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Outpitched, but some great news anyway.

September 11, 2007

Not much to elaborate on last nights game, other than Scott pitched as good a game as I have ever seen him throw. While there are a few different reasons I have stopped breaking down the games at bat by at bat, I am working on trying to do something post game that’s still somewhat informative where I can.

Looking for Wake to right the ship tonight and I am expecting he’ll do so. Aside from the game of baseball, below is an email I received a few days ago from Peter Despains dad Kevin, and given the interest level here and the amount of traffic you have generated on his site I thought it would be nice to let everyone in on how he’s doing.

Oh and one last thing, those calling me to the carpet for the ‘she’ reference last week were pretty spot on, so we’ll end it there and let the sleeping dog lie. Way too much going on in life and the world to spend time being concerned with it and wasting my time, and anyone else’s, by responding tit for tat in this forum. 

Hey Curt,

Just thought I would pass along the great news we received from the biopsy on the 9.5cm section of Pete’s humerus that was removed  during surgery…100% tumor necrosis.  Petey is cancer free! 

We take him to Houston each Monday for the next 52 weeks for an experimental drug to help combat the recurrence of his cancer.  We went into this with them telling us the recurrence was around 40% in Ewing’s Sarcoma patients…now they are telling us it will be more like 5%.   It’s great news. 


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  1. September 11, 2007 6:30 am

    Not to give you and excuse, but you were sans Manny and Ortiz in the lineup . . . good news on Pete.

    I know your a Steelers fans but you had to be inpressed with the Brady to Moss show, no?

  2. September 11, 2007 7:49 am

    Tough loss last night Curt but you look like your zeroed in now. And that’s great news about Pete. I hope the drug helps him to keep moving forward in his life.

  3. September 11, 2007 8:01 am

    Awesome news! Congratulations.

    That kind of news is something I think we’d all gladly trade a win for.

  4. lughlamfhada permalink
    September 11, 2007 10:29 am


    That was a great game to watch, I just wish we were on the other side of it! As I was watching the game, my father and I were chatting about your performances as of late. It seems the fastball tops out at around 88/89, and around 91 when you need to dial it up a bit. Regardless of the fastball speed, it seems that you are making a pretty good transition from a pure power pitcher to a smoke and mirrors kind of guy who relies on varying his pitches and location.

    How do you feel about your new way of pitching? It may not be your typical 94-96mph stuff, but it’s been effective, and you have talked since the beginning of the season of pitching more to contact.

    Anyway, I was impressed by your outing, and your constant drive to compete. I sincerely hope we see you in a Sox uniform next year!

    Now go get those Yankees!!!!


  5. September 11, 2007 2:01 pm

    Hopefully that shows you I don’t need no stinkin’ mentoring next season.

    Scott Kazmir

  6. jefftapper permalink
    September 11, 2007 2:09 pm

    Mr. Schilling –

    Congrats on a great pitched game, even if the results weren’t what you wanted.

  7. soxfanatic2538 permalink
    September 11, 2007 2:25 pm

    Hey Curt!

    I’m so happy that Pete’s finally cancer free! I think you did pretty good last night, we just weren’t getting any hits off of Kazmir. You win some, you lose some. I’m pretty confident that Wake will pitch a fantastic game tonight. We’re getting closer to the post-season, so we need to keep up the good work! Best wishes to you and your family! Go sox!


  8. 2ndgensoxfan permalink
    September 11, 2007 4:20 pm

    Long time Sox fan (hell, I was born in ’67), first time post-er. I knew you were hurt after that Atlanta game. You seem to be feeling better but I still get that uneasy feeling when you take the mound. It’s not like it was: “Oh, Schill’s pitching? That’s a done deal.”. That’s how I am with Beckett now.

    But it seems you’re entering new territory (Maddux-ville if you will) and you’re taking on the challenge. I’m a competitive person as well and it’s tough when you want to reach back and either (in my case) run the extra 5 miles when you’re rehabbing an injury or (in your case) want to throw a 90-mph-plus heater when it ain’t there.

    Good luck. ANd Thanks for ’04. Will never forget it.

  9. huskersoxfan permalink
    September 11, 2007 5:11 pm

    thanks for the update Curt, great job last night. Hope you are right about TW tonight – just as important though, hopefully the offense and the weather will be good as well! Also glad to see you take the high road about “her”…well done.

  10. allthatguff permalink
    September 11, 2007 5:39 pm

    Hey Curt.

    Was at the game last night and happened to be watching the ‘pens through binoculars in the middle innings (looked like they were making water-bottle music again). The requisite beachballs were bouncing around the bleachers, and I looked just in time to see someone in the D-rays’ bullpen pick one up, rip it in half, and throw it back at the kids who accidentally bounced it down there.

    So if you end up in Tampa next year, you might not help them win any games. But maybe you’ll at least be able to bring a little bit of class to the club.

    Actually, based on what I saw, a guy like Daniel Cabrera could probably manage that.

  11. b4andbeyond permalink
    September 11, 2007 5:40 pm

    You pitched a great game. It is very difficult, one might say impossible, to win a game with no runs. It is significant that you get stronger each game in adapting to the way you pitch now. Patience! Commitment! Amazing gifts!

  12. ryssee permalink
    September 11, 2007 5:54 pm

    Oh wow, that is fantastic news about Pete! Thanks for posting the email.

  13. redsoxfan89 permalink
    September 11, 2007 5:55 pm

    Hey Curt,

    Your last two starts have been very good, and its a shame that our bats have not been able to provide the run support. Based on what I am seeing after your return, you are right on track. Looking ahead to the playoffs I am confident that Beckett, you and Wake will be the three prominent pitchers on the staff, and will hopefully lead us to another ring.

    – Aashish

  14. September 12, 2007 5:47 am

    There aren’t any dome teams going to the AL playoffs, fyi.


    Tim Wakefield’s ERA

  15. blackmage8472 permalink
    September 12, 2007 9:34 am

    Hey Curt,

    I was at Monday’s game, thought you pitched pretty good. It was the second time I got to see you pitch live so I was pretty excited.

    Anyway, I don’t normally comment, but I took my father to the game and he didn’t know about your pitch for ALS, during the pregame mention of it he got a little teary-eyed. He lost his mother (my grandmother) to ALS and his brother (my uncle) is currently in the phase where he’s about to lose the use of his legs.

    I just kinda wanted to thank you. Diseases usually need some kind of celebrity behind them before anyone pays attention.

    So thanks from me and my father!


  16. rsbatboy permalink
    September 12, 2007 12:28 pm

    Hey allthatguff,

    The Ptriots called. They need someone with binoculars for next week’s game. Said something about the guy who was doing it wasn’ going to be able to do it anymore.

    If you’re interested. They said to call “Mr. Bill”. Hell give ya the details!

  17. trashtalker508 permalink
    September 12, 2007 2:59 pm

    We all wish Pete the best.

    Hey Curt, just wondering if you had any comments on the Patriots or their cheating coach who screwed around on his wife? I mean you commented on a situation with no physical evidence, so naturally you would have an opinion about a cheating case with physical evidence. Or are you off the holier than thou kick?

  18. dylan2146 permalink
    September 12, 2007 5:38 pm

    Hey Curt, quick question for ya I was hoping I’d be able to get your opinion on. What do you think our post-season pitching rotation should be? Keep up the good pitching we’re gonna need it.


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