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February 19, 2013

Thats sure sounds like a performance enhancer cheating to me…

as you’ve been quoted as saying in the past that you believe records should be thrown out for people proven or who admit cheating, should all of your wins while under the influence and use of Toradol be thrown out?

seems like the answer has to be yes, unless…. it’s true and you are the loud-mouth hypocrite that many accuse you of being


That was the end of a ‘question’ posted by someone who didn’t want to use their real name, shocker.


I apologize that the facts don’t support your argument in any way, any possible way. Toradol is not a PED, it’s a pain killer, like marcaine, like aspirin, like vicodin and others. They are, and have been, used by about every player that’s ever suited up. Your earlier rant about me being a “Government hating Republican” sort of tips one off to the reasons behind the ‘anger’, but that’s not odd really. Most of the people saying what you say start their posts off that way.


It’s not a PED, never has been. What I did I did within the confines of the rules. Now whether you agree or not, or like it or not, isn’t relevant in any way. But thanks for the post I guess. I’ll pray you find some happiness somewhere in your life.

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  1. February 19, 2013 11:34 am

    Reading the “question” above, I wonder, what kind of agony is this person in to cause him to spew such hateful (not to mention false, potentially libelous) comments to complete stangers?

    It’s really quite sad.
    Obnoxious and embarrassing for him, but also – sad.

    Like they say: if you don’t have something thoughtful to contribute, just be quiet. Better yet, go away.

  2. March 3, 2013 9:24 pm

    Dear Mr. Schilling,

    I would have to agree with the reply above that the anger and ignorance displayed in that hateful “question” sent to you was simply sad. If I had to guess, I would say it was written by someone who was bitter and a lived a life of failure.

    I would like to take a moment, though, to thank you for all your contributions and certainly for your achievements in life and on the playing field. I most certainly commend you for all of your efforts on behalf of American Service men and women around the world. Your outstanding efforts to raise the morale of our troops who are serving far from home, Mr. Schilling is an example of what an America’s Professional Athletes should be.

    I doubt you know or even realize the impact you have had on our troops, so let me share this with you. My youngest son, is a Captain on active duty serving in Afghanistan. He told us last week how excited he was that you were coming to the installation where he is stationed. In fact all the troops were excited and looking forward to your visit. Sadly, he was delayed at his job and missed the opportunity of meeting / seeing you by about ten minutes. He was very dissappointed.

    I do want to tell you, that your visit touched a lot of lives. When you traveled halfway around the world and gave of your time, it meant a great deal to the troops. You were a huge boost to their morale! By putting yourself in harm’s way and taking the time to vist a war zone you gave each and every one of them a “Taste of Home!” I commend you, Mr. Schilling for all your efforts on their behalf.

    I am a former Professional Athlete / Martial Arts Master, a former Commissioned Officer, Infantry, Airborne, Sniper, and a former Law Enforcement Officer. These days, I’m just a Disabled Veteran (due mostly to that “Jumping out of Perfectly Good Aircraft” thing that I used to do many years ago when I was “Young, dumb, and bullet-proof!” These days after 14 surgeries (most of which are service connected) I do know a bit about medication. You are absolutely correct, Mr. Schilling! Toradol is a pain killer and a good one.

    This past 29th of December, I was taken to the ER by ambulance. I am just grateful to God that I had a wonderful doctor (and not the guy who wrote to you!). I was given an injection of Toradol and Diluadid in my right arm and then two nurses, armed to the bicuspid’s with needles full of Robaxin used my Bompozzle for a dart board. It was not my idea of a good time, however when they were done, I got out of my wheelchair and was able to walk out of the hospital.

    Thank you for all you’ve done for America and Americans!

    May God bless you!

    Cordially yours,

    Dr. John E. Touchton Sr.
    Former Captain, U.S.A.R.

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