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November 1, 2008

I just watched the most painful loss of my life, including games I’ve ever played in. Franklin defeated Medfield on a hail mary with 30 seconds left, 20-16.
Congratulations to the Franklin team and best of luck in winning it all, no shame in getting beat by the SB Champs! The sign of class is as much about how you handle winning as it is losing, and they were classy as hell, congrats and best of luck to you all.

To the Medfield kids, congratulations. Cliches suck at a time like this but we could not be prouder of the season you kids had.

To Coach D’Angelo, thank you. In a day and age when parents have trouble giving even their own kids enough time, you give what seems to be your entire life outside the court room, to the kids of Medfield. A federal judge, cub scout leader and head coach on what appears to be every football team in Medfield. No idea how you do it but it’s greatly appreciated to have role models outside our house that our kids believe in and who conducts themselves with as much integrity and respect as you and your coaches did this year.

To G-man, damn proud of you and the season. Sorry for the genetic hand-me-down footspeed, but you made the most of it and we’re proud of the time, effort and commitment you made.

P.S. Connor B…. You figure out that Focus thing you’re going to go places:)

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  1. wickedhod permalink
    November 2, 2008 9:29 pm

    curt, you cant leave boston. If tek leaves, we can throw leadership out the window, not only do we need your pitching but your mentoring to the younger pitchers and inexperienced catchers that may step forward in the future, and more importantly to restore the same camradery that the world witnessed back in 2004. With the distraction Manny put on the redsox this year, i could see it on their faces it wasnt that high intensity but loose fun attitude we were so used to. I’m sorry to pry but it hasn’t been the same without you curt. bring us back

  2. momofaviking permalink
    November 13, 2008 4:43 pm

    I can only assume that you send your congratulations to all of the kids on the team, not just the Medfield kids, which by the way is only one third of the team.

    What a ride it was!

    Go Vikings!

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