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Stepping off the plane

December 2, 2008

Finally here. Ten hour and 50-minute flight, pretty uneventful until someone rolled up a window at what I thought was like 2 a.m. and it was noon, bright sunshine outside. Body clock on overdrive right now. Full day planned for tomorrow beginning at an oh-something hour …

Slept zero minutes on the flight over. Watched about 4 1/2 seasons of ‘The Office’, first episode of Heroes (which I’ve never seen), talked to Tracey our USO contact on the flight for awhile.

Pretty amazing to step off the plane into a place like this. It’s a different world.

Ty and I were talking yesterday about saying goodbye to the family, and we both remarked that it was ‘different’. We’re on a USO tour, they’ll do whatever they can to keep everyone safe but it’s a totally different feeling getting on a plane to head to a part of the world where war is openly recognized and acknowledged.

I said goodbye to my dad a bunch of times but was so young I never knew what it meant. Weird. Neither of us are serving, obviously, but there is still a very different feeling when saying good bye for a trip like this.

The one thing that did resonate with me is the men and women who do this as a way of life, pretty awesome and incredible that they serve OUR country and the United States.

Not sure how long I am going to make it tonight. Up VERY early tomorrow for meet and greets, excited as hell.

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  1. soxfanscott permalink
    December 2, 2008 8:08 pm

    Thank you for the updates…….
    If you could please thank the deployed forces and tell them that they portray what we Americans value most…freedom. Thank them for their commitment and bravery. May your visit help to convey upon them good health, clarity of mind and the courage they need to be successful. Each of them play such an important role in protecting our country. Please know that we are all behind the troops efforts and appreciate them. They are all heroes to us!

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