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Playing catch up…

November 30, 2007

Seems like I walked out of the office Monday evening and turned around and it’s Friday already. Yesterday was spent regrouping from the out and back SF trip.

To say the day was full on Wednesday would be horribly misleading. Starting at about 7am we didn’t stop until we landed in Boston around 3am the next morning. I don’t really know how the Q&A went that started the day off other than to say nothing we talked about was new ground. Explaining to a room full of VCs all of your business philosophies and how you plan to lay out and follow a road map gets easier every time when you factor in the people leading the parade.

Had a chance to catch up with someone I consider a good friend in Peter Moore. English Red Sox fans seem to be a larger contingent of people than one might expect.

Spent the early part of the afternoon listening to the brilliant minds at IPhone. Wow. talk about creative energy. This was a meeting I can’t fathom missing. The creative ideas that went flying around the room from their team, along with Todd’s like minded open box approach sent everyone back to their corners trying not to forget what it was we were talking about. Thanks a million to Eric and Andy and all the people that helped make this get together happen. No doubt there is massive potential to do some very special stuff in the coming years.

The west coast day ended with us getting a chance to meet up with Lucasarts. Another very cool group that could potentially offer up some great partnership potential.

So we get caught up and another week gets checked off the calendar. The Santana sweepstakes are now heating up and from everything I hear there are some major offers on the table with a few teams making very serious runs at making this happen. I would bet top dollar that Johan is wearing someone else’s colors by the end of the GM meetings this week. I think he’d look awful nice in Red Sox whites and greys!

One last note. The Shade Foundation is holding its annual Gala Dinner and Holiday Gift Auction in Scottsdale on December 6th. Dustin Pedroia and his lovely wife Kelly will be chairing this event. You can find out about it, and sign up to be a part of it at this link

Thanks in advance to anyone helping out!

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  1. November 30, 2007 1:05 pm

    Man. Busy busy. For all the money you make, I’d still hate having to run around the way you do.

    Can you give us any tidbits on your in-development MMO title yet? Pleeeeeease?

  2. jman2 permalink
    November 30, 2007 1:18 pm

    Curt I wish the Red Sox never resigned you. You are old and washed up and will never be the pitcher you once where. What a waste of 8 million dollars.

  3. calvinballer permalink
    November 30, 2007 1:19 pm

    Hey Curt,

    Way off subject here but I was wondering if you could do something for me. You have been with the Sox since the 2004 season and I wanted your opinion on something (someone). I am a huge Jason Varitek fan. Everyone on the Sox has been integral in the past two WS Champeeeeenships but I think it all begins with Tek. If not for his AMAZING, AMAZING catch in June 2001 of a foul pop up, which broke his elbow, I believe the Sox would have won it all that year.

    I am now a huge Schilling fan as well and you would have to be #3 on my list. No disrespect intended at all but Tek & Papi are 1-2. The distance between Papi and yourself is about 1/10th the distance between Papi and Tek though. Tek’s career is well documented, one of only two people to play in LLWS, CWS and MLWS but he also has a High School State Championship and #1 national ranking by USA Today that year. I think that sets him apart and shows his destiny was to play baseball. I can’t think of anyone else who was INTENDED to play the game. I get chills thinking about it. Reminds me of field of dreams. I envision him one day walking out of a cornfield scaring the crap out of a farmer in 2070 or something.

    I would like to hear your opinion on Tek. Where he ranks among catchers you’ve played with. What your thoughts are on his importance to the Sox. Anything else you wish to add.

    I got those same chills reading your letter from 2003. The hardest, and probably most unrealistic, self-fulfilling prophecy I have ever seen. To tell you that you will be forever inked in the lore of the game and then you come out and actually DO IT ON THE GRANDEST STAGE!! And the manner in which you did it. Amazing!

    Check out my new blog, calvinballer here on wordpress. Thanks, and good luck with all of your endeavours!

  4. moyni13 permalink
    November 30, 2007 1:50 pm

    Curt, as a red sox fan i am honored to have you as a member of the Red Sox. i have read your many post on your blog, and have realized that you as a person reach far beyond the game of baseball. the things you do for others through you many foundations and charities the you support. it is great to see someone like your-self whom can have a big effect on someone life, actually step up and do something.

    you are not only a compationate person you are a pretty deep thinker… i have 2 red sox jersey one is your jersey and the other is D. Ortiz…. my 2 favorite jerseys…

  5. top1tony permalink
    November 30, 2007 2:07 pm

    How do you feel about the prospect of us landing Johan Santana? Do you fell we would be giving up too much in return especially if we have to part with Ellsbury?

  6. azseafan permalink
    November 30, 2007 2:32 pm


    You have got to explain how your team got beat up by Jeff Sullivan and the 1986 Seattle Mariners . Even Grady Little could manage a win against the M’s. Thanks for the blog Curt and we still love ya down here in AZ.

  7. knuckler49 permalink
    November 30, 2007 2:39 pm


    Varitek would like to know your name and address so he can take out a restraining order.

  8. redsox3800 permalink
    November 30, 2007 3:05 pm

    JMAN, this is for you, obviously your not a red sox fan, if you are, maybe you should not be, first of all, Curt had said numerous times throughout the season, that he is no longer the power pitcher, which he was, he admits that, his pitching is mostly based on loaction. JMAN, why even waste your time posting on here. ALSO, Curt is DOMINATING, AS ALWAYS IN THE POSTSEASON, so you dont know anything JMAN, leave the decisions up to the Red Sox Brass,that is why we have 2 championships in the last 4 years. Curt, I am thrilled to have you and Lowell back. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mikestufano permalink
    November 30, 2007 3:57 pm

    Hi Curt-

    I live in CT and I am in Massachussett all the time. I read your posts about ALS events, and would love to attend them, but a lot of times they are a bit out of my league cost wise. I actually was at Mohegan Sun for Kevin Youkilis’ YouksKids event last month, but at $500 for a few hours, I couldn’t afford to do it (considering I bought 2 tix to game seven against the Indians, 😉

    My question for you is, are there any ALS type events that someone like me could pledge to or attend, make a contribution, or just plain learn about it where people could attend for a non-baseball player salary? Something where someone like yourself is there, but the entry is more in the $250 type range. It would be great for both sides.

  10. calvinballer permalink
    November 30, 2007 4:26 pm


    Interesting stat about Tek. Red Sox have played in 138 postseason games and Varitek has played in 57 of them (my numbers from research online, I’m sure they’re off by a few). That includes the Boston Americans as well. Thats 41% of the playoff games in Red Sox/Americans history that Tek has played in. I know he has the advantage of the WC era, but still. That stat is simply ludicrous. I just think he earned his status as Captain (one of only four in Sox history as well). He has played on 2 World Champions and could have been more. The Sox/Americans only have 8 to their name. Again, 25% of Red Sox Championships were won with him at the helm and Schilling fulfilling prophecies.

    No restraining order needed. Just wanted Schill’s thoughts on him. Would be interesting to hear from a co-worker what his feelings are on The Captain.


    Schill is worth more than 8 mil. Sad to see such idiocracy. You must have missed him pitching this year. Near no-hitter. Amazing game, which I saw live and mentioned in a previous comment, on 4/8/07 in Texas. Dominant. Schill took less than he could have elsewhere because he has a team of destiny and knows this. He plays for an organization with class. World Champs 2008 baby!!!

    Much respect,

  11. fryman1918 permalink
    November 30, 2007 5:53 pm

    I like Tek too, but this guy is taking it a little far. I’m predicting Johan in those whites and greys by the end of the weekend.

    Thanks for the update Curt. Always an enjoyable blog.

  12. massajfan permalink
    November 30, 2007 6:50 pm

    jman, what is wrong with you? If you hate Curt so much, why are you reading his blog? Is th “J” for Jeter? Or jerk?

    I enjoy reading Curt’s perspective of life and find it encouraging that someone of his stature even takes the time to write as often as he does.

    Keep up the good work, Curt, and booo to you, jman!

  13. po8crg permalink
    November 30, 2007 7:22 pm

    You were wondering why there are so many Red Sox fans over here in England. First MLB game ever shown on TV here: 1986, World Series, Game One.

    The top two teams here are still the Red Sox and Mets.

  14. November 30, 2007 7:41 pm

    1) I never can understand going to someone’s blog/bboard/etc, just to post negative non-constructive criticism. I’m naive that way.

    2) Santana and Pujols were on my Fantasy team last year. Due to coaches error, I missed the last game by this much. In my defense I was in it until the last game. But that’s all water under the bridge.

    My point is that I understand what Santana brings to the Sox. I also understand that since he’s a lefty he’d be a Red Sox killah. But I’m always cautious of trading away 3-4 players for 1 player.

    I know it’s a business not some game where everyone gets to play and everyone goes out for pizza even if they loose the big game. But loosing Lester after all he’s been through?

    I also question if he would be a good fit in Boston. Still, a Beckett-Santana-Dicek-Schilling-Wakey line up is stuff dreams are made of. 2009’s line up could be Beckett-Santana-Dicek-Buckholtz-Wakey. (Wakey is going to pitch until his like 1,000 years old. 🙂

    I’m glad I do not have to make these decisions. But is sure is fun to play what if!!


  15. luvdsox permalink
    November 30, 2007 8:38 pm

    Hi Mr. Schilling,

    I live in Tucson, AZ and I would love to attend the gala. However, I am a stay at home mother of three and unfortunately cannot afford tickets. I would be more than happy to volunteer for the event. I am willing to pick up trash, wash dishes, clean the bathrooms, whatever Mrs. Schilling needs.

  16. dfurbush permalink
    November 30, 2007 9:25 pm

    Curt, It was great to see you at the Wang Center for the DVD showing, but I do have to say, I was disappointed to see you eating the house Pizza!! I am sure the crust was not whole wheat or the cheese lowfat. If you were my client working towards a personal weight loss goal within a short time line, you would not get away with that. To be where you want to be in March you have to combine excercise with good eating habits.You are one of the most disciplined pitchers in baseball, you need to show the same discipline to your eating habits.Look forward towards seeing you opening day! Devout Fitness

  17. November 30, 2007 10:39 pm

    I really respect the way you handle this blog, Curt. The fact that you would unsceen a comment like the one left by jman2, rather than simply delete it and then tell him to take a flying leap, is commendable.

    It’s just rude when people come into this blog, which is really your “home on the ‘net” and say such negative things. I mean, everyone has a right to his own opinion, but to go into someone’s home for the sole purpose of insulting them is not only poor manners but also shows a complete lack of class.

    You, on the other hand my friend, are the picture of class. The Red Sox and the people of Boston are lucky to have you for another year.

    Take care, Curt.

  18. loveyanks permalink
    November 30, 2007 11:35 pm

    hey curt just to let u know, alot of class the other day on tube (unshaved and button down shirt) i understand though living up to the stinksox tradition

  19. jman2 permalink
    November 30, 2007 11:42 pm


    CURT you are not washed up and I will never forget what you did for us(BASICALLLY PITCHING ON A BROKEN FOOT) at yankee stadium in 04. You are a good man and a solid asset to the Red Sox. Hek, I believe you left years and dollars on the table just like Mike Lowell. You could have easily scored a 2 year contract, I was just being a big jerk when I put that post on your blog, I actually own your jersey and I cherish it.

    THANK YOU CURT AND SHONDA for everything you do


  20. yanksrdaclassofbball permalink
    December 1, 2007 7:50 am






  21. December 1, 2007 9:15 am


    I like Red Sox chances of landing Dan Haren much more than Santana. What are your thoughts on this whole process? Is the media floating the Haren talks to get the Twins back to the table and away from the Yankees?

    Haren is a lot less money and signed for a few more years than going out dealing a ton of young talent then trying to sign Santana to a 120+ million dollar deal.

    Do you know Haren and how do you feel about him as a potential teammate joining the Red Sox?


  22. prazr permalink
    December 1, 2007 9:53 am

    Just keep Ellsbury. I think he is going to be a great player. Coco is expendable and possibly Lester but I’d rather not deal any of our pitchers away.

  23. englishbosoxgirl permalink
    December 1, 2007 10:34 am

    Hey Curt.

    I’m English and a huge Red Sox fan, infact my whole family are Red Sox fans. You’d be surprised at how popular the game is back in England, it’s not all soccer and cricket you know!

    Happy Holidays!

  24. extrapreneur permalink
    December 1, 2007 11:16 am

    finally, the first time I’ve been able to comment on this rubbish blog, it never used to let me before. Watch this space. Keep watching and watching and watching….

  25. techfinance permalink
    December 1, 2007 11:43 am

    Being a guy in the tech finance space (VC and early seed stages) I can appreciate this post and admire Curt for having an interest in tech innovation. I don’t understand those of you on this site who utilize this as a forum to bash Curt. Get out there and do something useful with your life rather than post ill wishes on others who have clearly done well with themselves. I don’t know where our society would be without strivers and motivated individuals who chose to accomplish greatness, whether it’s in the world of business or between the lines in sports.

  26. December 1, 2007 12:27 pm

    No love for Mike Timlin??? Apparently he’ll be back!! Granted there were no “Re-sing Mike Timlin” signs at the world series parade but I’m really happy he’ll be back. After recovering from his injuries he proved that he is still an important part of the bull pen.

    Welcome back Mike Timlin!!!


  27. bosoxfan0003 permalink
    December 1, 2007 12:58 pm

    Thanks Schill! I cant even imagine what the offseason is like for you guys. Its great to see you post so frequently here, keeping all of us in the RSN caught up on your personal adventures.

    As for my take on the Santana pursuit, could there be a more impressive acquisition this offseason? Unlikely. As much as I would hate to see Jon go, if it helps us get back-to-back championships, Im sadly ok with it. I cant, however, see Jacoby go without feeling a lot of dissapointment. He was so critical in our postseason and is such a huge talent with amazing feats yet to come that seeing him travel somewhere else would just not sit well. Im praying that the business of baseball wont include him for years to come.

    My family here in Idaho are such huge fans of yours, especially my mom and sister. They were overwhelmed with joy when you re-signed, so from them to you, I say thanks from the bottom of all our hearts. Give your family our love and we cant wait till spring training!

    Nampa, Idaho

  28. knuckler49 permalink
    December 1, 2007 1:23 pm


    Varitek is great, no doubt, but come on…

    It’s much more telling to say that Varitek has been an everyday player for 5 Red Sox teams that have made the playoffs. In addition, he was the backup catcher for the 1998 team and only played in one playoff game that year. The Red Sox / Americans have been in the playoffs a total of 18 different seasons.

    I’m glad to have him on the Red Sox, but his playoff experience is as much to do with the invention of the wild card, the trades for Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling, the decision to move Derek Lowe into the rotation, and the signing of Manny Ramirez, David Ortiz, Johnny Damon, Bill Mueller, and Keith Foulke.

    You know who (until this year) had just as much playoff experience with the Red Sox? Trot Nixon. Why not obsess over him?

  29. mattsingsalot permalink
    December 1, 2007 1:31 pm

    Knocking a ball out of someone’s glove? How much of a man is A-Rod?

  30. fivekatz permalink
    December 1, 2007 1:51 pm

    Dear yanksrdaclassofbball,

    STOP SHOUTING. It will all be OK dude. A-Rod will some day get a clutch post season hit. In the next 100 years some other team might blow a 3-0 lead in a championship series.

    Jason Varitek will never be a HOFer, you are right. But he has two WS rings and the unconditional respect of his teammates, two things that to this point have alluded the very talented but myopic pin-stripped 3B.

    Varitek has WS rings for 2004 and 2007 and A-Rod has MVP trophies in those years and that probably says it all.

    Some RS fans do go over the top about Varitek relative to his talents as measured by HOF qualifications. But you might remember back when the NYY used to actual win championships rather than collect stat guys that NY fans used to gush like that over guys that will never get into the HOF like O’Neill and Tino. Or the productive post season 3B, Brosius.

    It is all good though, peace be with you.

  31. redsoxfanuk permalink
    December 1, 2007 2:35 pm

    im from England and am a massive red sox fan!! went to 3 games this season and plan to come back for more next year!! you pitched the 2nd game i saw! a win against the Angels! keep up the good work on and off the field buddy! take care.

  32. December 1, 2007 2:35 pm

    Curt, it’s cool reading about your technical interests and your 38 Studios venture. As a technical consultant, good luck in whatever you do, because it isn’t easy and it’s hard work.

    Just a question: I know you completed your deal with the Red Sox, but what do you think of money being given out in free agency these days and the issue of small markets (i.e., Kansas City) vs. a large one (the New York teams, Boston, etc.)

    Do you think difference in revenue and what they could realistically do with their rosters is fair, thus would you ever be for parity, granted you’re an current athlete in the sport; or do you believe in a open market for athletes without a cap?

    Be well,

  33. masteroftheuniverse permalink
    December 1, 2007 3:25 pm


    Just had to say Hi. I’ve always been a huge fan of yours.


  34. December 1, 2007 3:41 pm

    I’m tired just listening to your running around – and I always thought I was the orginal Energizer Bunny. You’ve got me beat – which is no easy task. 😉

    Lucasarts must have been AMAZING. Would love to hear/read you talking a bit about what their offices are like, etc..

  35. yanksrdaclassofbball permalink
    December 1, 2007 4:01 pm

    Hey Fivekatz,

    I cant even completely disagree with you about O’Niell and Martinez, they were simply clutch performers. Additionally, theres nothing wrong with having a guy that your fans can look up to as a leader. However, nobody even touched the points that I brought up about the crap Varitek pulled with Arod that caused that fight. True, Arod was hoppin mad that Arroyo drilled him, and was running his mouth. But he was running his mouth while going to first, not towards the mound. Varitek went way beyond the whole (protecting his pitcher) thing. What is ironic is, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Varitek made captain over this incident, because it was popular with the fans and put a face on the “strong, gritty leader of the team’. at the same time, it is a black eye for him, because anyone with a neutral view will tell you it was a very cheap move on his part by inciting that fight. Honestly, Varitek is no more than a decent big league catcher. He may be a figurehead so to speak, but in comparing him to Tino and O’Neill, I think you’re off the mark in terms of clutch perfomance, and certainly class. and to Mattsingsalot: slapping the ball out of the man’s hands? thats the best retort you have? It wasn’t his best move, but it doesn’t even compare to that fight, so get real, come at me when you have something substantial to offer. Anyway, Fivekatz, I respect your views and agree with you… Arod would surely trade those MVP’s for Tek’s WS rings. But he needn’t worry… eventually he will have his WS rings and keep his MVP trophys (past and future) to boot. Take it easy

  36. suesunswim permalink
    December 1, 2007 4:53 pm

    TO: yanksrdaclassofbball

    I think YOU are the jealous one. Because the Yankees SUCK, and the Red Sox don’t. Just a little balance of power shift.


  37. markhj permalink
    December 1, 2007 6:03 pm



    I enjoy reading your blog and reading about some of the great things that you and your wife are supporting. I am posting for the first and probably only time as i saw something truely amazing on TV that i had to share…As i am watching one of the most amazing human feets ever, Hawaii Ironman, i watched a heart warming story of a young man whom has sinced passes away from his battle with ALS. I am not sure if you know this man, but i thought just in case i would post it online for you to take a look….truely amazing and motivating to the rest of us that are really blessed to be in good health. I feel that many of us, including myself, sometimes take what we have for granted (speaking of good health) on a daily basis and it is always great to give back, as you do, to those that have been dealt a different hand in life. His name was John Blaze, i google searched him and found this article. Link below.


  38. frodo1962 permalink
    December 1, 2007 8:21 pm

    On a funny note, I heard a reporter being interviewed on WEEI the other day about the Santana trade rumors. The reporter (can’t remember his name) was explaining that it would be great for the team, but the Red Sox really don’t need Santana, but the Yankees do … wording sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it?

  39. December 1, 2007 9:07 pm

    Curt glad to hear the company is doing well. I wish your company would pay more attention to the local sf fans and time to attend the local science fiction conventions. There is one next month, you should send someone to talk about your the company.

    Best of luck on game development. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  40. davagogo permalink
    December 1, 2007 10:58 pm

    Dear Curt,

    I’ve been reading these posts since last year &I finally have the time to write something myself. As a big RedSox fan I can’t remember another November when I wanted the season to start now. Last & only other time I felt this way was 03 after we acquired you. I wish to thank you for the charity work for the als association that you engage. My wife’s battle for life ended Nov.3 when she took her last breath @ home like she wanted. She had been diagnosed two years ago Christmas. I always knew als was a horrible disease, but now that I’m finally able to catch my breath and look back on howthings played out, I realize how courageous my best friend truly was. She had an impact on the hospice caregivers cause of her possitive attitude, sense of humor,and concern about how the disease was affecting me. I was so torn watching the world series, happy for my favorite sports team, knowing that in the other room my 22 year old relationship was about to be cut short. Julie was 45 years old a big RedSox fan. When you wrote about how busy you are it made me think of how I need to keep myself busy the emotions are out of control. Thanks for giving me this place to vent. David Riendeau Pawtucket

  41. skinnyman2007 permalink
    December 2, 2007 12:47 am

    Hi Curt On Friday Night November30TH the High School football team in Beaufort South Carolina played in the State Title Game in Columbia South Carolina and they lost 23 to 14. Do you have any encourageing words you can say to them? The last time the Beaufort Eagles went to the State Title game was 1945. They had a parade for them today and I went to show my support. I am glad you take time during the off season to post blogs Curt. Did you have a good trip to SF? Have a safe and Happy Holiday season to you and your family Curt.

    From, Jeff

  42. mannyramirez1 permalink
    December 2, 2007 8:52 am

    Hey Curt,
    You are a busy guy! For some reason I expected that you and your lovely wife would be vacationing somewhere warm and tropical.

  43. luvmysox permalink
    December 2, 2007 11:57 am

    Hey Curt…..just ignore jerkman2—-I think he’s a yankee fan and just jealous…..rightly so 🙂 hehehehe
    Personally speaking….I’m happy happy happy you are back with us.
    It would be nice to have Santana, but not give up Jacoby or Bucholtz….we don’t need him that bad. This is my first post on your site and I DO so much want to say that I truly admire you & Shonda for all your charitable work. THANK YOU

  44. 26goinon27 permalink
    December 2, 2007 12:16 pm

    Interesting perspectives on A-Rod….I think now that you Sox fans have seen 2 WS wins, you should put the whole “A-Rod slap” incident behind you. From a Yankee fan perspective, your reaction to that whole thing and the aftermath made you look like a bunch of bitter fans w/o a WS win in 86 years. Now that you aren’t, I think its time that you change your desktop images from that to any of the “wicked sweet” images from October ’04 or ’07.

    Schill, classy move coming back to your squad for less money/years and not dragging anything out.

  45. kingy2 permalink
    December 2, 2007 12:42 pm

    Just glad to be able to check the whole thing out,
    Thanks from a newbie.
    Some pretty severe stuff posted…kinda mean…
    Regards to all,

  46. kals38 permalink
    December 2, 2007 3:15 pm

    Dear Mr. Schilling,

    My name is Blake Yagman, I am 15 years of age and I have seen done research about the lurid effects of ALS. The work that you have done is absolutely inspiring and I have a picture of the bloody sock with with K ALS cleat on my wall for motivation. I am a pitcher, who has modeled their game exclusively like you, and hopefully I can one day reach your stellar status. I would like to help you raise money for ALS in the future, but the primary conern of why I am writing is for the welfare of the team.
    According to a report that I had read, the Red Sox are attempting to deal Jacoby Ellsbury or Jon Lester for Johan Santana. You must try to prevent this from happening, Lester is an inspirational story that is bound to become the story of a superstar. Jacoby has freakish talent comparable to Joe DiMaggio and will help lead this team in years to come. Curt, you are the most vocal leader of this team and you must speak out on what would be indoubtedly an atrocity.
    I have a bracelet with the number 38 on it, in your honor; and, when I am approached with the stresses of baseball or life, I think back to the hope you gave me during the 2004 Playoffs for the fire to drive on. Curt, you have been an inspiration to me, and I felt I had to tell you myself. Please contact me via email or on your blog to inform me how I can help out your organization in anyway.

    Blake Yagman- North Miami Beach, Fl.

  47. redsoxnorth permalink
    December 2, 2007 4:35 pm

    Mr Riendeau – your post touched me more than any other comment or blog posting ever has. Your story makes all the petty “your team sucks”, no “your team sucks more” comments seem so senseless and small. Thank-you for sharing; you have opened my eyes and my heart.

    Mr.Schilling – the amount that Red Sox players have contributed to the community makes me proud to be a Red Sox fan. Winning the world series is a great feat, and was very thrilling. No less thrilling are the good works that our heroes perform every day. Thank-you for all that you and the rest of the team do.

  48. redsoxfan2772 permalink
    December 2, 2007 4:51 pm

    Curt if you have any say in anything dealing w/ Johan please don’t let ellisbury leave. Johan has had his great years with maybe some left. Ellisbury has many to come.

  49. fenwayfaithful98 permalink
    December 2, 2007 6:06 pm

    I just heard a horrible rumor that the sox may be willing to include Jacoby in a package for Santana!! Please, for the love of God, tell me that’s not true!!!

  50. papuz permalink
    December 2, 2007 6:58 pm

    Ellsbury to be included in the trade for Santana?? Whoa!

    What’s your take on this one, Curt?

  51. lughlamfhada permalink
    December 2, 2007 7:02 pm


    Just saw a story on stating that the Sox have added Jacoby Ellsbury to the deal for Johan Santana.

    This is, to use the vernacular, a huge, hot, steaming pile of bulls*it. If we have learned ANYTHING from the Yankees in the past ten years, it’s that you don’t trade away your star prospects for soon-to-be free agent pitchers. The Sox have Beckett, Dice-K, Lester, and Bucholz for young arms, with more waiting in the wings. Why must they potentially mortgage the future in order to land Santana?

    Why can’t the Sox just grow their own superstars? Why not go after Dan Haren, who probably won’t cost you as much in terms of prospects and is still a damned good pitcher?

    The Sox now have the perennial contender moniker that the Yankees have always had, they have the same bloated payroll, let’s just hope now they don’t trade away all of their prospects for big-name players. We all know how that turned out for the Yankees.


  52. bing0011 permalink
    December 2, 2007 7:10 pm


    Could you please tell Sox management that us fans want to see Ellsbury again?! He’s got SUCH a great future in a Red Sox uniform, and it would be heartbreaking to watch him go elsewhere.

    As someone with equal passion about this game, and this team, I hope you are willing to relay our message.

    Thank you, and keep up the great work! It’s wonderful to have you back!

  53. emmmer permalink
    December 2, 2007 8:16 pm


    What’s all this about trading Ellsbury? As Bing0011 (and I’m sure others) asked could you please relay our hopes that Jacoby can remain with us (well, with the Sox)? I hope that this isn’t an attempt to just keep someone from going to the dreaded Evil Empire. If I could figure out how, I’d email Theo directly and plead my case.

    But no Mirabelli? Clement? Kielty? I can see Gagne not being offered to stay but who’s going to catch Wake? Didn’t they already figure out once before that they need someone with unique talents to catch that bouncing ball? Maybe I’m just preaching to the choir.

    On the lighter side, I am so happy that you and Mike got to sign papers to stay, too. I’m kind of sentimental and like to stay with the guys that brought us so much happiness.

    I’m looking forward to watching you again next spring. Here’s wishing you the very best.

  54. loveyanks permalink
    December 2, 2007 8:17 pm

    as a yankee fan, if you get santana, its turn out the lights for the yanks for many years to come:(


  55. conncase permalink
    December 2, 2007 8:55 pm

    Theo and the crew have forgotten more about baseball in the last 30 seconds than I’ll every know, that said, we just built a team that won the World Series and will only get better next year by keeping the same personnel.
    Papi will be healthy
    Dustin will have another year under his belt
    Lester will be stronger after being that much further removed from his treatment
    DiceK should feel more comfortable in town
    Schill is locked and loaded and is the biggest big game pitcher of all time especially when challenged. And what greater challenge than to challenge oneself with a “weight clause” in your own contract?
    Jacoby is something special that only comes around once in a great, great while. His baseball sense is uncanny. Nomar had that too… and we loved Nomar for years around here.

    Listen, Johan is spectacular. I’ve seen clips of batters walking away after getting struck out and they mouth the word “wow” after one of those freakish changeups he has. He’s great, no but’s or if’s etc. We shouldn’t forget that Lester won his first 6 or 7 games and who knows how far along his illness was at the time. The sky is the limit for him too. Bucholz looks like he can be a major contributor too. Lastly, Jacoby adds something intangible to the Sox lineup that no one else can. He can score from 2nd on a pass ball for crying out loud. I compared him to Nomar above, a gentleman I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times in the past, however, even Nomar falls a little short to Jacoby.

    Bottom line, we have our entire core back and we have some VERY promising kids coming up that I would not move for Johan. I’ll take the team we have now and go with the “us against the world mantra”.

    Thanks for the opportunity to post Curt. You’re a class act and a true role model for all ages.

  56. December 2, 2007 9:04 pm

    Just… ugh.

    I hope the brass understands what a PR disaster this is going to be. And if Santana’s elbow gives out, I mean… seriously.

    Nightmare inc.

    We saved Mike Lowell, now we have to SAVE JACOBY ELLSBURY!



  57. rick777 permalink
    December 2, 2007 9:37 pm

    Hi Curt,

    Congrats on your new contract!

    Wouldn’t you love to pitch for another 3-4 years with the same velocity you had in your prime? Years ago I saw an interview with Nolan Ryan, part of which was conducted in his weight room talking about strength training. He covered a couple of exercises that left an impression on me because they were two of the three I’ve been doing off and on for the last 35 years. I don’t think Ryan’s weightlifting habits were any secret, and his advise to his friend Roger Clemens, I’m sure, has been a huge factor in Roger’s longevity.

    In my case, I workout for a period of 3-4 month every 4-5 years and have been doing so since my college days. I can attest, at age 55, I was recently able to achieve my original strength in bench press, from 35 years earlier; however, not without a good bout of tendonitis.

    I strongly recommend you get in touch with the two aforementioned and see what you can glean. It would be great to see you be a significant part of a couple more World Series victories. Good luck in the upcoming season!

  58. steeda432 permalink
    December 2, 2007 10:19 pm

    A little bit off topic here, and obviously you have no control over this but I am very unhappy with what I am hearing on that Jacoby Ellsbury is now being offered to the Twins in the proposed Santana deal. Santana is a great talent, no one with half a brain could argue otherwise, but I think the price is getting a little steep. I am familiar with the other players the Sox were offering(according to the media reports anyway) and I was fine with that, but, after the yankees decided to throw in Phil Hughes(who doesn’t impress me much anyway with all his hype his 4.46 ERA last year wasn’t anything to write home about) the Sox said they would be willing to throw Ellsbury in the trade. I just don’t think Santana is worth it with Ellsbury involved. If you gave them the deal the media was reporting with Crisp going then I think the deal is great, seems pretty obvious Jacoby will be starting in center next year, as he definetly should. However, if you throw Jacoby in there I think it’s giving too much. We already have an incredible rotation. Obviously Santana would make it considerably better, but I think the price is just getting too high. I am aware this isn’t your department but I just hope Theo doesn’t give up Jacoby, that kid was meant to play in Boston.

    Had to vent,

  59. iluvny permalink
    December 2, 2007 10:28 pm

    hey, great city of baaston, i see that the bc eagles haven`t won a con. championship since the begining of time.hmmm, i wonder what other team did that for 89 yrs.hows it feel to be living in a city full of losiers?

  60. texredsoxfan permalink
    December 2, 2007 11:05 pm

    Yes! I agree with bing!! please let them know that ellsbury is amazing and we love him and he can’t leave! what they need to do is power-up the line up and get bats that can beat santana because we’ve already got tons of great pitching prospects and i think the only reason the red sox keep uping their offer is because they’re doing the same stupid thing they did in talking to dice-k in competing with the yankees!
    Thank you so much for being an awesome person and having this blog!
    So glad that you’re back!

  61. December 2, 2007 11:15 pm

    Hi Curt,

    So were you speaking at the seminar or were you looking for another round of financing for 38 Studios? Just curious…

    Hope you’re well,

  62. markiemark22079 permalink
    December 2, 2007 11:25 pm

    Hey JMAN,

    You must be some kind of A–Hole to have the nerve to come to this website and add a comment like that. We can tell you are not a real Red Sox Fan, if you even are a Red Sox fan at all. You must have not watched any of the last season or the postseason. You must have forgotten the Great game that Schill tossed only to have his no-hitter bid broken up by Tori Hunter ( i think thats who it was) not 100 % though. Also Schill may not be that over powering pitcher he was in the passed, but he has most definately has reestablished himself as one of the greatest control pitchers of all time,spotting his pitches almost perfect everytime. He is also one of the main reasons that the Soxs were able to win there second World Series Championship in the past 4 years. So do us all a favor JMAN and dont come here and trash one of the greatest Pitchers to ever pitch in MLB.. So go to maybe the Yankees website you TRADER and say that stuff over there. And to say that it was a waste of 8 million dollars you are crazy that was a steal to keep Schill here in a Soxs uniform for that price.He must suck right that why other teams were offering 14-18 million for a single year and some other teams offering a two year deal. So JMAN do us all a favor dont come back here unless you come back to give Schill an apologe…Remeber this JMAN we know you will be back here next year after the Soxs win again and will be praising Schill for helping us win another title..Make my words and remember that im predicting this right now….Take care Schill and do me a favor and prove this jerk wrong with your most dominating year ever… GOOD LUCK BRO and have an awesome year…And do us all a favor and GET SOME REST you seem like you get less rest now than you do during the season….HAHAHAHAHA…. I bet it is true if you really think about it… IS it true Schill are you more busy now than during the season ????? It would be nice to hear back from you…..Take Care of your self and get some serious rest……..

    Thank you for reading this letter Schill

    Mark Lester Maslauskas

  63. sox46 permalink
    December 2, 2007 11:36 pm

    Can’t believe brass is even considering giving up Ellsbury! If I read correctly, Ellsbury, without Lester; if Lester goes, they want Coco . . . do we really need another pitcher??

    The picthing crew is strong; this past season was amazing – everyone was in their niche and pitchers were relaxed. Santana is a good pitcher, but Ellsbury is young, energetic, and fun to watch. Heck, he may have even inspired Manny to put a little pep in his step – lol. Was it just me, or did Manny look like he was doing a bit of hustling after he came back into play following his oblique strain and Ellsbury subbing??

    Gotta keep Ellsbury!

  64. colecovision permalink
    December 3, 2007 12:35 am


    I applaud you for allowing your fans to read your personal blog. It is also interesting to see you as an entrepreneur and philanthroper as well as a pitcher. I would love to hear more about the insights you may have in launching an early stage company and the lessons that you could provide other entrepreneurs.

    As far as the latest news on adding Ellsbury to the mix for Santana, I would support such a move for such a proven pitching talent. I think Ellsbury will turn out to be a good/great ML player, but I think it is more important for the sox to keep Lester and Buchholtz in the long run. I appreciate Coco and his contribution to the 2007 Sox. He is a great defensive CF with good/great speed and boasts a career .280 average.

    They are would be giving up real talent in Ellsbury, Lowrie, and Masterson or Bowden but we would be adding one of the best pitchers in baseball.


  65. December 3, 2007 6:04 am

    Yes, give us more info about the MMO title you are developing. I really like the fact that Salvatore is working on it too but Todd McFarlane designes where never anything that I liked.

    Regarding Ellsbury for Santana: PLEASE NO. Yes, Santana isn’t that old and a Class A pitcher and it’s much easier to find good Outfielders then good pitchers but Ellsbury was SO good this year that is would be a shame if he didn’t played for the Red Sox in 2008.

  66. jfprotem permalink
    December 3, 2007 8:20 am

    OK – so Red Sox Nation is totally stressed out. Why? need you ask…Ellsbury+ for Santana. Yes, he is a great rookie and yes he is the fastest thing we have ever seen here. And yes, many of us believe he is the core for the next decade of Red Sox baseball…BUT there is more. He brings an energy to the team that makes all the players better and it is that last part that is somewhat irreplaceable.

    I know and generally believe the old adage that baseball is all about the pitching, but I also know that the intangibles that lead to sustainable momentum are just as important. I am hoping that management is using Ellsbury as a chip to water down the Yankees and that this is not a real offer. It would be a clear mistake. There are other probably less costly deal to be made–Harden with his 2.46 ERA would be a great addition to the staff in league with Santana’s 3.33 ERA and would probably cost us less in personnel.

    So after that long-winded soliloquy, Curt help us lobby here! And PS thanks for your dedication to the team and New England. Hope the kids get lots of snow days this year.

  67. December 3, 2007 9:13 am

    Curt, I am waiting with baited breath . . . can you imagine:

    Dice K


  68. gshelley permalink
    December 3, 2007 10:33 am

    Hey Curt,
    A little off topic here, but I was reading about Marvin Miller’s chances of finally getting into the HOF when I was surprised to see that he had taken what I thought was a shot at you. I’m parafrazing here but he was talking about guys (he only mentioned you by name) not knowing where things like your pension rights and where your union came from. Is there some sort of history there that I am missing? Because all I have ever gotton from you is a guy who in my opion knows more about the history of the game than anyone I have ever met. How do you feel about how veterans of the game are selected? Also do you feel there is any hope for Sudden Sam McDowell getting in the hall some day, for a 6-7 year period his numbers were Kofax like but from what I understand he wasn’t the easiest guy in the world to get along with because of some addiction problems. i would love to see you analize the numbers and give us yiour assesment.


  69. December 3, 2007 12:09 pm

    Curt, you are a man of many colors. Someway, Somehow you are able to juggle family, baseball charity AND blogging. I’m not sure if you remember me but I used to live at the Webster House, they same time that you and your family came and blessed us with food, family and fun. Not to mention the surprise gifts that you brought, which by the way I still have and will cherish forever.

    For all of you that are out bashing Curt Schilling, grow up. You all don’t understand how much this man and his family helps out in his community. And you never will. Stop bashing his page, and stop wasting your time, he isn’t going to stop blogging because you leave nasty comments on his page.

    Curt, you and your family are truly a blessing. And I hope to see more of you.

    Annie Gomez

  70. bigpapi1824 permalink
    December 3, 2007 12:10 pm

    Hey Schill,

    I would love to hear more detail about your business. I’ve read a lot about your company, however; I was looking at the MMO Market and it looks pretty crowded with other developers. Of course, some are probably not making much noise in the market. But, I was interested in seeing your thoughts on the Market and your thoughts on how to establish yourself like WOW has…

    God Bless

  71. December 3, 2007 1:10 pm


    It’s quite possible that Buchholz may be the best pitcher in that group next season, after Beckett. Why toss Wakefield and his 4.75 ERA out there when Buchholz is a budding ace according to virtually every scout of note in or out of the game?

    I don’t think Santana’s increased ERA and gaudy home run total (30) were an accident. My gut still screams that this will end up being a bad deal.

    Remember, Yankees fans were similarly ebullient about Jason Giambi once upon a time. Then A-Rod. Then, Randy Johnson was going to come in and save the day (snicker). Do we want to sell off all the kids to chase superstars? Mortgage the future for the present, like the Yanks did? Where did it get them?

  72. austinjjg permalink
    December 4, 2007 4:34 pm

    Would like to contact you about gaming PC’s – I work for a major PC maker located in Texas and we know that you are a huge gamer and want to talk with you – email me

  73. tjg05 permalink
    December 5, 2007 9:18 pm

    Curt we met tonight at Jon McClains town meeting. My name is Tom Gibson and my son was killed in Iraq 1-26-05. My wife, my other son who served two tours in Iraq and I would like to help with your dinner on 12-22 and 12-23. We would like to offer assistance in any way we can serving dinner etc. You also asked for my phone number. I would rather not put this on the blog. How can I get you my phone number?

  74. dwelsh517 permalink
    December 11, 2007 4:43 pm

    Curt, I don’t want to be accused of sucking up to you, here on your blog, and then asking something. I have tried before and would like to try again. I am sure that there is a right way and a wrong way. I am sure there is a right way and a wrong way to make thisrequest, but I do not know where to begin. I would be very interested in seeing if you wouold be able to come and share your story and especially your faith, with the men of the Diocese of Providence. I would love to ge tin touch with the right people to see if we can make that happen. I would love to leave my email address here, but I want to avoid gettng tons of emails from others who read your blog. I am hoping that you could get my email from the people at My guess is that they would be able to provide that to you.

    Hope to see you the first day of work outs, in Spring Training!

    God Bless You!

  75. thebeanman permalink
    December 22, 2007 12:16 pm

    Unrelated story you might find humerous.
    In 2003 I lead a field trip to New England. The party included two Yankee fans, myself (a fool for so long Red Sox fan), and a Curt Schilling figurine in a Phillies uniform. I brought the action figure to tease one of my Yankee fan friends. I kept telling him that Curt was going to sign with Boston. June 18th, a Thursday, the three of us were in box seats watching the Sox play Toronto. We played golf and hung out in Newport on Friday, and Saturday we watched the Yankees play Cleveland in Yankee Stadium. It was old timers day. My skin STILL crawls at the thought of being in that place without a gun to my head!
    Every time we were in the rental vehicle, I would point to the action figure perched on the rear view mirror and say, “Curt’s coming to Boston”. My Yankee friend was less than impressed. He wanted to throw Curt out of the car in New York with the thought that he would join Randy Johnson there. Blame it on his being a Yankee fan born in Mississippi, and living in Tennessee! When we turned the vehicle in, I forgot the figurine on the mirror, and that Yankee fan decided NOT to remind me that I had left it there, so after Curt signed I said thanks to my Yankee friend for leaving Curt in Boston. He will never get over it, especially the way the 2004 post season went. To this day he takes full responsibility for Curt signing. Oh! The joy of a Yankee fan’s pain.

  76. yankee0313 permalink
    December 23, 2007 7:56 am

    Mr. Schilling

    You are a complete moron
    Your comments and opinions should never be published ANYWHERE

    The smartest thing that you could do for baseball, is to retire immediately and keep your Big Mouth SHUT………

  77. daegu07 permalink
    January 6, 2008 5:31 am

    Hello Mr. Schilling,
    Greetings from South Korea (via Indiana & Boston) ! I have a few comments and some questions,
    1) I hope the Sox don’t go after Santana. Yeah, if the entire goal of the organization is to be competive for the next 2 seasons, fine, but I think with the team we have we can compete with the Yankees as is. Keep both young pitchers and definitely keep Ellsbury!

    2) Schiiling is not a moron– hey Yankee fans, do A-Rod, Jeter, and Clemens have blogs that you can know their indepth thoughts and point of views? (Probably not !). So, why are you always badmouthing him, jealous?

    3) Red Sox fans, come on. The Yankees don’t suck, they are up there every year and to beat them is quite an accomplishment. You can hate their guts (like I do), but come on, they don’t suck.

    4) What I would like to know is– what does a major league pitcher do in the off-season? Do they hang around the house with the wife and kids? Do they travel and go to exotic places around the country or overseas? What does a pitcher do in the off-season, do they have a gym and work out daily or do they take it easy and wait for Spring training to start. Lastly, do Sox players keep in touch with each other during the offseason?

    If you happen to see this comment and respond, thanks in advance, and good luck to you and the Sox in’08.

    Tony Adams

  78. curtfan permalink
    January 30, 2008 9:48 pm

    Curt I am interested in knowing if you received a poem I faxed to get to you before you won the world series. The red sock game;) If you didnt I would like to know how I can get it to you. It is strictly a baseball poem so dont be nervous;) I have nothing but respect for you. I have been told by all who have read it that it is a really good poem. I like it if I do say so myself. You were always my favorite when you were with the D-Backs.

  79. December 5, 2008 4:39 pm


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