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That other industry

February 6, 2009

Getting used to this new industry I inhabit has been interesting to say the least. There’s no shortage of ‘competition’ for sure, and there’s so many great people.

One person I’ve been friends with since before I came into the industry and who’s actually become a better friends since, is Peter Moore of EA Sports. Peter has his own blog, and his own blemishes. His blog is here. and if you like console sports games he’s the man.

First off unlike many people in this industry he’s honest to a fault. He’s passionate about his company, his products and unlike so many folks that high on the totem pole his customers matter. He’s talks to them through his blog and in talking to him I know he listens.

There’s a good story here though. About a year ago Todd McFarlane and our executive staff were at EA having a meeting about a future potential partnership. Peter made an off handed comment that went something like this.

“Oh I could kick a 50 yard field goal”

Now normally I might let that pass….Well no, I actually would never let that pass. Having known him awhile I responded with “Bullshit, no chance”.

An immediate ‘discussion’ ensued. The best ‘business decision’ might have been to let this all pass, but like many other times in my career when shutting up was the prudent course of action, I didn’t.

Well needless to say the conversation eventually ended up with a ‘put your money where your mouth is” ultimatum.

I should also mention Peter was a damn good soccer player for most of his life, and is a Liverpool fan. Oh and more importantly, Peter is a die hard, dyed in the wool member of Sox Nation. Even ‘commuting’ to Sox games when he worked at Microsoft in Seattle.

Well Todd picked up on this and later in the day, during the meeting, Peter and I were off chatting, Todd got to work and came up with this masterpiece…

That's what the end result is going to look like..

That is what's about to happen, in real life!

So Peter comes back, and we all have a good laugh.

The bet becomes somewhat public, not sure how, but as of today peter is (from what I am told by his trusty assistant Tana Billingsley) 7 yards short of his mark.

Normally I’d gloat, but the fact that this guy, at his age, has kicked even a 43 yarder is incredible!

Suffice to say my boys are playing EA games, all of them to date, at a much cheaper price than they otherwise might have been. If Peter does manage to make this happen expect a lengthy and drawn out 38 Pitches blog post about English Futbol at some point…

Keep kicking Pete! And Go MANCHESTER!!

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  1. Philip Von Borries permalink
    February 6, 2009 10:42 pm

    I am a baseball writer listed on the Interbnet. Wanted to let you know that you are in AMERIDI (American Diamonds): An American Baseball Reader.

    I did a four-panel baseball cartoon named Bobby BasePaths, based upon an underpriveleged little boy (5 1/2-year-old kindergartener) I used to work with. You are the dramatic end to the cartoon.

    Know you will like it. Book is available from Booklocker.

    Thanks and best wishes for the future.


  2. Dan Wiznitzer permalink
    February 9, 2009 2:26 pm


    There is no doubt that he inherited some of the mess, but under Peter Moore’s watch the Madden franchise has hit the toilet on the current systems. Hopefully this year they pull it together.

  3. Ricky Stoneback permalink
    February 12, 2009 1:38 pm


    A little over two years ago, I graduated high school and moved from Philly up to Vermont to attend college. I am currently majoring in Electronic Game Programming at Champlain College.

    It it located in Burlington, VT and has a great program for Game Programming, Game Design, and Game Art and Animation tracks.

    I have been following you since I was a little kid watching you completely dominate with the Phillies. (Phillies Phan ’til the day I die). And then I move up here to Vermont and, being in the NorthEast, of course watch a TON of Sox games.

    It just amazes me how I sat in the Vet(RIP) and watched you pitch and now you have your own game studio. I can’t wait to graduate and apply to your awesome company.

    Die hard fan,
    -Ricky Stoneback

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