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January 9, 2009

Q-What impresses you most about Smoltz?

A-The entire body of work. In addition to being a #1 starter the guy was a HOF closer, who else can make that claim short of Eck? This guy was a stopper as a starter, and a closer. That he’s still a dominant power pitcher at his age, with that many innings is incredible. I’d trust the Sox to have done the medical homework and given the arms they now have they’ll be able to mix and match with the back end of their rotation (which could feature 2 front end guys) as the schedule and their health permits.
Fast forward to October, damn, how would you like to start a series facing Beckett, Smoltz, Lester and Dice?

Q-What’s your favorite moment competing against Smoltz?

A-Guys like John don’t elicit favorite moments, at least not for me. I always wanted Glavine or Maddux, but never because they weren’t as good, but because I knew my offense wanted no part of Smoltz. Glavine/Maddux were frustrating but ‘comfortable’ 0-4’s, John was a painful one and I know of some guys that got “Smotzitis” quite often.

Q-Were you surprised that Smoltz left the Braves to sign with the Sox?

A-Nothing surprises me anymore. I’m surprised at the amount of untruth’s being spewed by someone, but nothing surprises me anymore. The club put a value on him and that value didn’t match what John wanted. After almost 20 years with a team, doing what he did, as a player you always hope for and sometimes expect more loyalty, but that’s just not what teams do anymore, if they ever did.

Q-What is the value of approaching the 2009 season with more than 5 viable starting rotation candidates?

A-Too numerous to list. If you can avoid “accumulation” incentives like starts and IP, and you can get the staff to buy into the process of keeping everyone fresh for August to September, which is not as easy as it sounds, it’s huge. Like I said earlier, you enter October with a healthy fresh Beckett, Smoltz, I don’t care who paid what for whom, you are favorites in any series, 4 or 7 games, no matter who you are playing.

Q-What is your impression of Baldelli as a hitter when healthy?

A-Another great sign in my opinion. First off the big piece is he’s a kid that was raised understanding what baseball means to the New England area and that he really wanted to come here says something about his makeup. That’s a big deal to me. As a hitter? Rocco is one of the 2-3 best high fastball hitters in baseball, bar none. He has the rare ability to go up waaaay out of the zone high, and hammer balls. Very few guys can do that. Many are aggressive up there but few produce in that area. It’s not a great strength to have since good pitchers don’t live up there, but you can KILL mediocre pitching which consistently makes mistakes up in the zone. He’s incredibly aggressive. I liked that facing him because I felt I could get more chase than normal. He’s a superstar athlete, run, throw, smart player. I always felt he was an exceptional baserunner and a ‘smart’ player. Didn’t miss cut off men, never a base behind where he should be, always in the right spot. Little things, little things that will come into play in the role he’s going to be asked to fill. I hope he’s healthy because I’d really like to see him put together all the stuff people have raved about since he signed.

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  1. Doug permalink
    January 9, 2009 7:47 pm

    Curt, with the Smoltz signing, it seems like the window of you joining the Sox in 2009 is narrow to non-existent. I know you’re settled in Medfield, but would you play a year for a west coast team? The Dodgers seem like a great fit.

  2. DONNA BLANC permalink
    January 9, 2009 10:38 pm

    I think that it is really great that Smoltz will be a part of the Sox. I have seen him in action,many times,when Atlanta was playing against the New York Mets(I am here in New York City,and along with my love of the Sox,support the Mets;I despise the Yankees)and I know that he will be a tremendous asset. For the record,for me it is a perfect fit-he is playing for the Boston team that I love and will not be playing against the other team I love,the New York Mets. I do have one note to make,though,about what you said regarding the fast forward to October and seeing a series with Beckett,Smoltz,Lester and Dice. The only thing that could be better than that is if you were there as well.I would love to see one more name added to that roster and it is yours. I would love to see you out there as well. Regardless of what team you are with(I have always supported certain players,regardless of what team they play for,and I will support you wherever you go)I would love to see you out there playing for at least one more season. YOU would be a powerful force and an asset to any team,as you have in the past. I wish you all the best,always,my thoughts are with you,good luck in the future,and congratulations to the Sox for getting Smoltz. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective on Smoltz;once again,as always,I found it very interesting to hear what you had to say.

  3. Michael permalink
    January 9, 2009 11:05 pm

    Smoltz will certainly add to the Yankee/Red Sox rilvalry. And as a Yankee fan I look forward to it. the upcoming season should be great!!

  4. DeniseSoxFan permalink
    January 10, 2009 12:06 am

    I would rather have heard that the Red Sox signed Curt Schilling to start pitching in May or June!!!!

  5. DONNA BLANC permalink
    January 10, 2009 6:05 am

    Curt,I am sorry to bother you again but something has come up that I would really like to know your opinion and thoughts on. Please read and I would be interested to know your thoughts on the subject. I just finished reading an interview with Pedro Martinez in a New York City newspaper(I am here in New York City). They were asking him if he wanted to retun to playing for the New York Mets and he said that although he is open to pitching anywhere,he would like to pitch for the Mets once again. He also said that he hopes the Mets sign Derek Lowe,because he considers Lowe one of the two best big-game pitchers he has played with. When asked who the other best pitcher that he has played with is,he said that it was you,Curt Schilling(the newspaper article specifically mentions you). I have always said that you were the best big-game pitcher there is(Sometimes you seem to disagree with that but I differ with you there)but it is great to hear Pedro Martinez say it as well,confirm what I have always known. I do not know if the Mets plan on having Pedro Martinez back or if they will get Derek LOwe,but regardless,it would be great to have you with the Mets organization(and if they do sign Pedro,the two of you could be working together again). My two questions to you are would you ever consider playing for the New York Mets(we would love to have you,we have a new stadium and New York City is a great city)and do you have any thoughts or comments on what Pedro Martinez said. By the way,the same newspaper mentioned in regards to Smoltz signing with the Sox,that Smoltz is 41 years old and coming off of major shoulder surgery,with Smoltz saying that he can pitch at least one more year. Sound familiar? I never compare people,as circumstances are not always the same,but if Smoltz at 41 can pitch after major shoulder surgery,then so can you! As I have said in the past,I would love to see you out there again,regardless of what team. Anyway,I was just interested in knowing your thoughts on what Pedro Martinez said,your thoughts about him,and whether you would consider coming to the New York Mets. I do totally agree with him-you are and will always be the best!

  6. bosoxyaz8 permalink
    January 10, 2009 12:34 pm

    Great pickups !!

  7. Scott permalink
    January 11, 2009 10:20 am

    I like both the Smoltz and Balldelli signings

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