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How in the hell?

October 31, 2008

Does this woman not go to jail? Isn’t what she did a crime? How is this possible? How is she not fired, arrested and held accountable? How does the system work that someone supposedly held to higher standards than the rest, since her job is predicated on people VOTING her into office, is held to a set of rules no one else is? I am asking because I am not sure I understand. She is ‘immune’ from sentencing or serving or being convicted of committing a crime? Didn’t the Kwame Brown (think that’s his name) go to jail for this or something similar in Michigan? How about the folks offering the bribes? How does that work?

And people wonder why we don’t trust our elected officials?

EDIT! Obviously I didn’t google any of this and was posting off the cuff after seeing something on her that just made me have to ask the question. Kwame Kilpatrick is who I was referring to and from what I understand Diane Wilkerson was arrested and posted bail. However, how can she be allowed to continue holding a job ‘serving the public’? And someone referred to the fact that both are black, and insinuated something about that, noting there are many white elected officials every bit as bad, if not worse. Couldn’t agree more on the latter and as for the former, I could care less what color they are, yellow, red, white, black, green, whatever, the color is the least relevant issue to any of this.

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  1. billymueller permalink
    October 31, 2008 7:59 pm

    Hey Curt. I think you are a fascinating guy and I really like the fact that you express your own opinions, have a brain and are interested in stuff other than your day job. So, don’t take this as a political statement or a personal attack; however:

    * Diane Wilkerson has been indicted, not convicted. In the American criminal system, this allows her to post bail and not stay in jail. She did indeed post bail and therefore is being treated like any other American. She is not immune from anything.

    * The people caught on tape offering her bribes are cooperating witnesses (i.e. they are in on the sting). They may be cooperating because the Feds have them for other smaller crimes; or they may just be part of the sting. As we all know from watching the Sopranos, this again appears to be SOP for Feds–nothing special for Diane here.

    * Kwame Brown is a basketball player. Evidently not a very good one since you don’t know him and:

    * Kwame Kilpatrick was the mayor of Detroit. He was arrested, convicted and serving jail time for lying under oath about a sex scandal and using his offer to cover it up. This is different than accepting bribes.

    * Are you connected Kwame and Diane because they are both black? Plenty of other disgraced politicians out there. What about Ted Stevens? Or Eliot Spitzer? Or, etc…

    * For a guy who is pretty internet savvy, you could have answered all your own questions in like 2 minutes of google searches…

  2. brianjay permalink
    October 31, 2008 8:05 pm

    I’m not 100% sure I’m reading it right but it looks like she’s been arrested which means now she has to stand trial before she heads off to jail.

    I don’t think that anything can be done legally until she is convicted which is why they asked her to resign which she obviously refused to do. Now, the state Senate has to follow due process and have a committee hearing to make the move to officially remove her.

    Eventually, she’ll get hers… but the process is very slow even when you do something bad.

  3. October 31, 2008 8:33 pm

    Because she hasn’t been convicted…yet.

  4. gfishbone permalink
    October 31, 2008 9:50 pm

    There are lots of steps between arrest and conviction, and when it comes to bail there are many criteria to determine whether a person may be a flight risk, including ties to the community. Being an elected official is probably the ultimate in “ties to the community.”

    Then again, in the unlikely event that she is reelected, convicted politicians can continue to govern or legislate from their jail cells. James Michael Curley served five months in prison for mail fraud while he was Mayor of Boston in 1947 (until he was pardoned by President Truman).

  5. mschol17 permalink
    October 31, 2008 10:29 pm

    She’ll probably resign about the same time Gov. Palin admits she committed an ethics violation.

  6. mindfulmission permalink
    November 1, 2008 12:16 am

    Hmm… does anyone else find it quite funny that Shilling goes after this woman, but completely ignores Ted Stevens, the Republican Senator who has been convicted, but is still in office and is still running for re-election?


    Heck I am not ignoring him, they are all disgusting. Funny thing is that’s your response to my post, not “ya it’s disgusting” but similar to every one else out there when called to the carpet it’s “So what? Look at what the OTHER PERSON did!” as if that answers accusations made in the first place. It’s sickening and everyone’s guilty of it

  7. bigunit3000 permalink
    November 1, 2008 12:44 am

    The same could be asked for Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK)?

    Nice! Great retort! Please don’t bother with the responses labeling people (R) or (D) or (I), I could care less. There are just as many undeserving folks with (D) before their name as there are (R). I don’t care what letter comes first, what’s pathetic is that so many of them are not only elected in the first place, but get RE-ELECTED! Barney Frank is going to get re-elected! THAT’S got so much irony attached to it it’s staggering and pathetically sad at the same time. We’re getting what we deserve in so many instances.

  8. jdjdjd permalink
    November 1, 2008 1:26 am

    Pardon me if I missed it, but where is the indignation over Senator Ted Stevens who was actually convicted. Not just arrested. Last time I checked he was still a senator and still running for re-election.

  9. jdjdjd permalink
    November 1, 2008 1:28 am

    FYI – I meant in general and not just you personally. It seems that graft and corruption in politicians is just accepted lately.

  10. jdjdjd permalink
    November 1, 2008 1:31 am

    One more time here…sorry. I managed to miss your replies. Yes, we are getting what we deserve here in so many instances. It’s hard to fathom how little people seem to care about ethics and integrity.

  11. empirelady permalink
    November 1, 2008 3:58 am

    For the record,I totally agree with you,and it has nothing to do with politics,as I am a Democrat. When it comes to ethics,political party does not enter into it at all. I do agree that Senator Stevens should not be allowed to stay in office and I am hoping that the people of Alaska do not elect him to another term on Tuesday(I cannot believe that he is still running for another term,nor can I believe that they have not thrown him out of the Senate). That said,I am from New York and one of the worst in terms of ethics-AND TRUST-happened right here in my home state,with a Democrat. After many years of the same governor,a Republican named Pataki,New York was looking for a change,we were looking for hope,and we found it in a white Democrat named Elliot Spitzer-or so we thought. We voted him in by a very large margin,loved his speech that he gave when he was sworn in,and we were very hopeful that he would be very good for the people of the state. We trusted him completely with the lives of the people in New York and what he did not only took away that trust but let us down,hurt us,in a BIG way. You would have to be from another planet not to know what happened next,as it made headlines all over, but for those who do not know,when he went to Washington,D.C. to speak on Capitol Hill-and he did speak the next day,which was February 14,Valentines Day,-he also paid several thousand dollars before he left New York to have a high paid prostitute cross state lines,meet him at the hotel that he was staying at and in his hotel room,the night before speaking to Congress,this married father had a tryst with the prostitute(which we now know was not the first time he had done this). The kicker in all of this is that for those who do not know him,before he was in politics,he was a PROSECUTOR,an attorney,and he had in the past convicted,sent to jail,people who had done the exact same thing that he did. Therefore he cannot say that he did not know that transporting a prostitute across state lines is a crime-it is and he knew that! What he did hurt the people of this state so much not only because of what he did but because we trusted him,we wanted him to lead this state through troubling times,and he let us down BIG time! Of course,once we found out what he had done,we no longer wanted him as governor and knew that he had to resign,which he did a week after we found out about it. He has not been convicted yet-they are investigating and people involved,such as the prostitute he met with and the “company” that she worked for are cooperating in speaking against him(several of the people working for the “organization,involved in setting up the meeting have been found guilty after having been charged)but as the whole country found out,he resigned as governor,which he had to do before he was thrown out of office,he now works for his father’s huge private real estate company(he and his family are very wealthy) and he is no longer a public figure. When he is spotted walking the streets of New York City,this once very public man keeps a low profile,walking with his head down so he cannot be recognized. The whole country found out about what he did and everyone knows that we now have a governor,until the next election,that we did not vote for(until the next election,according to state law,the next in line steps in and fills in as governor,in this case a man by the name of Patterson,who is making news not because he is black but because he is the first legally blind governor,ever-he memorizes every speech that he gives because he cannot read a teleprompter). So there is always going to be a politician somewhere who is doing something morally,ethically,or legally wrong,no matter what the political party,gender,or race of the individual,and yes,I totally agree that they should not be allowed to get away with it,that they should absolutely be out of office,as well as convicted of whatever crime they have committed..By the way,Curt,I do not remember if you had any public comments regarding Elliot Spitzer-I know that you had thoughts on it,as the whole country did(including other politicians and every late night talk show host from New York to California spoke of it). I would be very interested to know your thoughts on our sleazy ex-governor,who I had voted for but now just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Please do let me know what you think. Although we belong to different political parties,I do respect your opinion,highly value your opinion,always,
    regardless of whether we agree or not-and sometimes we do agree-and I always want to hear what you have to say,what you think.

  12. asetisis permalink
    November 1, 2008 10:53 am

    The question you ask is a great noe! Unfortunately, since she is currently just charged & not convicted she is not required to step down. With Ted Stevens, this woman & Kwame Kilpatrick the latest idiot’s du’jour I can say that they SHOULD step down. THese 3 cases show you that politicians do not like to do the things they SHOULD do. having witnessed first hand the Kilpatrick debacle I have come to this connclusion, they think they can tough it out & it will magically go away. These type of politicians have enough sycophants surrounding them they reinforce the dellusion. It’s a sad thing to witness & it costs the taxpayers that much more money to have it played out.

  13. ctsoxfan permalink
    November 1, 2008 2:25 pm

    “Isn’t what she did a crime?”

    “How can she be allowed to continue holding a job ‘serving the public'”?

    Did I miss the part where she was convicted? Are we not innocent until proven guilty? Much like Barney Frank, who you cite with indignation above as someone who’s about to get re-elected, this is simple: if someone has broken the law, you press charges. Then you make your case in a court of law. Convict them of the wrongdoing you “know” to have taken place…THEN you can leap up on the soapbox and demand their resignation.

    I do, at least, agree that this transcends party politics. Whether the crook you’d like to oust is named Tim Mahoney, William Jefferson, Ted Stevens, or Rick Renzi, we should certainly demand more ethical behavior from our elected representatives.

  14. ctsoxfan permalink
    November 1, 2008 2:33 pm

    Reading your replies, Curt, your partisanship is showing. Yes, you pay lip service to how EVERYONE who commits this behavior is disgusting, yet the examples that move you to write are (surprise, surprise!) corrupt Democrats, not corrupt Republicans.

    Thus State Senator Diane Wilkerson merits a whole paragraph, while Alaska Senator Ted Stevens (who was actually CONVICTED) didn’t inspire a post. Even in your replies, you mention with indignation how Barney Frank (who hasn’t even been indicted of a single thing!) is standing for re-election, yet it escapes your notice that Rep. Don Young (who IS under indictment) is also standing for re-election.

    Either “it’s OK if you’re a Republican,” or “it’s not OK, but it’s not enough to inspire that old self-righteous indignation unless you’re a Democrat.” Right?

  15. jonnyjbones permalink
    November 1, 2008 4:58 pm

    How did Barney Frank get brought into this conversation? Oh yeah! The right wing has convinced the political rubes, of which Shilling is one, that Barney Frank and poor black people are the real culprits in the down fall of our economy….

  16. papifan permalink
    November 1, 2008 10:56 pm

    Barney Frank is a disgrace. I hope he somehow is voted out of office. I don’t agree with O’Reilly most of the time, but I thank him for calling this corrupt policitian out. Ted Stevens? Come on people of Alaska step up and vote him out of office. There are so many others that need to get out. From Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to Chris Dodd of Connecticut. When does it stop. Hell even a vp candidate buys $150,000 of clothes from GOP donations and $17,000 of money from the State of Alaska for just living at her home. And Bill Ayers??? How the hell did this guy not serve at least 20 years in jail?? It is just sickening. And the federal reserve is a disgrace too. How do these people have jobs? It gets to the point where an every day american like myself does not even care whether I agree with a person’s stances on policy, but would just be appreciative if a politician in this country was honest and uncorruptible. I wonder if it is possible? This country desparately needs a third party political party, who puts the good of the country over idealogy. The middle class has been sold out by both parties. The republicans care only about the rich and will sell out the middle class to help pocket money for the rich and the democrats care only about creating a solicialist state and giving entitlements to the people who won’t work at the expense of the middle class. Curt I applaud you. I wish more people in a position of power would call these people out. Like Curt says, whatever letter is in front of a person’s name is irrelevant. Honesty and integrity, regardless of idealogy are the most important attributes. We all want what is best to make this country as strong economically as it is militarily. YOU CANNOT HAVE ONE WITHOUT THE OTHER. Per the great Dwight Eisenhower!

  17. sdl1 permalink
    November 2, 2008 4:17 am

    For you oldtimers out there (and I mean those older than this 52 year old), does the name Curley ring a bell?

    He even won re-election while in prison.

  18. kathyinct permalink
    November 2, 2008 5:44 am

    I’m BACK! This isnt in re: to your title blog, but I will mention some political stuff too. This is the most latest blog title so I figure comment under this one for I was looking for that LET’S GO MCCAIN title blog!!!! !!!

    Bummed I was wrong on us winning it all but happy for the PHILS! My favorite NL team!!!! At least we went farther than we ever thought with all of those injuries and shoot, Rays didnt win so it makes me feel better that the Phil’s took care of our broken hearts!!! Longoria need not pout after their loss, gosh, how far did they come from last place all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!! How funny, as I forgot you mentioning you’d play for them, WOW, what timing on that!!! I thought it was classy for Crisp and I think Cora watched the Rays celebrate on the field. Hope Longoria grows up. No I dont have bitter feelings, but when I saw his the ugly look on his face I couldnt believe it! I was psyched, this guy I get tix from here and there when sox play the phils, he was at the winnning 2 day game 5!!!! Had to share that six degrees of seperation thing!!! Psyched for him. Hey by the way Schilling, I dont know where to go besides asking Tiante, for I cant believe I forgot to ask, the brain…….I got Lowell’s homerun ball in Phil back in 06 and Corey Lidle pitched it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying for 2 years now, bringing that ball, YES, EACH GAME I went to, to hopefully run into him and get it signed, how can I get it signed, not sure if you are comfortable sharing info like that where millions can read, but gotta try! I ran into Mike twice, once at a light after a game, he turned into the street I was on while I was at a light, then the second time he drove right near us (near yawkey way, so police were still protecting) walking to our car, so with these two instances, how in the world do I bug the guy without him thinking I am a stalker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All in all if you cant answer me, do you think anyone even may want the ball for historic purposes since Lidle has now passed on? HIS DNA is on this ball, it is pretty wild when you think of it. I didnt know if his wife would want it or even the hall of fame? Sorry to babble, but it just came to my mind with the Philly winning talk! Ok, so lets see, I am getting to relevance of this blog……..

    I had to say I saw you on H&C a few nights a go and you made an excellent point on McCain…that he made a serious ADMIRABLE decision when a prisoner, when no one was looking/watching and that has not been seen with obama. I am not saying it as good as you said it, but I hope I closely summarized it. What you said was more distinctive! I do want to get out that I noticed on youtube while looking for that iraq vet for mccain video, that there is tons of stuff against McCain on him not voting for certain GI bills. Well I wish it would get out that he had good reasons to, maybe you have typed them on here through these months, but if not, one of the bills he voted against had to do with 3 year servicemen getting the SAME benefits as 20 year ones. He didnt think it was fair that 3 yr ones get what the 20 year ones deserved. He actually came up with a better suited bill, but nothing came of it etc. That is little that I know, but it is something to get out to these vets that are not for him. He was looking out for fairness in years of service and I think 20 year servicemen should appreciate that. For I know I would be quite upset and that there should be an increase in benefits for the 20 years in service then. Just like tenure in a job. So McCain fights for the military’s interest and the fairness in how benefits get disbursed.

    Ok, so on to what you and the others on here got into. I have no idea what that situation is, but first, kudos for telling on another blog title to the mantle blogger where to go! It’s funny people telling you to shut up etc, but yet you made this site and how funny they will come on here to see what you say and then tell you to shut up when they could just stay off this site! OXYMORONISH or what! And kudos to your responses on this blog!!!! I am ashamed there is someone else on here that shares my ct roots that accused you of favoring republicans and I hope you respond to him too! Let me answer it for you actually, how about the one who got away with it all together and has and unlike all of us who wouldve been reprimanded for doing the act in an office got a slap on the wrist: BILL CLINTON! So any of you guys who start with Curt on being biased etc, Billyboy got the red carpet treatment with his affair while any REPUBLICAN wouldve been forced to resign and actually WOULDVE!. GIVE ME A BREAK already. And I think it was the other blog area that the mantle person mentioned about who really got us into the economic mess, PPPPPPPlease, well lets see Clinton wanted affordable housing for everyone and banks were forced to do it and look where we are at today! He now says, which I couldnt believe, that these sub prime people didnt get that raise in pay they thought they’d get, then the gas prices increased and therefore mortgages were going unpaid. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Since when are loans based on someone getting a raise? NO, uh, these people shouldve never been given mortgages PERIOD! McCain and others as seen on tv did try to get this looked into a few years ago and were told there is nothing to look into. And I now lead into Barney blame the other person Frank, yes he should be brought up, there is no bias here, it is the TRUTH. Why is it that whenever truth comes up and especially with obama, everyone poo poos it???? So TO THE BLOGGERS who criticize you, what say you now!??? From, obama’s no proof of u.s. citizenship and covering it up further when he flew to Hawaii and now has his info under lock and key via I cant believe a Republican governor!, to his radical affililiations, to his laughing at plumbers salaries, which YES they can make 250 with people under them, it doesnt take rocket science obama, to him wanting sex ed for 5 year olds, to wanting as he said to planned parenthood liberal judges if he gets in, to Biden thanking God that Borque didnt get in for Roe V Wade would be overturned,(thanking God for abortions of innocent babies to continue, DESPICABLE), to now calling us selfish for not wanting to have our money go to people WHO DONT PAY TAXES/dont work/dont work enough hours or to people like I found out about and NO I DID NOT WATCH IT-on the obama infomercial who cant afford to buy milk but had a nice set of acrylic nails on her fingers BUT BIDEN gave less to charities in 9 years then I did in ONE YEAR and I make squat compare to him,…. well there is NO bias with dem/repubs. What is truth is truth and too bad if people dont want to come out of the coma and WAKE UP already. By the way, my tithes this year everyone: I couldnt write them off my income tax this year? I was told I didnt give enough of my salary when I gave plenty and really couldnt even afford it!!!!! Who is responsible to the increase in having to pay more if you make 42 thousand or more, well I guess that meant to not get compsated for giving to others too, does the name start with o? I give to CBN as one of my tithings and they help the needy, the sick, the ones who were hit by hurricanes etc and besides who else I give to I GET PENALIZED and not given a tax break but yet Biden who gave a little bit more than me in his NINE years of income is calling ones who dont believe in their socialistic ways SELFISH. WELL KISS MY GRITS! I think I have vented enough on biasness. A spade is a spade! If anyone hasnt been sold on to now vote for McCain and understand that Schilling is not biased with either blacks or party affiliation then I dont know what else to say. I am so close to moving to Bahamas even though it is far from Fenway and my nephews and niece because the people in this country that go against what this country was founded on and they want liberalism, God out of everything, TO MAKE RULES OVER GOD’S RULES, and want a guy who is soo liberal namely with that 5 year old sex ed to be president, wont move out! If people arent happy here then move already.

    On that note Curt, I read you filed for free agency and I soo wish the best for you and still hope to see you with the Sox uniform, and again mention part time bull pen if worse comes to worse. You’d be great to relieve if you feel you cant start anymore. If you dont come back. You were a great (word isnt best word for describing it, but I am soo tired to think of a better word!) addition in 04 and guess what, Besides having my bro in law in Cali that I mentioned in my last blog, I have a brother from there also who is visiting right now. He wanted to watch the 04 WS/Rivalry DVD tonite. We did and the irony – I am typing to you after watching it and how I will still never forget how we acquired you to win it AND WE WON IT that exact year!!! HOW COOL IS THAT of the reminisicing! I got the old 04 schedule with your photo on it and the 05 with the trophy on it on my downstairs tv as a remembrance of that great move to get you to win it all! AWESOME, as my mom says, “As Trot Nixon says, AWESOME!” Thanks for reading my never ending typing and asking the Lord tocontinually bless you and your family in every area and asking The Lord to let McCain prevail in this ever so crucial election. Til next blog!

  19. warbler44 permalink
    November 2, 2008 12:32 pm

    Scooter Libby bother you Curt or do you just rant about Democrats? Enough whining.

    They all do, again, regardless of the (R) or (D). I still cannot understand how/why Bill Clinton is someone people put trust in??? The guy had sex with an intern in the Oval Office of the White House? If your wife can’t trust you IN YOUR HOME, we are supposed to? I don’t care what party these people belong to that screw us, their constituents. It’s the main problem with politics right now, people respond to accusations not with answers refuting them, but with return accusations to the accuser? How does the exonerate the person being accused? Worst part is the media in the country is ‘all in’ right now, wanting Obama elected at any cost. Come Tuesday we’re going to get what we wished for, one way or another.

  20. jonnyjbones permalink
    November 2, 2008 4:00 pm

    If the media is all in why the uptick in portraying black people as thugs in the last week?

  21. TheNorEaster permalink
    November 2, 2008 6:16 pm

    With all due respect, Curt, I believe it was you who has said, “[America] is a pretty damn forgiving country.”

    I know the world is messed up; to me, that is not the issue. It’s what we do with the problems we endure that make us or break us.

    As for me…I chose forgiveness.

  22. jonnyjbones permalink
    November 2, 2008 9:41 pm

    Bill Clinton had sex with an intern. Bush’s team edited out all the evidence that Saddamn may not have had WMDs out of an official government document and then presented that document as gospel. As a result over 100,000 people have died so far.

    No what I get out of those FACTS? No what my conclusion is? Bush = evil. Clinton = failed as a husband.

    Obama for President! We need someone to clean up the failed republican’s mess.

  23. jonnyjbones permalink
    November 2, 2008 9:42 pm

    i meant ‘know’ btw. I have to stop typing so fastttttttt….

  24. warbler44 permalink
    November 2, 2008 10:32 pm

    The media didn’t pick Palin Curt. The media didn’t invade a sovereign nation that posed no threat to the US. The media didn’t take surpluses and turn them into record deficits. The media didn’t let Wall Street self regulate itself. The media didn’t create the largest entitlement program since LBJ. The last eight years have been mired in failure and it’s time those that supported it stand up and take responsibility and stop whining.

    John McCain picked Governor Palin. I agree with the pick especially when you consider the alternative of Joe Biden. “Sovereign Nation that posed no threat to us”? Really? Wow that’s a pretty sweet leap right there. Who DID let Wall Street Regulate itself? Really, who? Names? John McCain has told you, and knowing both of the men I know it to be more than true, he’s not George Bush. If him telling you that, and his record don’t prove that, you aren’t interested in listening.


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