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While I was on the radio …

January 23, 2009

While in the WEEI studio for my four-hour stint on ‘The Big Show’ some of you chimed in on the site’s live interactive blog with a few questions. Here are some answers …

Curt, have you seen Luis Exposito play or even meet him? He apparently has the highest ceiling. – Steve in Boston

Answer: Never heard of him.

Do you think Jason Varitek would be interested in transitioning into a coaching role over the next couple of years for the Red Sox? It seems like it would be a perfect fit for him. – Chaz Michael Michaels

Answer: I do think he’ll be a manager someday.

Curt, have you given John Smoltz any tips on New England living? – DrJeff

Nope, he won’t need them.

Hey Curt, is Jonathan Papelbon going to be here for the long term? It seemed like the article I read today suggested he may be looking for a huge payday soon. – Ben F

Answer:I think Paps will be looking for a big payday. How big? I have no idea. I think he’ll be very interested in being at or near the top of the payscale for closers for each year of his arbitration as well as his first free agent run. I am not sure I see much of a hometown discount on that horizon.

Mr. Schilling, who was the other catcher you referred too who is similar to Varitek’s and his ability to call pitches? – Allan

Answer: Todd Pratt

Curt, is Varitek the type of person who out of loyalty, might not sign with the Yankees if given the chance, or does being a Red Sox for so long play nothing into the decision? – Justin

Answer: He is that type of person in my opinion. He wouldn’t. But that’s my opinion only. I’ve never asked him.

Curt, if you come back, is there any chance you would come back in a relief role or are you a starter no matter what? – Will Clark’s Banana Cup

Answer: If I come back where? To the game? No, I will come back as a starter. To Boston? Unfortunately I can’t see any scenario that would have that happen. They are stacked with starters and that’s what I will be.

Curt, are you and the family planning on living in the Boston area after you retire? – DMBMARKT

Answer: Yes.

Have you been in contact with Theo at all about a possible second half return? – August from Maine


How is Lester going to hold up after throwing well over 200 innings for the first time? – Rick

Answer: I think Jon Lester will have a better year than CC Sabathia, W/L record aside.

How much of the success of the rotation is because of Varitek, and how much of it is due to advance scouting and knowing how to pitch to the opposing teams hitters? – Yac

Answer: The advance scouting is done FOR Jason and FOR John Farrell. Advance scouting is what the pitching coach usually uses on a team to address the staff before the series, hoping pitchers pay attention and listen. Here it’s to put together the book for Jason to translate to the staff in real time.

Curt, what was your greatest fear when you came to Boston? – Eric from Maine

Answer: That I would suck.

Curt were the Red Sox managers and coaches the best you have worked with in your career? – Daddydano

Answer: I’ve had a ton of great coaches. Every coach here was fantastic and fun to live with. My all-time favorites is a long list but it would include Podres, Frank Robinson, Tito, Brian Butterfield, Dale Sveum, Gary Tuck, John Farrell, Bob Welch, Bob Cluck, Mark Connor, Robin Yount, Jim Presley, Millsy, Demarlo Hale, Mags, Bob Melvin and a few others I can’t remember this second.

Curt, how much do you and Pedro Martinez push each other in 2004? – Eric from Maine

Answer: I don’t know that we pushed each other as much as RJ did me in Arizona. Pedro had a ton of pride and I don’t think he looked at it like that. He’d done far more than me when I got here and that was without me. I always looked at it as a fantastic motivator though.

Curt, what was the best clubhouse prank you have ever seen pulled? – Mike

Answer: Someone’s entire outfit frozen in a sheet of ice, from socks, shoes and underwear, to their hat.

Curt, you have played in a lot of different cities, have you ever come across a society as a whole who are more passionate about their teams than in Boston? – Ben F

Answer: No, not even close.

Curt, do you ever see yourself getting into any kind of coaching or managerial role? – Eric from Maine

Answer: No.

Was Philadelphia so successful against TB’s 3, 4 & 5 hitters because of better game-calling or better pitching? And if it was game calling shouldn’t the Red Sox /Varitek have had an upper hand over Philly due to the number of games they play against Tampa Bay and their familiarity with the hitters? – Sean

Answer: Philadelphia had a hot ace and their staff executed better than ours did. Not to mention Tampa’s staff threw very well too.

Curt, how’s the new game programming coming along? – Groovinn

Answer: Internally it’s incredible. We have a live playtest up and running and progress is just awesome. Funding is taking some time, still haven’t found the person or people that ‘get it’ when it comes to the multi-billion dollar payout after we launch. It’s too long for most investors, especially in this economy. But I said when we started that it was going to take a special person or group, who truly understood the space we are in to realize what our vision for the IP truly means in 3 years. We’ll get there.

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  1. Shindig permalink
    January 24, 2009 12:56 am

    I fully appreciate that this is your blog, which gives you free reign to talk about whatever the hell you damn well please. With that said, I was a little surprised that you did not discuss your thoughts on the recent inauguration, particularly for someone who wrote so passionately about the election when it was happening. Do you think your interest in politics was driven more by your respect for one man in particular or because of your interest in politics in general?

  2. DONNA permalink
    January 24, 2009 1:37 am

    Sorry that I missed the radio program but I thought that I would not be able to hear it here in New York. It turns out,however,that through the miracle of modern technology I can hear it through the computer and so I look forward to hearing you the next time that you are on the air..By the way,you stated that you do not think that Boston would be interested in having you pitch for them. The New York Mets(not the Yankees but the Mets)desperately need great pitching and really need help in that department. Both the team and the supporters of the team,as well as me,would welcome you and you would be a tremendous asset to the team. Have you considered the New York Mets? New York is a great city and the only problem would be that we do not have a DH,so you would also have to bat! I will support you,regardless of what team you end up playing for,but do think about New York. You and Johan Santana together. Wow!

  3. January 25, 2009 6:34 am

    Curt I know you’re passionate about your gaming company, but I wonder why you don’t see yourself in a coaching role in the future. I’ve always seen that as a natural next step for you considering what a leader you are and what a student of the game you are. Is it because you have another insight into what it takes to be a great coach/manager than the fan does?

  4. January 26, 2009 8:31 am

    Thanks for this post. I really dig hearing your thoughts like this.

  5. Anita Badley permalink
    January 29, 2009 2:16 pm

    Kurt why did you and padro not get along. it seems sort of stupid and idiotic that the two of you couldn’t bury the hatchet. Just because pedro called you out as a man child for all of your time spent playing video games an crying about your lunch being stolen, where the bad feelings really so hard to put aside infront of all the children. some times in life we have to forgive and forget as i am trying to do with or failure of an x prezident.

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