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1940 Dio update

May 21, 2019

Moving along and making progress in a bunch of different areas so far. Almost ZERO weathering or anything beyond basecoat is done on any vehicles. More decals and more markings done as well.

Dragons Mk IV C gets onto the table. Tamiya’s old Mk IV D will also be making an appearance and both have decals/markings for the specific units in the dio. Added a few things to the build (replaced PE chains with real ones)


I mean c’mon, really? Couldn’t have just put these on yourselves???




My new favorite tool from Citadel!


A fun, quick and easy build.





And the Krupp


Somua marked up. More work to be done in getting rid of the ‘film’


And of course more work on the motorcycles…





The 263 is a new build. And by a factor of 10 the most difficult suspension build I’ve ever had to do.

IMG_4126 - Copy


If you end up building this I would urge you, at this point in assemble, to attach A14 to both A9s and A11s BEFORE you put them all on.



And as I go I am priming ‘stuff’ that will accessorize the diorama. Tons of it to be done.



Short update

May 14, 2019

Still working on elements of the MC Recon Battalion inc. the captured Polish MC as well as scratchbuilding the weapon mounts on the sidecar. Contrary to 1980s Tamiya belief the MG was not mounted on a pole stuck into a hole on the SC:)

Also managed to ‘upgun’ the captured Polish cycle.

France 1940, a build blog.

May 13, 2019

Someone on a modeling site mentioned I should start a build blog for this massive diorama I’m working on so I am doing just that.

This first post will be a ‘scene set’ more than anything.

“May 10th, 1940, south of Juniville, France. Mixed elements of the 2nd Pz Abt., 37th Pzjgr Abt., 702nd Ind Ko., Armored Signals unit and the 1st MC Batt. of the 1st Panzer division cross paths as the recon units bypass armor resting, refitting near a KO’d Char B1s and Somua of the French 3rd Armored Division”

Here’s a quick peek at some of the kits and some VERY EARLY work.


Kits will come and go as I cannot control the mix of “feature creep” and my ADHD.

Here are some very early work shots.

The 223 got a full workout, PE as well as a full interior and stowage from Black Dog.


The Char B1 was in the midst of being towed by the Somua when the breakdown happened and both were abandoned. The 3rd French AD was comprised solely of B1’s when founded but received 35 Somuas to replace lost units during the early campaign.


The Somua

Always loved this vehicle and found a good kit. This was 1 of 10 units that were to make up the 8th PzJgr Abt that was attached to the 37th PzJgr Abt. of Guderian’s 1st Pz Div.


The Panhard was one of the better AC’s anywhere in the early 1940s and the Germans made extensive use of the large number they took when annexing the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia.


Not many folks understand that while Germany was certainly as mechanized as any army in existence at the outset of the war much of that was due to their use of bicycles, cars, trucks motorcycles AND horse-drawn transportation. A Panzer division had to be mobile and much of their forward-looking capability came in the way of their MC recon battalions.

I am still unsure of how many cycles will be in the dio but I am adding a polish MC with SC and likely a few more German variants. So the number will be 8 at a minimum with it likely ending up closer to 12.

There are going to be somewhere around 50 total figures when all is said and done. There will be a large contingent resting, refitting and meeting on the side of the road but also a long column of soldiers marching just off the main road. I am building all types, stock, variants, and scratch to achieve the right look. Figures truly tell the story in a diorama and they help lead the viewer’s eye around the scene. It’s crucial to have them in poses that look both natural and ‘normal’.


I am doing these ‘as I go” for the most part.


So that’s the beginning. I’ll update as I can. Also, know that I am pretty much on Periscope and/or Youtube nightly working on this. You can find me on Youtube at this channel


Forgot to add these. These are initial mockups where I figured out my base was far too small for what I want. Way too much in too little space. It will grow.


Pass the Puck 12/19 late edition!

December 18, 2018

Hectic day running around but I wanted to drop a quick note and some observations.

There really is no question Barry Trotz is a HoF coach is there?

Look no further than last night if you wondered.

What the Isles did to what many consider the best line in hockey was stunning. It was defensive perfection for 3 periods.

Shutting down even one of those guys is a chore, but Mackinnon, Rantanen, AND Landeskog? Incredibly impressive.

Also impressive to see the Lehner/Greiss combo continue to surprise.

Not sure WHAT THE HELL happened in Dallas tonight but it’s midway through the 3rd, the Stars are up 2-0 on the Flames and Calgary just took their 18th shot of the night!

In DFS one of my mini stacks was the Monahan line……

I think I need to lay off the Preds for a bit. The Suban injury I thought they were muscling through but with both Arvidsson and Forsberg out and Rinne not being perfect they seem to have slipped just a tad. 6-4 in their last 10 up against a 1-8-1 in their last 10 26 pt Blackhawks team and they are down 2-1 midway through the 3rd.

Just 2 games tomorrow but what should be a real good one in DC as the Pens visit the defending Stanley Cup Champs….

Pass the Puck 12/17

December 17, 2018

Any of you DFS players it appears Letang IS playing tonight. Wanted to get that out of the way since we’re about an hour from puck drop.

So if you’ve been following along and have read about the ‘formulas’, there’s a few teams qualifying tonight.

Teams qualifying for F3 are 8-3 coming into tonight, the Pens qualify as do the Avalanche. Teams qualifying for F1 are the Ducks and Islanders, their qualifying has nothing to do with their opponents btw, just so happens to have worked out that way. Anyway, F1 teams are 4-18 coming into tonight.

So as you might guess I put my money on the Pens and the Avalanche moneylines tonight.

Just 5 games on the DK slate tonight. Nothing jumping out at ya but Colorado but their top line is so expensive you have to get the right matches with the other 2-3 lines around the schedule.

Pass the Puck 12/16 early edition

December 16, 2018

In the last 2 compilations I mentioned “formulas’ I had devised. I’ve labeled them Formulas’ 1, 2 and 3. I wanted to go ahead and give you a heads up on what teams fall under the criteria and the stats.

Formulas 1 and 2 are based on offensive statistics and data compiled to get me two different numbers. Being qualified for either is not good.

As of today teams that qualified for Formula 1 were 4-18 with both Arizona and the Rangers qualifying as Formula 1 teams today.

There were no Formula 2 teams. Formula 2 teams are 0-5 coming into today.

Formula 3 is a + formula, meaning teams that qualify are good. They were 8-2 coming into today and Vegas is the only team that qualified for Formula 3 today.

Actually, I was mistaken. Vancouver is a Formula 1 team tonight vs Edmonton.

I’ll be back later but wanted to throw that out there.

Pass the Puck 12/15 late edition!

December 15, 2018

So no catastrophe last night as I split my bets on Bovada. The Pens beating the B’s 5-3 for my win and in bizarro world the Blues not only covered but WON 4-3 in OT. Definitely didn’t see that one coming.

Meanwhile, in my personal ‘formulas’, these are formulas I have devised through stats I compile. In one of my metrics teams with this rating or higher were 2-11 going into the night and the one team with the rating went 0-1, In the other a team playing an opponent with a certain differential or above was 7-1, Colorado blew that one.

So as of tonight here are the results

Formula 1 2-12 (tonight there are 4 teams that qualify and they are 2-2 so it’s 4-14)

Formula 2 teams were 0-5 into tonight, one team tonight qualified and they lost so this one is 0-6

Formula 3 teams were 7-1 into tonight and there are 3 teams that qualified here, they went 2-1 so they’re 9-2 on the year.

As I get more into this and more of a sample size and once I put up the subscription wall I will put the formulas out there for you to judge for yourself.

In DFS I went with a few different stacks. Las Vegas 1, Winnipeg 1 and 2, Caps 1 and Colorado 1 for as many matches as I could get under the cap.

I won 1400 but was in 1600 so ended up down 200 for the night.

I’ve got the methods down, all but the most crucial.

Tonight is a great example actually. Tonight you can only enter 43 teams at 40$ per team. Do you stack 1 line 43 ways? 2 lines 21/22 ways? What? And most importantly who?

Tonight I went with an awkward compilation. I went 22 deep with Toronto’s top line and I had a feeling about the Canadians based on the data. Ottawa on the back end of not only a back to back but a ROAD back to back. McKenna in goal and defensive metrics that are beyond atrocious.

It turned out to almost be a good to great pick as the Habs scored 4 times in the 3rd. The problem is I didn’t have the right guys in my 6 man stack. I’ve come to realize in many of the larger entry fee games the better players don’t go with 1 line from here and 1 line from there, they will stack one team, 6 skaters or 5 and the goalie. Usually, it’s 5 top 2 line guys, the 5 guys on the top PP, or the top line, best skater on line 2 and top PP d-man.

I went with the top PP unit, Domi, Tatar, Gallagher Petry, and Weber. They had a very good night grabbing 2 G 2 A netting a total of 20.5 pts. Put the better way, they gave me almost 3.5 pts per player. That’s ok, but that wins no pots. Winning totals on a high scoring night in the NHL reach the 70’s, most nights high 50’s to mid-’60s. That means you need to AVERAGE 6-8 pts per man, across the board. Now that’s usually a compilation of a line that has a player getting a hat trick (which is a minimum of 12 since you get a 1.5pt hat trick “bonus) with his linemates netting one or more assists.

Think MacKinnon, Bergeron, Tavares, Mathews, McDavid, Scheifele, Tyler Johnson and Stamkos lines. Patrick Laine’s line. Dynamic lines with multiple scorers. A goal can be worth 7.5 when the assists come from 2 linemates who you paired up with the goal scorer.

So I’m watching the nights final games play out, and it’d be nice to see Vancouver do a little something and pick me up tonight!

Tomorrow is a small slate, just 3 games. DFS wise I only dabble on these right now but betting wise here are some “tips”.

Vegas qualifies as a ‘formula 3’ team (which are 9-2) vs NY. Not only that but NY qualifies as a Formula 1 team (who are 2-12) so that’s a double whammy. I’m betting that and taking Vegas -1.5.

Arizona is the only other team right now that hits any of my formulas (Formula 1, again they’re 2-12 so far) so that’s a game I may look into as well.

Have a great night!


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