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Pete’s status and then some trivial stuff

August 9, 2007

First off the important stuff. Here is the latest update on Peter Despain.

 I wanted to let you know we brought Pete home last night. He was pretty much out of it until today due to the pain medication.   The good news is he’s up and gingerly walking on his leg where they took the fibula and his arm is recovering on schedule.  He doesn’t appear to have any nerve damage and the blood flow looks good.  We hope to get the biopsy results from his humorous this week.  I’ll keep you updated on the results.   Pete should be up for some email tonight, or perhaps he will try and give you a call tomorrow. He will be following your successful lead on rehabilitating his arm and leg.  Feel free to give him any advice you think would be helpful in being patient and working hard to gain strength and mobility in his limbs. “ 

That’s from Petes dad Kevin and this one is from Pete. 

Hi Mr. Schilling,Here is some mojo for tomorrows game. I hope I’ll get to see it.  You are going to do great.  It just going to be fun watching you pitch again.   My dad says the other teams are in trouble because you are going to have a strong arm. My great uncle and aunt from Illinois came to stay with my sisters when I went for my surgery.  He had to be put in the hospital her in austin and just got out.  They think he has cancer. We will know more tomorrow.  I have a checkup on tuesday to look at my stiches and to see how I am doing.  I have been feeling pretty good and not as sore.

Your friend Pete. “  So Pete is doing well but has gotten some more potentially bad news and we all send our thoughts and prayers out to Pete and the Despain family.  

6 innnings 7 hits, 2 runs, 0 walks and 5 k’s. That would have been a nice line to sit on for the 5 days in between starts.

Unfortunately we have to add 2 hits and 2 runs due to me not getting an out in the 7th and costing us the game. Coming off the rehab and answering the questions we’d answered I felt pretty confident that I could go out and not worry about ‘getting back into the groove’. The irony is that I probably threw 35 of 40 curve balls for strikes and didn’t throw one split above the knees in my 3 rehab appearances.  

Monday I threw maybe half of my curve balls for strikes and after the first inning I don’t think I threw more than 2 splits BELOW the knees. Absolutely frustrating given how things had gone. Add to that I didn’t cover first, well I did, but I stopped half way on a wrong assumption, and you end up with a losing combination. Tek and I had a very good plan going in and for the most part we executed. We threw strikes and got outs on pitches we meant to.  

I guess the most surprising part of the outing was not getting the extra velocity I expected to get from being back in an MLB stadium with a loud crowd. 

Anaheim is a very good team. Much like us they rely on pitching and an incredibly deep pen to finish games. Unlike us they play a much more National League brand of baseball which if you aren’t prepared to defend, will run you into the ground. They take every extra base you give them and some you don’t. Defensively they have the ball where it’s supposed to be every play, and their entire roster is full of players that bust their ass out of the box every single play. It’s the style I remember Mike Scioscia playing with and when you combine that style with that level of talent you win a lot of games you might not win otherwise.  

Fortunately we get on the plane tonight 6 games up. Jon struggled a bit today but the pen was once again electric and the offense answered the bell tonight. Arriving at 10am in Baltimore is a whole lot harder to swallow after a loss than it will be after this win.

The Yankees have begun playing like we knew they would, which makes how well we played and the cushion we built a nice thing to see. I expect that team, managed by that guy, to maintain that pace the rest of the year.

The bottom line is the balls in our court, we have a 6 game lead so for us to not be Division Champions will rest squarely on us. As a player I don’t think you can ask for anything more. If we win it’s our fault, and if we lose it it’s our fault as well. No relying on someone to beat someone for it to work out for us. Now we spend the off day in Baltimore and go up against a team playing very well right now. We don’t need any one thing to get where we are going, we just need to play better as a team, which we will. 

I apologize for the delay in posts but life has been busy and there is a lot going on. I promise I’ll get to more Q&A in the near future. As for 38 Studios it’s been a fantastic few weeks. The exposure we got at Comicon was pretty much unprecedented I think. We had over 25 TV and radio interviews from every corner of the industry and the meetings that took place were fruitful.

We continue to seek strategic partnerships on the gaming and funding side of the business. People being able to see and meet R.A., Todd and the leadership team at 38 studios was a good thing and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

I also learned that the mainstream media is not that much different than the sports media in some cases. We took some flak for not “Revealing” our IP or information on our IP from people that stated we ‘said we were going to” in our Comicon press release. We said nothing even remotely close to that, because we had zero intention of exposing the property now, or in the near future. The even was for us to shake hands and meet a small portion of what we hope to be part of our customer and fan base. 

We are putting plans in place to do the same in Europe and the Far East over the coming year so if by chance you are in one of those places please stay tuned to .  Also, we plan on putting up video links to all the panels 38 studios staff spoke at, at Comicon and a few other places, in the near future. I think those things are a good way to get some insight into who we are and who we will one day be.    

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  1. lughlamfhada permalink
    August 9, 2007 10:04 am

    I wouldn’t sweat that last start… there were a lot of little things that could have gone your way that didn’t. What’s more important is that you threw pretty well against a very difficult team in your first start off of the DL. Now you just build off of that and kick some tail.

    All of Red Sox nation is pulling for you Curt, you’ve been a hero for us in the past and we know you can do the same again. We also hope you stay and finish your career with us.

    Good luck and god bless!!


  2. donahuejoe permalink
    August 9, 2007 10:18 am

    Hey Curt,

    It’s great to have you back. Although, the tough play of Anaheim, last start, made for a tough return. You explained how your curve and splitter were less than effective, differing greatly from your rehab starts. Also, you commented on your velocity not being what you expected. It seems you were surprised at these results, so I can only guess you are feeling physically able and competent to throw these pitches.
    I fully expect you “to be in your groove” in the near future, but was wondering if your focus lies on each next individual start, or toward late September and the possible postseason? Will you be intent on making every start and evaluating your progress on a game by game situation, or attempt to perceive the rest of the season as a whole and determine in what manner you are able to contribute to the team over that period? Would you consider more rest if it meant more effective pitching late in the season?
    Finally, would your future next year play factor in this decision? Do you believe your present actions will directly affect your future with the team, or have your past performances already established what your future will hold? Thank you for your last post, and I hope you are able address the questions that I have presented. Go Sox!

    Joe Donahue
    Brookline, MA

  3. totallyredsox permalink
    August 9, 2007 1:15 pm

    Don’t worry about that start you are just comming back we know that you’ll spring back…Good Luck and best wishes to Pete and his family.

    Now my questions to you is why did they get rid of Gabbard ? We were at the game and watched him pitch in Detroit, he was doing well. I can think of a few other people on the team that is not pulling their share that should have been let go instead. I was wondering if there was something going on “behind the scenes” so to speak as to why they let him go instead.

    My other question is when I look at the box scores and under the pitching at the end of the game when it tells you who got the save and win and that info. What does the “H” stand for beside the pitchers name. I asked my husband but he didn’t know either.

    We are done with the west cost now and that always seems to be a struggling point for us so all I can say is……………….GO RED SOX !

    Totally Red Sox all the way.

  4. mrmako permalink
    August 9, 2007 4:22 pm


    Great to hear Pete is at home. I hope he makes it and does well. I can really relate to this, as my brother had a tumor the size of a baseball on his knee at 15 years old……Not good, and it was cancerous. But he is doing great, and has been cancer free for over 20 years. Tell Pete to hang in there, this can be won.

    I do have a question concerning pitching. I know you guys have performance clauses in your contracts, but with a bullpen that is so good, would it be a stretch to have all starters only go 6 innings? My logic being you would be better rested for the post season, and the bullpen would get consistent work. Just a thought.

    Thanks in advance for reading this and having a way for us fans to reach you.

    Vinnie in RSN Okinawa

  5. fenwaynationchief permalink
    August 9, 2007 5:51 pm

    Thank you for the update on Pete.
    I’m curious as to how you think Kason Gabbard will do as a full member of the Ranger rotation. My sense is he could really blossom–and be a rare bright light in the dark tunnel that has been Texas Starting Pitching for so many years.


  6. August 9, 2007 7:04 pm

    Some thing from an old broken down pitcher. As I lost my fast ball, I developed a nast slider and knuckle curve , try it out! We are still behind big Schill in Red Sox Nation. If I had to go to baseball war, I would want you in my corner.

  7. justyhakubi permalink
    August 9, 2007 8:03 pm

    Hi Curt,

    Your first start was a good one even if you didn’t get the win. The important thing is to have your mechanics all in line for the playoffs. As a sports fan I appreciate your candor on the morning radio show.

  8. justyhakubi permalink
    August 9, 2007 8:15 pm

    Hello again,

    My keyboard just fritzed out and submitted my post before I was ready to submit. Arg!

    Anyway concerning Lester, Honestly I think he’s being rushed a bit too much. He’s got a killer fastball, he just needs to keep it in the strike zone. Once he gets that control back, he’ll be dynamite. But right now he’s like Rick ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn from the movie Major League, well OK maybe not that bad.

    Question, is Tevarez providing the translation service between Gagne and Daisuke? LOL.

    On a totally different note Drizzt Do Urden is turning 20 pretty soon. I can’t believe those books are 20 years old. Man, where does the time go.

    Good luck in Baltimore, your bats are long overdue for an explosion. Don’t waste in Baltimore save it for the Yankees!!!



  9. nellspeak permalink
    August 10, 2007 2:10 am

    Hello Curt,

    I was fortunate enough to attend the Red Sox games in Anaheim and was thrilled to get the chance to see you pitch. The Angels played tough games for sure, never giving an inch but the calls during all three games were a little one sided in favor of the Angels. I know this happens from time to time but it was blatant in these cases. I was happy to see the team pull through in game 3 and felt that to be the best revenge against all the bad calls. You gave the first base ump a hard time from the dugout in game 3 but I was out of earshot to hear what you were saying, whatever it was really pissed him off. I hope he doesn’t hold a grudge.
    Gook luck in Baltimore, get some rest and come back strong. GO SOX!

    Los Angeles, CA

  10. August 10, 2007 8:49 am

    Nice to read an update, especially one that mentions Peter. Y’know I found out about him here, initially, months ago and can’t help but pull for the guy. Who couldnt? I cannot, for one second, imagine what it must be for him to endure his circumstances, nor what his family is going through. He’s a tough little sonofagun. Everything falls into perspective when issues like these come into your life, even when it’s just a paragraph in a sports blog. That’s one thing I’ve always enjoyed about you. Whether its in an interview, a quick aside, or here in your blog, you’re not going to just recit a bunch of hackneyed sports-talk. You’re going to mention the small things (or big things) that are important to you. You’re going to mention the Peter Despains, the asides, the opinions, the things that in a moment, or for a life-time, you think are worth mentioning. I like that, because you take a chance. You’re not worried about falling on your arse, because its always worth going out on that limb to be expressive. I’m the same way. Here’s to the limb that’s worth traveling, and those who choose to do so.

  11. theotherm permalink
    August 10, 2007 10:05 am

    Thank you for the update on Pete, as much as we love our Red Sox and always seem to be on an incredible roller coaster ride all season, what Pete and his family are going through certainly put things in perspective…GO PETE!!!!

  12. jlewando permalink
    August 10, 2007 10:50 am

    Hi Curt,

    You mentioned that you were surprised that your velocity was down in your comeback start v. Anaheim. I think a lot of folks who follow the Red Sox and baseball in general were also surprised, and concerned, because of how important your role is to the stretch run and playoff drive.

    Only you know how your shoulder really feels, so it is pointless to speculate. But, I have to say I’ve been struck by how parallel your situation this year seems to be to that of Jason Schmidt, earlier this season. Speaking hypothetically, if you found yourself in a situation like Schmidt’s–requiring surgery and a long rehab process–do you see yourself doing what it takes to return to baseball? Or, would that be your signal to switch focus over to family, your charity work, and other business?

    Please don’t view this post as negative. Rather, the fact that you are making yourself accessible in this venue gives fans like me the rare opportunity to ask such a question. And I bet I’m not the only one who is curious. I think it is great that you are putting yourself “out there” like this.

    As a lifelong fan of the Red Sox, I really appreciate your contributions to the winning teams of the past few years. Also, my Mom is one of your most loyal supporters, and a fan of this blog. In case she is reading…”Hi Mom!”

    Best wishes to you and yours,
    Washington DC

  13. August 10, 2007 10:59 am

    Hey Curt –
    Glad to see you back; sorry it wasnt a win, but it will take some time for you to settle in again I’m sure.

    Thinking positive thoughts for Pete, and sending positive vibes his way. 🙂

    So, yes…the divide between the Yanks and Sox is smaller than it was say a month ago. But…a lead is still a lead. And one game at a time can rebuild the divide. One can never count the Yankees out as everyone knows. I hate the All Star break. It always seems to change the momentum…!

    Anyway… looking forward to your next outing.

  14. Momoftriplets permalink
    August 10, 2007 11:41 am

    Dear Curt:

    Congratulations on your return. My son Justin Condoluci has leukemia. You’ve posted 2 messages on his blog ( He is a MAJOR Red Sox fan. We actually got tickets to Sunday’s game in Baltimore on Ebay. This will be his first ever Major League game and his favorite pitcher will be pitching!! We are sitting in the second row, right next to the Sox dugout. Please look for us. Justin has had a rough summer and starts a particularly tough round of chemotherapy on August 20, so this game means the world to him.

    God Bless!

    Amy Condoluci

  15. blowup756 permalink
    August 10, 2007 9:25 pm

    Hi Curt,

    From what I hear, you are not a fan of one Mr. Barry Bonds. So I was tossing around an idea I had with my Friend Tom R. I am not happy that Bonds now holds the MLB Record for HR’s in career.

    So the idea is this… The gentleman (Matt Murphy) that holds the infamous baseball secures and accepts donations to blow up the ball on a Pay Per View event. Like the Red Sox, Matt Murphy could explore many different revenue streams to help his current financial situation as well as donating a huge portion to charities like Curt’s Pitch for ALS. First off, I have asked a few of my close friends if they would donate, and they all said “Absolutely” and “Without a doubt”. As well as pay to see said ball blown up. I was thinking maybe a $10 fee to purchase the event on Pay Per View. The event would be televised like New Years Eve, with a countdown at midnight so as to allow fans on the West Coast to see it. I also beleive that sports bars would eat this up. T-shirts, hats and many kinds of other items could have the following phrase printed on them, “I Helped Blow Up 756.”

    This plan would make Matt wealthy beyond his imagination, would greatly benefit a charitable foundation, and most importantly bring joy to all fans of the game.

    I hope you can reply and tell me your thoughts. But if that is not possible please let any/all of your media connections know about my idea so it can gain a ground swell of support around the Red Sox and MLB nation.

  16. skinnyman2007 permalink
    August 10, 2007 10:09 pm

    Hi Curt I would like you to keep the Norris family in your prayers. This past Tuesday Marissa Norris a 7 year second grader in Beaufort SC died from Meningoencephalitis. I know the RedSox will win the East. How do you think you did the other night when you pitched? What improvements and you going to make in your next start Curt? Curt how many wins are you away from 300? Do you think Hideki Okajima will win the rookie of the year award? Good luck in your next start.


  17. oconnor1 permalink
    August 10, 2007 10:37 pm

    Hey Curt,

    Do you sign cards and stuff if we would send them to you

  18. gorny540 permalink
    August 10, 2007 11:31 pm

    Curt I know you can’t say it because you are a teammate, but I think the move for gagne was absolutely horrible, of course he blew the sox the game tonight by having a 108.00 era and 12.00 whip in his .1 inning, I really liked how Kason Gabbard was starting to develop and I though he could be a solid starter for years to come I mean does a bull pen with papelbon, okajima, timlin, tavarez, and delcarmen really need some overrated washed up player to pitch

    thats just my rant

  19. thedoctorx permalink
    August 11, 2007 8:05 am

    For what it is worth, other than a mistake, you seemed to be pitching quite well for your first post-injury start. While there are “no style points” in a loss, I think fans are encouraged with the way you pitched.

    The MFY went through a very easy schedule, and you guys survived tougher teams. It is, as you put it, up to the RS. Granted, I am still punching the wall over that loss to Baltimore. . . .

    Best wishes to Pete and his family.


  20. nicky321 permalink
    August 11, 2007 6:47 pm

    Good luck on your start tomorrow in Baltimore. I will be there to cheer you on as always.

  21. August 12, 2007 2:32 am

    Curt it’s not you fault. It was you first start back and I personally would have gone to the bullpen for the 7th. I was screaming at my TV when you came out for the 7th, no offense. I know you want to pitch but it was your first start in quite a while. Going to the bullpen was the right move and I’m sure you wanted to be out there but sometimes a manager has to manage and not just chew gum or whatever it is Tito’s got goin on there. You pitched a great 6 innings, go to Gagne Oky Doky and Paps and walk away with a W.
    Check out my wordpress blog Its like weekend update meets sportscenter and pleas re-up for another year or two with the sox.

  22. fredjude permalink
    August 12, 2007 4:08 am


    Its great having you back, good start against the angels. My family and I live in Polson, Montana and we traveled up to Seattle to see the Red Soxs Play on Saturday August 4th.

    We were so thrilled, since it was the first time we got to see everyone in real life.

    The kids had some baseballs they wanted autographed by the team, but for some reason they did not have the players availible before the game.

    We did get their when the ball parked open. If I were to send you the balls, it would be great to get at least your autograph.

    Will see ya in the Playoffs, Keep up the hard work, your such an elite player.

    Fred, aka Red sox nation Polson, Montana Email:

  23. redsoxnorth permalink
    August 12, 2007 6:35 am

    Best of luck to you with today’s game in Baltimore. Your nation is pulling for you.

    ~ Go Sox ~

  24. thebloodyredsox permalink
    August 12, 2007 4:48 pm

    hey curt & nation,
    ok 2 good starts blown!!! WTF!!!! we should have left Gagne in texas!!! i may be too distraught to post right now it is sunday and the game just ended. curt could you please smack that boy (not with pitching hand). i was under the impression that we picked gagne up to win a ring this year?!?!?! so far all he has done is help the spankees get even closer, not to mention blow a game you pitched your ass off in. ok enough flaming him. next, management. i would like to know why change things in the pen after the all-star game???? the one thing that has been consistent throughout the season? i think that drug testing should be extended to the front office as well. along with the umpires in LAA. i do not think the nation should have to suffer the post all-star slide again<—-(seen that too many times). having gagne as a set up guy for pap is not going to work out the fans are going to eat that guy alive if he keeps it up.

  25. dougsabbag permalink
    August 12, 2007 7:13 pm

    Mr. Schilling,
    As a 51 year old lifetime Red Sox fan, and a computer programmer, I want to share a possibly very valuable concept with you, to somehow impart to the team, in order to save this season.
    The Red Sox do great in April, consistently, every year. Not to diminish your particular, and the other players’ likewise heroic efforts, but I believe the 2004 ALCS / WS turn around was an example of the team feeling as though it was April again.
    Rather than me dwelling on the validity of this, PLEASE take this concept seriously enough to consider it, and then try to think of a way, (since I can’t), to get this: “it’s April” concept into the minds of the whole team!
    If you can do this, then you will not only be the greatest pitcher (to me you already are and always will be) of all time, but you will have transcended the typical Baseball players’ level, to a place perhaps only you can ever get to.
    By the way, you are an amazingly complex and unique person that not only the Red Sox, but all of us, are blessed by your existence.
    Should you and your wife ever be interested in sailing, my wife and I are currently in Ft. Lauderdale, but are starting a charter service in St. John, (USVI), by January 2008, and would be greatly honored to host you two for as long as you can schedule being amongst the Virgin Islands.
    Our 50 foot ketch is named the Triumph, and we’re just completing a full refit in order to be as presentable as possible.
    954-560-2286 should you two feel like cruising!
    Good luck in all your endeavors! And… Go Sox!
    Doug and Evelyn Sabbag

  26. fenwaymark permalink
    August 12, 2007 8:02 pm

    Hello Curt,

    Tough no/de today. Maybe some home cooking will prove to be the remedy after a long road trip.

    Maybe you can help me out. I have been having pain on the bottom rrear of my right ankle.

    It feel like a burning pull if I push down on an angle similar to you woud off the mound. It also feels like something slips.

    I have fewer problems when I wear shoes and it does not usually flare up when I am golfing. In bare feet it gives me more trouble.

    Does this sound like the same type of injury you had in the fall of 2004?

    It is not unbearable, but it seems to have become more frequent and it is occurring with more variety of motions.

    By the way, I am a displaced Red Sox fan living 1/2 hour from Philly in south central New Jersey. You and Tito are well known around these parts.

  27. thedoctorx permalink
    August 13, 2007 2:06 am

    . . . and to add to the post above . . . you seemed to have pitched a good game. Looking on the “bright side,” hope this means we can all look forward to happy and supported entries through the post season.

    . . . my landlord wants to speak to me about my wall, however. . . .

    –J. “Typing with Sore Hands” D.

  28. luluxbelle permalink
    August 13, 2007 9:52 am

    Do you feel the competition between you and CLEMENS? HMM. No, hes like 10000 better. You were good, Schilling. Maybe it’s time you hang up your cleats and focus on all your good charity work. Yeah actually it is time, because you are living up to the title, 38 PITCHES. That is how far you get before you’re taken out of the game.

    Once again, please retire and focus on the positive charity work, not the mediocre pitching. Actually, don’t retire because that’ll be better for THE NEW YORK YANKEES.

  29. redsox38 permalink
    August 13, 2007 4:42 pm

    Hey Curt,
    It was good to see you back on the mound. You pitched a great game for your first time back even though you didnt get the win. Also thanks for the Pete update glad to hear that he is home.

  30. August 13, 2007 5:25 pm

    Mr. Schilling-

    Thank you for your strong support of President Bush and Our Military.

    It appears that you are eligible to enlist in the Army Reserve. You’re healthy, you’re heterosexual and you are under 42. [Maximum age to join is 41-or-under.] Have you considered volunteering for military service?

    Please consider your patriotic duty. You could be the next Pat Tillman.

    Thank you very much.


    Operation Yellow Elephant

  31. August 14, 2007 1:00 am

    Pretty sad post luluxbelle, schilling could pitch with two bloody socks while in a coma and still bring more to the mound than that sell out Clemens. And where did selling out get Clemens anyway? Oh yeah, a year long game of catch up. Have fun with that.

  32. gorny540 permalink
    August 14, 2007 8:49 pm

    Curt, great start on sunday, it’s nice to see you are ready for the stretch run

  33. schnoo permalink
    August 16, 2007 7:04 am


    I keep seeing reports and hearing rumors that Barry Bonds has assembled a large legal team and is making noises that he may sue you over some remarks you made to Bob Costas (which you then later apologized for).

    Don’t you feel that these type of stories detract from the game, especially during the season?

  34. August 16, 2007 12:48 pm

    Nicely done entry Curt. It is good to have you back – no pressure or anything, but I think a lot depends on how healthy you are and how well you’re able to perform. Like I said, no pressure or anything.

    I don’t know what lulux is talking about, but kudos to you for having the wherewithal to approve it. Perhaps lulux could meet you out behind Lord’s in the parking lot…

    Looking forward to more, but hey look, this blog thing is an interesting sidelight, but it’s not what you do – don’t apologize for delays in posting.

  35. luluxbelle permalink
    August 16, 2007 1:40 pm

    Actually THISBLOGSOX!!!! whatever your name is, um. Mind your own little sad, red sawxx business. Yeah Schilling is great with all the community stuff, but still. THISBLOGSOX! (nice name by the way), how is Gagne working out for you? Not too good, and that DAISUKEEEEE MATSUZAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Best wishes there. 6 earned yesterday. BRAVO! So umm. Before you talk to a Yankee fan, take you and your little loser team and DON’T.

    AHH, another reply in a Yankee fan vs. RED SAWXXX battle.


  36. harshghai permalink
    August 16, 2007 3:27 pm

    Hey Curt,

    This is totally unrelated to this blog. I just read an article that made me smile and makes me really happy. Running your mouth has finally caught up to you. Why in hell would you repeatedly go and say that if Barry did not do steriods he should be suing the butt off his accusers. Hmmm, I THINK you might be one of those people, “Cheated on his wife, Cheated on his taxes, and Cheated on Baseball”. That WAS you right? hmmmm. So wait a minute… were you reaching out to Barry and saying, “Come get me!!”. Well guess what? He’s coming for you Curt.

    In any case, your just mad because he’s hit 8 homers off you (which by the way is a three way tie for most off of a pitcher by Barry)..

  37. patriotsandsox permalink
    August 17, 2007 3:16 pm

    Can you comment on Buchholz’s start today?

    Did you give him any advice?

    First start the Bigs and the kid threw a heckuva game.

  38. thedoctorx permalink
    August 18, 2007 2:29 am

    Have a great start!

    May the bats not be afraid and may your be given a sizable lead with which to pitch so that in the later innings your win will be preserved and not be . . . well . . . um . . . you know. . . .


  39. beckarose permalink
    August 18, 2007 10:46 am

    Dear Mr. Schilling,

    Is there any truth to the rumor that you have had some training in Tang Soo Do. If so, what effect do you feel it has had on your pitching?

    I am eight and my father and I also take Tang Soo Do.


    Becka Rose

  40. August 18, 2007 12:04 pm

    Good Luck today Curt!

    Big Pupi

  41. August 18, 2007 5:12 pm

    So tonight you’re pitching…woohoo!
    Sorry that there’s a bit of pressure on you to make the split in our favor.

    What’s up w. Gagne?

    I understand about being supportive and building a player’s esteem. I know it’s psychological and that it’s tough transitioning teams and markets. But…

    I have to ask…at what point do you say to a player “it’s just not working out for you here…”. I mean, we’re not talking about a rookie. Last night’s game, made me feel like I was watching a Keith Foulke rerun. And I feel badly slamming someone, because it’s not personal, you know? I know Keith was the man at one point, but then afterwards…he wasn’t. And even before the World Series win, I always felt like it was holding breath time when he pitched. And unfortunately, we lost a heck of a lot of games because maybe we didn’t cut him loose soon enough. You guys can pitch your heart out – be ahead, and if the closer can’t close… well, you know better than any of us.

    So, while I’m sure Gagne is a great guy on and off the field…at what point do you just say “No Mas”?

    Good luck tonight…and looking forward to your next post. 🙂

  42. skinnyman2007 permalink
    August 19, 2007 7:32 am

    Curt good game last night. Just keep winning!!!!!!!!!. It is good you are back for the stretch run. What is your best pitch to throw Curt? What two teams do you think will be in the World Series? Do you think the RedSox will be one of them? Curt are ball players allowed to wear chains or crosses, or jewrely around their neck? Does that bother them while they are trying to pitch?

    From, Jeff

  43. richo778 permalink
    September 5, 2007 4:50 pm

    God Bless you and your family Curt, you do some wonderful things. Don’t let these blow hards get under your nerves.

  44. ottersox07 permalink
    October 31, 2007 1:48 am

    Hello Curt Schilling, I am one of the most die hard Sox fans ever and a die hard fan of yourself. I got to witness you guys win the World Series in Colorada being a next to broke college kid living in California and it was the best experience of my life! Of coarse I want to see the Red Sox repeat again with you being a significant part of it. I also want more die hard Sox fans to get to witness what so few Sox fans have gotten to see, and that is the Sox win the clinching game of the World Series. You are a HUGE part of that. You say your looking for one more year and thats it. I think it would be most fitting for you to make your best efforts to come back to the Red Sox and help a young, amazing staff excell in becoming incredible starting pitchers while building the confidence to become dominant pitchers. Hope you come back Curt! Thanks for a memorable season.


    Ryan Otterness, San Jose

  45. drdonn permalink
    December 5, 2007 4:07 pm

    As long as the Yankees don’t get Santana, I would be happy with the staus quo…keeping Jacoby and Jon. Jacoby can play anedrwhere in the field…he’s
    a hitter and he runs like the wind. Probably, he greatest asset is his brain.
    He’s got smarts to go wth the talent. Jon Ledster is going to be a great pitcher who knows how to win. And don’t forget Bucholz. Very soon, he’s going to be big, big, big. This year’s Sox will be better next year anxd those kids can really help. I hope the deal goes south,

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