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Mike’s back, Ocab to the other Sox, McCain and Nile Rodgers.

November 20, 2007

The first snow is hitting the ground as I type this from my office in Maynard. Mike Lowell is in fact back, which is fantastic news.

Huge trade last night between the Sox (the white ones) and the Angels. I am and always have been a HUGE Orlando Cabrera fan. I became an even bigger fan when he became a teammate. This guy is different. A total team player with a unique skillset. Until I watched Alex Gonzalez play here last year OCab was the best SS I’d ever played with. Alex had what I thought was the most dominating defensive season I’d ever witnessed last year (much the same as I felt Coco did in CF this year).

That trade was a throwback, a top of the rotation guy for a front line Gold Glove SS that can hit. I don’t think either side will complain. Surprised me because I thought Uribe was inked to be their SS next year.

Seems like the Sox (the red ones) are about set for ’08. I am hopeful Doug gets brought back into the fold and Mike T finds a way to get back here as well. Very rarely have I been on a team that won it all and had the chemistry and talent to stay together and repeat, but this mix of guys I felt that way about. The maturity level of the team as a whole lends itself to zero letup next year, and I think we recognize that we’ve gotten to a place that will have teams gunning for us even more than they were before.

Unfortunately the Yanks didn’t get worse. Signing Alex and Mo back means they’ll be very good to great again next year. Obviously they have rotation questions to answer and I would bet that if there is a Santana sweepstakes they’ll be at the front of the line. Cash has been able to stockpile some incredible young talent and I would guess much like Theo would be extremely reluctant to part with major pieces of it to get Santana, but if you were ever going to ‘go for it’ from a trade standpoint Johan is about the only type of person/player  you do it for.

One of the most unheralded and underrated stats from 07? The fact that a team in the AL East led the AL in ERA. Look at where the offenses in this division rank in baseball, then factor in the ballpark. Our staff, with me dragging it down! Still managed to lead the AL in ERA. I would like to know when the last time a team in a division as offensive oriented as this one did that, someone out there knows!

Yes I am supporting Senator McCain. Please don’t come here and scream about past comments or mistakes as if you’re revealing never before seen or heard information. There is not a candidate alive, today, or in the past, that hasn’t made mistakes or misspoken. It happens, it will continue to happen. I recognize that and am more than ok with it. Yes I have bias in that I know him, but I also know some of the other candidates as well.

I will tell you one thing. The Senator is the first politician who I’ve ever agreed to endorse and potentially campaign with that has NOT asked me to speak from something canned or created by his staff. While that might be a mistake on their part, it speaks to him as a person. He’s real, he’s human. He’s made mistakes and as I stated before I don’t agree with everything he says or does. I would argue that you’d be lying if you said you were in 100% agreement with any candidate in that sense.

I’m not left wing or right wing or center, hell I don’t know what those things really mean! I know what I believe. I know what my stance is. I am Pro-life, but I also think that decision is WAY beyond any one person to control or decide on. I am for the right to bear arms, but haven’t we as a nation made it clear we have not, and cannot police ourselves? How is it that 13 year old children can bring guns into OUR schools? How does that happen? Who the hell needs to OWN an automatic weapon? Seriously? Who? For what? I don’t hunt, but a bunch of my teammates do, and I get that, but I have yet to see an animal that can only be brought down by a weapon that shoots 1100 rounds a minute… We need much stricter laws when it comes to who can and cannot purchase a fire arm. Why is an extended waiting period and legitimate background check such an issue? I don’t think that would solve our problems when it comes to crimes involving firearms but it sure as hell couldn’t hurt could it? Taxes? Honestly I could care less. I would prefer to pay less in taxes, wouldn’t anyone? But I’ll pay what the government says I have to pay to live here. Less is better but in the end it is what it is. I am all for increased spending for salaries of teachers, police and fireman, I am all for increased salaries of public servants. I am 100% against the bureaucracy and political agendas being at the forefront of how our politicians do their jobs.

I want someone in office that WILL look out for America first. Whether you agree with me or not isn’t relevant, it’s my belief that the time is now to elect a man/woman into the office of President that is, and has been, a true American from day one. Someone with values and beliefs that won’t stray from those to make the ‘right’ or ‘popular’ decision. I guess I am looking for someone that I trust, someone with the integrity and honesty I would want to protect my family were I not here. That person, in this next election, is John McCain to me.

38 Studios continues to plod along. Our engineers are doing what will be our final evaluation at an off site location, and at that point I would expect to re-engage the team in discussions and finally have our decision on what engine, or engines, will drive our first MMO product.

FWIW anyone out there know Nile Rogers? I am going to be meeting him in the coming weeks as we talk about a partnership going forward. This guy is truly a rock star of significant proportions. I’ve been able to do some reasearch and his resume and accomplishments are off the charts. He’s done some fantastic work in and out of the industry and the thought that he’ll help drive the audio portion of this IP is pretty exciting!

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  1. poltroop permalink
    November 20, 2007 9:24 pm

    Mr. Schilling,

    Do the Red Sox have any plans to display the Commissioners trophy at Gillette statium this year?

  2. 67diehard permalink
    November 20, 2007 9:25 pm

    Peace and Holiday Blessings to you and yours, Mr. S

    Thank you, sir for sticking with the blog all year, loved the Inside Baseball stuff, that’s the strongest content still.

    I enjoyed your notes on OCab. Long story short, my wife and I used to enjoy National League baseball in Montreal from time to time, especially from seats we could never dream of paying for at Fenway. We really got to enjoy watching OCab and Jose Vidro come up under Mr. Frank Robinson, and we knew it would be alright back in 2004. We even once saw RJ (15Ks) and Yourself pitch back to back evenings up there, eh?

    Thanks for a great tenure here in Boston, you’ve done wicked good and this should be a nice segue year from playing to the many things you’ve not even thought of yet. Hope you get some great curtain calls around the league(s) in ’08

    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. fivekatz permalink
    November 20, 2007 11:01 pm

    I assume that since politics are the subject of your posts to your blog, that discussion and response to those posts is welcome and that your pre-empetitive comments about not bringing up any of Senator’s contradictions in his public career were in part metaphorical and in part a desire to stop nit picking.

    First let me say that I applaud every citizen who is active in our country’s political life. It is quite silly that those with celebrity have been demonized and whilst it has more often been done to candidates who have sat on the opposite side of the aisle from those you have publicly supported in recent years, the idea that those with celebrity should not actively state their passion for the future of our country is absurd.

    As for the Senator, while I had found some of his views in conflict with my own, for the longest time I shared your view in regards to his integrity. I considered him to be a viable candidate in 2000. In fact I found the tactics that Carl Rove and Neo-Cons engaged in during the 2000 primaries abhorrent.

    But when the Senator voted for terrorism in the days before the Neo-Cons lost their majority in Congress I no longer could think of this man as principled. He had so brilliantly articulated how the US could not pick and choose when it felt it was advantageous to recognize the Geneva Convention without putting our armed forces at great risk in the future. After all, if we as the “leaders of the free world” do not recognize the Geneva Convention, how can we possibly expect others to grant us those same protections?

    He was articulate. He was right. But he was just another politician and he sold out believing he would gain favor with Neo-cons and sadly they never will favor him. That sell out, from being a POW and a victim of torture to me is so twisted, so unforgivable that it eclipses the every day mistakes that we all make. John McCain sold his soul for the Republican nomination that day and worse yet was he so naive that he did not understand that the “oil and money crowd” were never going to give him their “love”. If a POW for the Vietnam War will vote for torture, what is his moral compass, what is non-negotiable?

    As far as military experience creating wise leadership, history shows that this is no measure, pro OR con.

    In 1962 accomplished military leaders like Maxwell Taylor and Curtis LeMay urged a young President who had only served as a junior commissioned officer for three years to attack Cuba. History shows if he had that we probably would not be sharing our views on your blog tonight.

    On the flip side if Bush and Cheney (both avoided service) had listened to retired General Colin Powell tonight over 3,000 US citizens and over 125,000 Iraqi citizens would still be alive and the US would not be on its way to having spent 1.75 TRILLION dollars in an assault on a sovereign state that had no role in 9-11, no weapons of mass destruction and instantly became a cesspool of sectarian violence,

    While I am sure my opinions will not sway yours, I must state once again that your advocacy is more important than any agreement with you views. Your commitment to our country is as obvious as your commitment to your philanthropic causes. In a word, whether you are right or wrong you are a mench.

    I share your views on those in the some of the greatest public services, teaching our children, protecting our citizens within our municipalities and those who fight the terror of fire. And we agree on the observations you made about guns in our society and the rights to privacy.

    So keep on keeping on and as long as you will welcome it, as long as this blog is a place where politics are a topic, I will state views pro and counter to yours because whilst some have tried to parlay the tragedy that was 9-11 into an assault on our constitution, the document is still intact and makes this country a great place to live and disagree without being disagreeable.

    Best wishes and God bless to your and your family this Thanksgiving.

  4. suesunswim permalink
    November 20, 2007 11:25 pm

    Hi Curt,

    I was wondering if there was a venue where the fans could thank Mike Lowell for staying here against a much larger offer. (Aside from the fact that he is still making millions.) He doesn’t have a blog like you, but I think that there are a lot of people that would like to commend him for doing what made him HAPPY as opposed to doing what would line his pocket.

    Anyway, it would be great if us fans could communicate that to him.



  5. priscillapitman08 permalink
    November 20, 2007 11:31 pm


    When you walked off the field that last time, my mother had tears in her eyes. So happy you are staying for another year. However, it will still be hard again next year. I love the blog. It is so nice of you to share this with your fans. You are definitely one of the best pitchers the Red Sox have ever had. I have been a Sox fan since I was born. My father was a sports reporter with the T&G, so I grew up around sports.

    Thank You

    Happy Thanksgiving

  6. gameboylosangeles permalink
    November 21, 2007 12:20 am

    Hey Curt,

    Thanks for taking the time to enter such an honest posting. Very few public figures will shoot straight when it comes to their political views; your take is quite refreshing.

    As for Nile Rogers: His career in popular music is documented all over the web. His interest in video games is far less publicized, but has been around for a while. He came to visit a video game start-up I was part of back in 2000, so I know he’s taken an interest in the medium at least since then.

    I wasn’t in management at the time, so I can’t speak as to the specifics of the meeting. We were developing a first-party application for Microsoft which was under consideration as a title to be heavily promoted alongside the console hardware. I believe Mr. Rogers was interested in investing in the start-up as much as providing music work for the property.

    Everything about 38 Studios sounds exciting! McFarlane, Salvatore and Brett Close is quite a team. Will you be at GDC this year, or does it cross over with the start of pitchers and catchers reporting to Florida?

  7. surfdogg permalink
    November 21, 2007 12:21 am

    Same person that needs a car that can go faster then 65MPH or a Bowie Knife with a 8″ balde or TV larger then 27″….

    At what point and who decides? Gun laws do more to create criminals then they do preventing them….We have plenty of laws, let’s enforce those.

    There are biggers issues….teachers pay, stem cell research, the US dependance on oil, immigration, a solid back-up to Tek, how do we beat the Yankees to Santana…..

    Thanks and here is to you hitting all your incentives!!!

  8. pariste74656 permalink
    November 21, 2007 12:27 am

    Hello to Mr. Schilling:

    You’re right, whether anyone agrees with you or not, your beliefs are sound to you, and that’s what counts most. Kudos to you for that. There’s FAR too much politics in the world these days, even in the office or factory.

    I would try to retain Mr. Rogers if possible. He is a wonderful sound producer, as anyone who has ever heard Chic during the 1970s and 1980s will attest. Positive, uplifting sounds never go out of style, no matter what era we’re talking about.

    I’m Glad that Mr. Lowell has CHOSEN to return to Boston for a few more seasons. You’re right, Curt, he has earned that right. It wasn’t that long ago that a ballplayer had to play where he was told to play, and I never agreed with that. The Late Curt Flood should be in the Hall of Fame for his contribution to baseball. I know he broadened MY horizons in terms of race relations when I was still very young. Anyone who would like to know more about how the industry of baseball operated as recently as the early 1970s would do well to read Mr. Flood’s book, The Way It Is. It’s easier to find than you think.

    Keep up the very good blog you have here, Curt. I check in most every day and you have reeducated me on the baseball industry. Thank you.

  9. yanksrdaclassofbball permalink
    November 21, 2007 2:03 am


    There is a way to begin cracking down on illegal possession and use of automatic weapons: CREATE BETTER LEGISLATION AND GIVE MORE AUTHORITY TO THE POLICE!! I grew up in New York for most of my life and can say this: when I moved away in 1987 the murder rate was through the roof. Did you know that in 1990 there were over 220 murders in New York City alone? Then Guiliani got elected and gave his police force the backing they needed to enforce the law. In several years time the murder rate went down to about 600, which is miniscule in a city of 15 million or whatever the population is. This isn’t a presidential pitch for Giuliani, but it is true; in 6 years or so, he turned around a city that was getting to be a shooting gallery. So it can be done, but it takes a commitment from the politicians in power to authorize those that enforce the law to properly enforce it. Next is the criminal justice system that has to hold it’s end of the bargain up by putting these criminals away. The solution is there, it’s just a question of who has the stones to stand up and take charge of it. I know Rudy does…….

  10. yanksrdaclassofbball permalink
    November 21, 2007 2:04 am

    Correction to above: in 1990 there were over 2200 murders in New York , not 220….sorry

  11. rayfer permalink
    November 21, 2007 2:40 am


    I agree with you about just about everything on your latest blog…except for Mccain…….even as a liberal….i admired him for his service to the country,,,,but when he embraced bush after the dirty tactics he pulled on him in south carolina that year…….i couldnt forge forward with him….i guess im not as forgiving a person……..again great news for the sox……..with mike lowell and yourself back….what would you think of kerry wood joining up…if hes healthy i think he would be a nice addition……great holidays to you and your family from upstate new york………

  12. iclickmedia permalink
    November 21, 2007 3:01 am

    Thank you Curt for all of your insightful information on your blog site!!! Nile Rogers, I believe is one of the most talented producers, musicians, and writers (especially contributing his talents to the gaming industry) – after all he did help produce the music score for the top selling XBOX game Halo.

    On that note, I wish you good luck and look forward to reading more of your upcoming blog notes.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks and Best. D.

    PS. Did you receive my email that I sent to you 2-3 weeks ago at 38 Studios?

  13. pennantfever permalink
    November 21, 2007 4:35 am

    Hi Curt,

    I’m a longtime Red Sox fan and a first time poster here. I’m on break from school at Tufts University in Medford, so in my bit of free time I did a quick check-up on past ERA leaders in offensively charged divisions. What I found in a quick search and some number crunching was that the teams that lead the league in ERA 1) generally have great success and 2) are often in pretty potentent offensive divisions.

    Last year (2007) the Sox led the league with a 3.87 ERA. The rest of the AL East scored a combined 3158 runs to average at 789.5 runs per team. Pretty amazing that the Sox were able to keep such a powerful offensive division down.

    But, surprisingly, two years ago (2006) the Tigers accomplished a very similar feat. Their league-leading ERA is just slightly better than this year’s Sox at 3.85 ERA. Regardless, the rest of the teams in the AL Central scored a combined 3296 runs to average at a whopping 824 runs per team. To put that in perspective, only the Sox, Tigers, and Yankees scored more than 824 runs in the entire AL this year.

    So…to answer your question, I’d say the 2006 Tigers have a pretty good case. However, my sabermetrics class taught me that ERA isn’t the best stat to use for performance evaluation anyway, so I think we might have to do some further research. ;)

    Thanks for a great season and another ring. Glad to see you back with the Sox for another year!

  14. ybryner permalink
    November 21, 2007 7:48 am

    Morning Curt: This comes from a Very senior citizen who journeys by your driveway maybe 2 or 3 times a week and can’t wait to check out the latest sign.
    I know that it is a tad premature but am wondering as to your political aspirations. Given your prior affiliation with the Phillies I know that you are well aware of that great pitcher they acquired from the American League back in the 60’s; Jim Bunning

    Just maybe you might consider following in his footsteps in becoming a U.S Senator from Ma. in a few years. (Of course to do so you really have to get that no-hitter to match Bunning although my recollection is that he had 2; one in each league

    Thanks. While it is something that has crossed my mind since it was first brought up to me a few years ago, I don’t think it can or will happen. I don’t think I have the restraint to be a politician. When I watch the debates I often see myself leaving my podium to walk across the stage and potentially choke someone out for blatantly lying or questioning my character or integrity. I’ve said so much stuff in my life that would be perfect fodder for an opponents PR machine during a potential run. The problem with that is even when you admit, hey I screwed up, I shouldn’t have said it, or, I was totally wrong, it never goes away. Once a candidate finds an error it never goes away, even if it DID go away. Getting elected has become a process in which to do it, you have to out spend and out smear the other person. I’ll be the first person in the world to tell anyone here that prior to this past couple of years I voted very, um, not sure the word. Let’s just say I was ok with seeing someoenes platform in the paper, and if I liked it I backed the person. That’s an error of epic proportions. I think it’s ABSOLUTELY imperative that you get into the issues. Take a much deeper dive into someones stance beyond hearing what it is and assuming what it means. I will add that for me, there is another enormously important component to this. Before I say it though I will tell you WHY I voted for President Bush in the last election. First off of the 2 candidates out there I felt that he was head and shoulders above Senator Kerry for a long list of personal reasons. But starting about 10 or so years ago when I started to vaguely understand politics, it became crystal clear to me that the office of the President is so far beyond a one person job it’s laughable. It was then that I started to realize I needed, or wanted to, vote as much for the ‘team’ as I did for the person. In the last election my vote was as much for Colin Powell and Mrs. Rice as it was for President Bush. I believed that regardless of his potential shortcomings and pitfalls, those two, along with others, would lead this nation in a great and glorious manner. If you want to bash go for it, but what I find humorous is peoples ability to cite flip flops on a candidates part, quotes from years past, bad votes, bad choices, as if their person, their candidate was perfectly scot free and totally immune to error or mistake. To say something to the effect that “John McCain voted to support terrorism” is as stupid and ludicrous as saying I am svelte and quick afoot. Do people honestly think any person running for this or any other significant public office makes these choices and decisions in a vaccum? I agree that at the end of the day the President is 100% responsible for the actions of this country. But there are things that I just can’t fathom people believing, that they do. Is President Bush responsible for the torture of prisoners at GITMO? Yes, absolutely. Did he actually give orders to torture these people? I absolutely don’t believe he did. The President, IN MY OPINION, takes responsibility for the people he chooses to help lead this nations decisions. If you look at it in that light then I think it lends even more weight to electing someone of impeccable integrity, honesty, loyalty and passion to this country. That’s John McCain to me. I am not for a second saying you should vote for him because he’s a war hero, there are millions of war heroes in this country. In fact I am not telling you to vote for anyone. I am telling you on my blog to critically assess the character, integrity, and other core human traits and values of the person or persons you are considering voting for. Beyond all that, and ABOVE all that, I am asking that you VOTE. You HAVE to vote. This country CANNOT afford to go another 4 years continuing down the slippery slope we find ourselves on. As to what I am looking for and voting for. I am very much interested in someone being in the White House that will remove our men and women from the Middle East at the very first opportunity to do so, without having that literally blow up on us again. I believe, and again this is biased since I have gotten to know the man, the John McCain will do everything in his power to remove our soldiers from harms way the very FIRST SECOND he can. I know that is not tomorrow, or next week, but I know or believe he’ll do whatever he can do fast track the war to a place that has the Iraqi citizens not having to fear for their lives under a Tyranistic leader. As a man thats seen the horrors of war most of us can’t fathom, I know how much he despises it. I know how badly he wants us out. I also know he has the foresight to make sure we don’t relive 9/11 because we left too early, or we didn’t finish the job. I guess what I am saying, and have continued to say, is that no candidate has an unblemished track record, none. As long as the blemishs aren’t crimes, or racial, or sexual, or any other thing that negates someones character enough to make me think they can’t lead, I am ok with that. I am more interested in this persons ability to recover, and do the right thing. I am more interested in having a person, a team, that understands the American people and what we wan to have happen to our country over the next four years.

  15. nhlou permalink
    November 21, 2007 9:33 am

    Hey Curt. Really cool post! It was great to read where you stand on issues that are important to us. As usual, you put it out there and I applaud you for it. Like yourself, I used to consider my self “independent” when it came to voting and said I would vote for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation. These past seven years have changed my thinking permanently. Last night, for instance, I paid $3.29 to fill-up in Waltham. Interesting how high prices are as we approach the busiest travel day of the year, eh? Big oil helped put GW in office and they expect their due. But I digress…Anyway, I bring this to your attention as your positions seem more democrat than republican. While I’ve always been impressed Senator McCain, I always remember the advice my uncle, a Lt. Col. in the US Marines and a STAUNCH conservative (which i am not) gave me about candidates. Don’t listen so much to what they say. LOOK at WHO is behind them and who supports them.

  16. ybryner permalink
    November 21, 2007 10:20 am

    ” As long as the blemishs aren’t crimes, or racial, or sexual, or any other thing that negates someones character enough to make me think they can’t lead, I am ok with that.’

    First off, to the subject. The above quote comes very much to your conclusion. If you have learned anything from these series of debates, and I know you have it is to own up to any and all problem areas right at the beginning. With that out of the way “early” you can concentrate on the issues

    You are a very bright “young man” (did you learn this from Tito) don’t let this opportunity get away from you’

    Warmest regards

  17. soxaz0406 permalink
    November 21, 2007 10:46 am

    Curt – just wanted you to clarify stated:

    ‘also know he has the foresight to make sure we don’t relive 9/11 because we left too early, or we didn’t finish the job.”

    Because waaaay too many American STILL think that Iraq had a part in the 9/11 attacks. i think that sentence would confuse a lot of people…since not one of the hijackers or people involved were from Iraq. And that is one of the things that angers me most….not enough attention was put on Osama, Afghanistan and the ones directly involved.

  18. cmyers37 permalink
    November 21, 2007 11:29 am

    I disagree with the statement that Garland is a top of the line starter. Yes he’s 28 years old and has nearly 100 wins, but he has never had a year where he really dominated. He was very good in 2005, with 3.50 ERA, but he had slowed down dramatically in the second half. He is entering his prime and he is moving to a division with a lot less offense, but he has to with Lackey, Escobar, Weaver, Ervin Santana, and potentially Colon, he may end up being their #4 starter. He will continue to rack up the wins if he is the #4 because he is far better than any other #4 in the league. This also makes Ervin Santana more expendable in a trade for Miguel Cabrera. On the other hand, the White Sox picked up one of the best SS in the game. He adds a spark to them both defensively and offensively. However, it appears that the White Sox are lookin short term(by re signing Dye and Buehrle) but how are they going to be very competititive, especially in the Central, if they lost one of their important pitchers. They may now have to rely on the unreliable Jose Contreras. I believe that this may have hurt both teams considering the depth they had had at the positions. The White Sox now have a weak rotation and filled a hole that they are had(Juan Uribe) and the Angels adding a solid pitcher to a rotation with potentially 4 aces(Lackey, Escobar, Weaver, and Colon.)
    Curt Myers
    PS Mitt Romney ’08

  19. letsplay2 permalink
    November 21, 2007 11:45 am


    First time poster here. It is very interesting to read your views.

    I think you are right to not want to run for public office. The fact that you don’t fall exactly one of two clearly-marked lines would keep your tenure short. I believe that most people’s views are like your’s. But for some reason when they become a politician, that changes. In my opinion, the only way to get our country back on track, is to drive the lobbyists and special interests out of DC…. they are not intended to be the fourth wing of our gov’t.

    Have you seen the documentary “Why We Fight”? It’s seems like it’d be one you would like.

    Best wishes,

  20. jpmusselboro permalink
    November 21, 2007 12:11 pm


    You are the best, and I enjoy this blog immensely. I especially admire your humility, and your willingness to give credit to other ballplayers’ accomplishments, and speak self-deprecatingly about your own. I don’t agree with your choice of political candidate, but I like how reasonable and non-partisan your opinions seem to be. That said, I did find this comment puzzling:

    I am Pro-life, but I also think that decision is WAY beyond any one person to control or decide on.

    I’m not sure what this means. If you are saying that you yourself are pro-life, but don’t think that your own beliefs about this topic should be imposed upon other people, then you are in fact pro-choice. You can be utterly opposed to abortion, you can think it vile, heinous, immoral, etc., but the moment you say you are not willing to make your belief the basis for government regulation and criminalization, you are taking a pro-choice position.

    This may seem to be merely a question of semantics, but these labels do indeed matter.

    Best wishes,

    JP Musselboro

  21. oldskool138 permalink
    November 21, 2007 12:53 pm


    I figured you for a Ron Paul guy but McCain’s not bad. The deal-breaker for me is his illegal immigration policy.

    Gun control laws only take guns out of the hands of responsible, law-abiding people. The “bad guys” are going to get guns illegally.

    I’m not an NRA guy and I don’t own a gun since MA gun laws are too much of a hassle. I agree that no one outside of the military should own a fully automatic rifle.

    Plus, there’s that whole Second Amendment thing. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The fact that gun laws exist violates this principal on which this country was founded. (Thank you Rhode Island). I don’t know how to stop gun crimes in this country but I do know that taking guns out of the hands of responsible adults does more harm than good.

    I’d like to see an “America First” president elected. That’s why I have to put my support (such as it is) behind Ron Paul. I want a man who knows and will follow the Constitution and the advise of our founding fathers (i.e.- no entangling alliances, do not go abroad looking for monsters to destroy).

    Good luck with the 38Studios!

  22. vietnam68 permalink
    November 21, 2007 1:24 pm

    Excellent discussion.

    I’m in NH and have had many a chance to meet and discuss the world with all of the candidates. Senator McCain and I have chatted a few times about sports, particularly boxing. He has advocated on many occasions cleaning up the sport but has been met with fierce resistence by various gaming interests.

    One thing that I know hurts Senator McCain is his close ties to President Bush. I was a little disappointed the Senator succumbed to the pressure of the Karl Rove political machine and gave up his “maverick” title to be more of a lackey.

    I’m curious how you feel about Ron Paul.

  23. jeffpic4 permalink
    November 21, 2007 2:25 pm


    I love the fact that you are so open about your opinions. It’s very rare for anyone of your caliber to be so honest and forth coming. I’m very proud to have such a veteran like yourself apart of our team and community. Of course you know, and I know that you’ll get burnt sometimes here and there for your opinions but please don’t ever let up. It’s great to have a head strong character such as yourself around. It’s really refreshing to get an honest opinion from a guy like you. I really hope you stick around with the New England community for a very long time (and one more year really helps!).

    – Jeff, Portland

  24. zgavin permalink
    November 21, 2007 5:06 pm

    What would a twenty something programmer and aspiring game developer have to do to get a job at 38 studios? I’ve spent my entire adult life working for various websites. While i enjoy the work and love programming, it’s not what i want to be doing. I would very much like to get into the game industry and I would very much like to work for 38 studios. In fact I can’t think of any place I’d rather work than 38 studios.

    Zach in DC

  25. November 21, 2007 7:55 pm

    K Curt I have a question that isn’t about baseball (I know shocking isn’t it?), its about your game studio.

    As a guy who has been dealing in pretty regularly with people in the videogame industry for years and years, I thought it was fascinating when your announced Green Monster games (38 Studios now, I know) ambition to be a company that focuses on MMORPG’s. Hell, I remember reading the interview with you about Everquest, and was happy to find out you saw the light with WoW, so much so that I’m even willing to forgive you for rolling an Orc Hunter.

    So, please don’t see this as a question of your abilities over there, I know you hired some pretty damn talented people, and probably have the contacts you need to get more. I’m sure as well you have gone over this with people much more adept at business than me. Its also pretty amazing that your sticking to your original ambition with all this as well. That being said though, a failure could really, really, hurt. And MMORPG’s aren’t exactly a booming game type outside of the big players.

    Any way the point of my rambling is to ask…

    do you think its wise to not have, other ideas and franchises to try out, get the programmers feet wet, and establish a system (kind of like Valve does with their small means big philosophy, which I mention since they are the only company that comes to mind when I think of a company that was extremely successful living off of, and only off of one franchise for years and years) that you know will work for you before you undertake a project that will require probably 100% of your resources over a number of years, and may sink you if the quality and word of mouth don’t come together perfectly?

    Have you floated the idea of establishing a few easier to make game types and franchises before you dive head on into the MMORPG world?

    Just curious I guess as to exactly what the plan is. I’ll understand if you don’t want to answer of course but I had to take the opportunity to ask.

    Good luck either way Curt. I promise I’ll at least try the one month free trial.

    Also, Alliance forever. Horde never.



  26. dillidale5 permalink
    November 21, 2007 8:43 pm

    I am happy that you decided to stay in the Boston area because we
    truly need people like you made me for one very happy. Thaqk you for being a great guy,

  27. cleversea permalink
    November 22, 2007 6:04 am

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kurt. I agree… I’d like to see Mirabelli back along with my personal favorite… Timlin.
    I’m so happy that Lowell and you are back! I can’t wait til spring.

  28. lovethesocks permalink
    November 23, 2007 9:17 am

    give me OC anyday of the week. What a great ballplayer. Just hope Lugo can bust out and fill the void.

  29. dcorny permalink
    November 23, 2007 3:58 pm

    Mr . Shilling, I guess i’m just another Mike Lowell Fan., so glad that he is staying around. I just pray that Theo doesn’t pull another Bronson Arryo deal after getting him to sign for short money. A-Rod should take some lessons in class from Mike. Boston doesn’t need a player with an attitude like A-Rod’s,no matter how good a player he is. .

    I too, am a supporter of Senetor McCain. I read his book a few years ago and have been a fan of him since. Durring the Vietnam War his father was an admiral in charge of the whole Pacific Fleet. It would have been easy for him to have taken the cowards way out of pow camp. Just shows what kind of a person he is.

    Thanks for sharing some of your beliefs . I guess a lot of your fans fit the same mold . It shows me that what people see in you is that besides being a great ball player and athlete; deep aown inside you are just a good person , and it shows beyond the ballfeild.

  30. olyjack permalink
    November 23, 2007 10:02 pm

    Mr. Schilling:

    I’m late to the party, but I want to say how happy I am that you’ll be back with the Red Sox next year. You’re a great pitcher, great competitor, and, from all I’ve discerned, a good guy. (Regardless of what Dan Shaughnessy thinks.) You’re also, if I may say, quite a good writer. Your post on the near no-hitter was a terrific piece of writing. Cleaned up just a little bit, it belongs in somebody’s compilation of the best baseball writing of 2007.

    On the political stuff, I’m supporting Gov. Romney, but there is much to admire about Sen. McCain, and I certainly respect your choice there.

    Thank you for what you’ve done for our men and women in the armed services, with Barry Zito’s group and through your individual efforts.

  31. campomj25 permalink
    November 24, 2007 2:40 pm

    To be honest I have never given McCain much consideration simply based on the fact he has been a canidate for years now but never really made a serious threat at becoming the leader of the United States of America. After reading your posting, I will certainly look into John McCain’s campaign and where he stands on issues. My biggest concern in this upcoming election is that someone like Hillary Clinton could get the democratic ticket, unlike yourself I am a right wing, which surprises many people especially since I am only 27 years old. The degree of my right wing status is “FAR RIGHT”, I believe that the government is too involved in the typically American’s day to day life and yet the criminals and cheaters in the country hold far greater rights than that of those of us who pay our taxes, obey the law and contribute to society as a whole. I feel that an individual like Hillary Clinton would further the divide and reduce the rights of decent Americans further. She honestly scares me, and what this country could become with her making the large decisions.

    On another note I run a nonprofit youth baseball league in New Hampshire for 13 to 15 year olds in the summer and for Middle School to High School Senior aged players in the falls. Both leagues are all wood bat leagues. I would love the opportunity to discussion some ideas you might have concerning improvement of the quality of baseball in New England and more specifically in New Hampshire. The purpose of this league was to make an effort to improve the quality of baseball played in the Granite State through providing players the opportunity to play. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  32. wdmyhre permalink
    November 24, 2007 4:05 pm

    Curt: Thanks to you and the team, great year!! Happy to see you back next year.
    Personally, I took my 10 year old son to this first game at Fenway this year, sat in the bleachers, stayed at the Holiday Inn, we had a blast. Have been a Sox fan since sixth grade, 1966.
    The ownership of the Sox is first class, the park, is very fan friendly. I also took in the park in Philly to see you guys play exhibition and saw you guys play against Baltimore in their park, and while each one is nice, (except parking in Baltimore), Fenway is the top of the line.
    I am sitting in my computer room, complete with Green Monster painted on one wall, life sized cut out of Schill, many autographed Sox pix, pennants, bats, McFarlanes, signed baseballs, etc.. comfort away from Fenway.
    Look forward to next year.
    Bill in New York

  33. elc24 permalink
    November 24, 2007 5:19 pm


    Just wanted to say thanks to you too! I am sure Mike Lowell appreciates your “Thank Mike” campaign, and I did leave him a thank you there but I wanted to say a thanks to you as well. Thanks for 2004 and the bloody sock, thanks for your big hearted generosity, thanks for being outspoken and opinionated (unlike some these are traits I love in a person.) Thanks for every once in a while saying something that gets that Boston press all riled up! Manny probably thanks you for that as well because on those days they give him a rest!

    Just thanks for being you!

    Happy Holidays and will see you in March!

    Eva Chatfield
    Ormond Beach, Florida

  34. mjccormier permalink
    November 24, 2007 11:23 pm

    Curt- As a Redsox fan in NJ (sometimes its like living in a small island being Redsox fan in Yankee and Mets territory), I appreciated your efforts this year in assisting the Redsox win 2nd World Series in 4 years. My family and I are from CT and our very proad of being Redsox fans even though regularly I receive yankee fans ill wishes. My Dad is 75 years old (Thought he never see Redsox win World Series and now be able to enjoy watching two in four years!)and we talk 2 days a week specifiacally during baseball season reviewing redsox games. Thanks to you and your teammates for providing the best 4 years.

  35. js29 permalink
    November 26, 2007 3:07 pm

    Mr. Schilling,

    I’ve been a longtime reader of your blog, but I have never had the opportunity to comment until today. I normally read your blog to find out about the Red Sox. Today though, I find myself comment on politics. I was born and raised in Massachusetts, there are two indelible passions that the state has left me with. They are an undying love for the Red Sox and a deep interest in politics. While my fandom in regards to the Red Sox has remain true. My politics, bear no resemblance to those of my Bay State peers. For I am, an unabashed conservative, common sense, Republican. After reading your endorsement of Sen. McCain and your musings about running for office I felt the need to comment.

    I believe character is a very important when evaluating a political candidate. It is important, in my opinion, that the commander and chief be an honest individual. I firmly believe that Sen. McCain is an honest individual. Unfortunately, though he has taken some rather unredeemable political positions. Namely the campaign finance bill and his recent immigration bill efforts. Prior to using his power to limit free speech and attempt to grant amnesty to people that have entered this country illegally, I was a firm supporter of Sen. McCain. I believe though that the Senator has taken politically expedient stances that show a clear chink in his conservative/Reagan Republican /constitutional constructionist armor.

    I believe you would make an excellent candidate for office. For exactly the same reasons I respect and have previously supported Sen. McCain, HONESTY. You claim that you don’t have the “restraint” to run for office. I argue that your lack of “restraint” is exactly what is needed from a politician, unabashed honesty! I’ve both listened and read many a sports columnist claim you have a big mouth and are opinionated. I have never seen it that way, when you speak your mind it belies an honesty which is uncommon from a person in your lexicon. To this day, I remember watching the morning news the day after the Sox won the series in 04 when you proclaimed, “And make sure you tell everybody to vote, and vote Bush next week”. Curt, you have been given a great gift, your skill on the baseball diamond commands the attention of millions. Don’t be ashamed or reluctant to run for office because you feel you’ll be unable to restrain yourself. The Country needs people that speak their mind and are passionate about their beliefs. While I wouldn’t want you to walk across a debate stage and strange someone, that passion is exactly what this country needs. The passion you speak of is exactly what makes a good leader. This country was founded upon vigorous debate, from the Federalist papers to the Hamilton/Burr duel. This country needs leaders who will not back down from a challenge and take principled honest debate to the people. I’ve worked on Capitol Hill and am currently in law school, I have been surrounded by people that do what they are told or think is politically correct. You my friend, if you will permit the indulgence, appear to be much like William F. Buckley, willing to stand up and scream STOP. Your courage and passion are exactly what this country needs.

    After spending all that time praising you, I do need to take issue with your position on gun control. I believe the right to keep and bear arms is 100% constitutionally assure. I point to the recent overturn of the Washington D.C. gun ban. I recently heard on the radio that the Mayor of the District, thinks the ban should be upheld because the majority of murders in the District were shooting related. Handgun ownership in the District is illegal, yet for some reason there are more shooting related incidents in D.C. now than there were prior to the creation of the law. Yet, here is the Mayor of the District, citing the shooting incidents in the District, as the reason the ban should be upheld. How is that for logic? The Mayor himself, points to the reasons why the ban should be lifted! It doesn’t work, the numbers bear this out. “Guns were used in 63 percent of the city’s 188 slayings in 1976. Last year, out of 169 homicides, 81 percent were shootings”, Washington Post 11/18/07. Advocates of the ban claim that it has prevented an incalculable amount of weapons from entering the District. Yet the advocates of the ban give no heed to the fact that when citizens own handguns legally it reduces crime. According to the District’s attorney, “It’s a pretty common-sense idea that the more guns there are around, the more gun violence you’ll have”. I argue, that it is common-sense that criminals use guns for criminal purposes, law abiding citizens should not have their rights infringed based on what criminals do. There is very little room to waiver on the issue of gun control, you either believe that it is a constitutionally protected right or you believe that the Second Amendment applies only to the national guard, the so-called “militia”. Why someone wants to own an assault rifle is irrelevant. Rights in this country are meant to directly protect the minorities. If a citizen, wants an AK-47 and they are of sound mind and not a felon, than their rights are clear. Now that the Supreme Court is willing to hear the appeal in the D.C. handgun ban case, we will finally have a definite answer. This issue comes down to reading the constitution as originally intended. Gun control as public policy is nice and all, but it completely ignores the strictures of a common law system. There is undeniably a law concerning gun ownership which trumps all. If gun control advocates want to change the law, than the Amendment procedure is clear. As a disclaimer, like you I do not hunt or own an assault rifle, yet I respect the rights of those that do.

    I apologize for the length of this comment.

  36. November 27, 2007 3:59 pm


    I can understand why you support McCain. He’s a true American hero and I’ve admired him for a long time. He’s not my guy this time around, but I respect that he’s yours.

    Now…what do we have to do to get you to run against Ted Kennedy and send him into retirement?? ;)


  37. countrygirl1962 permalink
    November 30, 2007 6:30 am

    Hi Curt,
    You are a very remarkable man, not only in your baseball pitching, but more importantly your so darn honest.
    I am also for McCain and believe that the Senator is the one and only man who can get our Country back on track of things. Senator McCain is very knowledgeable, and more important honest as hell. Maybe his fault at times when running in this election, but not as far as I’m concerned he is not. Senator McCain is without a doubt a true and real gentleman.
    Senator McCain in 2008.
    Looking forward to seeing you here in New Hampshire next week with the Senator.
    I love your site, along with your honest down to earth answer’s, along with not being afraid to speak your own mind.
    Keep up the great job

  38. soxfaninsyr permalink
    December 2, 2007 8:04 am


    Awesome news in Mike Lowell coming back to the Sox. Looks like you guys are pretty well stacked for ’08. I’m not sure how I feel about any potential Santana deal, but let’s just hope the “Evil Empire” doesn’t land him.

    I have one big issue with Senator McCain that would prevent him from receiving my vote, and that is the fact he basically agrees with everything that has been done regarding Iraq. He seems too much like the current administration, unwilling to admit mistakes or listen to anyone else. I could be dead wrong, but that is the impression I have based on a few interviews.

    Thanks for another great year and WS Championship! Hope you have a healthy and great ’08! Cool to have you back for another season!

    I would strongly disagree that Senator McCain ‘agrees’ with everything that’s been done overseas. I would argue that while he supports the conflict coming to a resolution that sees us NOT having to be over there in force again in the near future he also understands that anyone saying “I will pull the troops out as soon as I am elected” is working from a horribly unrealistic and potentially catastrophic platform. I know he feels very strongly that things could and should have been done different, but imo we’ve done what we’ve done, and there is no clear cut way to just ‘get it over with’. We need to see it through to completion and I believe he has as much insight into what that will and should mean as ANYONE running for the office.

  39. stoddartsville permalink
    December 5, 2007 5:48 pm

    I know Nile Rodgers really well; in fact he called me from his car on the way up to visit you from Westport CT and emailed me again on the way home. Apparently your visit was a success. He really liked you and your family and had a wonderful time. When I first met Nile he was 24 and I was working at his record company Atlantic Records. So I’ve known him over 30 years! I was his product manager. I now live in W. Hollywood, still love music, and have added many other interests to my roster. Unfortunately, none of these include professional sports, so you are the very first sports legend I’ve ever communicated with. Like you. Nile’s a hard worker and he’s always got at least one new project if not more. He’s a real survivor and of course, though maybe you haven’t seen it yet, he can still really play! With all the changes in the music business, he’s turned to gaming and does sound tracks for games like Halo. I looked you up in Wikipedia and that led me to your blog. I don’t know how this works but do you answer specific questions? I’d love to hear about your new games and your possible collaboration with Nile. As for politics, I like what you have to say though John McCain might not necessarily be my choice. Like Nile tells me he is, I’m an independent. Neither the republicans nor the democrats do it for me; the far right and far left have way too much influence in their respective parties. Living in the state of California, I am very concerned about immigration issues and can see with my own eyes the effects of floods of illegal aliens coming over our borders. I also employ some who came in the legal way and it took them years. Sadly, I meet
    many young people who don’t even bother to vote because they feel alienated from both the right and the left and their respective agendas. I don’t know if you address individual comments to your blog but I’ll check back.

  40. December 21, 2007 9:19 am

    Good luck with the Nile Rodgers deal. That guy is a music industry giant and downright uber talent. Music is my world. I live and breathe the stuff. I have always love the rhythm of baseball. Yes, there is a rhythm, albeit a slow groove. Hope it all works out for you.

    Wayne Fritz
    DeFoe Drums
    Nottingham, MD

  41. rico145 permalink
    January 13, 2008 12:16 pm

    hey is this really schilling talking if it is then ummm… i was at 07 game when you guys lost the game to calarado and becket lost his game :-( oh well… any way, you and dice-k. are my favriouts i like his gyroball. have you heard of rico petrisele or however you spell it. i pitch 98 mph but then i break my arm.

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