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Here we go …

December 1, 2008

Sitting in Logan right now, waiting to head to DC and then the short 11 hour 54 minute trip to Kuwait, Kuwait… Wait, is that right? Is that like New York, New York just hotter?

All packed, and I promise you it’s 1/100th what a woman would pack for an eight-day trip and I will NOT have to wear any underwear two times.

The USO doesn’t permit family to travel with you so I am taking one of my old college roommates and good friends, Ty Van Dyke. Ty will likely chime in with a few ‘Curt’ stories (such as the first time he ever saw me, much less met me, I was passed out in a bath tub), and he’s one of the funniest men you’ll ever meet. He’ll also have one responsibility, to video blog the crap out of this trip.

The DOD has rules in place (understandably so) for video stuff so I don’t know what the timing, if any, will be for me to post or put up any video blogging. Likely we will compile everything and put something together when we return.

I’m a bit nervous, won’t lie. Even though it’s a USO trip it’s still an active war zone, and people are trying to kill other people. That being said I can only reiterate what I said earlier in that this is one of the biggest thrills of my entire life.

I have about 3,000 38 Studios patches to hand out, I bought a ton of ‘sundries’ that I know folks over there are desperate for as well.

My goal this year for Medfield 4 the Military will be to find folks over there that will be away from their families and see if we can’t help get gifts to their loved ones back here in the states. It will be a challenge but we’ll try.

I’ll update once in DC as we have a lay over there. We depart sometime around 10 tonight and the first two days are spent in Kuwait so I should have some internet access. After that it will be limited at best. I certainly won’t be pushing in line to get access on military bases with soldiers over there trying to get on.

(Update: 4:50 p.m.)

It begins.

Apparently the folks running United Airlines believe their passengers communicate telepathically, or through some other method not used by the rest of the modern world. It took a man well past his 120th birthday to inform me that our flight from Boston had changed departure time, from 4:40 to 5:35. All the while I am sitting like 15 feet from the gate and departure desk, you know that thing with a microphone that most airlines use to communicate travel information with passengers? Ya, that one.

So a slight delay to the start. Ty is already in Washington, having arrived from Flagstaff via the Pony Express to LA or somewhere close that actually has modern transportation!

We aren’t slated to depart D.C. until late this evening so I don’t foresee any issues with connections.

The only thing I’m concerned about on this leg, other than landing safely on both stops, is the rumor I have heard that approximately 50 percent of your luggage is lost in flights into Kuwait. That means I’m possibly landing there with NOTHING to hand out to the troops, or one pair of underwear for 8 days.

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