit and failure, Republicans still rallied around him right to the end (Gallup Poll, conducted Jan. 9-11, “Republicans’ approval of him rose from 67% in mid-December to 75% in the current poll”).

    America has never been less trusted, less respected, or more indebted than Pres. Bush left it. We were right to be relieved. And we made the right choice, rejecting the know-nothing McCain-Palin ticket for a ticket composed of people who have evinced an interest in real-world impact of policy.

    Note that liberals are not in the throes of the cult of personality that defines the tribalist GOP– Pres. Obama is getting criticized, as he should be, for his continuation of Bush policy on hiding details of US government lawbreaking to facilitate torture, announced today.

    It’s about principles.

  6. February 9, 2009 8:32 pm

    The author is one of those people Barrack is refering to tonight in his speech as someone who would do nothing. I certainly don’t know enough about the stimulus bill to know all the parts I agree with and all the parts I would disgree with. What I do know is I helped elect our current president because I trust his judgement more than his opponent. Lets give him a chance. Bush’s answer would be to declare war on Iran. I’d much rather spend 800 billion on books and bridges than on bombs and bullets.

  7. TheBat permalink
    February 9, 2009 8:32 pm

    Hitchens a conservative? Oz, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in quite some time.

  8. February 9, 2009 8:48 pm

    Don’t confuse him with his brother Christopher.

  9. February 9, 2009 9:06 pm

    Well-written but devoid of actual logic and fact. Kind of what he is accusing Obama of.

  10. daveshac permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:16 pm

    I haven’t had time to personally research it to a full conclusion, but there is some healthy debate over whether that Marx quote is legitimate. In point of fact, it appears that it simply isn’t anywhere in the text of Das Kapital. It seems a little too perfect to me – kinda like someone citing a Nostradamus quatrain about Dave Roberts’ steal of 2nd base in 2004.

  11. sami permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:18 pm

    Wow what’s up with curt? cant poop? or something? really getting away from a baseball blog, oh excuse me, i forgot nobody want’s him to pitch for them now, so he can be a political pundit.

  12. marvin permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:21 pm

    guess its time to finally getting around to unsubscribing

  13. TownHouse Kid permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:29 pm

    One thing you can say about this post is that it’s gotten folks to repond — quickly. Like most opinion pieces in the media, it only respresents a fraction of the story — and that’s true on both sides of the political realm.

    I am fortunate enough to know people who live in various places throughout the world — and the feedback from Inauguration Day and the Election was extremely positive. Yes, the U.S. has issues in regards to race relations, but name me a country that doesn’t. But, seeing the millions of people who stood with me on the Mall that cold Tuesday to see a new era get ushered in, I would like to start 2009 with a positive feeling about where we, as a nation, are going.

    I appreciate that we’re finally able to question our politicians and hold them accountable for decisions that effect us. It’s too bad that when we did it with the last administration we heard the scream of TREASON.

    Mr. Schilling, I have a blast reading your blogs and enjoy the shit you give Dan Shaugnessy (actually, that is one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to this season). I also respect your opinions and appreciate the opportunity to debate them with you.

    Is this an aricle I agre with? Hell no, but it’s worth reading for the fact that we’re not existing in a bubble and think everyone embraces us and our ideology. I learned that on November 5th – the hate mail that came through the email box of the nonprofit I work at b/c we sent a congratulations letter to our then President-Elect was extremely upsetting; shoot I almost left work b/c I was so shaken.

    But then I realized the time given to get personal and fight is a a waste — it’s easier to work towards righting wrongs and helping others out. Call me idealistic….

    Appreciate the input. I agree though, what’s the problem? It was an article I was forwarded, I read it and found it interesting. It’s an opinion piece, nothing more, there are no facts or statement of facts anywhere, just one mans opinion is all. I do find it telling that the responses are completely one way or the other. From The President is A JERK!!! To You’re an ASS and this article sucks. No debate or discussion anywhere.

  14. Eric permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:39 pm

    Curt, don’t worry about these people who are ragging on you here. Most people who read this are from New England, and we all know how liberal that area is. It takes guts to post this stuff and take heat for it.

  15. sami permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:40 pm

    Sound’s like a poor loser to me, i used to respect you, but after listening to your ignorant remarks, forget it, i would rather read something more intelligent, such as george bush’s memoir’s!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  16. BCC permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:42 pm

    So think that Marx’s thesis is correct? He’s basically arguing that capitalism is doomed to fail.


    PS Your posts on baseball are wonderful. You posts on politics, especially when you uncritically post others’ work, is a waste of everyone’s time, including your own. You have unique insights into the game of baseball; but I have many options if I’m looking for Obama bashing.

    Get over it, your guy lost.

  17. NovaScotian permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:43 pm

  18. sami permalink
    February 9, 2009 9:51 pm

    you made a addendum to your a-rods statement, because you opened your pie hole way too soon, maybe you did it again.

  19. February 9, 2009 10:04 pm

    What I find disconcerting is the somewhat commonplace inclusion of Karl Marx quotes in many articles written by traditional conservatives (like Hitchens) when they talk about their dislike/disbelief/fear/whatever about President Obama. It’s going to an extreme to make a point, in my opinion.

    Yes, certain folks who don’t like the way the country was run for the past 8 years may be jumping the gun in calling him a “secular savior” as Hitchens says. But let’s give him more than 20 days to see whether or not he can right this ship before we declare a mutiny. And to be fair, I’ve never heard any of my liberal friends call Obama a savior. The only time I hear the word mentioned in a conversation about the President is when conservative pundits use it. Mockingly, of course.

  20. February 9, 2009 10:08 pm

    Is it too much to ask that people use proper punctuation and capitalization when calling someone’s remarks ignorant?

    Thanks for the post Curt. I loved every word of it; even the parts I disagreed with.

  21. 38cantpitchnemore permalink
    February 9, 2009 10:16 pm

    Waaaah, my boyfriend lost the election so ill wail about it here for the next 8 years. Waaaaaaaaaaaah

  22. 38cantpitchnemore permalink
    February 9, 2009 10:23 pm

    Dont worry Curt. Barack will de-cluster the global economy that Bush ruined.

  23. sami permalink
    February 9, 2009 10:27 pm

    who cares about proper punctuation or capitalization, you didn’t when you posted.

  24. Lucas Canning permalink
    February 9, 2009 10:29 pm

    God bless you Curt for standing up to this leftist tyranny that is about to choke America to death. I am tired of these f’ing idiots (also on this comment section) clapping and cheering their way to their own destruction.

    I just moved to Miami from Ohio. I am now considering buying a passport and moving to the Cayman Islands. I don’t know what else to do anymore, Curt. I don’t see the will to storm DC which is what needs to be done to stop the communists from taking over piece by piece.

    I am a free man, and if living here is no longer a free place to live, it is time to go somewhere else.

  25. anonymous permalink
    February 9, 2009 10:31 pm

    “Appreciate the input. I agree though, what’s the problem? It was an article I was forwarded, I read it and found it interesting. It’s an opinion piece, nothing more, there are no facts or statement of facts anywhere, just one mans opinion is all. I do find it telling that the responses are completely one way or the other. From The President is A JERK!!! To You’re an ASS and this article sucks. No debate or discussion anywhere. ”

    Perhaps if you’d started with some discussion or debate rather than just posting this verbal diarrhea, than you might have seen more discussion. Can’t just post & run, there…and not expect others to.

  26. dargano permalink
    February 9, 2009 10:37 pm

    Curt – What don’t you get about Obama? Our new president is transparent, intelligent, and mature – quite refreshing after an eight year term with a president who was deceitful, not too bright, and quite immature. I am horrified to think of how many 20-year-old Americans died so that he coud “smoke out” Osama Bin Laden – something that he, of course, failed to do. Give it up!!! McCain would have bene more of the same, and we are well rid of Palin.

  27. Frederick permalink
    February 9, 2009 10:49 pm

    Thank you Curt for presenting this….a very precise explanation why I haven’t had a good nights sleep since November

  28. Not a fan permalink
    February 9, 2009 11:14 pm

    The “article” you published is nothing short of anti-American anti-patriotic virulent meant to undermine the stability of America. Just kidding- sort of. After 8 years of having an administration declaring you are either for us or against us its hard to break the habit of saying dissent is Anti-American. I do think that the point of part of the article is valid in that many have placed incredibly high values/standards onto the new president. Not unlike most of the world we are a society of personality cults. Major league sports has quite a few examples of this and we have a whole industry-(read: Hollywood)that is still booming that counts on this for their success. What is equally invalid is to discount the actual “hope” that people now have. Whether the hope that has developed around him is justified will be seen. The people that are set right off the bat to condemn him though are poor, misguided folks. They missed the whole point. Lot’s of unhappiness? Maybe so. But doesn’t hope take a little bit of that unhappiness away? Doesn’t a smile on a tough morning scratch out a tear cried on a sadder day? Not much maybe. But what would happen if we all tried to share that hope and learned to give that hope through ourselves, of our talents, our love and our hearts? Maybe we could all learn a beautiful lesson and maybe there would finally be peace on Earth and good will toward men.

  29. Elvis Elvisberg permalink
    February 10, 2009 12:44 am

    I love that even super obnoxious, nonsensical, personal attacks on Curt get approved on this blog. Say what you will about the guy, but he can take it almost as well as he can dish it.

  30. February 10, 2009 1:04 am

    “No debate or discussion anywhere.”

    Curt, what’s the point? Obama was elected. Now it’s time to sit back and see how it does the job. It’s too early to evaluate anything yet.

    I look at Obama the same way people look at a draft pick in the NFL or MLB. There’s a lot of hubris and guessing and speculation before the pick is made. A lot of “he’s got the potential to do this” or “he’s weak in this area”. The bottom line is that if you’re selecting a player in the NFL or MLB draft, you have no idea how a player is REALLY going to do once they start playing in the big league. It’s a shot in the dark. You can do all the research and measure every possible thing you can, but you still don’t know. No one does. It’s an inexact science.

    Obama, like every non-incumbent before him, is a draft pick. He has no experience as president. We picked him on potential, like all draft picks. If he lives up to that potential, great for us! If he doesn’t, we have the option of picking again.

    I know that no matter who would have won this election, when it was over, I’d be wishing for the same thing: for that person to succeed as best as possible. I truly don’t understand the right-wing attacks and all the petty B.S. Obama was elected. The best possible outcome here is for him to succeed so our nation can get back on track. Why are people working so hard and wishing for him to fail? That seems petty and small to me. It seems un-American.

  31. erroneouslylabeled permalink
    February 10, 2009 1:42 am

    I found the article interesting and am glad you republished it. And the title “The night we waved goodbye to America…” is accurate. For better or worse, America is changed, as promised. But the shift began right at the end of Bush’s administration. I wonder if he realized he was setting the stage for the new administration.

    My guess; no.

  32. Donna permalink
    February 10, 2009 3:14 am

    I clearly see that some of the people who read this posting did not get what you were,and are,trying to do. It is a topic worthy of discussion and that is all that you wanted to achieve,to put something out there for us to see and discuss. I think that is a good thing because regardless of us agreeing or disagreeing it is a topic that should be discussed. Good for you in sharing it with us…As for the content,I have to agree to some small degree regarding Obama. I am a Democrat and I did vote for Obama in the general election(did not in the primary). I agree with many others that this country needs help,needs a change,and we hope that Obama can help,give us hope for the future. At the same time,I totally agree that people made such a big deal of the swearing in and went way over the top. Yes,it was very exciting but if I see one more commercial for a coin with his picture on it or an offer to get a copy of the newspaper from that day,or the thousand and one other things that have his picture on it,not to mention a video of his dancing at the parties the night of the swearing in,I will scream. He is a man who is going to help this country,guide this country and I hope do better things for this country,and I am very hopeful that he will help,but that does not make him a God or a Saint,or that he should be treated as one. As with every new president that has come into power,the country is looking for change but this time I agree that they have gone too far with it. He is still just a man,like everyone else…I find your sharing of this article/op piece enjoyable,enjoy having the discussion regarding it,enjoyed reading what someone from another country had to say,and I am sorry that some of the people who posted/wrote above totally missed what you were doing,the point that you were making. Shame on them,and do not ever stop putting out things like this,for those of us who are interested in other people’s points of view. Do not stop because of them,as I for one,like the idea that you discuss a variety of topics and not just baseball. They are the morons,not you. By the way,I see that you did not put whether you agree or disagree with the piece. What are your thoughts on it,and do you agree or disagree with it? As always,would love to hear your opinion on it. Thank You.

  33. February 10, 2009 3:20 am

    That Karl Marx quote is quite prescient huh! Though I still have a lot of confidence in our capitalistic system…the pendulum will swing left for 4-8 years, but not too far and it will swing back rather quickly if Pelosi and team get too greedy, which it appears they already are.

    I’m an Independent, which I wish everyone was, so I tend to be more optimistic looking at what the left and right have to say and offer for solutions…but in the case of President Obama, I really do feel he’s been too passive and delegating far too much thus far. Having Pelosi and the Dems draft the so-called stimulus bill behind closed doors was very stupid and weak of him to allow that. He made a mistake there, no doubt and I just hope he sees the mistake he made and reels-in the liberal Dems or we’re really going to over-steer to the left in this country.

    Hitchens, Hannity, Rush have some good points but their language is too extreme and divisive on the right….though I think the left is more arrogant, strident and hateful usually….you can’t even have a civil discussion with most liberals. Americans are mostly in the middle and over 60% of us say more tax cuts and let ‘us’ decide where we spend our money, not the Gov’t, they helped get us in this mess to begin with.

    Appreciate the post Curt. A little non-sports mixed in is a good thing. And some of the extreme responses above from liberals is precisely what I mean about their being too heated and hard to have an intelligent, non name throwing hateful discussion with. Sticks and stones Curt, wave ’em off and keep throwing the hard stuff.

  34. michael permalink
    February 10, 2009 3:25 am

    your attitude is a perfect microcosm of what is ruining america.

  35. Dave permalink
    February 10, 2009 6:39 am


    While this does appear to be a snarky headline post (since few people believed this would happen immediately – merely return to pre-2000 disdain) – the source leaves much to be desired. The first comment hits it right off the bat – obvious conservative commenter obviously immediately slams Obama. The rest of the world also has their splits.

    “Owners of capital will stimulate working class”
    The quote does not exist. It was made up, and sounds plausible, but doesn’t exist in Das Kapital or other works. Mostly, it is making the rounds because it is scaring people.

  36. Andy permalink
    February 10, 2009 7:44 am

    A different perspective and a topic worthy of discussion. Please, this is the same tripe we hear from right-wingers like Limbaugh, Callahan, Coulter, and Schilling all the time.

    As I watched President Obama’s news conference (and yes I voted for him) I had one thought. Thank God, John McCain is NOT President. Also, since Obama has a 67% approval rating while Republicans in Congress (including McCain) have a 31% approval rating, I am far from alone in my thinking.

  37. February 10, 2009 7:52 am

    Mr. Schilling, poor judgment reposting that article. Not sure what your motivation was. There can’t be any real discussion with an article that is as polarizing as this one. You might have thought you were doing something positive, but no. What’s next? Reposting the Klan’s creed just because you stumbled across it? Please be a bit more responsible in the future.

  38. OGM permalink
    February 10, 2009 8:41 am

    Excuse me ! Dissenting opinion is the lifeblood of this country. Argument, discussion, and discourse all comprise the best formula for preserving our Constitutional freedoms. And, at the risk of rising the hackles on Sami and other draft animals of the left who have posted here, may I remind you that your own Mrs. Clinton stood up for dissenting arguments during the campaign, calling it patriotic to argue, debate, and present alternative arguments. You can’t have it both ways, boys !

  39. Derek permalink
    February 10, 2009 8:59 am

    I fully understand people who do not like or agree with the president. I wasn’t fully on board with Obama until the general election. If Romney was the nominee instead of Mcain, I may have voted for him. But I think we need to at least let Obama try to fix these things, I just got laid off and would love to see someone try to do something. If he fails then lets criticize him like we did Bush but I think every president no matter what party needs to be given some chances, they will make mistakes and unfortunately the other party is always waiting. Curt even though I tend to be a democrat still love your work and enjoy reading your blog, different opinions can exist with respect.

  40. February 10, 2009 9:43 am

    Curt, I don’t know man, I got a ton of respect for you and I respect your position. I gotta tell you though, I can’t read your political stuff like this, I didn’t even finish your post. It doesn’t feel very objective. You’re right and just like other right wingers (or lefty even) extremists, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh etc… I know what you’re going to say before you say it, it’s wildly predictable. Your position is anti-everything-non-republican-and-conservative… I know, OReilly or whoever clearly outlined it, Obama’s the antichrist, we’re headed toward Armageddon under his leadership blah blah blah.

    There are intelligent adults in the middle on the left from whom we can learn stuff. By taking an extreme position, one is unable to hear those voices.

    It’s all right dude (no pun intended), heh heh. I can’t get with you guys on the right right now, W sent everything sideways and seemed ok with it.

    Your baseball commentary though…damn! I drink deep on that stuff, more please.

  41. Matt permalink
    February 10, 2009 10:05 am

    If you all don’t like what Curt has to say (or repost), why do you keep coming here? You know Curt’s point of view (he was a vocal McCain supporter), so I just don’t understand the point of coming back to his blog and getting worked up because he doesn’t fall in line with how you feel. I like Curt and appreciate the fact that he is willing to speak his mind. That’s why I come here. But you all seem like gluttons for punishment to get so pissed off by someone who has consistently posted blogs about his support for McCain’s presidential bid. You’re all a bunch of trolls who have to piggyback on someone’s blog to have anyone listen to anything you have to say.

    If all you want to hear is your point of view, go to someone’s blog with your political sensibilities.

  42. bravos permalink
    February 10, 2009 10:16 am

    Just wanted to thank you for sticking it to tdmtown. You obviously didn’t write the article so I’m not sure why he got so worked up. Also, that was a good point when you said, “…not to mention you’re awful defensive of the President after spending the last 8 years ripping and denouncing the man holding the seat before him.” Well said Curt, well said.

  43. whitlowac permalink
    February 10, 2009 11:16 am

    I agree with the last post. It is a very interesting topic of discussion and I realize why Curt would post it. Everyone has an opinion on the President and this journalist was just expressing his own. There is no reason to bash Curt for just posting something that is a very interesting topic. And even the people that do put down Curt on this post can not deny that it is an interesting view on this topic and they obviously think it is because they feel the need to comment on it. I am a new reader of your blog Curt and this is the first post I have read. I am very happy with what I have read and I will continue reading. Keep up the good work. P.S. Rooting for you to get signed (Hoping its the Sox)

  44. Mike Jacobs permalink
    February 10, 2009 11:36 am


    Great article! It is astonishing how dumb our citizenry has become in recent decades. 53% of the voters elected a man who has accomplished nothing outside of a classroom. He is the king of rhetoric and platitudes and I am sure he will go down as one of our worst Presidents. Hopefully, in four years we can go back to electing principled leaders instead of charlatans. Keep up the good work Curt!



  45. February 10, 2009 12:55 pm

    this article not withstanding, it is fascinating to watch the rapid/rabid response that any critism of this administration garners.

    our leadership, regardless of party affiliation, is not beyond reproach.

    amazingly, even Rep. Heath Schuler (D, NC) has critized his own party for conducting beltway business as usually and not being the party of “CHANGE”. he should be commended for doing so.

    as an aside – crazy when you think that Heath and Gus Frerotte were drafted the same year by the same team. and while noting that Gus Frerotte is still playing you have to wonder – who has the more tempestuous profession?

    be well all- JC

  46. Duddy Kravitz permalink
    February 10, 2009 12:59 pm

    Stick to baseball. At least you know something about basbeall.

  47. Dave permalink
    February 10, 2009 1:16 pm

    Um, right, Curt. This is why Daisuke Matsuzaka was advised, upon entering the Boston organization, “You will meet a large man named Curt with a big mouth. Listen to everything he tells you about pitching. Ignore everything else.”

    Curt, the simple alternative to everything you say is that we all saw hope and believed in someone who could bringe change, and voted for him. The whole cult comparison is so typical right-wing reactionary. I worked on the Obama campaign. You know what I did? I donated money. I made some phone calls. I talked about someone I believed in with people. I wasn’t caught up in a swoon.

    AND LOOK! There he is, on stage right now, using complete sentences!!!

    I’m really sorry you missed out on the whole wonderful experience, Curt, because it was once in a lifetime.

  48. Pepporoni Back permalink
    February 10, 2009 1:35 pm

    Hey curt…. don’t act like your so innocent in those whole thing…. I know all about the old days when they called you pepporoni back…. Also, how come on your blog you brag about how much you know about everyone juicing but when you were in front of congress you had no idea….. your a fake!

  49. Kurt permalink
    February 10, 2009 1:35 pm

    Whatever. There’s so much to read on the internet. I just found out your blog isn’t one of them. Opinion pieces with shaky facts make for wasted bits in cyberspace.

  50. McG permalink
    February 10, 2009 1:38 pm


  51. John permalink
    February 10, 2009 2:50 pm

    Per MSNBC’S MATT CASSEY “Had hoped we wouldn’t be hearing from Curt Schilling again until he failed to get into the Hall of Fame and whined about it. But now he wants the other 103 names to be released, otherwise everyone else from that era will be guilty by association. No, Curt. The only reason you want those names released is because you know you didn’t test positive in 2003, and it’ll improve your legacy when other big names get outed. But what about your World Series teammates from the D-Backs and Red Sox who’d get screwed? And all the other major leaguers who were a part of the Union and were supposed to be protected by this anonymous test? Purely a selfish move by Schilling, but would you really expect anything else?”

  52. February 10, 2009 2:53 pm

    People in this country are partisan and this isn’t a new thing. This isn’t something GWB did to our country. It’s part of our two party political system, you are either with us or against us. I wish I wasn’t partisan, but I am. I will say I openly did not support GWB. I might actually say I hated the man, even though hate is still such a strong word. I think I would have supported McCain if he were elected, but I am not sure. So, I can understand those who did not vote for Obama being overly cautious and not throwing their support to the man since if McCain was elected, I’d probably be sitting in their same shoes.

    Do I think this article makes a lot of sense? Not really, but it’s an opinion article. Everyone has the right to one. I do think that Obama is someone who can start to right the way the US is seen by the world. He’s not magic, but he has that magical charisma. Charisma isn’t enough, but it sure helps. Clinton was charismatic. Bush Sr. was charismatic. Heck, Hitler was charismatic. The question is….what do you choose to do with that charisma. And no, I am not comparing Obama to Hitler. I like Obama. I voted for him. I think he’s a swell guy. I am just saying that the way you choose to communicate with the world effects the way the world views you..or at least that is my hope.

    I do hope that things change in our country and I believe Obama and his administration can be a part of that. But, I am also cautious enough to admit that I am prepared to see politics as usual, from both sides.

  53. bill permalink
    February 10, 2009 3:10 pm

    Curt, your boy McCain lost get over it,you had your head so far up his arse it was revolting You should have donated the 8m you got last year for doing nothing and donated it to his campain,maybe it would have made a difference but I dought it

    “dought”… Really?

  54. Drew permalink
    February 10, 2009 3:25 pm

    I love the people saying “unsubscribed.” How much money did you pay for this? Truth be told, there ARE a lot of people in this country that are scared of the next 4 years AND we did not vote for Mr. McCain. The American political system is corrupt, immoral and dying. While the intangible value of this election in terms of “race” is quite high, I personally would have rather forgone those achievements in the hope that the right person is elected. Maybe Obama will prove to be a sufficient President, maybe. He is NOT different though. We live with a two party system where the lines between the parties are very blurred. There will be change, but what kind and how much of it is what concerns me.

    This is a conservative country. What you saw these past few months is a failed republican party driving people to look anywhere they possibly could for change. While I do not believe President Obama is going to be like Hitler, their personal rise to power is very similar. Recession/Depression, low confidence, charisma. Obama got elected by the failures of the Republican party and a short-sighted American people. Not some drastic change in our racial feelings. Trust me, the “mob” will turn on Obama the second they find something new and trendy. We will never know how this election would have turned out if McCain didnt select Palin. That human is devoid of sense and logic and her presence killed McCain campaign.

    Want real insight though?

  55. Anne permalink
    February 10, 2009 4:43 pm

    I love Peter Hitchens. He’s far more sane than his brother. Charles Krauthammer (columnist with the Washington Post) is outstanding too.

  56. maxwell horse permalink
    February 10, 2009 5:32 pm

    Curt, don’t worry. Obama will more or less do exactly what Bush has done for the past 8 years. There’s nothing for you to worry about. He will continue to keep us in servitude to the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve. He will exacerbate our economic crises through “stimulus” packages. We will never leave Iraq and will mostly likely expand the occupation throughout the Middle East. He will likely support Israel in anything it does, no matter how insane. He will probably usher in some form of “compulsory” military service for every ordinary citizen. And he will do nothing about illegal immigration or job outsourcing. If all goes will, before his first term is over we will see the complete destruction of the middle class. There’s really nothing for you to be sad about. It will be just like McCain himself got elected.

    The only thing you might have a hard time getting used to is the fact that democrats will probably cheer all of these very Bush-like choices simply because Obama represents “their side.” It might seem strange to be rooting for the same things as the liberals, but you’ll probably get used to it in no time.

  57. mars permalink
    February 10, 2009 5:52 pm

    Curt –

    I love you, but Peter Hitches is pretty famously a far rightwing maniac. This is the equivalent of looking at an article about John McCain written by Code Pink and assuming it represents any kind of non-loony viewpoint.

  58. Rob permalink
    February 10, 2009 6:19 pm

    Does Mr. Shilling really think anyone should get their political analysis from a baseball website written by a Junior College graduate who posts an article written by a Brit about the U.S. President less than a month into the presidency?

    Shilling’s relentless, and often courageous, attacks on the written press and other media for pretending to know things about the sport of baseball, the culture of baseball and the playing of the game are all diminished by his playing politics.

    I didn’t care what Bill Lee thought and I don’t care what Curt Shilling thinks unless they are talking about baseball.

    If he is doing what I think he is, he should look more closely at Jim Bouton’s career. This is not the way to make the transition from Baseball Player to Senator.

  59. Joe permalink
    February 10, 2009 6:33 pm

    Unfortunately for us, many members of the left appear to be unable to engage in rational discourse about politics. They are full of rants and raves like the estimable poster #21 or mindless dribble like the most starry-eyed Obama cultist.

    Let’s look at some facts:
    1) The so-called “stimulus” package will do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy. Do you notice how Obama said last night that he hopes to create OR SAVE 4 million jobs? How exactly do you measure SAVING jobs? I got up this morning and took a crap and thereby saved 200,000 jobs. Prove me wrong?

    2) The stimulus bill had a backdoor provision paving the way for nationalize healthcare. You know how sometimes you need an MRI but your insurance company won’t let you have it because they don’t think it’s necessary? Now some Washington bureaucrat will be able to do the same thing, and he doesn’t have a medical degree.

    3) Can someone tell me why we need to spend billions on tax credits for movie producers? Or 700 million for new STD research? Or 400 million for a new stop smoking campaign? How is that going to create jobs?

    4) US tax dollars are now going to fund abortion services overseas. How exactly is that creating jobs?

    5) During the campaign, Obama promised that even as he initiated new programs, he’d be cutting old programs that didn’t work, resulting in a net cut of spending. Right. Where’s the cuts? We’re spending almost a trillion new dollars, but there are no cuts in sight. Whatever happened to taking a scalpel to the budget, Barack?

    6) I have never heard Obama speak of the greatness of the American people. Last night, he said that government is the only way to get out of this crisis. I disagree. I think the best way to get out of this crisis is to leverage the ingenuity and drive of the American people– we’ve fought world wars, beaten the depression, and we’ve never had to run crying to the govt to bail us out. Obama has a dim view of the American people, as though we are children who can’t think for ourselves. Past US presidents, almost to a man, have always told the American people that we may face adversity, but our best days are ahread of us. Obama has NEVER said that– all he talks about is irreversible recessions and the need to act NOW before the populace understands what’s going on. It’s pathetic.

    Let’s face it, folks, a vast majority of you drank the Jim-Jones-psycho-koolaid. I get it, you wanted change and you were willing to elect anyone who promised it. Many of you will have the eminently informed response of “screw you, Republican, you lost, whine whine whine.” Some of you will actually ponder what I’ve said. Others will actually listen to what I say. But know this: this so-called stimulus bill will be a complete, unmitigated disaster. It’s not going to help with employment, it’s not going to alleviate the crisis. All it’s going to do is plunge us deeper into debt and lengthen the recession. But hey, don’t listen to me, take a look at the Dow’s numbers based on the stimulus bill’s passage- plunging 400 points. Typically, the Dow would rally on a day like today.

    So all of you Leftists with your hero worship be on notice: this is going to fail and fail spectacularly, and I’ll be right there with a big, fat “I told you so.”

    Keep rockin’ Curt. Will you please run for Kennedy’s senate seat once he kicks off? Maybe restore some sanity to this state?

  60. bill permalink
    February 10, 2009 8:19 pm

    sorry Curt I didnt use spell check,but you dont use it very often either

  61. ralph permalink
    February 10, 2009 8:50 pm

    The Marx quote is a fake. Look it up, London Mail.

  62. Matt permalink
    February 10, 2009 9:04 pm

    It’s S-C-H-I-L-L-I-N-G. You are on his web site. The very least you can do is spell his name correctly.
    It’s his blog. Is he not entitled to have an opinion? Last I checked, we were all entitled to freely speak out against the government… Or was that only allowed under the previous administration?
    Also, you threw out his educational background… How about yours? Considering that you couldn’t even spell his name right (how did you find his site?), I’m guessing you didn’t get very far.
    You don’t care about his opinion? Then why the hell are you coming to his blog? That makes a ton of sense.

  63. February 10, 2009 9:11 pm

    Hey Curt go buy another bottle of ketchup

  64. Mike permalink
    February 10, 2009 9:39 pm

    Alright joe, you tried to make some points. I’ll indulge you.

    1) Agreed. Hard to measure “saving” jobs. Don’t know what to tell you, except that it’s better than pissing away $800 billion on a war overseas because the president doesn’t understand the notion of a sunk cost. In the end, no matter what happens with the recession, I don’t think we’ll be able to know for sure if the stimulus was behind whatever happens. That doesn’t mean it can’t work.

    2) Not sure how to debate the fear of a worst-case scenario, so I’ll leave this one alone.

    3) Beats me, though again I’ll say in my mind it’s better than spending it on a battle overseas that the majority of both our country and theirs says they’d wish to end.

    4) I don’t know how to research the truth of this, but given some of the research in Freakonomics, I’m open to the idea that allowing people to get abortions when they want them is probably a good thing for society, in terms of crime rate at the least.

    5) It’s his third or fourth week. Not sure what you expected by this point.

    6) Are. You. Kidding. Me. “But listen here, Indiana. I am here today to tell you that there are better days ahead.” It’s at the 0:24 second mark of this: That took me all of about 15 seconds to find. Literally, I searched for “obama our best days are ahead of us” on youtube, and it was the top result. The fact that you’re so wrong on this point makes me less likely to even want to spend time figuring out if you’re right about #2, 3, and 4.

    The Dow’s numbers after the passing of the bill are 100% useless. Two years ago, the Dow would have told us that the economy is and will be strong for years to come. Do you honestly think Wall St traders can predict the impact of a stimulus bill? These are the guys who thought sub-prime mortgages would have no consequences for them.

  65. Steve permalink
    February 10, 2009 9:49 pm

    Joe, I disagree with you, and here’s why:

    1) you can see a savings a jobs when there are no jobs lost. if the next jobs report shows shows any gain or stays even, then jobs were saved. the idea is to get to that point; is it really important to argue over specific numbers? to the guy who still has a job; no. to the woman who just got rehired; no. you can argue over the numbers all you want; I’ll just look at the over-all results.

    2) um…no. the provision is to help people who need services that their doctor requests, and that their health plan refuses to pay for. again; that their doctor requests. instead of a bureaucrat at the insurance company making the call, the doctor gets the call.

    3) the money spent on each of these items will create jobs. research to cure std’s? need people for that. work in movies? need people for that. as for stopping smoking? healthier people need to spend less on healthcare, and free up the system to lower over-all costs. they also spend less time out sick, making them more productive. in a regular economy all these things are taken care of by the private sector. right now; the private sector doesn’t have the money to do it. giving them just tax cuts gives them enough to pay the bills briefly, not to invest in their business.

    4) it is simply not our job to tell people how to run their lives. if you want to stop all foreign aid, I can get behind that. I’d vote for that. but if you want to help poor countries build up to be full partners with us, and on our side, then you can’t tell them how to spend aid money.

    5) dealing with the stimulus bill is a different process then dealing with over-all budgets. they are seperate issues, and should be handled seperately.

    6) I have heard him speak of the greatness of the American people every chance he gets. I’m sure that the truth is somewhere in between. I don’t think either of us has the time to read every speach he’s ever given.

    as for ‘all of you Leftists with your hero worship’, I would repsectfully remind you how the Republicans acted when Bush was sworn in. much the same. actually more so; Bush would have passed his bill already and not cared that every Democrat railed against it. he would acutally be proud of that fact.

    I do not go in for hero worship, and having been a Blue Dog Democrat for years it is not easy to look at this bill without twitching. but having watched the results of the Republican policies pile up over the past year, I agree that it is time for something different. will it work? don’t know. it stands a good chance, though.

    one other note; the statement that either major American party would be Communitst shows a lack of understanding of exactly what Communism is.

    Curt; I respect you for the strength of your convictions and your willingness to step up for what you believe. While I do not agree with most of your positions, I think that this would be a better country if more people were willing to stand up for what they believe, instead of sitting back and letting others make up their minds for them.

  66. February 10, 2009 9:52 pm

    Great Post Curt! Whats amazing to me is how the left is so defensive now when we pick on “The Lord and Savior Obama.” How quickly they forget that they were constantly hammering on Bush and the republicans for the past 8 years. What floors me the most is the fact that he won the election by less than 10 million votes it was no landslide. 125,225,901 (as per people voted on election day 10 million is a small number. My point here is… if you break the demographics of the vote down, his largest group of people was my generation 18-30,The group of people in the US with the least experiance in life! It drove me nuts to hear them yell at me for supporting McCain yet the only reason they were voting for Obama was becuase he wasn’t Bush and he had a plan (no one can still tell me his plan)I know this most likely seems like a rant but im so sick of the left ramming it down our throats that they won and the republicans ruined the United States. Great post on the blog and also post 59 Joe excellent response.

    (I added a link to the NY Post’s editorial on the Stimulus from Friday its a good read for people to open thier eyes on this stimulus)

  67. Bill permalink
    February 10, 2009 9:54 pm

    This is the link i don’t think it posted last time…

  68. Rick from LA permalink
    February 10, 2009 10:05 pm

    Well it is obvious that Hitchens hates America-both before Obama and afterwards. He is probably still upset about losing the American Revolution, and the War of 1812, and the fall of the British Empire. His message can be summed up as follows : WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE!!! If he were in the US he would be a card carrying, hood-wearing member of the KKK. Hitchens should crawl back into the hole from whence he came.

  69. Steve permalink
    February 10, 2009 10:06 pm

    This is ridiculous. I came here to read about baseball, not some green-toothed Brit railing on Obama less than one month into a presidency that’s handcuffed by inheriting the worst economy since the Great Depression from the most incompetent presidency in American history? And then the follow-ups by various nincompoops on both sides who don’t know any better?

    Seriously? You don’t expect some people to be upset by that? You find it “telling”? Telling of what? That people are polarized in their opinions of politics? You’re in your 40s and you’re just learning this? Do you turn on the radio and hear Rush Limbaugh or turn on the TV and hear Keith Olbermann?


  70. February 10, 2009 10:08 pm

    war of the world is for losers

  71. nate permalink
    February 10, 2009 11:52 pm

    Stick to pitching. That’s where our country needs you, Curt. Nowhere else.

  72. DBG permalink
    February 11, 2009 12:02 am

    Way to go, Curt! STAND Up America! It’s your government.

    Thanks for letting the world know that not everyone have obama-fever. Stop cheering and screaming your head off, America. He did NOTHING yet. Unless you count talking out of his butt-hole.

  73. Steve L. permalink
    February 11, 2009 1:42 am

    Hi Curt –

    First time at your blog. I came looking for baseball and found this. OK, how about a little baseball analogy. When Jackie Robinson first broke into the majors, I’m sure many people thought he made it only because Branch Rickey was playing God with some sort of social experiment, that the hoopla surrounding Jackie’s arrival was way overdone, and that when he got off to a slow start, he wasn’t even very good. Oh, and there was a lot of hate, too. This English guy who wrote the article could never understand this. Not because he doesn’t know baseball, but because he can’t understand race in America.

    No matter what your political persuasion, the fact that a black man was elected president is huge. Bigger than the biggest elephant in the room. Only a big grump wouldn’t get that. All of the ecstatic happiness, commemorative coins, etc. could hardly be a surprise. Obama’s election (forget about anything else) is a milestone for America, whether you like him or not. We are witnessing history, whether you are happy about it or not.

    In regards to this fear of the coming of communism, well, it doesn’t seem that way to me. I don’t think anyone in this country wants that, so how could it happen? Anyway, my read on things is kind of the opposite. For the past 30 years, the Republicans have seemed to me bent on eliminating the middle class. What is the middle class, anyway? The place where blue collar and white collar can meet? Not too rich, not too poor? What sustains the middle class? Decent wages? Health care? Affordable higher education? Social Security? I’m not much of an entrepreneur, but I realize small business plays a big role. I think beginning with Reagan and culminating with Bush, there has been a real movement to put more money in the pockets of the wealthy and watch it trickle down to the rest of the economy. I thought this rather failed with Reagan, but I can’t believe the lengths Bush went to make this happen, and how miserably it has failed again. Slashing taxes for all but much more for the rich, waging wars on the backs of the poor to the profit of cronies, weakening unions so wages stagnate, all the way to trying to undermine social security by privatizing it. Anyway, the poor are already poor, so when the rich get richer, the middle class gets poorer. I sometimes think conservatives don’t believe in the middle class. I swear they think there should be two levels – the served and the servant. I think they see the middle class propped up by money taken from them (the rich) and funneled through the government. This hostility to the notion of a middle class is the opposite of communism, for sure, but just as extreme. Obama needs to swing things back to the middle. If he’s successful, things might end up middle-left, but then the pendulum will swing back again. Really, we won’t end up communists.

    I’m really interested to hear if you think I have this all wrong. I do believe it, but I sense you believe something different just as strongly. I think the country is in really bad shape right now after eight years of Bush and that a change of direction is necessary. What do you think?

  74. Frank permalink
    February 11, 2009 2:30 am

    I like Curt’s writing better frankly. The fake British tears over the “end” of America basically don’t amount to much more than Glenn Beck’s lunacy, except he’s an uptight Brit so it comes off as if there’s an actual basis for his supposition, which is essentially because light brown people who he assumes weren’t born here were celebrating Obama’s victory, it means that time is up for whitey. The British have been perfecting this sort of snobby cynicism ever since the end of the empire and yet they never move on. One thing is for certain, the world Hitchen’s dreams.

    As for 59s winning impression of Joe (Sam) the Plumber (er Plumbing Supply Clerk/Tax dodger/war reporter):

    1. The fed interest rate is at zero. There’s nothing else the government can do to move this economy but to mobilize a massive national jobs effort like the WPA, from infrastructure to yes, the arts. Funny the republicans rolled over so easily in September for Bush’s TARP payout to their Wall Street buddies but now they’ve suddenly grown a spine.

    2. Damn tooting. That’s the plan and we’re not gonna stop until we get there. And FYI, the guy making the decision at your insurance company isn’t a doctor or any kind of medical professional either.

    3. Nose meet face.

    a. Movie producers hire crews to make movies. These are called jobs. Those movies play in theaters in every town in this country. People work in these theaters, ie. more jobs. Movies aren’t expensive to make because the parts cost alot but because they require a large group of people to make, market and present them. If it’s cheaper to make a movie in Toronto because they have better tax situations, then these jobs become Canadian jobs. That’s bad.

    b. Researchers research things not only out of the goodness of their hearts but because they need $ to live. It may look like a hobby to you but it’s a job. A job whose products supply every industry in this country in one way or another from the medical industry to your drug store. STD’s affect a potentially very large population of customers, mostly due to people like David Vitter and Ted Haggard.

    c. Public Health campaigns also require humans to implement them. Those humans usually require money in order to do this. When they are paid for their work, we call that a job.

    None of the above save jobs by the way. They all create jobs, but there’s the rub. The Republicans tell us one hand this is all wasteful spending. And they pick things that sound bad on a 15 second spot on the news. If they got on the news and said what they really want, which is a complete cessation of taxes BUT ONLY on corporations and the wealthy so that they have more money to supposedly hire those poor middle class saps, then they’d be lynched from the lamp posts. They told us the same thing with the TARP. We’ll give the banks the money and they’ll distribute it out to the credit market, but they didn’t do that did they? No, it’s a freaking recession, they hoarded it. Just like the corporations and wealthy will do if we give them tax breaks. They won’t expand and create jobs. They will hoard it. They’d be stupid not to. It’s a recession after all. No time to be throwing money around.

    4. US tax dollars funding abortions overseas is not creating jobs. Nevermind that’s not even close to being factually correct as we are only funding counseling which doesn’t act like abortion doesn’t exist with our fingers in our ears like a 5 year old. What it is doing is helping combat a world AIDS epidemic. It’s also incidentally preventing the creation of more terroristic brown people. You can get behind that right?

    5. It’s been 20 days. Even you don’t really believe your argument here. It took Bush and the Republicans in Congress 8 years to ruin the economy through record spending and criminal ignorance of regulatory duty. Nothing is gonna happen overnight to fix this mess. Obama has made cuts in this program. Mostly to appease Republicans, who lo and behold, weren’t appeased anyway. Why? Because they don’t object to these individual items they object to the whole idea of government actually doing anything at all. They’re the modern version of the Do Nothing Party.

    6. You obviously haven’t actually been listening to Obama because he has constantly invoked the greatness of the American people if we join together to address this crisis. You disagree with Obama. Fair enough. I’d suggest you run for President. Until then Obama is going to have go it alone without your advice. I won’t advise you to whine. I’d advise you to do whatever you can to try to influence the debate and start raising money for your run in 2012. Good luck.

    “we’ve never had to run crying to the govt to bail us out” – um, we beat the great depression because the govt stopped the run on the banks and eventually instituted a massive public works jobs program. The govt bailed us out. According to some we were 3 hours from complete bank meltdown in September. If true, the govt. bailed us out then again.

    6. You are projecting your own dim view of the majority of Americans who voted for him onto Obama and needlessly personalizing the issue. Obama has said exactly what you say he hasn’t said. You’re either not paying attention or lying. It’s that simple. There must be a real argument here somewhere, no?

    Last point, the dow sank today because Geithner was vague on the details in announcing the treasury’s new proposal. The market wants clear decisive action. Obama is trying to get there. What Republican is trying to get there? McCain? Boner? Vitter? I’ll tell you who. The governors. Crist. Schwarzenegger. They have states to run, they don’t have time to play the Washington game with the GOP caucus, they have economies to save and they need federal spending to do it.

  75. Do Your Research permalink
    February 11, 2009 3:06 am

    Dear Joe(poster#59),

    You’re an idiot. Here’s why:

    1) The economy is free-falling. All of the metrics used be economists prove beyond a doubt that without a stimulus plan we will certainly see double digit unemployment. Stimulating the economy through infrastructure is one of several approaches in the plan that will keep people from losing (thereby saving) those jobs. By giving money to the states to build a new highway, for example, government money goes to the contractors to buy materials(from another company), rent their machinery(from another company), hire and pay their employees, etc. That’s money in the pockets of many individuals and businesses because the government agreed to pay the bill for the project. Without the stimulus, those contractors, and the manufacturers of materials, and those workers are SOL. Now think about the secretaries of these companies, the janitors, the computer specialists, the kids working the phones. Lots of people, doing their jobs, and getting paid because of stimulus projects. Without the stimulus, that project doesn’t get done, those companies can’t meet their overhead, and those people get laid off. So I assure you Joe, you can’t save 200,000 jobs with your morning crap, but the stimulus plan can.

    2) False. Did you read the plan? I doubt it. (🙂 It extends medicaid coverage to people who recently lost their jobs and health insurance. It also gives incentives so that all electronic medical records are formatted the same way, to increase efficiency and prevent any problems that can occur from having multiple platforms. Is that nationalizing? According to you Joe, it is, even though there’s no explicit mandate, the hospitals that comply receive bonus funding. But what if these provisions save lives Joe? Am I still a commie?

    3) Read the bill. I agree with you Joe about the movie studio tax credits, but it was not even close to a billion dollars. (Its no longer in the bill, btw) In fact, all of your numbers are exaggerated: The anti-smoking project is 75 million and the STD research is 335 million. How do these provisions help the economy? In the short run its to pay for the contracts to researcher scientists, drug companies, online ad agencies, etc. so they can pay their overheads, materials, secretaries, janitors, the list goes on and on. People getting paid to do work that moves money through the economy and if you’re lucky makes its way to you on your toilet. In the long run the benefit is even more pronounced. The average smoker incurs more health related problems that result in a reduction to their productive working years. This reduces their production in the economy and the government has to pay them disability insurance. They also become larger burdens on Medicare. The government has to pay a considerable amount of money to supplement their health bills as they get older and develop tobacco related diseases due to their smoking. The same applies to STDs. We can pay a bit now in prevention and keep them as productive members of society, or pay a ton later in treatment. It makes sense in economic terms.

    4)I’ve read the stimulus plan(s) several times and there’s nothing even resembling money for overseas abortions in it. Do you get your “facts” from Hannity or Coulter?

    5)The analogy that economists have been using for this economy is a heart attack victim on life support. The administration’s plan is to get the economy breathing again. The stimulus package is meant to deliver the kind of shock we need to get credit and spending flowing again or we will most certainly suffer the same fate as Japan in the 90s. ( Targeting wasteful spending, while very important policy, is like checking for colon cancer when you should be focusing on using the defibrillator paddles.

    6) You’ve never heard him speak of the greatness of the American people because you refuse to listen. He mentioned it in debates, in his acceptance speech, and in the town halls he’s given across the country to real Americans suffering through this terrible crisis. He most certainly has said that we can and will get out of this situation, and he’s designed a spending plan that is the first step to recovering. It’s terribly irresponsible to do nothing in this situation, while there is a consensus among expert economists that monetary policy has run out of tools, and the best way to get the economy moving is through government spending. Unlike you Joe, I care to research before I post, and I’ve read and received my college degree in this subject. The plan is not perfect, but with jobs being shed everyday, capital must start flowing through the economy or it will get worse and worse

    Curt, I have a great deal of respect for you. We probably wouldn’t agree on a lot of things politically, and you’ve never played for my team, but I’m really impressed that you are man enough to express your opinions online and to defend your beliefs. Best of luck on Copernicus and I hope to see you pitch this season.

  76. Seth permalink
    February 11, 2009 6:51 am

    I’m a Scotsman living in Amsterdam, so I thought I’d chip in my perspective on the international response to President Obama. It is my experience that the majority of people I talk to here are very excited to have a new President. I believe however that after eight years of George W Bush, there would have been a similar outpouring of happiness whoever had been elected. Mr W Bush is and was so badly ridiculed here, that I believe the majority of Europeans had lost any faith in him as the leader of the free world.

    Therefore, the celebrations and so on that are referred to in the Daily Mail article (itself a paper of the UKs own Republican party, the conservatives) are in my opinion an expression of relief that there has been a change at the top. Whatever comes next, whoever is doing it, be it Obama, or had it been McCain, I think the sentiments expressed in Europe would have been similar, i.e. Its the end of the George W Bush era, lets all get behind that and celebrate

  77. February 11, 2009 9:06 am

    Oh Rob…how obnoxious you are. Curt doesn’t have the right to his opinion because he has “only” graduated junior college and that he is a baseball player? Get over yourself. He’s famous so more people have access to his opinions than the “average joe”…plumber or not, but that does not invalidate his right to an opinion.

    And I thought this country was founded on the right for every person to have a voice, not just those you deem worthy. Ridiculous. And you know what, if you don’t like someone’s opinion you read on the internet, then click away. No harm. No foul.

  78. February 11, 2009 9:12 am

    “written by a Brit about the U.S. President less than a month into the presidency?”

    To be fair, the article Curt shared was written just after the election. Obama wasn’t even President yet.

  79. February 11, 2009 9:27 am

    Hey Curt,

    Great site! I enjoy reading your blogs and enjoyed watching you pitch in MLB. I came across this new documentry about Barrack O’bama that you might find interesting… It’s called “The O’bama Deception” and you can watch the video trailer for free at

    Thanks for your time.

    p.s. I still think you have at least another couple years of baseball left in you.

  80. BJP permalink
    February 11, 2009 10:25 am

    This one’s awesome: “we’ve fought world wars, beaten the depression, and we’ve never had to run crying to the govt to bail us out. ”

    So WWI and WWII were funded thru private money and fought by a volunteer army, and the depression wasn’t buoyed by any government programs, it was just the purity of an unbridled free market that got us going again.

    Curt brothah, I’ve posted like 3 times giving a liberal point of view (much better written than the above) and each time my point doesn’t make it to the comments. Looks to me like you let the conservatives makes several points, but only post the way lefty liberals. Come on homeslice help a liberal out! It’s Right and Left not Right and Crazy (and not Heartless and Left, either). Wish people could see that.

    Liberal or conservative you’re one of my fave pitchers and I hope to see you in the big show this season.

  81. David permalink
    February 11, 2009 10:50 am

    Curt Schilling has always been a hack, a hypocrite and an all around misinformed blowhard. I just love listening to him rant and rave about his political view, and how anyone should take him seriously is beyond me?? Just because he is an Athlete that means he knows any more than you, me or say Michael Phelps. That is the problem in this country, Athletes in the US are expected and act like they are heroes, role models and know more than the average joe. When in fact they are the exact opposite most of the time.

    How can we trust a man’s viewpoint when he Strongly came out and supported Bush, not once but twice. Yes TWICE, you would think that after he screwed up 4 years, you would have smartened up and not supported him again… BUT NO, not CURT “the Political GURU” Schilling. He stumped for Curt in 2004, and possibly helped re-elect Bush for his second term. That makes him somewhat responsible for the mess we are in. So I guess Curt we can partially blame you for some of Bush’s failures, since you helped get him elected.

    So after Bush helped destroy this country, you wait all of a month to start posting negative Obama articles.. WOW, I never saw any anti Bush articles on your Blog curt??? Even though there were millions of them because he screwed up so many darn times. It takes a great man to admit their failures, never saw Bush admit to many and have not seen you admit that Bush was a failure.

    Wise up Curt and admit that your support of Bush was wrong, he messed up. Own up to your mistakes, before attacking or reposing the attack of our current president. At least give him a chance, since you gave Bush hundreds of them.


  82. David permalink
    February 11, 2009 10:54 am

    Hey Joe, why don;t you give Obama… I dunno maybe more than a month before bashing him, Liberals at least waited till Bush screwed up a few times before attacking. You Neo Cons are starting preemptive attack and it is not very helpful( kind of like Iraq)

    I will be all for attacking the president when he makes a mistake, but give him at least a 100 days before lampooning him, drop your partisan rant until he messes up.

  83. February 11, 2009 1:33 pm

    Is that Joe the plumber? IT sounds like him. Not very smart.

    Also, Curt maybe you were trying to rile some of these folks up when you titled your post “Wasn’t the rest of the world supposed to start loving us?” because of a single article by a single person in Britain?

  84. Joe permalink
    February 11, 2009 3:12 pm

    Well played, #75. You resort to name calling rather than simply debating the points in a rational, scholarly fashion. I’ll also bet a PhD that I’m more educated than all of you put together who have insisted on attacking my educational background. Let’s just say this: I’m a tenured professor at a major research-1 university in New England. Can we get back to talking about the “porkulus” plan, now?

    No, you can’t measure “saving” jobs, no matter how you try to spin it. There is simply no metric whatsoever for a “saved” job. It’s a misleading statistic that cannot be proven and shame on Obama for doing it.

    2) Try reading this article on about the backdoor healthcare provision. The previous link is only an illusion, however, because I didn’t do any research, apparently.

    3) True, I didn’t have the numbers exactly right for the smoking cessation campaign or the STD research, which is fine. The point is that those provisions are/were in the so-called stimulus bill. Please don’t insult my intelligence with the argument that a smoking cessation campaign will have a positive impact in the long-run. The economy is hemorrhaging jobs, right? How then will ANY money either in smoking cessation or STD research create jobs RIGHT NOW? The answer, of course, is that they will not.

    4) Please, stop it with the argument about the war, ok? It’s simply not a valid argument at this point. It happened, ok? It’s going on, we have to fund it, so let’s deal with the facts about RIGHT NOW. Going back eight years to piss and moan about the war that you don’t agree with is going to get nothing done in terms of creating American jobs right now. For those who went looking for it in the stimulus bill, it’s not in there, it was one of Obama’s first executive orders (and has a disapproval rating of about 70% in the latest Gallup poll). There is an old Irish saying that is especially useful to deploy here: “Charity begins at home.” Why not worry about Americans first, then try to save the world?

    5) Sure, it’s been 20 days, but I’ve heard no talk of cuts, whatsoever. I’m still waiting for those cuts, and I’ll continue to mention them until I see this so-called “net cut” that he used to get elected.

    6) There’s a reason that every time Obama opens his flap, the Dow plunges. Investors don’t like to hear words like “irreversible recession” and that we’re doomed without government intervention, but you all can believe what you’d like.

    A few side points:

    -To the poster who said that FDR got us out of the Great Depression with “The New Deal,” take it from someone who knows: World War II got us out of the Great Depression. Not the New Deal, not FDR, but WW2. So unless China decides to start rattling sabers, this plan isn’t going to work.

    -To those who say that infrastructure improvements are going to create jobs, yes, I agree, but they are only going to create contractor and construction jobs. Maybe some manufacturing jobs. We need to create jobs EVERYWHERE, especially in the private sector. Construction jobs are great, but honestly, take a look at the Big Dig. How much was that supposed to cost? How much did it end up costing? Was it even that successful? Why don’t we ask that woman who died when the tunnel collapsed on her car, I’m sure she’ll have some good insight.

    Do you really trust all of these construction unions to properly get the job done? How many times have you driven by union workers shoveling asphalt? You’ve got one guy shoveling, two watching him, three smoking, and one on a cell phone. I’m so excited for my tax dollars to go to notoriously unreliable and often bloated infrastructure projects.

    -A personal anecdote: How about slashing the tax on corporations rather than demonizing them for our economic woes? I lived in Ireland for a year while I was writing my dissertation, and every day on my way into Dublin I passed massive corporate installations for Hewlett-Packard, Google, IBM, and other major US companies. You know why they’re there? Because the corporate tax rate in Ireland is 1/3 of ours. There’s a reason why Ireland’s economy is booming, and that’s because they have a government that has instituted pro-Corporation tax laws. Why exactly can’t we do that here?

    -This stimulus bill is doomed to failure because the Democrats simply couldn’t help themselves with all of the pork. Listen, we’re all Americans, I want what is best for this country because each year, I see hundreds of my students leave the university to enter an uncertain workforce. The only way that we’re going to nip this recession in the bud and get people back to work is by limiting government spending, slashing personal income taxes, lowering the capital gains tax to encourage investment, and lowering corporate taxes to encourage business growth. Extend unemployment benefits as necessary until folks are getting back to work, but cut out the programs that clearly are designed to assuage core Democratic constituencies rather than have the immediate impact of creating jobs.

    -The bottom line is this: if it doesn’t create jobs RIGHT away, cut it. And I’m talking jobs across the spectrum: infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, electronics, technology, services, etc.

    If you want to debate me, fine, debate me. Let’s keep educational backgrounds out of it and talk like rational human beings rather than rabid canines. I am eminently capable of having conversations with my more liberal colleagues without anything resulting in a shouting match, so I challenge you to be able to do the same.

  85. Chris permalink
    February 11, 2009 4:00 pm

    You just live to insight people and gain as much attention as humanly possible. I thought this blog was for sports, keep it to that. We get enough politics on D&C every morning, we don’t need this.

  86. Chris permalink
    February 11, 2009 4:11 pm

    And to #84, in your years of education I guess you never came across the word arrogant. I really don’t care what the debate is, but when you actually want to “bet a phD,” that’s pretty outrageous. Hope that phD gets you laid man. Now feel free to get back to me asking me what level of education I have achieved or even asking me trivia questions, I don’t care and I’d be happy to respond. The fact is this is weei, the intelligence level of people reading these blogs ranges from middle school to rocket scientists, with everything in between. Don’t flaunt your level of education because it just makes others feel bad and those who don’t feel bad just see you as as an shallow elitist.

  87. Tonya permalink
    February 11, 2009 4:26 pm

    Regardless of politics, I’m offended that he said that as a white person who voted for Obama I would have voted for someone, anyone else if I felt America’s segregation was threated. That sharing a holiday or watching the same tv show as a black person should be disturbing to me…um what?

  88. SanFranSoxFan permalink
    February 11, 2009 7:33 pm

    Well Post #58 says it all. Curt, your baseball analysis (“38Pitches” is the blog’s name, no?) is insightful, quite possibly due to your credentials (HOF or near-HOF caliber MLB Pitcher). Your political analysis is embarrassing, quite probably due to your complete lack of credentials.

    While you are not an unintelligent man, you are intellectually lazy, as evidenced by the shortcuts you take here on your blog. For example, politically you have a tendency to quote people you agree with, adding a usually incoherent intro, summary thought, or both. You don’t do deep reading of opposing views and thus can’t use what you learn to form arguments. If you did practice this “critical thinking,” you just might find some of your views evolving (we have seen little evidence of that over the years) and at the very least your arguments would be stronger, and would be coming from you.

    While you seem to be a very busy person, you aren’t Pitching anymore (to my knowledge) and thus have bought yourself an additional 1,800+ hours per year. Please invest a big chunk of it in deep reading if you truly want your political views to be respected here. Otherwise, stick to baseball – you are a stud on that topic (yes, and that means you are a “girly-man” in the realm of political analysis).

  89. Do Your Research permalink
    February 11, 2009 8:25 pm

    Wrong Joe. I resorted to name calling AND I proved you wrong, point by point, on everything you said. Rationally.

    1) There ABSOLUTELY is a metric for saving and creating jobs. The loss of asset values and capital flow in the market has shrunk the size of the economy, resulting in the large numbers of layoffs we’ve seen as firms must scale back their production from loss of consumer spending. Source= Bureau of Labor Statistics:( If a job is likely to be lost due to mounting debt and no prospective work contracts, it makes perfect sense to say that a recovery plan that gives these firms work will keep them from losing jobs. There are economic models based on empirical evidence that prove this to be true. The majority of economists including very conservative ones like Mark Zandi of Moody’s agree. He even has models and charts on his site to support his position.(

    2) REALLY!? You link me to a Bloomberg OPINION piece from a former Republican Lieutenant Governor to justify your position? This piece has already been discredited by a number of sources, and this leads me to question how, as an academic, you would not research the bill yourself and instead defer to a political hack-job to justify your positions. Example: the supposed “new bureaucracy of National Coordinator of Health Information Technology” ALREADY EXISTS! The position was created by President Bush in 2004. The stimulus plan does not give this person to power to “monitor” or “guide a doctor’s decisions” when treating patients like Betsy McCaughey claims. READ THE BILL! The actual bill states the pressing need for establishing electronic medical records so that physicians can have adequate and complete information “to help guide medical decisions at the time and place of care.”

    3) Go back and read my original post(#75). Those campaigns have the potential in the short-term to create jobs in print, television, and print advertisement as well as in IT, secretarial work, research scientists, janitors, accountants, lawyers, etc. And I’m not insulting your intelligence by stating a fact, namely that saving people from losing out on their lifetime productivity will keep them able to work and produce goods and services in society, and to spend money in the economy. It also can reduce their medicare costs when they get older, thereby saving even more money. Go to your university’s economics department and start asking questions of the faculty.

    4) I never said anything about the war. The measure you are referring to is what is referred to as the “Mexico City Policy”. In my previous post I thought we were exclusively debating the stimulus plan as this, as you correctly pointed out, was signed in earlier in the administration. The policy was first instituted during the Reagan years, and it stated that an international health advocacy group that even gives out information about abortion as an option in family planning and health would not receive federal funding. Abortion is a pretty black and white issue with most people, and I’m not going to try and change anyone’s mind here, but I don’t think its a problem to give out information about abortion since according to the WHO there are 19 million unsafe abortions performed in poor countries every year.

    5) Like I said before, the priority at this stage is in getting all the parts in place for the planned stimulus bill, targeting wasteful spending (going through the budget with a scalpel as Obama said during the campaign) will surely come considering how much wasteful spending was approved over the past eight years.

    6) The Dow does not drop everytime the President opens his mouth. That’s absurd. What the investors want to see is action, a restoration of consumer confidence, and a cohesive plan to handle the troubled credit system and the loss of jobs.

    Final Points:

    New Deal: Many economists in the administration have studied the Depression extensively, including Christine Romer and Ben Bernanke, and have basically made their names based on their understanding of the Depression. They both strongly support the stimulus plan. I know this is an appeal to authority, but I really don’t have the time to go into the economic history of the New Deal. Suffice it to say, monetary policy advocated by Friedman and the Chicago school is the first rememdy, and if that fails to resurrect the economy, as it has in this case, than Keynesian spending is the best response to save a failing economy.

    Infrastructure: Like I said before, money going to these projects goes to all corners of the economy. If I give a construction worker a job and salary, he’s going to pay his debt down, pay for food, shop for his family, spend money on gas, etc etc. And that money he spends goes to other people in the economy, who then ratchet up their demand for products. Its very crude, but I hope you get the idea, its an idea called the “multiplier effect” whereby each dollar of government spending and tax cuts creates more than a dollar in national income and demand.

    Corporate tax rates: Ugggh. You, my friend, have been fooled. The statutory corporate tax rate that you cite is 35% in the US, but this country has corporate tax loopholes and credits and exemptions as well plenty of room for “financial magic”. Proof? (
    Percentage of GDP payed by corporate taxes by country:
    Japan: 4.1%
    Ireland: 3.9%
    Canada: 3.5%
    UK: 3.4%
    US: 3.1%

    According to the Congressional Budget Office, the percentage of GDP paid by corporate taxes over the last few decades has been between 1.5 and 2.5 percent.(

    According to the General Accounting Office, between 1998 and 2005 about two thirds of corporations operating in the US did not pay taxes because of corporate tax loopholes.(

    The World Economic Forum has the US ranked as the number one most business friendly coutnry in the world, followed by Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland and Singapore. Ireland was number 22.(

    That’s all for now.

  90. kam permalink
    February 12, 2009 3:52 am

    your just pathetic

  91. Lugh permalink
    February 12, 2009 8:16 am

    I’m not taking sides here, but you guys did call “Joe” uneducated, so I think his reply about his level of education was appropriate for what everyone else was saying.

    I also think that “saved” jobs is a nebulous figure that really can’t be used to prove anything. All I know is that I work for SAP, and infrastructure projects aren’t going to help me “save” my job.

    Hey Curt, how is the shoulder? Do you think you’re going to pitch again for the stretch run?

  92. Sean permalink
    February 12, 2009 7:00 pm

    to all those bashing the article and curt, take a look at the man’s promises. he promised the american people the world, and only when we elected him to office did he begin to sidestep the issues and admit that he bit off more than he could chew. at his big televised interview, he hand-picked questions from the media, so as to not have anything TOO difficult to answer.
    he promised hope for a healthy economy under his presidency, which his colleague nancy pelosi recently described as “dark, darker, darkest”. his VP admitted that even if they do everything right in regards to the stimulus, there’s still a 30% chance of failure. this is hope? we the taxpayers are footing the bill for these corrupt ceo’s and politicians. they messed up, and now WE have to bail them out while they reap the millions of dollars in benefits. we the tax payers are paying for pet projects across the country (including 30 million to save endangered mice in san francisco… pelosi-land… which creates jobs how?).
    we bought the promise of peace on earth, closing down gitmo and extending hands of friendship to nations who have long despised us. this was done to appease the people, not to protect them. iran will still have it’s nuke by year’s end, the problem in gaza isn’t going to be resolved, al quaeda openly mocked the diplomacy as weakness, and so on.
    we bought the promise of ethics and change. the administration is plagued by ex-clinton appointees. tom daschle is outed for evading taxes. lobbyists were to be banned from his administration. why is there still a presence of lobbyists then? where is this change?
    while we can’t immediately pinpoint the effectiveness of obama’s administration after a month, we can definitely criticize and come to an educated guess as to where things will go. as someone who heavily criticized bush (although i do agree that history will look upon him kinder than we currently do), and also as a person who hoped that “change” was truly coming to the US, i must admit that i feel cheated so far. let us all hope for a more positive and prosperous nation during his remaining years in washington.

  93. Jeff permalink
    February 12, 2009 9:42 pm

    Stopped taking this seriously when you said Americans trusting the average person’s opinion on global warming more than the opinions of almost all scientists, who spend years and years studying that sort of thing, was a strength. I mean, the other things there are silly, conservatives sure do make a beast out of welfare, but that last one just shows an astounding level of ignorance. Do you cherry pick from the bible too?

  94. Chris permalink
    February 13, 2009 9:42 am

    Stick to pitching.

  95. Kirk permalink
    February 14, 2009 2:56 pm

    With the passage of Pelosi’s stimulus package, the appointment of a man apparently too stupid to use turbotax to head the IRS and moving of the census to white house control I certainly hope you all are happy.

    No, Palin had no experience but neither does the man we elected and now it is showing.

  96. suesox permalink
    February 15, 2009 9:30 am

    We all know you’re a staunch Republican. That’ O.K. with me, even though I’m a Democrat. However, now that our President has been elected, I think that you, as an American, should stand behind him and try to do what you can to better the country. It doesn’t help to bash Obama at this point. I worried that McCain/Palin might be elected, and I was prepared to pray for our country if they won (just can’t imagine how anyone thought Palin had what it would take to hold any position in government). But, I would not slander them, as you have Obama.

  97. Kuz permalink
    February 15, 2009 4:22 pm

    Curt – Interesting piece. Cannot say I agree with all of it, but some of it is interesting and raises a few good points.

    To those who seem to immediately play the race card in this discussion, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Comparing this piece to anything by the Klan is a complete straw man. I am finding it interesting of late that those who disagree with Obama seem to get painted rather broadly with the “racist” brush. Nice. I thought this was all going to be about “change” and being positive?

  98. February 20, 2009 4:07 am

    Umm, Curt, isn’t it kind of clear that the “Marx” quote is not real? In the 1860’s people were enslaved, either physically or mentally. The masses didn’t run around with credit cards. I mean, they were happy to have an egg and a potato. Why would a bank loan someone a buck? How did the bank expect to get it back?

    Marx’s ideas were novel, and certainly offered a better a life than what most experienced in the mid-1800’s, but they were clearly short-sighted. Democracy and capitalism yield a much more adaptable system that can evolve over generations through the competition of ideas. Mistakes are made, but our country is able to correct for them once they are acknowledged. The invisible hand is of our own making, and it points us down the divine path.

  99. michael doss permalink
    February 22, 2009 7:13 am

    I’m a terrible Marxist, I thought the article was written by Charles Krauatwhatever, fooled by the internet again.

    having studied Marx I should have known that was not his thing, some clever communist came up with that, good stuff, should have taken credit for it himself.

    Unfortunatly I copied the quote to every right wing neocon I know, Severin, cllahan, Dale Arnold even Margery Eagen

    Now I have egg all over my face, how my foot taste,

    From: Mike in salem

    I will now have to learn latin so i can read Marx in its original language and hopefully come up with a prophetic quote, my new obsession

    Marx may have not written that quote or even devised a rational form of civilization but he did a helluva job analyzing the economics of his time and the inherant failures of capitalism

    two more things, i know marx was not latin and no i cannot spell


  100. Shane permalink
    February 22, 2009 3:34 pm

    Very disturbing indeed that people base their social analysis and worldview on obviously fake Marx quotes.

  101. February 23, 2009 1:37 pm

    From Mike in Salem

    Yes Shane, I am a-shamed, can’t get used to all the frauds on the internet, trust me my social views and world analysis is soooo much sharper than yours, you can bank on it

    While Curt may not be an expert on Marx he was obviously impressed by the quote as was I.

    The failures of capitalism are whats really disturbing

    Thank you

  102. Shane permalink
    February 23, 2009 6:41 pm

    I hadn’t seen your comment, Mike, it was still in the moderation queue when I posted mine. What’s disturbing is people using nonsense like this to stir some moral panic on Obama supposedly being a commie.

    I’ll certainly not bank on the quality of your social analysis, thanks.

  103. February 28, 2009 1:03 am

    Oh Contraire!

    Its not an Obama thing its the Free Market System crashing much like the Iron Curtain falling that has led to people doubting our economic system.

    Studying and challenging economic philosophies has absolutely nothing to do with
    who’s president.

    The commie thing is so absurd, fear mongering at its worst, totally agree with that, but still unrelated.

    Thank you,

    However, we all still reserve the right to challenge authority and dissent even if we like the man on top.

    Thank you

  104. September 2, 2009 5:33 pm

    The reason you should be scared of the Marx quote isn’t that there was some grand plan by the capitalists to bring about communism. It’s quite the opposite. Capitalism needs ever expanding markets to be successful. The greed element which our current form of capitalism incorperates actually hastened the day of the markets not expanding enough to allow capitalism to be successful. With the economic collapse (and it is continuing), we see this problem with capitalism all to clearly. It’s the people who will finally realize that the greed merchants are all about ripping them off that will lead to revolution. The question is if it will be socialist of fascist.

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