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A little bit closer

December 1, 2008

Two and a half hours late but safe, so it’s all good.

Ty was at the gate and it was nice to see an old friend. We got settled in for the lay over, which is now only about an hour and a half. We stopped off at a fast-food, taco place, if there is such a thing other than Taco Bell. I’m all about making his 11 1/2 hours as uncomfortable as possible and it appears this is one legitimate way to do it.

Ty’s acquainting himself with the video camera, his only job this entire trip. I brought a camera, with no instructions, should be interesting.

First cool event … We ran into a small ‘squad’ of Soldiers, looked to be some officers, maybe all officers. I very shyly approached them to say thank you, and to pass out the first lot of 38 Studio patches. We said hello and the gentleman I met first I don’t think knew who I was (which I am expecting a lot of this trip), but as always they were incredibly kind and very respectful. We exchanged hellos and I told them Ty and I were headed over. Mentioned my dad served in the 101st and they remarked that the “One-O-One” was serving in Afghanistan. Something I’ve (for some reason, not sure) stayed on top of.

They thanked us — which was nice but incredibly uncomfortable since it’s us that needs to be thanking them — and I gave them patches, they checked out my ’07 World Series ring and we wished them the best.

We are sitting in the club here and there are two guys that I am POSITIVE are either Rangers or Delta Force guys that checked out Ty’s camo backpack. We could tell they were definitely military due to the haircuts and 2 percent body fat. I told Ty they were checking his bag out and he said they might come back, break his neck and take it, to which I replied, “No need to break your neck, they can have it”. I am also wearing my fourth ID hat. I hope they don’t think I am trying to pass myself off as military, that would suck …

I have a special affinity for Rangers and Delta Force guys since my cousin served in both. He was in the first Gulf War, and a bunch of other conflicts. His unit was the Delta Force unit portrayed in the movie ‘Black Hawk Down’.

Somewhat ‘Funny” story there — My cousin was really sort of my big brother growing up, since I didn’t have one. He entered the Army Rangers out of high school and was a highly decorated service man when his military career ended. I searched high and low for him during the 1993 season, badly wanting him to attend the playoffs. After the season when I finally reached him he apologized and said he was ‘busy’. Not long after that he told me ‘There’s a movie coming out soon, and when it does I hope you’ll understand why I couldn’t be there”. That movie was ‘Black Hawk Down’.

Amazing stuff from an amazing guy. Oh, and Ty has the camera working, so the video blog has begun …

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  1. December 4, 2008 9:01 pm


    If you don’t mind me asking, what was your cousin’s name that was killed in Mogadishu? I also had a cousin, Master Sgt. Gary Gordon, that was killed on 3 October, 1993. He was a Delta Sniper who was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously for helping to save Blackhawk pilot Michael Durant.

    Hope all is well, be safe.

    Dave Gordon
    Windham, Maine and Atlanta, GA

  2. December 4, 2008 9:06 pm

    By the way… I meant to say, “who was your cousin that served”… I didn’t read the entire post.

    Sorry about that.


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