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Young baseball player?

January 21, 2009

I have had the honor of working with some of the brightest minds in sports over the past 23 years. From head trainer Jeff Cooper in Philly, to Phil Donnelly (member of the PTC HOF), to Dr. Craig Morgan. Chris Correnti, and Dr. Bill Morgan, along with the gang at API …These past eight years I’ve run across one awesome strength coach, and head trainer, and my newest friend, in Eric Cressey. Eric’s web site I linked earlier, and here it is click to see.

I don’t do this stuff for reasons past the obvious. These are some of the brightest minds on the planet when it comes to the throwing athlete and the throwing shoulder. My last strength and conditioning coach, Dave Page (who’s been a close friend for the last 8 years), is one of the most passionate people alive when it comes to his athletes. Notice I said ‘his athletes’ because that’s the thing that sets these people apart from the rest of the world.

That’s the main reason guys like Paul Lessard are people you befriend for life. They come to the park, work incredibly insane hours and dedicate their lives to making their players feel better. Paulie (Shrek as he’s known around here) and Pager are two of the best guys you’d ever want to meet.

These guys (and gals, such as Sue Falsone, and yes Craig Friedman and Mark V!) are in it for the athlete. They care ABOUT YOU, and what happens to you. They aren’t in this thing to make a name for themselves, they are in it to make you healthier, and a better performer. Well Pagey is part of a new video that I can assure young throwers will help. You can find it here.

The key though is to do the work, as it’s stated and to understand your arm and body as it relates to the work.

Great stuff.

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  1. DONNA permalink
    January 22, 2009 11:58 am

    I have always said that it is great to see that some people help others for no other reason than to just help another human being,without wanting glory or recognition,and clearly the people you have mentioned fit that description. They certainly do deserve to be noticed and publically acknowledged as you have done. I would,if I may,like to add my own orthopedic surgeon to that list,the greatest orthopedic surgeon here in New York and on the east coast(although I know you would beg to diifer on that point). He has not only put me back together,more than once,but always goes beyond what is needed without asking anything in return. When I made a comment that the elbow scar looked small and fantastic,he said that he would rather spend extra time in the operating room making the scar look good than to take less time and have it not look well. This doctor,who has a great bedside manner(when I said I had a lot of questions for him,when in my hospital room,he said that he was then going to get a chair to sit down and did),literally put me back together and when I wanted to thank him in public,he turned it down. When my ankle was shattered and I thought I would never walk again,he put me back together with a metal plate and nine screws,which will remain in my ankle forever(will always be screwed). It took 18 months for me to recover and while I will never be the same as I was,am as good as I will ever be,I am walking again-I never thought that was going to happen but it did,thanks to the doctor. I wanted to shout it to the world and tell everyone what he did,acknowledge him in public,which I was in a position to do at the time,but he wanted me to keep it quiet,said it was his pleasure and did not want any public recognition at all..Anyway,I think it is great that you have paid tribute to all of the people that have worked so hard,so tirelessly,so uncomplaining and so incredibly well to help you,as well as countless others. I am grateful to them for helping you and so many others,and I am glad that you have found a way to give them the recognition that they so deserve.

  2. Shan Daughnessy permalink
    January 22, 2009 3:24 pm

    I hear you are going to work for the Big Show? You should be able to get stuff done during the show, like balancing your checkbook. Good luck getting a work in edgewise with those blow-hards, particularly Fly Freddie Smerlas. But don’t piss Fly off, as he goes about 340 and has unresolved anger management issues. DeOssie is a pussy-cat. Just keep him talking about chicks and he won’t pick on you.

  3. January 22, 2009 3:33 pm

    Sooo……does that mean your pitching this year?

  4. Lee Petrie permalink
    January 22, 2009 4:58 pm


    I couldn’t agree with you more on our friend Dave Page. Dave was the first person I met at college when we were freshmen back in 1983. He’s a dedicated baseball guy, and tireless worker and a loyal friend. It was nice of you to recognize his work along with the others who help keep you guys in shape. That’s what makes true professionals, guys like you that take the time to acknowledge the great people around you. Best of luck this year.

  5. DONNA permalink
    January 23, 2009 1:52 am

    I read a piece in the New York Times today(I am here in New York City)and it had what they said was a direct quote from you. As I never know if what I read is true or accurate,especially when it comes to quotes,I was just wondering if you could comment on it,as I would rather hear it directly from you. It said that you have been working out for the past three weeks,which I believe,and it said that if you were to return to playing baseball,it would be in June,which I also believe. By the way,you are absolutely worth the wait. It did,however,say that you were quoted as saying that you were going to continue to work out for six or eight weeks and then take it from there,make a decison as to what you plan to do in the future. This I do not know if it is true or not and so therefore I would like your thoughts,comments,clarification as to whether what they aree saying is true or not. As I said,I much prefer to hear it from you. I do hope,quite honestly,that you return to baseball for at least one more season,and I wish you all the best in your continuing workouts,which I know aree not easy,physically or mentally…I also congratulate you on being on the radio show. My only regret is that I do not get to hear it here in New York. Wish that there was a way that I could. Again,I wish you all the best in the coming weeks and although I am aware that you do not like to respond to everything that is posted here,I would appreciate it if you could just let me know if what the New York Times said as a quote from you was accurate or not. Thank You.
    Donna,New York City.

  6. June 10, 2009 3:44 pm

    I usually don’t post in blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful !

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